Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Feb. 17, 2020

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WWE Top 10 takes you back to this week’s Monday Night Raw to revisit the show’s most thrilling, physical and controversial moments. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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18 feb 2020




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Commenti 80
Leticia Vazquez
Leticia Vazquez 2 mesi fa
Qué maldito de caca le copio a hon cena
King kev
King kev 3 mesi fa
She's a mix between up the world and the Shark
MG3 Mese fa
King kev
King kev 3 mesi fa
Drew McIntyre With the win
King kev
King kev 3 mesi fa
Allister black Wow
King kev
King kev 3 mesi fa
Ricochet one of my favorites
DarkAlpha The Mystic Wolf
Randy if u did that to Kane or undertaker or braun strowman or any of the big guys they will kill u
ツツPharaoN 3 mesi fa
Blyaa kakoi gandon pod nomerom 1
serback1 3 mesi fa
New gimmick?nah, that is just his old legend killer gimmick, I love it.
Too Blessed847
Too Blessed847 3 mesi fa
Randy Orton how about being sorry and repent first and before and not after your dirty deeds....lol.
Rozeta Meckarova
Killer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anderson Dias
Anderson Dias 3 mesi fa
Im_Ninja 3 mesi fa
0:58 carillo never take brakes
Lilredthr3 3 mesi fa
My favorite part is when Randy Orton hits an steel chair on my Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy crossest the line when RKO was very angry. he was killing people of the return of the legend Killer is back!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s I respect that.
Heather Hartley
Heather Hartley 3 mesi fa
Wwe is the undertaker coming back
Jm 115
Jm 115 3 mesi fa
Drew telling paul to go back and get a manicure for lesnar was so satisfying :)
Johnson91 3 mesi fa
Wait what, is there a transgender female wrestler now?
Kpop Guy
Kpop Guy 3 mesi fa
Crucifix Powerbomb the Monday Night Messiah. Just hold Rollins in the Crucifix position though. It works every time.
Keegan Utz
Keegan Utz 3 mesi fa
Randy is cranky
ae7 workıng studıos •
🤦🏿‍♂️... ...no wonder why they still bring familiar faces from the past...sure they bring cena next week...
rebel don
rebel don 3 mesi fa
Erick Rowan an black should team up
Harsh Gharlute
Harsh Gharlute 3 mesi fa
Let me tell you the book of Kevin cannot replace the List of Jericho
MrAJWorks 3 mesi fa
Marko Dozier
Marko Dozier 3 mesi fa
Wow 😂
Lincoln mike
Lincoln mike 3 mesi fa
Sucks x 10
Edson Manuel
Edson Manuel 3 mesi fa
Suicide dive
RevertEditz 3 mesi fa
I love that prince puma is in the wwe now
Dragan Stanojevic
1:00 remembering something u forgor
Dragan Stanojevic
Aga Semilov
Aga Semilov 3 mesi fa
Londekawendy Sithole
Oh Randy Randy Randy I am sorry
Larry The duck
Larry The duck 3 mesi fa
Kids: who’s stone cold Me: the biggest badass his finisher was the stunner Kids: sO iS HE cOpYInG kEvIN OwENS
Wrestle Knowledge
Sorry but a 3 year kid also would be knowing stone cold Steve Austin "hell yeah" 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
J ManueL
J ManueL 3 mesi fa
Randy is A Lunatic👿
انور صبيح
أروع مسلسل ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍
Tim Eaton
Tim Eaton 3 mesi fa
If Matt hardy wasn’t broken before last week he is now An as far as Rowan goes you can give him any gimmick An will still suck as a single Wrestle as sad always like him
erik jordan turner
damn if anyone ever apologized to me like Orton they really meant it.
Eshaan Chaudhary
We all act like randy first we were shouting once more once more then then afterwords we were crying lol all are randy 😂
Gabriel Gutierrez
The end tho he lunches Murphy
A N X E R R 3 mesi fa
Totally scripted lol..
Khayann Telfer
Khayann Telfer 3 mesi fa
orton is realy fighting
WE ARE VENOM 3 mesi fa
Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn 3 mesi fa
Garbage storyline..
Kt3 Gaming
Kt3 Gaming 3 mesi fa
My guess is at Wrestlemania MVP is going to interrupt the Drew's match against brock.. So drew is not going to win brock😇
Rich Gaming
Rich Gaming 3 mesi fa
Orton gimmick.. orton killed someone? Well.. go die orton go die
Aman Kumar
Aman Kumar 3 mesi fa
I'm sorry outta nowhere 😂😂👌
kashif Waqfiqbomb
Why’s ronda disappeared
John Estrada
John Estrada 3 mesi fa
Becky has gotten really annoying lately the man gimmick is getting old pretty fast
Tony Clarke Sr
Tony Clarke Sr 3 mesi fa
4:56 Randy getting crazy now 😂😂😂😂😂
Mohamed Ezzat
Mohamed Ezzat 3 mesi fa
Orten is crazy bitchman
Karen Cooper
Karen Cooper 3 mesi fa
Buddy murthy sold it like a legend respect
Ibrahim Hyder
Ibrahim Hyder 3 mesi fa
These all guys going hell
Angie R
Angie R 3 mesi fa
Shayna Bazzler:The vampire awakens from her slumber 😄
Olusegun Iselaiye
Orton is insane!!!
