Top 10 Worst Movie CGI Mistakes

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So many effects artists managed to miss this?! For this list, we’ll be going over mistakes related to computer generated imagery in films. Our countdown includes movies like “Fantastic Four” (2015), “Toy Story” (1995), “Cats” (2019) and more! Which CGI movie mistake do YOU think is the worst? Let us know in the comments!
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WatchMojo.com 3 mesi fa
Which CGI mistake do you find the worst? For more great content on movie effects, check out our playlist!: itvid.net/video/video-hKygyvdEmUQ.html
Tony Robles
Tony Robles 3 mesi fa
In Finding Nemo, watch the blades on the pump as Nemo puts the rock in it.
I'm Human
I'm Human 3 mesi fa
Lion king....just no
Eric Young
Eric Young 3 mesi fa
Godzilla (1998)
Francesca Gonzalez Ramos
Cats looks worse than Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Scott Pilgrim vs the World and Batman Begins were even more better than Cats.
Hejsan På dejsan
Sam W
Sam W 3 giorni fa
More like 1. THE WHOLE MOVIE (Cats 2019)
Taylorbay maori
Hahahaha that tank head making a smaller explosion than a grenade
KingK21 !!!
KingK21 !!! Mese fa
The Hobbit running stairs is not a cgi misstep? Wtf? What they were trying to do they did but you have an issue with the inability to actually do what he did. This is why Watch Wojo sucks and people hate them. They bullshit their way through most 'top 10' lists that they post.
Scott S
Scott S Mese fa
I think the LOTR and Hobbit stuff weren't mistakes, just shit film making.
Bryce Carroll
The cats should have been given cat paws and cat-like facial features.
Sandrine Lacasse
The CGI “error” with Leggy isn’t an error. In the LOTR, he walks on the snow (he is extremely light), he surf on a shield meanwhile he was shooting arrows, he also climbed a Mumakil and slides on his tromp and he was in balance on the heads of dwarfs who were in the water at the same time to shoot arrows.
Stefan Fortig
Terminator: Dark Fate - not aging John Connor up by 3 years, instead making him look exactly like in T2
Stacy Teal
Stacy Teal 2 mesi fa
Matrix is about a computer generated world, things can disappear and reappear in an instant, and The Hobbit elves are nibble, swift, and magical. And you can't see the features on the elves faces. Lazy idiots seriously, non of you have imaginations.
bluewaterpig 2 mesi fa
1) The Na’vi in Avatar were tall and lanky but the size of their heads was comparable to humans 2) Legolas was an ELF in a fantasy world... 3) Dr. Manhattan’s reflection was close enough and barely perceivable outside of a deep frame by frame analysis 4) Still don’t see the hole change size at any point... 5) The piece of fruit doesn’t disappear before she takes a bite. This one's just plain wrong.
Thud Thud
Thud Thud 2 mesi fa
Note: as unfortunately bad as "The Hobbit" trilogy turned out to be, Legolas' ability to run up a falling pile of bridge pieces isn't a mistake but part of the Elf magic. Remember the scene in "The Fellowship of the Ring" when the Fellowship is trying to get through a snowy mountain pass and they are up to their waists and chests deep in snow while Legolas easily walked on top of the snow.
Catharina van Staden
You really have nothing better to do than make a video about this,i've looked the other way too long now your channel is starting to bore and annoy me so time to unsubscribe...peace
Deensani Akmal123
The cays was very terifying
Sam W
Sam W 2 mesi fa
1. The whole movie (CATS)
Phoenix 1106
Phoenix 1106 3 mesi fa
Yooo.. that's crazy bro, but I don't remember asking
George O'Neal
George O'Neal 3 mesi fa
The Legolas scene accounts for physics just fine, though obviously it failed to account for the ignorance of the viewing audience!
The EdgeCrusher
The EdgeCrusher 3 mesi fa
Some of these seem to be nitpicking at the most, like the Watchmen and Toy Story. I will have to agree that Cats was pretty bad.
