Top 10 STRONGEST Pokemon Champions!

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Since the inception of Pokemon to Pokemon Sword and Shield there has been a Champion for each region! In this video, I go through 10 Champions and rank them from the best to the greatest! Who will rank on the top? Find out now! I hope you guys enjoy the video, be sure to subscribe for content like this! Until next time! See ya~!

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Dobbs Anno fa
Hope you guys enjoy the video :D Also be sure to mark your calendars and ring that bell for Show Your Moves 2020! It’ll live-streamed here on the main channel on February 29th at 6:30PM EST!
AQ3D -Altitude-
AQ3D -Altitude- 4 mesi fa
So you've gotta run the Pokemon league in red version a few times but the Pokemon there get stronger. Even placing out Blues blastoise at level 96 or 98
Brandon brown THE EGO
the sad thing about Leon, was a guy got Red's team in pokemon sw/sh and had to level his team's level down by 20 points ... and Leon still lost what could Cynthia do to him if she is better than red
Best Bro kalafior
Leon was defeted by random kid!
Joshua Budden
Joshua Budden 6 mesi fa
I think you forgot kukui
Teguh Imam Setiawan
Dobbs you forgot youngster Joey has the (so told) beyond perfect iv ratatta
a cat
a cat 13 giorni fa
What about Mustard? You know, the guy who trained Leon?
A ZoNe
A ZoNe 16 giorni fa
Everybody knows who's the best Red
Kriz24 Gaming
Kriz24 Gaming 24 giorni fa
Leon was defeated in the Anime yo!!
Kriz24 Gaming
Kriz24 Gaming 24 giorni fa
Also, remember, Blue let his Raticate DIE!! XD
Minibox Media
Minibox Media 29 giorni fa
*Cynthia vs Leon* Cynthia: With my Garchomp, you have no chance of winning. Leon: I don’t even have to use my ace to beat that thing... *Dragapult outspeeds and obliterates Garchomp* (Garchomp base speed is 102, Dragapult’s is 142)
Avalon64 Mese fa
Leon sucks, a great champion doesn't need to highlight how great they are and that is literally what Leon's "undefeated" title is, are you trying to imply except for Alder who clearly was defeated in the series before you fought him, that all the other champions lost before then REWON their champion's title somehow? No doesn't make sense so putting Leon as number 1 completely invalidates this list for me
Rafael Agustin
1:13 dobbs looks like he has a black mustache
Rafael Agustin
The way garchomp walks away in the start is hilarious
Eason Tan
Eason Tan Mese fa
Cynthia is quite easy to defeat as long as your garchomp is level 72 or more before the national dex
James Chugg
James Chugg Mese fa
He says Leon was undefeated, and that makes him the best, but I don't remember Red ever being defeated.
Fredrik Elfgren
Red Mese fa
Leon is undefeated? My lvl 4 aron sweep made it all.
mondee lolz
mondee lolz Mese fa
Me when number 2 be like: SIMP
Cannon Smith
Cannon Smith Mese fa
Leon is easy lol
jeez thanks
jeez thanks Mese fa
Cynthia may be smart but that can't change the fact that red's pokemon are 10 level above Cynthia.
Takeshi Crisis Bloxy
Dobbs: For Number Two I Chose Cynthia Purplecliffe: WHY IS CYNTHIA NOT NUMBER 1 REEEEEEEEEEEEE and also hello cynthia~ Chat: SIMP Purplecliffe: I Don't Want To See Anyone Saying Simps Okay Chat?
HLGM64 Mese fa
I beat Leon in the galatians star tournament when you said leon
Glory Fellowship
whos the master if the master is
UnderDog Chris
Does Alder even battle ghetsis?
Preacher Bell
leon being undefeated just means he's never fought anybody good.
