Top 10 Pokemon You'd Rather Not Encounter!

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With Pokemon Sword and Shield just around the corner, I wanted to go through 10 Pokemon you would probably rather not encounter! Ranging from Pokemon Stadium to Pokemon Sun and Moon, these are the 10 that you absolutely don't want to encounter. So watch out, these Pokemon just might be in the Galar Region! I hope you guys enjoy the video, be sure to subscribe for more like this! Also, don't forget to ring the bell so that you will always be notified! Until next time! See ya!
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Dobbs 9 mesi fa
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video maker miller
video maker miller 2 giorni fa
@Kev Wait You ACTUALLY DOWNLOADED IT wow you must be the lowest of the low
video maker miller
video maker miller 2 giorni fa
@Joy Goodman you poor soul
Jt Lane
Jt Lane 4 giorni fa
@Official Livvyscoot yes. Say hi to Pokemon and/or Minecraft
Official Livvyscoot
Jt Lane
Jt Lane 4 giorni fa
@Mathcoolb 😉
phoenix123 dragon797
9:04 salandit
JustAMultiverse 21 ora fa
when i was 7 i caught a shiny female combee 10 days later i reset cuz i didnt even know it was a shiny
JAWMOW 23 ore fa
Number 10 depends on the gen and if you want crobat
Clare 2013
Clare 2013 Giorno fa
I was playing x and y looking for ralts in route 4 and i found a random female shiny combee
Robi_CK Giorno fa
RKO by Magikarp xD
David and Amanda Cheng
Male Shiny Salandent: Am I a joke to you
F in Chat
F in Chat Giorno fa
I wouldnt want ro meet a drifloon or haubter irl...
Mt Toast
Mt Toast 2 giorni fa
Not me for I play sword and shield made in 2020
Baky McSimpleton
Baky McSimpleton 2 giorni fa
Oh wow I never knew the shiny Poochyena and Ralts were a thing even though the OG Hoenn games are my most played ones. Ironically my only Hoenn shiny Pokémon I ever caught was a Poochyena! When the crystal remake for the DS came out I ran into a shiny Rattata before I even had my Pokéballs (': First I was shook, but it was still an interesting moment to experience
Mr. Rime
Mr. Rime 2 giorni fa
Shiny Pokémon with self destruct or explosion and my team without the ability damp: *you know the rules and so do I*
Edgar Edgar
Edgar Edgar 3 giorni fa
I'm have a shiny combee and I also have a shiny pike with birthday hat
Electrixplayz 3 giorni fa
My x and y nuzlocke is still alive
NerdsGoneTiny 4 giorni fa
A shiny registeel blew up in my face a shiny
unicorn wizard
unicorn wizard 4 giorni fa
These intros are sooooooooooo funny
Benjamin Hobson
Benjamin Hobson 4 giorni fa
I got a shiny female combee in pokemon Y in friend safari through friend safari
Solgeo 30Z
Solgeo 30Z 5 giorni fa
I once got a male shiny sallazle
Futurecat49 RBLX
Futurecat49 RBLX 5 giorni fa
Title:10 pokemon Video:#18 Me:WTH
maulikms 7 giorni fa
Him: raid shadow legend. Me: SKIP SKIP SKIP SKIPPPPPP!!!!!
Jt Lane
Jt Lane 7 giorni fa
He cussed, dude. Cussing is Inappropriate. Get lost. And no cussing and no lying
Thejus Vijoy
Thejus Vijoy 8 giorni fa
Yo man my first nuzlocke was black randomizer and i got a registeel a completely useless thingy and my first ever encounter was a hydreigon of lvl 2, guess i am lucky and it died before the pokemon league by a f***ing leaf snake. I became so mad and cursed it for hours shouting and screaming. Geting a pokemon who evolves at lvl 64 and dying to serperior is so humiliating and hydreigon is known for being terror of nuzlockers because ghetsis has one and after its death shortly after my garchomp, reshiram and venusaur died. It s a total of 16 pokemon deaths because i have a load of deaths before.
PurpleLizardGaming 8 giorni fa
A fucking lv 1 magicarp with fucking hyper beam stupid I know
Mila Voorhorst
Mila Voorhorst 9 giorni fa
No raid shadow lengends is a dum game it has anoying ads that game suck
Mixion PRO
Mixion PRO 10 giorni fa
You know that female combee has special thing on down face
Vincent Plaza
Vincent Plaza 15 giorni fa
jf i we're you I'll just catch that level 100 magikarp and make that magikarp lv 1,000,000
Rejeanne McClymont
Rejeanne McClymont 19 giorni fa
I got a shiny mewtwo in pokemon red
Noah Edenborg
Noah Edenborg 19 giorni fa
i fell like the number 1 should be cave pokemon
Sean Ruiz
Sean Ruiz 21 giorno fa
In this list: gen 3 shiny poochyena Zigzagoon from Pokémon emerald: am I a joke to you?
