Top 10 STRONGEST Pokemon Champions!

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Since the inception of Pokemon to Pokemon Sword and Shield there has been a Champion for each region! In this video, I go through 10 Champions and rank them from the best to the greatest! Who will rank on the top? Find out now! I hope you guys enjoy the video, be sure to subscribe for content like this! Until next time! See ya~!
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Commenti 100
Dobbs 9 mesi fa
Hope you guys enjoy the video :D Also be sure to mark your calendars and ring that bell for Show Your Moves 2020! It’ll live-streamed here on the main channel on February 29th at 6:30PM EST!
Patrickstyle 20 giorni fa
Leon should be really low on the list, he was super easy
Tý Hoang
Tý Hoang Mese fa
Change the rank of my goddess Cynthia even if is right
matthew luischan
Leon: I am undefeated HAH!! SUCKASSS The kid gave a rabbit to: uhhh sorry bitch
Godwin Mbata
Godwin Mbata 2 mesi fa
You beat Leon so Cynthia Is Better :P
Little Bendy
Little Bendy 4 mesi fa
Jordan Cambridge Cynthia is not an electric type gym leader she is a champion.
IronYT 15 ore fa
Dont forget ash in sun and moon
Steph's The Best
Imagine Red or Cynthia vs Leon...
Klicket 2 giorni fa
Red = player; player always wins
ToastyBoiLucario 4 giorni fa
Matt Lee
Matt Lee 5 giorni fa
HA GETTING lvl 81 in 2 years HA I DO IT IN 2 weeks
Matt Lee
Matt Lee 5 giorni fa
OH yeh btw red also caught pretty much everything. He caught one of each pokemon in the kanto region including the legendary Birbs
Pranav J pillai
Pranav J pillai 6 giorni fa
Actually Cynthia and red were never canonicaly defeated either because in the manga red fights gold but it never ended and for Cynthia she wasn't defeated in any media in anime it is confirmed that tobias lost to her because she was the champion in unova and in the games Roman or Rowan what ever he is says that it has been a long time while entering the hall of fame and she say if u came here when I became the Champion then it had been a long time which means she was the champion for years there is not a single statement like this in any games
Pranav J pillai
Pranav J pillai 2 giorni fa
@SpeedsterX123 um can u give me a link to the defeated title,I could have just asked this but for some reason I wasted 45 mins, and was out really said that Hilbert/Hilda went to look for n, but can't both the characters be there like we know that Brendon/may and Calem and Serena are in the same game so can't Hilda be there as well so manga may not be canon but for me I will look in the manga for what happened to Hilbert/Hilda when the other went to look for n and I know that it is a different canon thanks to u, but I want to know when was it said that Hilbert/Hilda went to look for n,I want to know 👍 and really what is up with Steven and wallace in the manga Wallace striped back in the games Steven stepped back, Wallace striped back to be with wiola and Steven stepped back to collect rocks not even mega stones 🤣 seriously why rocks 😂 and I wish the games could give us a canon explanation of the events like we know that they defeated the evil teams, but what happened later?
SpeedsterX123 2 giorni fa
@Pranav J pillai I get the game events happen in the manga, but they're not the same, there's many major events that are in the manga from the games but are totally different. The games explained what happened to Hilbert/Hilda in B2/W2, they went to go look for N after he/she beat him. Wallace is meh to me and Steven is alright I guess. Wallace proved his place I guess, I mean he's stronger than the Elite Four in the Emerald universe so he was likely the strongest after Steven. In the manga it was the other way around. Steven had gotten 2nd place and was going to be an Eite Four member, but due to Wallace not wanting to be Champion, stood down wanting to stay a Gym Leader and thus Steven got the title as Hoenn Champion since he was the second strongest. Another thing is with that being said, the same can be said for Champions like Cynthia, she's never called a Champion anywhere else outside of Masters(which is another different canon), sure, that could be because she's not in Sinnoh, but there's still nothing saying she never lost her title, again, the only protagonist who we have no proof of fighting the Champion is Hilbert/Hilda, but they'd still be the true Champion of the region because he/she beat N, who beat Alder. Heck, on the official Pokemon website, in Cynthia's Trainer Spotlight it says: "Defeated, she travels to Undella Town in Pokémon Black, Pokémon White, Pokémon Black 2, and Pokémon White 2 Versions, where a new protagonist gets the chance to battle her." I meant to mention this earlier but was in a hurry. Iris in the manga proved she was stronger than N and Alder, but in the games, she surpassed the Gym Leaders and Elite Four to become the Champion, Alder actually stood down as Champion before she became the new Champion. I wish the manga was canon to the games and that we could use them to figure out what really happened, but they're not.