Wejdan Consicence
Honestly, I think Seth's gimmick is awful, he can be better heel than this lame one..
Sature Bloodhound
Buddy Murphy turned into a rocket ship
porty tmo
porty tmo 3 mesi fa
Epic 9
K 1254
K 1254 3 mesi fa
I can’t lie wwe is getting worst from what it use to be Vincent needs to go 🤦🏽‍♂️
Il giustiziere Mascherato
Why randy is sorry????
Suvadip Banerjee
Ortan rocks
Manuel Encalada
Manuel Encalada 3 mesi fa
Colley Seleta
Colley Seleta 3 mesi fa
This is Awesome the Viper
Amogh HP
Amogh HP 3 mesi fa
For last 10 years this is the best heel randy I am watching...70% of legend killer we are watching in him...but I want to see full 100% of it...
Seba Andres
Seba Andres 3 mesi fa
La stunner de ko es fake
maths for all
maths for all 3 mesi fa
This show has become so boring
Randy orton 💪🏻Trending #1
shekh sarfraj
shekh sarfraj 3 mesi fa
Matt Hardy going to AEW and back in broken gimmick
Sadiq Khan
Sadiq Khan 3 mesi fa
nilton alves de medeiros
grandes lutas
Darius 8
Darius 8 3 mesi fa
I want to watch what is in the Rowan box
michael douglass
What a botch from the commentator calling Randy Eddie at 4.38
Ramiz Creations
Ramiz Creations 3 mesi fa
Indian 🇮🇳 dosto Please dosto mere channel ko subscribe karo 😭😭😭😭. Mere videos ko view bhi nahi aate 😭😭😭 please dosto subscribe kardo aur videos ko bhi dekhna.
Oozora Ichijo
Oozora Ichijo 3 mesi fa
Randy:Destroy Matt Hardy with a chair and sorry Dolph Ziggler:it's should've been me
Supreme 3 mesi fa
just imagine if Randy really hit him XD
Ngoduyling Ngo
Ngoduyling Ngo 3 mesi fa
Ra chỉ nó đánh mà thôi
Maureen Sayah
Maureen Sayah 3 mesi fa
They will repeat all the matches next week
Maureen Sayah
Maureen Sayah 3 mesi fa
Fans love Asuka no matter what Vince does ezpz
Malti Luthra
Malti Luthra 3 mesi fa
Randy is king of heel
Ayaz Ali
Ayaz Ali 3 mesi fa
Logan TV
Logan TV 3 mesi fa
Shakti Boraik
Shakti Boraik 3 mesi fa
gao de
gao de 3 mesi fa
On January 28, 2020, Business Insider published an article titled, “China put 46 million people on lockdown to contain the Wuhan coronavirus. But quarantines throughout history have been riddled with mishaps.” The Chinese government has issued the largest quarantine in human history - put 16 cities on lockdown. The Business Insider article asked, “will it work?” The article went over some major quarantines that had happened throughout history. First Formal Quarantine Established in Venice The Business Insider article pointed out that even though the practice of separating the infected from the healthy people was not new, a formal official quarantine system wasn't established until 1348 when Venice ordered ships, cargo and people to stay outside of the city for 40 days before being allowed inside. The efforts were to prevent the bubonic plague, or “Black Death,” from spreading through its ports. The Business Insider article wrote that, “This isolation period became known as quarantinario, taken from the Italian word for 40.” The article continued to say that 15 million people still lost their lives to the plague, despite the efforts to stop the epidemic from spreading. The 1793 Yellow Fever in Philadelphia The Business Insider article wrote that 5,000 people were killed by an outbreak of yellow fever in Philadelphia in 1793. The article stated that the first quarantine hospital, named “Lazaretto,” was established during the plague but that it did not stop the spreading of the epidemic through mosquitoes. New York City Hit with Cholera Epidemic In 1832 According to the Business Insider article, NYC Mayor Walter Bowne issued a strict quarantine in June 1832 to protect the city as soon as he learned of a cholera outbreak in Canada. The quarantine didn't help much though, as the first case of Cholera was soon confirmed in the city, with more than 3,500 people eventually dead of the virus. More over, 70,000 people sought shelter elsewhere, further spreading the diseases to other cities. Typhus Outbreak in New York City in 1892 Sixty years after the Cholera outbreak, New York City was hit with another plague, this time typhus. The Business Insider article wrote that “in 1892, a typhus fever epidemic broke out among Russian-Jewish immigrants on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.” The article noted that hundreds of immigrants were taken into custody and quarantined but that non-immigrant New Yorkers were not treated with harsh isolation even if they got sick or were suspected of having the disease.
Bala Ganesh
Bala Ganesh 3 mesi fa
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