Top 10 STRONGEST Pokemon Champions!

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Since the inception of Pokemon to Pokemon Sword and Shield there has been a Champion for each region! In this video, I go through 10 Champions and rank them from the best to the greatest! Who will rank on the top? Find out now! I hope you guys enjoy the video, be sure to subscribe for content like this! Until next time! See ya~!
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Commenti 80
Dobbs 3 mesi fa
Hope you guys enjoy the video :D Also be sure to mark your calendars and ring that bell for Show Your Moves 2020! It’ll live-streamed here on the main channel on February 29th at 6:30 PM EST!
Jamie Davis
Jamie Davis 4 giorni fa
Me fights Wallace with lvl 70 blaziken Gyarados:I'm about to end this chickens whole career
Aaron Slaats
Aaron Slaats Mese fa
Can't help but think that Lance should be higher, simply because he is the only Champion of 2 whole regions... This fact was never brought up, also makes him lose to at least 4 trainers
Cyndaflare quill
What about kukui
Emmanuel Baez Carventines
Tobias is the strongest champion of al time, soo strong that he defeated Cynthia with only one Pokemon, and Ash with two, Darkrai and Latios, we didn’t even get to see the rest of his hand... Wasn’t even necessary! 😑
Timmy Menard
Timmy Menard 2 mesi fa
Wallace is harder than Steven because Wallace has Pokemon that are strong against most of the fully evolved Hoenn starters. While it's true that Wallace has three Pokemon weak to Freeze Dry, he has many tricks with type coverage that can counter Grass and Electric-type Pokemon. Water-type is more unpredictable and it is the most common type in average. Beyond closed doors, Wallace is a better Pokemon champion than Steven. The reason why you should have made him higher than Steven is because many of Wallace's Pokemon are super-effective against Steven's team. The only reason why you made him a poor man's Steven is because you focused on just the Pokemon alone. You should have focused on the movesets his Pokemon have. Wallace also has a well-balanced team despite being only Water. To be fair, you were being a bit stereotypical with Wallace. Steven retired and wanted to collect stones, and Wallace worked his way up to be the Hoenn champion. Juan was a harder Gym Leader because he has a Kingdra which was only weak to Dragon until Generation VI. You'll have to do more research on the Champions, and it would make sense to redo this video sometime in the future. I agree with all but Steven and Wallace.
Kr!t!cal K!tsuné
leon was the worst champion in my opinion, he just wouldn't shut up about being champion.
Jamie Davis
Jamie Davis 4 giorni fa
PokéBrady 17
PokéBrady 17 4 giorni fa
I beat Steven when I was 11 with only one Pokémon. I two shot all his Pokémon with a rain boosted kyogre
cholonight96 4 giorni fa
What you mean best girl isnt stronkest champion? Still get ptsd when her theme comes on.
EspeonPsyc 4 giorni fa
Leon isn't good. The other trainers are just bad. Cynthia is the best and the community agrees.
Dog Leven
Dog Leven 4 giorni fa
Leon was easy.
Dog Leven
Dog Leven 4 giorni fa
I always forget the name of the number 8, wait, what is her name again?
Dog Leven
Dog Leven 5 giorni fa
I am a youtuber
Edmar Ronquillo
Edmar Ronquillo 5 giorni fa
When you were just trying to explore Meteor Falls and ended up fighting Steven like "Dude! Wtf! I was just trying to make conversation, I won't tell anyone about this" I wasn't ready for that
Fake Madrid
Fake Madrid 5 giorni fa
The strongest champion is Red. The strongest champion in the anime is Cynthia. And Lance losing to Leon was as bs as Ash losing to Alain
FlamingHP 5 giorni fa
Tbh, Leon and Cynthia's Garchomp are jokes. Leon was super easy and I OHKO Cynthia's Garchomp on my first Platinum playthrough. Probably since I had an overleveled Garchomp.
ezra ezra
ezra ezra 5 giorni fa
Leon just need to open the wrong door to be beaten
DuckBoy 6 giorni fa
Cynthia and Red should be the strongest. Red has the most powerful Pokemon and Cynthia has the most difficult type advantages to deal with. Leon is top 3 for sure, but I’d say Cynthia is 1, Red is 2, and Leon is 3
Erica Sawyer
Erica Sawyer 9 giorni fa
This list was mentally and emotionally exhausting lol 😆 Especially when we got down to the final 3 😄😳😓
Thaan Purples
Thaan Purples 10 giorni fa
i literally one shot all iris s team lol😂
BlindGirl UK
BlindGirl UK 10 giorni fa
Cynthia is my favourite champion ever. She's hot, she's the champion of my first ever Pokémon game (platinum), she's involved throughout the whole story, and she's super strong.
