Top 10: Rafa Benitez games in charge | European nights, cup finals, Istanbul

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Watch as we count down the best 10 games that Rafa Benitez took charge of Liverpool, including memorable European nights both home and away, and special FA Cup final from Cardiff.
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16 apr 2020




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Commenti 100
Abd. Bahar
Abd. Bahar 13 giorni fa
Luar biasa
Gareth H
Gareth H 14 giorni fa
Fowler and Gerrard that's an iconic moment for me legend's 🙏🙏🙏🙏
anuoluwa adewale
anuoluwa adewale 25 giorni fa
I love kuyt
Macos Uganda
Macos Uganda 25 giorni fa
Man, those were the Harlem days!! Thanks, lads for keeping us in the game for three decades waiting for the mother of all lodes - The Premier Trophy 2020. Kudos the Kop heroes gone and present.
hylton perumal
hylton perumal 27 giorni fa
Rafa destroyed Liverpool sold the backbone. Alonso really.
Josh 28 giorni fa
Rafa was an absolute master at beating teams that were better than us on paper
Rio Sambera
Rio Sambera Mese fa
Big Sam
Racing Red
Racing Red Mese fa
Liverpool and those special European nights...magic.
Rodrigo Faraj
So many nice memories. What a video. I fell in love with Liverpool during the Rafa days.
stephen cohen
RAFA deserves so much credit for winning the CL especially with apart from Alonso,Gerrard and a few other key players that year we had some limited player's in our squad and team that year and others but he got everything out of the group he had especially winning LIVERPOOL'S 5the European cup RESPECT.
M & M
M & M Mese fa
Shahrie Rabbani
srlsy how tf did Hyypia do that header.............. seen it hundreds of times and still in awe
Eric Massaquoi
Steven Gerrard is the best player I Have seen in a liverpool shirt
Fajar Nurrahman
8/10 happened in champions league
Kaleab Debebe
Kaleab Debebe 2 mesi fa
Watching this, I really miss stevie G. And and did anyone notice the role florent sinama pongo had in the CL win of 2005. Watch the semi against olympiacos. Without him we wouldnt have....miss him too
Leo Yunandar
Leo Yunandar 2 mesi fa
kangen masa2 ipul dulu saat benitez. awal mula gw ngefans👉👈😌
Thanapol Promraksa
darna88 2 mesi fa
Prime gerrard best gerrard
John Read
John Read 2 mesi fa
Such great memories
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 2 mesi fa
Anton Ferdinand even missed the rebound, plank.
TDi0uS 2 mesi fa
This is why gerrard is the best pl midfielder ever
Khairul Anwar
Khairul Anwar 2 mesi fa
no. 1: even after 15 years, still the best liverpool moment in my life.
Aleef Mohammed
Aleef Mohammed 2 mesi fa
This just proves Gerrard is miles above Lampard and Scholes, Gerrard had shitty midfielders around him in his entire career except in 2008/2009 season.(Xabi and Mascherano)
Bibi Nakajja
Bibi Nakajja 2 mesi fa
Shame we couldn't win Premier League with Rafa as our manager. Gerrard's goals were special
Bruce C
Bruce C 2 mesi fa
Rafa managed so many great memorial comebacks which were unseen during gerard houllier’s time.
Humphrey Ogofugha
Lots and lots of respect for Rafa.., "we win together, we lose together"
Yvonne O
Yvonne O 2 mesi fa
💖 this guy, he's a great manager.
Breh Breh
Breh Breh 2 mesi fa
Houllier, Rafa, and Klopp are the best managers i’ve ever witnessed as a Liverpool supporter. And luckily enough, it appears that all 3 of them are probably in the Top 10 list of the best Liverpool managers of all time 🔥💯
Liverpool fan since 2007
Shankly, Kenny, Paisley, Fagan?
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed 2 mesi fa
Unlucky Ryan Babel if Klopp was the manager back then i'm sure he would have reached his full potential, i always liked him because we didn't have a winger like him for such a long time but for some reason Rafa didn't fancy him
PAPA NOEL 2 mesi fa
That sami hypia header. Boom.
callum waughLFC
callum waughLFC 2 mesi fa
i want him back when klopp goes in 2024
Only the real
Only the real 3 mesi fa
Did you ever doubt him?
Sir Carloz
Sir Carloz 3 mesi fa
I used to think that the CL final in Istanbul is probably Liverpool’s greatest European night ever, but now I think the trashing of Barcelona in 2019 has surpassed its greatness. Thank you Rafa.