Pranav J pillai
Pranav J pillai 3 giorni fa
@SpeedsterX123 ya what u r saying makes sense but with out it we can't explain everything so for some things like why was Wallace out of everyone the Champion and where in the world was Hilbert and one more thing is that actually we can't say anything about the protagonist (except red) because they were never shown again in any ways so we can't say if Cynthia and red were beaten or not and we can't confirm anything because red and Cynthia are super strong and we don't know about gold and diamond (I know thier game banned are Ethan and Lucas but I like there manga name) so hope they ever give us some Canon explanations of the characters after they took down the evil team, and u are not the only one who is annoyed by people who get mad for not having anything else to say
Pranav J pillai
Pranav J pillai 3 giorni fa
@SpeedsterX123 I know that manga is different but what I said was that for better explanation we need to look in to the manga because the games don't explain everything like what happened to Hilbert which was explained in the manga and can we agree on the fact that Wallace and Steven are the stupidest Champions ever, and back to the topic I will send after reading
Pranav J pillai
Pranav J pillai 3 giorni fa
@SpeedsterX123 how did u type your much
Pranav J pillai
Pranav J pillai 6 giorni fa
And I thought Tobias was a hacker
Pranav J pillai
Pranav J pillai 6 giorni fa
3:21 go read the manga
Ultán feargháil
Ultán feargháil 8 giorni fa
Let's be real though once the diamond and pearl remakes happen Cynthia will be by far a monster
Extremelightning 10 giorni fa
We all know every Pokémon champion aren't champions anymore
lolmanboss 11 giorni fa
Well Leon has beaten Lance in the Anime... And Lance was the strongest champ in the anime, because after lance was beaten he said himsel Leon has officially claimed the title of world champion.
Kaushik Shinde
Kaushik Shinde 12 giorni fa
Leon is not that powerful. He is just labelled as an undefeated trainer because he has a f***ing Charizard. Charizard suckkkssssss
Fitria Puspawati
Fitria Puspawati 14 giorni fa
I do think that cynthia fans are so exaggerating, Leon is canonically undefeated and his team are one of the best. In anime Leon is always adapting so I think he deserved to be the number one.
8 Ball
8 Ball 15 giorni fa
Imagine thinking that blue beating the lance at ten is different from iris becoming the champion. The only difference is she’s a black female. Know it scares you but it’s literally the same situation.
Travis Flor
Travis Flor 15 giorni fa
6:16 OR you could say she was the best... But not the very best
Rival gamer
Rival gamer 17 giorni fa
In my pov we are the best champions! Cause we defeated evey single one of them, lol!
mega Darkrai
mega Darkrai 20 giorni fa
Red was proven undefeated un til the protagonist Gold came
mega Darkrai
mega Darkrai 20 giorni fa
Wait the strongest champion is the protagonist
Patrickstyle 20 giorni fa
Leon was easy as heck and his ace is a freaking Charizard. Sword and Shield was easy so being undefeated isn't really saying much...
Luke Arbulu
Luke Arbulu 23 giorni fa
You dare defy Lance the Dragon master
Ryu- Night
Ryu- Night 23 giorni fa
I personally don't agree with your reasoning for blue being so low as pretty sure if he went up against anyone but the player he would have stayed champion. He just had bad luck. But great video and I enjoyed the watch Dobbs. Especially enjoyed the intro XD.
