Top 10 Scary Facts About The Titanic - Part 2

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The Titanic occupies a near mythological place in history. This historic sunken ship is home to many scary stories but some even scarier facts. These are the Top 10 Scary Facts About The Titanic Part 2 here on Most Amazing Top 10.
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Commenti 80
katelyn irwin
katelyn irwin 2 giorni fa
The titanic is my favourite movie
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 4 giorni fa
My great great gran was millvina dean and she was only 2 months old at the time making her the youngest passenger onboard at the time
DarkestWolf 44
DarkestWolf 44 9 giorni fa
Also I hope you include this, a survivor of the titanic couldn’t go to any concerts or Ball games because the shouts and screaming gave him ptsd of the screams of terrors of the passengers
Scott Pool
Scott Pool 18 giorni fa
Yes that was a sad sad situation terrible that’s what I why I fly✈️
Cheeco Ms13
Cheeco Ms13 23 giorni fa
I would ov got drunk before I got in to that water
ida council
ida council 24 giorni fa
Sadly the usa government pulled the iceberg fund was pulled that made the uscg stuck in port normally there would be 10 cutters pushing bergs out of shipping lanes and blowing them up
swat van intinatinal
I feel like the titanic was the weirdest ship sank because it's really sad about 1500 people died but on HMHS Britannic only 30 died
shadowlee rowe
What about the theory that the ship that sunk wasn't the titanic but it's twin sister ship that got switched at port after a nearly fatal collision with another ship?
Aiden R
Aiden R Mese fa
I was on the ship
Nich Hodge
Nich Hodge Mese fa
On average there was usually 500 icebergs that come from Greenland and get pushed into the shipping lanes by the Labrador Current but in 1912 there was double that average of a 1000 recorded
Nich Hodge
Nich Hodge Mese fa
Alcohol thins the blood making you more likely to die from hypothermia. It’s a common misconception that drinking alcohol makes you warm
Pamela Oliver
Wonder if the kids were the same orphans...
Kaplock 1205
Kaplock 1205 Mese fa
I have a book about the titanic and has Molly Brown and
Jehne Trottier
Titanic had 16 watertight compartments the not 15
Noice Toits
Noice Toits Mese fa
Yes my fave host did my fave historical moment 😂
Anya Spaulding
If you go to the titanic museum in las vegas you get a boarding pass with a real passengers name. The sad thing is at the end you get to see the names of those who didn't make it or did. it broke my heart but i was interested in the titanic and it was amazing being able to see things that you never thought you'd see
Isabella Sampson
aw may they all rip
tearsinmycoke 2 mesi fa
The reason why there were so few lifeboats in comparison to the total amount of passengers and crew on board is because the lifeboats had originally been intended to shuttle passengers back and forth from a potential wreck to an awaiting rescue vessel. As such it was presumed that each lifeboat would be viable for multiple trips and as such have the capability of rescuing more passengers then their seat capacity might have implied. So all of the passengers actually had all been accounted for during emergency preparations. Just not the volume of the disaster that they were to face. Heartbreaking.
Congratulations Becky! !
Ive often wondered if the Titanic is haunted, by captain Smith and all the others who perished
André CRONJE 2 mesi fa
Thank you nice one. As you said what the hell went wrong? it was the proud boasting widely published that not even God could sink the Titanic that must have sent her to a watery grave on her maiden voyage. A real reminder that as mortals we should always revere and fear God, the Creator of heaven and earth if you want to live with him for eternity.
Alexis Creek
Alexis Creek 2 mesi fa
Can you do a part 3
Jason king
Jason king 2 mesi fa
Your nice
Eric Son of James
The titanic had enough lifeboats at that time. It was assumed that if a ship were in trouble, it wouldn’t sink that fast. It was also assumed other ships would be near to help. The lifeboats were meant to ferry people from the sinking ship, to the rescue ships. The laws changed after Titanic sank.
ninaandianfan21 2 mesi fa
What's a NVP or MVP? She talks about that when she talks about the engineers :D
Anne Batasin-in
Anne Batasin-in 2 mesi fa
olympic titanic britannic
Skylar Mitchell
Skylar Mitchell 2 mesi fa
i also saw or read somewhere that some of the crew didnt get proper training on how to lunch the life boats at a faster speed. i could be wrong.
richcall1001 2 mesi fa
Like the baker. If I was going to die I would get hammered too! Sod going out sober!!!!