Liam Immanuel Lumod
Liam Immanuel Lumod 22 giorni fa
You can buy repels in pewter city
Velox 23 giorni fa
Don't you only get one premier ball if you but 20 all together 2 if you do it separately
OctoFlower Reduxx
OctoFlower Reduxx 23 giorni fa
Of course, a spider is more threatening than the child kidnapper (hypno), or the pokemon that drinks your blood (gorabyss)
Lucas LZ
Lucas LZ 25 giorni fa
I was playing Green Leaf, after winning the league i go through the islands and guess what, the Hypno who kidnapped the girl was a shiny and i couldn't catch it because i was out of pokeballs.
Emerald Person
Emerald Person 29 giorni fa
I lost a nuzzlocke to a magikarp
William Garland
Poor birch
Deanna Johnson
My first ever shiny was zubat
William Garland
Makes sense
Feral Designs
Regirock is in my pc box
roy debartolo
😍 👚👐 👢
The Pokemon I don’t want encounter, a shiny treecko with no skill but struggle.
AzrOP kings
AzrOP kings Mese fa
i got a shiny marowak in the lavender town tower, that's just rude
Random Uchiha -
Id rather not encounter a trainer with a false sash ratta with endevor and quick attack
2:12 start of the video
That guy who likes boos
Macargo is like Thanos and can beat thanos.
Omni-Enhanced Fork
You were the chosen one
Ashley Voronova
You: they explode if you fine them my regirock: am I a joke to you?
The Cloaked Man
I lost a corvisquire to the freaking GRASS gym!
Genevieve Freedman
No... It would be an epic flail.
Rafid Khandaker
I hate raid shadow creep
TPS Platinum
TPS Platinum Mese fa
Wally's Ralts doesn't stay shiny if it's caught shiny
Jose Jr Talagtag
guys i was playing pokemon emerald and i was at fallarbor town on my way to team magma and i saw a shiny spinda i tried to catch it with my lairon but instead i one hit KO'd it with iron tail i got so mad i almost cracked my phone just because of a shiny
Jean Franciski
I still want that shiny male Combee
Shadow Mese fa
I was playing HGSS and I struggled to find zubat when I wanted it to evolve it.. I wasted so much time trying to find it
KeSe KaĞıDı
Zubat is a good chpose man he is REALLY FKING ANNOYING
Alwin Cahyadi
Why is nobody talking about why the gag (the professer birch thing) and the intro song (rse gym leader theme) are from the EXACT SAME GENERATION (Gen 3)?????
MachoLogan Mese fa
10:04 Dat music though
Pussy Magnet
Pussy Magnet Mese fa
I can’t remember what it’s from
bestcosions 4life
I got a shiny ratacate in fire red
Virusept Virusept
i heard in gen that are black and white if pokemons have ceartain criterium they can be transfer to another game and be a shiny can imagine how many shinies where killed just becous of that ? :D
Hayden Elko
Hayden Elko Mese fa
For #8 that happened to me but idk what happened but the gods blessed me and in like 15 mins I found a shiny pochiana ( ik I spelled the name wrong )
The Ender Lord 360
98%of people skipped the sponsor
I like Anime
I like Anime Mese fa
2:12 Ad Skip
Kid Akali
Kid Akali Mese fa
Dobbs:if u don't know raid shadow legend is Me:you serious?
Meatyman 01
Meatyman 01 Mese fa
I’ve had the shiny poochyena thing happen to me
KKgaming 2019
I am not a girl ok and I m the devil
Do a face reveal stupaaaad
blukat plays
blukat plays Mese fa
I lost a NUZLOCKE to a freaking level 3 pokèmon At the start of the game
MyNameIsSam Mese fa
Number 1 should have been Whitney's miltank
Max Power
Max Power Mese fa
If a lev 100 Magikarp can KO you with splash or flail or whatever it has why wouldn't you want that?
Max Power
Max Power Mese fa
WTF is a nuzlocke???
April Tran
April Tran Mese fa
Oh no Dobbs has been infected by RSL
PVPLen YS Mese fa
I never done a nozlock but teh regis blew my pokemon like f everytime
Arc 2 mesi fa
I lost a nuzlocke to corruption My file got corrupted and I couldn't leave the pokecenter
Lexie Frey
Lexie Frey 2 mesi fa
What if I told you that I beat the alakazam?
XxSansGamerxX 2 mesi fa
Imagine spiritomb with wonderguard and you have no fairy types
Jt Lane
Jt Lane 2 mesi fa
The devil is evil Also.
Jt Lane
Jt Lane 2 mesi fa
Only a buddy Pokemon can follow you on Pokemon Go
Lightning Mob
Lightning Mob 2 mesi fa
My worst is when a double battle trainer both use explode on randomizer nuzlock
Saxxus 2 mesi fa
Nobody: Not even me commenting: Almost every youtuber:bUy rAiD sHaDoW lEgEnDs
Why_ Azer
Why_ Azer 2 mesi fa
5:52 that happened to me and i freaked out
Stella the Hawlucha
I remember one time my sister was playing lets go pikachu and she was in mount moon and she found a shiny zubat but she failed on catching it
LAUGH 97 2 mesi fa
What i realy dont wanna encounter in pokemon is your rival
Himanshu Shah
Himanshu Shah 2 mesi fa
Use cut in grass and see what happens to any games
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