Top 10 Scary Real Detective Stories

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Top 10 Scary Real Detective Stories
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For me personally I love a good mystery. In fact, I was raised reading the Nancy drew series and always dreamed about becoming an amateur detective like her… clearly that didn't work out for me. But I’m kind of glad, because real life cases are not as glamorous as the teen sleuth makes it out to be. So today we're going to look at the Top 10 Scary Real Detective Stories.
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Commenti 80
Clarence Stillman
Clarence Stillman 5 giorni fa
CIA, FBI and zcp are potential culprits
Abigail Cayton
Abigail Cayton 27 giorni fa
No matter how absurd the reddit user names are Lizzie makes them sound professional and believable. lol
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis Mese fa
When u said but the body of the Deceased my whole house rumbled because there is a storm
Zarcora X Death
The men in the blue van i think could be the scp foundation if they exist,the fbi,or cia.
Inkmare :3
Inkmare :3 2 mesi fa
about number 6, what if someone drugged him? or insert poisen in his sistem ?
Tracy Cromer
Tracy Cromer 2 mesi fa
I always loved seeing the original Nancy Drew and Hardy boys mysteries with Shawn Cassidy and Parker Stevenson and jack the ripper and murder at rouge lounge has always been a big mystery to me as well as zodiac and the black dalhia.
Garret Huffingtonremingtonjebediahsmith
She’s good... I like her! Good job! 👏🏻😁
Vrushali Rajas
Vrushali Rajas 2 mesi fa
Ah..its scary..why people are so cruel..what makes them like this..
dijoñ rushaé
dijoñ rushaé 3 mesi fa
That one detective is actually hellboys dad
K 3 mesi fa
The locked door doesn’t sound creepy, it sounds like the politest poltergeist in the world! Ghost: “O-Oh. You, need to come in? Ok, just let me get the door for you.... Nothing? Ok, bye then. I’ll just lock the door..... Oh you’re back? Oh, ok. Let me just get that lock again. There you go.” Police: WHAT THE FUUUU...
Melissa Waterman
When I see this person I think: thank God she isn't Ayman Hasan. I click off videos instantly now when I see that she is hosting.
Melissa Waterman
@Spectra Light Not funny enough to be worth enduring the disgusting comments she has been known to make but that's just my personal opinion.
Spectra Light
Spectra Light 3 mesi fa
Honestly I think Ayman Hasan has a little more personality. She's annoying when she lets her double standards show, but overall she can be funny sometimes.
Fego Milton
Fego Milton 3 mesi fa
The case of the locked door 😱😰
Cassandra McDonald
What's with all of these new white girls on this channel?
Michael Raider
Michael Raider 3 mesi fa
Can this channel do like scary red head stories lol
Kit- Kat
Kit- Kat 3 mesi fa
I have an idea on the hole in the back of his head they have those things that kill cows it's like it looks like a gunshot hole but it's just like a whole I don't know what they're called but I don't know that would be my theory on the hole in the back of his
Menna Aly
Menna Aly 3 mesi fa
Part 2
Tiffany O
Tiffany O 3 mesi fa
I loo pop every these stories...but they always leave me with SO many unanswered questions!!!
Ben 3 mesi fa
Edward Kilgore
Edward Kilgore 3 mesi fa
What happened to the awkward girl. I liked her
Alien Romance
Alien Romance 3 mesi fa
Is she new? I've never seen her before :o
Alexandra Cohen06
I think the men in the blue van might have been the Men in Black... his arms were ripped off not cut off. possibly but an entity?
Cathy Niemand
Cathy Niemand 3 mesi fa
Part 2 please
Kelsey JoAnn
Kelsey JoAnn 3 mesi fa
Definitely one of my top 10 favorite videos.! 💯❤😏 Good job LINDSAY!
Nicholas Olesen
Nicholas Olesen 3 mesi fa
#2 HAS to be an SCP. it’s gotta be!