Eryn Ortiz
Eryn Ortiz Mese fa
I would love to see Cynthia vs Leon
Eryn Ortiz
Eryn Ortiz Mese fa
Hervoskie Mese fa
leon: *undefeated* Red and His mewtwo: Ima just pretend I didnt hear that
Junaid Lawrence
Junaid Lawrence 2 mesi fa
I think Red is definitely no. 1 and Cynthia close 2nd..People miss the fact Red has been undefeated Canonlogically (Gold was never confirmed to win him and blue never won him in Canon either according to Game) and without Mewtwo in his team... which is the strongest Pokémon in existence and could wipe at least half of everyone team. MAYBE the whole team if Red had a X/Y mega Mewtwo would make him broken.
Pacific Poke
Pacific Poke 2 mesi fa
Leon, the undefeated champion. Me - Shut up. Just toss a Modest Nature Inteleon that knows Dark Pulse, Surf, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball on the field and destroy the man's career.
gamepad sk
gamepad sk 2 mesi fa
Red:catch mewtwo A)Take to team B)leave it in pc Red:b,b,b
Theophilus Lim
Theophilus Lim 2 mesi fa
What happned to ash he is champion of alola, orange islands he might bet leon.
Gokcen Carlson
Gokcen Carlson 2 mesi fa
He has something that all the others don’t have Me:He has the ability to get lost
Legend 2 mesi fa
Put Leon up against Red or Cynthia. I doubt he would remain undefeated for long. I'm guessing all the trainers in the Galar region just suck.
Whitty 2 mesi fa
15:57 That is true but Cyntia is way harder in battle than Leon
Adel and JJ 1
Adel and JJ 1 2 mesi fa
Also kukui is strong
Adel and JJ 1
Adel and JJ 1 2 mesi fa
Ok the best champion is the protagonist and ash Ketchum but since the protagonist isn't canon so
Graffiti_Soul 2 mesi fa
Red has never canonically lost, either. The battle with Gold/Ethan was undecided.
Aaron Ramos
Aaron Ramos 2 mesi fa
Who else here defeated Leon on just the first try?? He was rather easy honestly
ClaydolMaster Mineart
Ok so a lot of people are upset that Leon is number 1. I have been doing a metric ton of research to make a list of the strongest protagonists. And Leon being undefeated is impressive for galar. Galar is full of prodigies of trainers almost major every trainer has a very good chance of being either an elite four member or champion in other regions. Hop would definitely be a champion if it was a different region. That and battles are much more important to galar’s culture meaning battles are very common even among the weaker trainers klara and Avery are trainers who are very powerful and lost the spot in the major gym circuit. Basically Leon would be facing trainers from a ton of places. Not just that each gym leader along is comparable to an elite four member at their strongest. And rahian in feats is comparable to a champion. In the anime he is one of the most powerful trainers in the world. Leon also brought enternetus down to low enough health to feasible catch with a charazard along. He was also trained by a previous undefeated champion Mustard. Flat out Leon is one of the most powerful trainers withen my research.
ClaydolMaster Mineart
I should also add with my ruling with the listing of strongest protagonists. Cause my ruling is that they win every battle that is in their game. And red would be taken from firered and leafgreen, Ethan from heartgold and soul silver, brenden and may from ORAS, and when brilliant diamond and Shining pearl come out, Lucas and dawn from that. Meaning red is the only protagonist who has lost. Loosing to Ethan, Nate, Rosa, and the gen 7 protagonists (can’t remember their name), Chase, and Elaine.
Quarts Team TwT
Quarts Team TwT 2 mesi fa
i think best trainer is lucas because he caught god
joseph Adcock
joseph Adcock 2 mesi fa
Ghetsis has hacked Pokémon with perfect ivs that’s gotta count for something
joseph Adcock
joseph Adcock 2 mesi fa
Steven was never champion in emerald he’s just a dude in hoenn who’s a g
joseph Adcock
joseph Adcock 2 mesi fa
Alder didn’t lose to ghetsis tho
Ssrose Rose
Ssrose Rose 2 mesi fa
Cynthia is the strongest.