Zackarie Schwartz
Zackarie Schwartz 23 giorni fa
So what about n he should be here
A. Nonnymouse
A. Nonnymouse 23 giorni fa
Look at all the salty Cynthia fanboys in the comments. ❗WARNING: DEBUNK OF CYNTHIA FANBOYS BELOW. YOUR BUTT MAY BE SEVERLY HURT. ❗ Spoiler alert: Cynthia is not the #1 ranked trainer in the anime. Meaning she either lost to Leon, Lance, someone who lost to Leon or someone who lost to Lance. Even in the video games Leon is stronger. His Charizard reaches Lv. 80 in the Galarian Star Tournament while Cynthia's Garchomp is only Lv. 78 in the Platinum rematch.
Matthew Aulbach
Matthew Aulbach 24 giorni fa
Wallace was actually scary for me because I went and caught rayquaza on the sky pillar and at least 3 of his pokemon know ice beam.
Benjamin Surrette
Benjamin Surrette 25 giorni fa
iris is like the actual embodiment of the “protagonist” in the series, like yes we get red and stuff but the time line of being a gym leader at 10 and champion by 12 is literally the game play storyline LMAO love her
Cool Gamer the gun maker
Diantha took out my team but for Charizard which us my best Pokemon since it can mega evolve and I just wiped her team with charizard
Marjorie Johnston
Marjorie Johnston 26 giorni fa
Blue is not a real Champion and Lance will always be better than him
Kevin pissoff
Kevin pissoff 28 giorni fa
If lance wanted two, he could be a flying and a dragon gym leader...
Promit Maitra
Promit Maitra 28 giorni fa
Cynthia should be No1 but Leon is..... I mean 1v1 with Cynthia Dynamaxing her Garchomp....Leon is dead meat tho😅
top gaming
top gaming Mese fa
I love the pixal Leon
Kacchan Mese fa
where is kukui or hop
Jonathan Hart
Gold beat Red. Gold should be on the list for defeating the most powerful trainer in Kanto.
Jonathan Hart
@Luis Aponte Who cares? Gold still beat red. And this means technically Gold is a champion.
Luis Aponte
Luis Aponte Mese fa
Gold isn’t a champion that you face in any games.
Meijin Utopia
Who the fuck is Leon?
Davis Dapiton
c'mon we all know it's youngster joey is the best champion
Namrata Danggen
Diantha and steven are the stongest champions ever
Daniel Endless
That Leon shit better be a dumb joke
Dobbs:Strongest pokemon is mewtwo! Mega rayquzaza: AM I A JOKE TO YOU EVEN THE UBER TIERS CANT KEEP ME
Avery Griswold
Hmmm Leon is like the easiest champion to beat ever
RyZeツ WasTaken astra
The best champion is 10 year olds
Avatar Doom
Avatar Doom Mese fa
Is Red really considered a champion still? He kinda just let Lance have it after he beat Blue. My theory is after beating blue he declined the champion title so he could continue traveling and he just happened to be on mt silver as you were exploring it. He battles you because only very powerful trainers are allowed there and you were the first to make it after him.
Sario Mese fa
I hope that one day gamefreak will make a pokemon game that is actually hard. It's pretty annoying that Cynthia is still the strongest trainer
Terry6024GXD Mese fa
How to tell if the video is shit leon isn't number 10
Specamob 95tm
Lance is the strongest because he has a full restore
Matt Brabo
Matt Brabo Mese fa
Dude! Iris vs red theme battle!
James McClure
And then came Mustard, who was champion for 18 YEARS! Which was longer than any other champion before him!
Fumikage Tokoyami
Bro I beat Leon so easily
Um Jovem Descolado
where is the champion of Alola? kkk
Lako Hoodsman
Hey I think you should make a episode on all the bad things that Ash did like for one when he burnt down the grass gym and the very first Pokemon season to help team rocket in order for him to get a badge a lot of people seem to forget about that
Charles Burrows
I think Red is still stronger than Leon, not just for his prestige or nostalgia or whatever but the only person to beat him is Gold/Ethan, yeah there are other games you can fight him but with those you can either fight Blue and in the Pokemon World Tournament there's no reason to assume whether or not you'll beat him in lore. The main reason I see a difference is actually with the legendaries, Leon loses to Eternatus when we see him fighting it and you have to go in and fight it, when Red comes across Mewtwo he just catches it like wtf.