Eils Hines
Eils Hines 3 mesi fa
Great video Linsey 🙌🏾🙌🏾how about a part two
MystiqueHorizon 3 mesi fa
In the panic room one wasn't "Richard" the one the guy was hiding in the panic room from? She mentioned the name Richard, but then thereafter it seemed she was calling the victim Richard... I confused 😓
Emmi Lou
Emmi Lou 3 mesi fa
For the one in the striped shirt could of been from consentration camps and they wore striped pajamas
Jeremy Rosendahl
Great video! I rarely ever comment on YT..and I NEVER make a comment like this, but you are an absolute knockout with a beautiful voice...hope you get to present videos for a long time.thanks again
Angelica Ricks
Angelica Ricks 3 mesi fa
I LOVE this channel!! Some of these stories are just scary!
April Eubanks
April Eubanks 3 mesi fa
Disturbing but good
Benjamin Hobson
Benjamin Hobson 3 mesi fa
Agatha Christie marple, Poirot and midsummer murders. Perfect afternoon
Robert Wells
Robert Wells 3 mesi fa
Can’t get over how dope she is
Gore Sometimes
Gore Sometimes 3 mesi fa
"Something interesting for you to read."
Zoey Jackson
Zoey Jackson 3 mesi fa
Part 2 please
Gabe P
Gabe P 3 mesi fa
The 2 one is an SCP
jon greenway
jon greenway 3 mesi fa
I love you.
Ben prybys
Ben prybys 3 mesi fa
Make more of these! Love true crime
Birger Hansen
Birger Hansen 3 mesi fa
Elizabeth Azzinaro
Here's something interesting: My favorite fictional detectives are Sherlock Holmes and Detective Pikachu ;)
Mark Reaves
Mark Reaves 3 mesi fa
Something creepy to think about is all the unsolved murders that exist, and the fact that not all murders are ever even found out about. There is a lot of people out there who are basically living "under the radar". When one is murdered, it's very unlikely it will ever be found out about unless the murderer is clumsy or stupid. Prostitutes, homeless, runaways, vagrants, the bottom rung of society generally. They tend to be invisible while alive, and they tend to remain invisible when they die. The police, when they do find out about a murder, if the victim is someone with a long criminal history, they put less effort into finding the murderer than if the victim was in a higher rung of society. There exist so many cults that practice human sacrifice. The cults that have been around long enough have become so good at what they do that the chances of them being stopped grow smaller with each sacrifice they do. They may get "sloppy" from time to time, but they tend to be very good with covering their tracks, and if they stick to sacrificing the invisible members of society, there isn't much incentive for the police to put a lot of manpower into it. There is a dark side to reality that oh so many are blissfully unaware of.
Mysterion 3 mesi fa
My dad died and 10 is making me think again
Captain Hamhog
Captain Hamhog 3 mesi fa
I don’t know why I keep watching this stuff, it’s scary but like wow.
TJ Baumchen
TJ Baumchen 3 mesi fa
Jordan95 HD
Jordan95 HD 3 mesi fa
They were quite possibly the scariest detective stories I've heard to date...
maria older
maria older 3 mesi fa
Has anyone else noticed that per video now (including the beginning and end) that there are 5 ads per video. This seems very excessive. Certainly a put off. It sort of seems they want to make as much money as possible now with some(not all) videos not being as good or interesting as they used to.
Just end the vid then restart it then boom no more ads bro
Kaio Steter
Kaio Steter 3 mesi fa
Lindsay, you fit very well in this channel... Producers, please maintain her at all costs, hugs from Brazil...