Utareangara 2 mesi fa
i thought it was 70 ppl??
Utareangara 2 mesi fa
Titanic wasnt even full to capacity either. Imagine if it was??? even more people would have died
Robert Walt
Robert Walt 2 mesi fa
I'd like to see her naked
Astrid's Princess Leah
Can't believe that the musicians continued to play while it sank!
Astrid's Princess Leah
Why am I so obsessed with the actual Titanic? (Not the movie)
EyeAtomic500 3 mesi fa
My great great Grampy was suppose to board the titanic but he missed it
Alpha Dragon Queen
😭😭😭😭 not the dogs
asasinmas 3 mesi fa
Shout out to Charles. I also want to die drunk
Beth Slater
Beth Slater 3 mesi fa
Make a part 3 please.
Gundam Ubri
Gundam Ubri 3 mesi fa
one of ancestors died on the Titanic
Gundam Ubri
Gundam Ubri Mese fa
I am not lying
Gundam Ubri
Gundam Ubri Mese fa
@Jazmine Newark Dont disrespect me fool
Jazmine Newark
Yeah of course . And Trump is my Uncle
cheryl basham
cheryl basham 3 mesi fa
Why is nobody talking about her long words “ dayyyy” she cuts out the rest!!!😮🤐
Nikki Gaming
Nikki Gaming 3 mesi fa
They’re making a ship called Titanic II. History might repeat itself.
Dangerdude 88
Dangerdude 88 9 giorni fa
Bill Van Veen
Bill Van Veen 24 giorni fa
MadShadow I never said it wasn’t a project but the guy proposing it has a dubious business record and to date hasn’t even completed the planning phase. Which now over ten years has passed.
MadShadow 25 giorni fa
Bill Van Veen If you don’t believe it google it, it’s a real project, once it’s built its meant to take the same route as the original Titanic Did.
Bill Van Veen
Bill Van Veen 3 mesi fa
Nikki Gaming it’ll never get built. Guy is a scammer.
Nadia Murchie
Nadia Murchie 3 mesi fa
the biggest insurance switch gone wrong. engineers working on both ships after olympic collided with another ship confirmed it was the sister ship they were working on,was made to look like titanic with the promise a rescue ship would be nearby. ( insurance money) and it never transpired. old engineers working on the docks swore by this but were never believed. and of course this idea is always blasphemed on. the olympic is the twin sister beneath the waves.
MystiqueHorizon 3 mesi fa
My great grandfather, his many siblings, and their Mother were supposed to be on the Titanic but they were kept back a few months because one of his younger siblings had the measles.
Selin Suphi
Selin Suphi 3 mesi fa
Ayman,Are u turkish? Luv u u are such a good host
Midnight Draconic
Weird I just got black ops 4 and I'm loving the map voyage of despair which is on Titanic and then this video pops up in my feed. Love the new vids guys!
Sid Green
Sid Green 3 mesi fa
Rivets were also a flaw for The Titanic
james fry
james fry 3 mesi fa
I like number five its what I would do
Dan Abnormal
Dan Abnormal 3 mesi fa
So more floating ice around was a result of an unusually warm winter? In 1912? Guess humans aren't the only explanation for climatic variances.
tauris61 3 mesi fa
How do you say the pets dying was worse then the people?