I ohko’ed all of Cynthias Pokémon losers
marion hernandez
Me: I bet number 1 is leon Watches: vidoe Dobbs: and number 1 is leon Me: I KNEW IT!
marion hernandez
Video I meant
Jeffrey Gao
Jeffrey Gao Mese fa
Lance would be so much tougher as a Champion if he had a Skarmory rather than a third Dragonite.
GuacSloth801 2 mesi fa
I don't like the fact Leon is top. I understand based on your reasoning, but you ranked Diantha down because you get exp share really early, and you have the option to turn it off. In Sw/Sh you start with it, and you can't turn it off. By that standard, Leon is also really easy becasue its easy to overlevle
Henry Oswald
Henry Oswald 2 mesi fa
Idk man, I defeated Leon first try with no healing items.
The idiotic Creator
He should have bean 1
The idiotic Creator
Red is strong
Nateshot12 new
Nateshot12 new 2 mesi fa
No number 1 is the sun protagonist because you defend your title.making you well the best better then all the champion cpu so ye me ir you reading this if you are littoral best because well human smart champions are better than cpu champion smarts and pokemon is a easy game so its to lose your title and you even get your own theme so wowo
Ketto 2 mesi fa
Red as He the only one to have an Legendary and outside of Iris on Challedge mode and cynita he the strongest
Weasley Audric Bellamy Zaltones Wajid
ash is not a champion well even he won the alola league i think yous should make a video about ash vs red that will be interesting
jake Melendez
jake Melendez 2 mesi fa
Cynthia bit to easy you can just sweep her whole team with fossil flying Pokemon xD
mapvectorEX 2 mesi fa
More points to leon he was trained by the 1st champion who stepped down as the champ to explore the world and get stronger meaning if he beat him and then improved leon is 100% strongest storyline wise
Stink Bomb
Stink Bomb 2 mesi fa
i didn't know this was a video idea because there are 8 champions not 10
Cloud Villager
Cloud Villager 2 mesi fa
Not canonical the player when they have two legendaries before challenging
Matt Gonzo
Matt Gonzo 2 mesi fa
I hear Iris with a level 70 Cobalion spamming sacred sword
Leander o
Leander o 2 mesi fa
Where is Champion from Sun and moon when you counting the champ from black and white 1
Rayan Rizwan
Rayan Rizwan 2 mesi fa
4:34 Bruh Freeze-Dry was introduced in Gen 6
Bhaby Rosario
Bhaby Rosario 2 mesi fa
My caterpie just destroyed a charizard
The Flaming Dragon
Why is Tobias not in this list ??
Talmarok Games and Fans
Dobbs remember Lance battled blue at his elite four level not at champion
Lord Furret’s,Zinnia’s and Rayquaza’s Pokémon
Um.... Zinnia? Ik she’s not legit a champ but she is HARD
Lord Furret’s,Zinnia’s and Rayquaza’s Pokémon
I wouldn’t use Rayquaza.... no I’ve not played the ORAS games. They were after my time
Thomas De Clercq
Leon can be strong, but red and Cynthia are harder to beat
Blacksun 2 mesi fa
Wtf leon up there ????
jyoti4pras 2 mesi fa
Gotta wonder how many thumbnails are gonna be changed
Thunder z
Thunder z 2 mesi fa
Wallace was easy honestly I destroyed her like what 3 or 4 grass types? It was a easy clap lmao just use flying or fire types literally Btw her team is different from the original emerald because I was using a randomized ROM for emerald which meant that everything was random including the starters and the trainer's Pokémon
Yangchen Yolmo
Yangchen Yolmo 2 mesi fa
If you think about it strong female champions like Cynthia and Iris can also be encouraging women empowerment.