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed 2 mesi fa
Nah 2005 will always be the one because of that great AC Milan team who where full of star players and maybe the best team in the world at that moment, we where an average team in 2005 the one in 2019 was way better even without Firmino and Salah
Burning Phoenix
Burning Phoenix 3 mesi fa
13:48 *Oh Yeah* ???
Jin Huang
Jin Huang 3 mesi fa
Thank you for the good time Rafa and team❤️❤️❤️
Jin Huang
Jin Huang 3 mesi fa
Dont look down on steve G he is the best. Its wrong decision to let him free because rocket will launch🚀🚀🚀
giải trí tổng hợp
Love Liverpool ❤
Winit T.
Winit T. 4 mesi fa
Choerunnisa Choerunnisa
Sinama pongole and mellor legend!
El haj Abo hanan
That was magnificent
Hxney Clxdy
Hxney Clxdy 4 mesi fa
It had to be stevie g. O I love it.
Kenneth Drewary
Kenneth Drewary 4 mesi fa
15mins of goosebumps,. Magic
Agung Wicaksono
Agung Wicaksono 4 mesi fa
Of course coach rafa benitez top on the world liverpool fc..spirit world
Big Ting
Big Ting 5 mesi fa
gerraaaaaaaard what a hit son what a hit
Артем Довлотьянц
chelsea liverpool 4-4 must be in top 5
Christian 5 mesi fa
I liked the vid right after I heard "Oooooohhhhh Yeahh beauttaaayyyyy"
diane mohamed
diane mohamed 5 mesi fa
I remember those nights especially against chelsea 2007 when Ruben wasn't yet bold
Concept Concept
Concept Concept 5 mesi fa
PL 30year ipul
Misha Parker
Misha Parker 5 mesi fa
That heat run through me heart! Love this club to bits! YNWA Everyone
Assad 5 mesi fa
Hyppia over Carragher every single time. What a world-class player.
Michael Jagger
Michael Jagger 5 mesi fa
14:34 15 years later I'm still wondering how
anuoluwa adewale
Rafa wasn't lucky to work under Tom Gillette, Rafa would have won league for us only if those guys were half of our current principals. With the little you had Rafa you made a warrior out of it. Thank you so much, Wish you and Klopp could work together that's to show you how much I respect you. YNWA
Rizal Chairul Fahmi
Matt_Best11 5 mesi fa
We all can agree that Babel LFC career was ruined by benetiz
Gods of dramatic
Jake Dawson
Jake Dawson 5 mesi fa
My god the 2005 semi v Chelsea just highlights how good the UCL was on ITV, goosebumps with Clive Tyldesley’s commentary
ShowbeYPainT 5 mesi fa
1sthaft of the Istanbul's night for me was like "Let's make the history together as to the most conceded goals in the final round. This is my first final round in my life.". I'm Thai and it was 03.00 a.m. at that moment, and I had classes waiting tomorrow. ....... Then, 2nd half became one of the greatest moments in my life. FYI, I didn't sleep that night and was awake all day long. ZZZzzzZZZZ
Tameem Badi
Tameem Badi 5 mesi fa
There should be a top 10 european away games performances. Marseille , Madrid, Bayern, Man Utd etc.
elem C
elem C 5 mesi fa
Thanks Rafa
Hartaty Sirait
Hartaty Sirait 5 mesi fa
Vidic & Torres, still better "love story" than Twilight. 😅
Hartaty Sirait
Hartaty Sirait 5 mesi fa
That Agger's goal against Chelsea is one of the cheekiest goals ever.
Hartaty Sirait
Hartaty Sirait 5 mesi fa
Stevie G, my love. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alfred Malam
Alfred Malam 5 mesi fa
I Love Rafa Benitez, I thought it was unfair the way, they let him go. Fortunately, LFC fans have a lot of respect for Rafa Benitez
TripleY21 5 mesi fa
if only rafa had the backing like arsenal or manc ( didnt even have to be like city or chelsea), we would have dominated England & Europe for decades. he even had the likes of agueros scouted b4 their respective moves.. how many times did we back off of a deal because of mere 2 million differences of transfer fees really hopeful the football genius will be back for a big clubs with proper owner
panos eddie
panos eddie 5 mesi fa
We love Rafa , thanks for everything
Niall Coleman
Niall Coleman 5 mesi fa
The dubbed commentary on most of the video ruins it
Akande Moshood Oladimeji
I've got goosebumps all over me watching this.