Ricky Bryant
Ricky Bryant 3 mesi fa
Should do a video about the Titanic, Olympic conspiracy theory
Faith Rainear
Faith Rainear 3 mesi fa
If you want to watch a movie just to see if you'll cry that would be masochistic not sadistic 😜...well unless it's because you want to see people die then yeah definitely sadistic 🤣
FA East Studio
FA East Studio 3 mesi fa
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DIY Chad 726
DIY Chad 726 3 mesi fa
woulda sank in a different way even if put off cuz morgan wanted the ship sunk.......
The mystic Eye
The mystic Eye 3 mesi fa
The unsinkable molly brown had her own musical and it’s pretty good.
Young seedling
Young seedling 3 mesi fa
The pool is still full
Ted Watson
Ted Watson 3 mesi fa
There were 16 watertight compartments.
Tyton williams
Tyton williams 3 mesi fa
What up
There is a really good conspiracy theory about the Titanic being a insurance scam gone wrong.
Emmi Lou
Emmi Lou 3 mesi fa
Omgosh my birthday was when this video came out!!!!!!
NikolaFull 3 mesi fa
ur so beutyfull
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith 3 mesi fa
May all the souls lost on the Titanic RIP.
Gillian Harrison-Gates
I has family planning to go on the titanic. Thankfully the flu made them change their plans and our family continued for generation on
Eggman NEGA
Eggman NEGA 3 mesi fa
The lights went out lllllllllllloooooooonnnnnnnnggggggg before the ship sank (about 4 minutes).
Steampunk Pixie
Steampunk Pixie 3 mesi fa
If you get a chance visit Godalming Museum in Godalming Surrey U.K. There is a lot of infomation on the Titanic due to one of the signalmen being from Godalming.
Isabelle Black
Isabelle Black 3 mesi fa
I think it's perfectly normal to rewatch a movie for experimental purposes. I watched A Dog's Purpose again after swearing off dog movies for four years. I cried the second time as well.
daily vloger
daily vloger 3 mesi fa
I LOVE your videos! So much! But, I have a question. Idk how to do this, so pls don’t send hate. Q: why do you make scary videos? Just wondering. No hate. I love you and your videos!
Anacristina Ruiz figuerora
Do people who claim their past life was in the titanic
CalieGirl420 3 mesi fa
I’ve always been fascinated by the Titanic for as long as I can remember. And no matter how many times I’ve watched the movie it still makes me cry to this day
Jake Bulette
Jake Bulette 3 mesi fa
Its pool is still filled to this day
Gry Sapphire
Gry Sapphire 3 mesi fa
Family Day?
rock climbing33
rock climbing33 3 mesi fa
Great video!! I learned a lot of new things thank you
Demonic Nihilist
how about the big fact that it looks exactly like the not sea ready Olympic instead of the titanic
Ryu beauman
Ryu beauman 3 mesi fa
This show is in the shitter. Nothing you post is scary besides the staff that reads
Gabriel's Not Dead
Alcohol doesnt keep someone warm infact it makes you die even faster in cold weather. The blood cools alot quicker and it stops us from shivering which is a natural defence against the cold. The did was just EXTREMELY lucky...... the whisky should have killed him faster
ian hevey
ian hevey 3 mesi fa
The ship had iron rivets rather than steel n this is one of the main factors as to why the watertight compartments failed.
Angelica Ricks
Angelica Ricks 3 mesi fa
The Titanic was a horrible event in American history. Can imagine what people went through. LOVE MA10
Angelica Ricks
Angelica Ricks 3 mesi fa
The poor puppies!!! I know people died but somehow I feel more sorry for the dogs. Lol.
aakriti sharma
aakriti sharma 3 mesi fa
You look so beautiful 😍 I just follow u in Instagram Ayman❣️
Jennifer Simpson
All those crew men stood on the back on a lifeboat BUT Jack couldn’t share that damn door with Rose!!!! 😩
Crawford Gaming
Crawford Gaming 3 mesi fa
No 1912
OwenIsgaming 3 mesi fa
raymond terry
raymond terry 3 mesi fa
The titanic was JP Morgan NWO illuminate hit job
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 3 mesi fa
Respect for the engineers
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