BlindGirl UK
BlindGirl UK 10 giorni fa
I can't be the only one that found Leon the easiest "champion" yet (aside from diantha)?
Damien Alberti
Damien Alberti 10 giorni fa
Blue is number 3
Mark likes games 2
Mark likes games 2 12 giorni fa
I remember there was this book in opals gym with leon and sonia losses
TaesLilClown 13 giorni fa
let’s be honest, did you really have a proper gen IV experience if Cynthia didn’t obliterate at least half your team with Garchomp/Lucario/Spiritomb
Gaming Nyan
Gaming Nyan 13 giorni fa
One word fishis rend that’s why I have a dracofish
Game avenue
Game avenue 15 giorni fa
Dude! your end screen is much better than your video background! you should use it as your real background!
Blue Ice
Blue Ice 16 giorni fa
What about professor cocui (excuse my spelling)
Husked Dragon
Husked Dragon 17 giorni fa
Leon was ez for me, maybe because I had a like 90 cinderace because I did way too many raids and drugged my cinderace with exp candy.
BRMP Gaming
BRMP Gaming 17 giorni fa
What if red can use Z moves, mega evo, and gigantamax?
Kobie the Compy
Kobie the Compy 18 giorni fa
In my opinion Red is the strongest champion because that lv. 88 pikachu with a light ball can and will f**k you up especially if you don’t know it’s coming.
SquidWard is Happy
SquidWard is Happy 18 giorni fa
Is it just me or boi dobbs sound almost like "rick'' from rick n morty
Penguin 101
Penguin 101 20 giorni fa
This list is extremely flawed, there is no established rule of how you rank these characters, canonically? Competitively? Honestly this list is very unreliable. Also, Leon being undefeated is such a garbage reason to be number one, for all we know, cynthia or steven could have been undefeated
Vito's Vids
Vito's Vids 21 giorno fa
Didnt include Kukui or the fact we "THE PLAYERS" actually get to become the champion. And we "THE PLAYERS" are undefeated through our reign of terror. That is canon. Also we "THE PLAYERS IN ALOLA" have legendaries, a ULTRA NECROZMA which is second only to Mega Rayquaza in stats and scale.
Vito's Vids
Vito's Vids 21 giorno fa
I will say two things. 1st Cynthia is what actually drove me to train a Garchomp in platinum i didnt know Gabite evolved and i love it, she has a Lucario which taught me it could be used to fight head to head with other pokemon and finally she taught me Rosalía isnt useless. She is above the norm when it comes to champions. And let me say if León doesnt canonically have a pseudo legendary or a legendary he will never surpass Cynthia to me. 2nd.Also León aint a champ. He was adopted by the championship chairman which is total Nepotism. Also we defeat his brother more times through the Whole thing, so that could only Dictate León as a trainer sucks as much as his brother.
Vito's Vids
Vito's Vids 21 giorno fa
I will say Cynthia would be Number 1 if it wasnt for the fact that Mega Garchomp is pretty crappy, but thats not her fault her design still dictates difficulty in grace. Also If she had a Mega Lucario we would shit bricks. Also León doesnt count because we dont actually fight him.
D 22 giorni fa
Leon can be beaten with a maxed dynamax magikarp :v
Arcadio Medina
Arcadio Medina 23 giorni fa
Did everyone forget that Red has a freaking Mewtwo and three legendary bird Pokemon ?! If he wanted to he could be the first to defeat Leon easily!
ROBUX MAN 23 giorni fa
This makes no-sense how was blue a champion?Then he became a gym leader?But in the Unova world tournament he is in the champions league and not in the gym leaders.
BLAZE 23 giorni fa
I don't like to say it but I think we all know that if red used mewtwo and his mega charizard he would be able to beat all champions in this list
Charles Bellen
Charles Bellen 25 giorni fa
Number 1: The player
Andre Webb
Andre Webb 26 giorni fa
Bro...Leon can’t even be in my top 3. We didn’t even get the stats for his team compared to the other champs actual teams. Lol. I feel like Steven could replace Leon. That R/S champion fight when I was younger was no joke
TheFake Boi
TheFake Boi 26 giorni fa
I agree with Cynthia being number 2 because she had a Rayquaza in the anime
Boa Hancock
Boa Hancock 28 giorni fa
Leon? seriously? it would be Cynthia 🙄
Dennis Gschwind
Cynthia is the best champ ever
Nova The Zoroark
Irina Dernova
I beat Cynthia in a sweep with one Pokémon fainting in the entire leage
"Iris trained a team of dragons in 2 years: Starts having flashbacks of training a dratini into dragonite off of lv 30 pokemon in a matter of hours.