Fuentinho 5 mesi fa
I miss football so much ):
Franklin Geke
Franklin Geke 5 mesi fa
Benitez was the perfect coach for them before Klopp l don't know why they sacked him,it's a lack of patience from club owners
mohdimam buchori77
The Captain Fantastic and Xabi Alonso. The best MF combo i ever seen.
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed 2 mesi fa
Yeah but when we got Mascherano to join them our midfield was one of the best for sure
Бобан O
Бобан O 5 mesi fa
Rafa, thank you for your outstanding work with the Club! You are a Legend!
Emmanuel eke
Emmanuel eke 5 mesi fa
Is never over until it's over.
DR360WHO 5 mesi fa
I love this club!!
Jasmin Jahr
Jasmin Jahr 5 mesi fa
Gerrard.. The king of Liverpool
Jasmin Jahr
Jasmin Jahr 5 mesi fa
The worst moment of Nimanja Vidic
Ssekitto Sharif
Ssekitto Sharif 5 mesi fa
I have never seen a striker like Torres
cshekar14 arkati kharvi14
Liverpool FC 💞👍👏👈
Syachroni Nasution
crazy shoot GERARD
Hassan Raza
Hassan Raza 5 mesi fa
Even Special One could Not Take Him down.. That's How good Rafa Was. Absoulte Class Manager.❤️❤️❤️
Sam Jones
Sam Jones 5 mesi fa
Enjoyed that! Cheers Rafa, great times
Anwar Hafiy
Anwar Hafiy 5 mesi fa
All Liverpool player was good
Pip Piperade
Pip Piperade 5 mesi fa
That Stevie G goal against Olympiakos still gives me the shivers.. What a player - and what a hit, son!
Anis Id
Anis Id 5 mesi fa
Gerrard out of this world ! 😍
Dominique Bita'a
Benitez = Mastermind of tactics. Add to it the commitment of the players and the passion of the fans ; then you have LFC.
Hxney Clxdy
Hxney Clxdy 6 mesi fa
What a hit son what a hit.........
klopp nih
klopp nih 6 mesi fa
thanks rafa for the best memories 🤩😘
F i r s t C l a s s
เจอราด สุดตีน
Jonathan Lalrempuia
No true Liverpool fan can watch the Istanbul miracle without either a sprakling smile or a sparkle in their eyes ❤️ amd for the new generation, Klopp has written many legends to tell ❤️ let’s go get that EPL title once this lockdown is over
R 6 mesi fa
Anfield eruptssssssss!!!!!! Give me chills everytime
hasnan faizal
hasnan faizal 6 mesi fa
MERINDINGGGGG 😱😱😱 Emang mantep sih final liga Champions sama pas ngalahin MU 4-1
Neelesh Domah
Neelesh Domah 6 mesi fa
We often only notice Garcia's strike but that assist by Le Tallec was beautiful.
Ivan Yusuf
Ivan Yusuf 6 mesi fa
Dossena doesnt always score a goal, but when he does, he did it against Madrid and MU for the 4th goals of that matches
Alex W
Alex W 6 mesi fa
*So Awesome.* LFC are truly one of the greatest clubs of all time. No doubt.
Azrul Sbri
Azrul Sbri 5 mesi fa
Yes Liverpool the Goat club in England
Lincoln City
Lincoln City 6 mesi fa
3:21 Subtitles: *babe anime research*
Hanamichi Sakuragi
Such a great memories. And Rafa almost won the league with his Spanish armada. Always a legend
mangledmanhood 6 mesi fa
The consistent factor in all of those games was just how good Gerrard was.
Euros Gh1
Euros Gh1 6 mesi fa
Gerald screamer against west ham one of the best goals I have ever watched
Parin Boonsawat
Parin Boonsawat 6 mesi fa
Miss the old day
Ben kopite
Ben kopite 6 mesi fa
Easy to forget how good that AC Milan team were in the 1st half. The likes of Kaka and Pirlo were playing a different game. That Liverpool team in 2005 was average but became European champions because of Rafa's genius and the brilliance of Gerrard
Ben kopite
Ben kopite 6 mesi fa
Easy to forget how good that AC Milan team were in the 1st half. The likes of Kaka and Pirlo were playing a different game. That Liverpool team in 2005 was average but became European champions because of Rafa's genius and the brilliance of Gerrard
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed 2 mesi fa
Team spirit aswell
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