Cristiano 7
Cristiano 7 3 mesi fa
"you can sweep Wallace with 2 Pokémon" And Cynthia the "strongest" (battle wise) champion can get sweept by 1. 1!!!!! And just imagine the LUCK that, the Pokémon that can sweep her is your favorite Pokémon for a long time. Thats my case
Final Boss “Monokuma” Monokuma
Plot armor is the only reason Leon is number one, because he is garbage, i beat him my first try, I one shotted his charizard with 1 water move, has no one in galar heard of a water or rock type pokemon? Cynthia has a team of non repeating types, her Garchomp has perfect IVs or EVs whichever, and she was the only champion (aside from Steven kind of) to give me a tough time. Leon the only pokemon of his that gave me trouble was Dragapult, I oneshotted if not two shotted the rest of his team, let me tell you he was MASSIVELY disappointing to fight, the music was good and it DID feel climatic, but boy was he nothing, Bede is a stronger boss fight than him.
Qmq 3 mesi fa
Red > cynthia
Rob Bob
Rob Bob 3 mesi fa
Where is N? He would be #1 because he has a legendary
Sin Yin
Sin Yin 3 mesi fa
The best champion is ashhh
Danny Tent
Danny Tent 3 mesi fa
Leon is a joke, he,s bad and pretty weak. Cynthia is the greatest champion of all time
sms muniyasamy
sms muniyasamy 3 mesi fa
Cynthia is the strongest.
Spirit PBR
Spirit PBR 3 mesi fa
you're a Leon simp ig
WALUIGI Da winner
I beat Leon first try :/
Infinite 3 mesi fa
Red>Cynthia Cynthia> Leon Leon>the other champions
Abiete Malum
Abiete Malum 3 mesi fa
There is something, stronger than any pokemon. Stronger than arceus itself.. It's name is... *"Whitney's Milktank"* That goddamn rollout
Alex Flaherty
Alex Flaherty 3 mesi fa
I sweep leon with one pokemon
Marion Cato
Marion Cato 3 mesi fa
I am
Clark Salando
Clark Salando 3 mesi fa
To be honest i had more hard time on the elite4 all of theme i had 5lose and when i go to wallace i lose0 my team is lv 45-51 and wallace had maybe 50-55 lv of is team and i win lol
Matt Brabo
Matt Brabo 3 mesi fa
Bam intro got me again!
WilPeu 3 mesi fa
Yeah I know Leon is undefeated but the battle is easy
Camille Brening
Camille Brening 3 mesi fa
I got all of my dragon types the web 💯bey
Angel Lust
Angel Lust 3 mesi fa
Imo Cynthia and Red are switching on 1# and 2# Cus in terms of strength and training dedication is Red And in terms of tactics and strategies is Cynthia. If those two made a team, no-one would be able to beat that team.
Ancient Chi
Ancient Chi 3 mesi fa
I'm sick of you disrespecting red on every epis3. Red is #1 he would crush all competitors
Ancient Chi
Ancient Chi 3 mesi fa
Pokemon x was the toughest game I ever played, don't unde3all the hate
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 3 mesi fa
Ok guys let's just ignore that Leon was there in the list and think Cynthia is no 1
marcelo asensio filho
Blue shown a Mega-Pidgeot on pokemon sun and moon no? Stevens Mega Metagross could demolish Lances team also, he is way to strong for lance to have a chance
Zarrar Peshimam
Zarrar Peshimam 3 mesi fa
As per me, Red is number 1. He is the only champion to catch mewtwo. He caught all 150 pokemon. He appeared in multiple games. A theory suggests that there no remake of heart gold and soul silver because Ethan was defeated at Mount silver by Red
I Love Chocolate
Wouldn’t ‘canonically’ S/M would be strongest champion? Besides we can’t say canon in the first place because we don’t know much about the other champions For me the ‘strongest’ would be one generally considered most ‘difficult’ which is Cynthia followed by Iris and Red
Gavin Martinez (ΩRuby αSappire)
Was that a remix of Mettaton's theme I hear?
Cartoonshipper 9500
The first Pokemon game I played was Platinum and I struggled with Cynthia.