Diamond Lord
Diamond Lord Mese fa
The ultimate champion is the player you go from noob to champion in 2-3 days and you catch legendary pokemon
Trooper 016
Trooper 016 Mese fa
Funny I crushed Leon my first try
Iron Mese fa
I get how Leon is number 1 he almost beat my and I had like 20 revives and 50 full restores and my team was decent
Iron Mese fa
“Oh shit”
Angry amilcar games
Fun fact poketips was able to beat leon with a magikarp and a team of level 1s
Thunder Bro
Thunder Bro Mese fa
Inaccurate this whole video is meaningless since we all know the best champion is the player character of sun,moon ultra sun and ultra moon ;)
Nadzirul Hee
Nadzirul Hee Mese fa
Dobbs talking about Cynthia Me see Leon sprite Me:Leon?! #1 leon
Carl Andrei Manalang
Youngster Joey was supposed to be #1
Dwightful Giovanni
I think Red and Cynthia embody both the brute strength and tactical brilliance of Pokemon battling, Leon on the other hand is the embodiment of being celebrity
touma kamijou
where is ash he is the Alola champion
Aidan Yao
Aidan Yao Mese fa
Red should be technically number 1
Let’s be real. We don’t care about the facts. Red will always be the #1 strongest trainer in the world in our hearts.
Kunz Florian
Kunz Florian Mese fa
Leon is a Joke and not a Champion
5g LuckVoltia
Dobbs: shhhh sun and moon never happened
Dark Spyro the dragon
Cynthia: has a rayquaza and basically the strongest pseudo of all time on her team Dobbs: meh not the strongest.
King fox
King fox Mese fa
the strongest champion is pokemon sun and moon because we are the champions all of us
Forest Mese fa
Cynthia: oh bullshit! I am the strongest! Lepn: Mate this even my final form. Cynthia: final form? Leon: * changes into his battle tower master uniform * my lady. Cynthia: oh * blusning * Joking aside battle tower leon is definitely one if the strongest character ever.
Who else remembers trace?
Jayden C
Jayden C Mese fa
honestly? I get x and y were easy but if were ranking the champions as STRONGEST and not by ho strong the player is? then maybe diantha could make number 6
Streeper k
Streeper k Mese fa
Jayden C
Jayden C Mese fa
just gonna say it...Red is probably the strongest champion
Logan Chretien
What about Kukui
people's republic of india
Even so leon,Cynthia and red is considered as a strongest champion in this list. Nobody can beat professor oak.
Funtime Ballora
If Pokemon X/Y is so "easy".how come I had to struggle through it without losing my sanity? Olympia nearly made me rage quit.....trying to defeat Diantha the first time had me in tears(I HATE her Gardevoir!)....Viola nearly made me lose my mind....Pokemon X/Y is NOWHERE easy to beat! I defeated other champions such as Gary/Blue,Lance and even Hau with no trouble at all....so why were the gym leaders and Diantha so maddening to defeat? Do I have a defective copy of X?
VeilanYume Mese fa
What was your team, exactly? I'm not going to say everyone in X was easy, because that's not true. Wikstrom and Siebold slaughtered me more times than I care to count. And as for Gym Leaders, the only ones I remember being difficult were Korrina, Valerie, and Olympia. Everyone else who wasn't one of the five I just mentioned was fairly easy though, Diantha and Viola included. It's entirely possible you had a team that was weak to what they had to offer.
Wow that ending it ruined it lol
Vishnu Vardhaan
For me steven is best
Kyle Mannix Aguilar
Alder being defeated by n is just plot n was literally chosen by a legendary
Hamster QXG
Hamster QXG Mese fa
Man Lance should be number 1
Vito's Vids
Vito's Vids Mese fa
Of course Cynthia is the hardest. None of the shampion are theme on the same mons, her mons are 5 New gen and only 1 gen 3 Milotic. All are beast and with varying defenses.
Lance's hg/ss rematch team gave me alot of trouble. Definitely my top 3 hardest Champion battles
I think that the strongest champion is yourself in the Pokemon champion because you honestly could defeat every all trainers in the game and probably completed your pokedex and so on......
Sneasel Mese fa
So, Cynthia.
Koka Cola
Koka Cola Mese fa
Leon is the strongest champion Pokètips:Hold my Potion
Brd bloody red dragon
For me Red is always the best And If red had mewtwo in his team and mega charizard X( from pokemon origins) He will be know as the best pokemon trainer of all times
Haakon Davis
Haakon Davis Mese fa
Speed runners beat her in a couple of hours
HiperSkul HS
HiperSkul HS Mese fa
Leon is absolutely weak. Cynthia would defeat him without any troubles.
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