John Byrne
John Byrne 3 mesi fa
Richard was obviously killed by a Wookiee
Joey Young
Joey Young 3 mesi fa
It’s The Men In Black dudes and dudets!! Those are the people in the blue vans!! The kinda stuff the government doesn’t even know what’s going on with!! 🤘🏼👹😁
Your Uncle John
Your Uncle John 3 mesi fa
Those detectives straight up getting trolled by some dude sneaky dude and a door
Clay Schuetz
Clay Schuetz 3 mesi fa
Wow, those were actually some very intriguing cases, I liked this, especially when it got into the top fives, horrifying yet very very interesting 👍👍👍👍👍
Josh L
Josh L 3 mesi fa
Lindsay is definitely my favorite
Andrew Scolari
Andrew Scolari 3 mesi fa
My maternal great-great grandfather was a detective for the Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Company police in Pennsylvania. The Reading Coal & Iron Company was a series of coal mines owned by the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad. In 1883 he and deputy chased down and arrested a 14 year old boy for deliberately wrecking a freight train on a leased line called the Lancaster & Reading railroad which caused the death of the railroad's Master Mechanic who had had been riding in the engine with the engineer and fireman when the locomotive overturned due to a large plank placed across the tracks and anchored with two large rocks.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 3 mesi fa
I don't want to be a detective.
KnightGX3 3 mesi fa
Luv and ur videos remember me yeah you do i died U know me think who died in your life yeah luv
Bob Bobs last name
This is really creepy
Jack Hutton
Jack Hutton 3 mesi fa
How about top 10 scary New Hampshire urban legends
Pretzel Lover
Pretzel Lover 3 mesi fa
Home Alone
Just Ema
Just Ema 3 mesi fa
Yes omg ive just so enjoyed this video! Keep up the excellent work girl u rock!!✌👍👌
Newman OutDoors
Newman OutDoors 3 mesi fa
Some great stories
Michelle Carter
Michelle Carter 3 mesi fa
I love mysteries too, and these were creepy!!
Isaiah Vigil
Isaiah Vigil 3 mesi fa
Who else remembers when this channel wasn’t just scary stuff
David Stevens
David Stevens 3 mesi fa
#3-1, if they are the same detective, it should have been used for the new Kolchak, the Night Stalker series.
Beezer1225 3 mesi fa
Keep the change, ya filthy animal!!
David Stevens
David Stevens 3 mesi fa
#4 was murder/suicide...isn't it obvious (ok, tad dark) I hope they find out who did it.
lolita 69
lolita 69 3 mesi fa
“ayo wtf”
FortyMantus 3 mesi fa
Hey guys, you should do a video called top ten funniest The Office jokes. Hope you guys enjoy
Angelo Applewhite
JT Cattanio
JT Cattanio 3 mesi fa
Great one loved it more plz.. got me wanting to know what happened
BoneMyToaster 1
BoneMyToaster 1 3 mesi fa
120th comment anyway I love the videos
Dawn Hartman
Dawn Hartman 3 mesi fa
Scary thoughts
rhio rainbow
rhio rainbow 3 mesi fa
Love this list
La Wanda Cooper
La Wanda Cooper 3 mesi fa
Ooh people have sick minds
Candice Perry
Candice Perry 3 mesi fa
Detectives would work with the police
Zandile Adams
Zandile Adams 3 mesi fa
Pls follow me on instagram @cra_zy_adams
Teresa O'Brien
Teresa O'Brien 3 mesi fa
Richard was killed by an SCP?
Teresa O'Brien
Teresa O'Brien 3 mesi fa
@angelfromhellshawna go Check out some of the 5 Scary videos. Keegan and Lucy can explain it much better than I could.
I feel so dumb but...what's an SCP?
fendimena 3 mesi fa
dont you ever wonder how ppl know the sound of a letter and how they started talking? i just wondered that today
Jennifer 3 mesi fa
ive always been fascinated by cases where the body was found with a look of sheer terror on its face. like they saw the devil Himself. I just wonder what it was that was so terrifying, and was it fear that killed them.
Rich mills
Rich mills 3 mesi fa
Something interesting. Haha jk great video
Shadow flash Gamer
Love Detective story
Angelproking 1
Angelproking 1 3 mesi fa
"Ya filthy animal" home alone
Benjamin Hobson
Benjamin Hobson 3 mesi fa
That scene is called a detective film in detective pikachu
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