Diamond Lord
Diamond Lord 4 mesi fa
Everyone knows the player is the strongest champion
Eclipse Mewtwo
Eclipse Mewtwo 4 mesi fa
The strongest champion is obviously Youngster Joey
Gentle Cheese
Gentle Cheese 4 mesi fa
Some one can defended leon with only a Magikarp , leon its easy to be defended
xaze 4 mesi fa
Yeah um, fuck you dude, what do you mean? You don't think MEGA CHARIZARD X is stronger than Garchomp? Fuck you, unsubscribe, like if you agree.
Shadow Tucker
Shadow Tucker 4 mesi fa
Red is stronger for me
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 4 mesi fa
Here’s my list 3 lean 2 I forgot but her name in top 3 and red
Fitria Puspawati
Even wallace is terrifying with ashore theme.
Brud The Noob
Brud The Noob 4 mesi fa
Leon! XD Leon was so easy!!!! I beat him my first try... I WAS 10!
Jadeni Achim
Jadeni Achim 4 mesi fa
Aren't every champion undefeated dosent that make them you know a CHAMPION
Lilyana Marhova
Lilyana Marhova 4 mesi fa
You know red is undefeated too untill gold showed up the same as Leon
Kasper Fox
Kasper Fox 4 mesi fa
Lets be honest, Red should've had Mewtwo in Hg/SS...
Caroline Merz
Caroline Merz 4 mesi fa
Also Leon is the first gym challenger in galar
2Coop4U Part 2
2Coop4U Part 2 4 mesi fa
Cynthia climbing that mountain to face red would be one of the greatest things ive seen in video games
Metal Genesis
Metal Genesis 4 mesi fa
I love Leon but I think he should have been at least on the 3rd or 4th spot. Still though, not complaining
cemeteryhill 4 mesi fa
Cynthia #1
New Age
New Age 4 mesi fa
Beating Red on Mt Silver was the day I realised I would always love these games
Greynold Godrig
Greynold Godrig 4 mesi fa
When you mentioned Alder, I was like... "Oh, discount Jiraya!". Then you say that Alder reminds you of him. Lol. Love the chiptunes bgm!
Let's be honest red is just to strong to be on this list, so remove him from it
Jax C. ✓
Jax C. ✓ 4 mesi fa
Dude. LEON SUCKS. I beat him on my 1st try. He can't even use Aegislash well 😂. You can beat him with a Magikarp, and a CATERPIE!!!
Migmig Dude
Migmig Dude 4 mesi fa
Leon: never lost My OP Pokemon sword team: I guess everyone is weak if you are the strongest
The blue shield
The blue shield 4 mesi fa
But didnt you say top 10 stronges champions but the number 10 is the weakest 🤷‍♂️
The ABacross
The ABacross 4 mesi fa
Leon vs Cynthia????
Siddtharth Gautam
Red's team should be: 1) Mega charizard X 2) Mewto 3) Jolteon 4) Lapras 5) Snorlax 6) Machamp/ Nidoking.
jess mtz
jess mtz 4 mesi fa
i say that cynthia is the best
Carcinogen Otter
Undefeated for champions means, once they obtained the title of champion, they had never been defeated. It applies to every champion.
Cristian G.
Cristian G. 4 mesi fa
Leon should be number 10. you can one shot his whole team. if you use stealth rock it take half of his charizard health. all the trainers in galar are not that stronge. they literlly say that in the begining of the game.
Goofy Luffy
Goofy Luffy 4 mesi fa
Cynthia is the strongest she took down tobis
Lordofmemes37 4 mesi fa
Leon is SO FRICKING OP even my water type fainted
Jing0826 Prince john joestar campos
leon was defeated defeated by a karen
Brett Anderson
Brett Anderson 4 mesi fa
Personally, i think Cynthia would be #1 because of what she sends out and how she counters attacks
Adam Kidd
Adam Kidd 4 mesi fa
Cynthia would be the strongest champion in the world if she could mega her garchomp no doubt
Cookie Playz
Cookie Playz 4 mesi fa
But leon is always lost
AQ3D -Altitude-
AQ3D -Altitude- 4 mesi fa
Neither Leon or Cynthia should even be on this list. Champ status or not. Knowledgeable or not. Mega evolution or not.
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