Flynn tw
Flynn tw 2 mesi fa
It is either red or cynthia
Flynn tw
Flynn tw 2 mesi fa
I would disagree. Leon is horribly easy i beat him first time first try
Gaming Channel
Gaming Channel 2 mesi fa
How can pokemon make red the strongest champion make him travel to every region he will catch them all
void dweller
void dweller 2 mesi fa
Cynthia serious shit i spent hours on her. Poketips hey let's go beat up leon with a magikarp. plot armor doesn't count towards anything I would rather get mega kicked in the face 1,000 times than hearing that idiotic champion leon say "champion time" or flaunt his championship
Shitora Kun
Shitora Kun 2 mesi fa
12:25 send me the link of this music
Woyka Z
Woyka Z 2 mesi fa
Bro lion is a fricking noob
Couldnotic 2 mesi fa
Red will always been my favorite champion. I seriously believe that Red would beat Champion Cynthia. Because if they did do a battle between those 2 you know they'll just have Red win anyways because he's the Original Champion. Another thing too is someone brought up a good point about Red winning against Cynthia is the fact that Red pokemon are like from lvls 72 to almost lvl 90. Cynthia Garchomp would get pummeled by either Lapras or Blastoise because 1 im pretty sure Lapras can use Ice Beam and 2 Blastoise i think also has a Ice Move possibly either blizzard or Ice punch and there's a possibility that Garchomp can get frozen in its tracks by those 2.
Luke Hugar
Luke Hugar 2 mesi fa
No offense but Leon being undefeated doesn't mean he's strong it just shows that everyone else sucks
Da grumpy cat
Da grumpy cat 2 mesi fa
Steven's parents be like: STOP PLAYING WITH THOSE ROCKS
Vimala Mellam
Vimala Mellam 2 mesi fa
red lost aganist cynthia
Harwey Woofer
Harwey Woofer 2 mesi fa
Dobbs: no one has beaten leon Me: my brother did... ...Or did he?
yolo bythelastone
"Leon is the strongest champion" Everyone one shotting his gigantimax charizard: Did you hear something?
Timbofurr Aboyabo
This list: exists Alola fans: *cries in Kukui*
Mr.Gekko_ YT
Mr.Gekko_ YT 2 mesi fa
Damn plot armour
Meme Amation
Meme Amation 2 mesi fa
Tbh I think red is hardest it took me at least 23 tries to defeat red 2 for Cynthia and 1 for Leon
Meryl Arranz
Meryl Arranz 2 mesi fa
dobbs: diantha is the first chanpion to have nega evolution Red: ... (hold my master ball)
Vesna Kuzmanović
3:11 undertale nostalgia
Memphis P
Memphis P 3 mesi fa
I'm taking Cynthia over Leon... Leon is only undefeated cuz he hasn't met a strong enough trainer
Raimizan razak
@Fiery blare Gaming wasnt talking to you
Fiery blare Gaming
@Raimizan razak I mean I prefer red
Raimizan razak
he's undefeated because everyone in Galar is bad except you because you are an anime protag
Fiery blare Gaming
Blazing Chad
Blazing Chad 3 mesi fa
if only sword and shield boosts up their levels when you rematch them
rockmacher 3 mesi fa
0:08 why do I hear boss music?
Lordan 3 mesi fa
But wasn't lance also defeated by red?
SK- Eferthigra
SK- Eferthigra 3 mesi fa
leon and lance are by far the weakest champions of all time the top three should have been red steven and cynthia not red leon and cynthia and constantly calling lance good at all is stupid saying you would have put him higher whern he is already way too high is dumb when his main team in soul silver and hart gold all are weak to rock half for times so and the fact that yes he has three sudo legendarys but there all the same one its the worst thing you can possibly do when designing a team and anyone actualy good at the game can sweep him with a good rock type he is not good and while leon is undefeated cannonically i hve not seen anyone lose to him no matter what there team is if someone did lose to him then they are just terrible at the game that is it
Lordan 3 mesi fa
Isn't gold a champion?
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