Chris Hickory
Chris Hickory 3 mesi fa
britannic from 2000, bad cgi
Benjamin Obeng
Benjamin Obeng 3 mesi fa
How is "Legolas running up the falling bridge" not intentional? WatchMojo can't follow their own guidelines it seems
its_ Thansil
its_ Thansil 3 mesi fa
How did you guyz find those... I almost see those movies amany times... Never found any.... Great work
sjoerd kalischnig
deadpool 2 domino fall is bad enough
Markos Kossyvakis
You forgot Avengers endgame
Nathan Applegate
Legolas defying physics was not a mistake. Elves actually are magic to that degree. You seem to conveniently forget how he walked on top of fresh, soft snow in fellowship.
litzzon1 3 mesi fa
I'm pretty sure, in one scene in Episode II of Star Wars, you see Yoda sitting in the Jedi Council, leaning on his stick, but there is the stick missing. I think a "bigger mistake" than this litte bite thing!
haanoon 3 mesi fa
A very bad list, some of these are just contiuity errors not CGI mistakes, like the matrix bodies disappearing, and legolas climbing the falling rocks is just a silly exaggeration of his abilities, it has nothing to do with CGI.
Bradley Ditch
Bradley Ditch 3 mesi fa
The Agen Smiths are built into the program itself, so they disappear as they are created. They corrupt physics.
ShockCo Truth
ShockCo Truth 3 mesi fa
Jurassic park, a raptor disappears in the trex jaws for one frame lol
my name is Hasbo 123
3:33 seriously you are comparing Superman to Doctor Manhattan
neil pickren
neil pickren 3 mesi fa
The overdone (and really bad in some scenes) CGI in Black Panther should've gotten a spot.
Michael Shane
Michael Shane 3 mesi fa
Rebecca would look good if it wasn't for her fat nose.
gowzahr 3 mesi fa
Running up the collapsing bridge is possible, provided that the blocks he launches off of begin falling faster than the other blocks.
Joel Philip
Joel Philip 3 mesi fa
Watchmen was awesome
Leloya Acker Law
The elves are known to weigh the same as a feather, so Legolas jumping from the falling debris wouldn't be weird in Tolkien's world. Just like in Lord Of The Rings, when the fellowship were walking through the snow, Legolas was walking on top of the snow, not even leaving his footprints behind.
Raybies Flynn
Raybies Flynn 3 mesi fa
The Kingsman: Golden Circle. Pretty much the whole movie, but especially the beginning car chase scene.
MaekarManastorm 3 mesi fa
The biggest fail is her fake spray on tan... lol
Unruly God
Unruly God 3 mesi fa
A human cat movie?!?! LOOOOOOOL
Ethan Henz
Ethan Henz 3 mesi fa
Everything in sharkboy and lavagirl were awful.
Dennis Fischer
Dennis Fischer 3 mesi fa
A great list as usual, BUT you left out one of the biggest mistakes in recent cinema history: I'm talking about STAR WARS EPISODE XIII - THE LAST JEDI. There is a specific scene, when Rey and Kylo Ren fight against Supreme Leader Snoke's Guards, where Rey fights one of the Guards wielding TWO "Knives". In one specific shot, Rey uses to parry one of the Knives and could have been easily stabbed from the other knife, but it suddenly disappeared even if it has been seen clearly just a few frames earlier. What do you think ? Greetings from Germany 😁
Ishan Malhotra
Ishan Malhotra 3 mesi fa
The bodies are missing in matrix cz they are just programs and not actual humans
Snoer 3 mesi fa
bad cgi and cgi mistakes are two very different things smh!
FLY EAGLES FLY 3 mesi fa
You said you wouldnt include intetntional additions...the scene from the lord of the rings was obviously intentional.
MarvelFan2004 3 mesi fa
Ok, let's be real: The biggest movie CGI mistake of Cats is that it exists!
bigraviolees 3 mesi fa
The worst cgi mistake is not blurring motion. Marvel crap looks like a cartoon. Stop animation improved in star wars empire with blur now add more to cgi
SealTeam Ryx
SealTeam Ryx 3 mesi fa
Another thing how could the light cover the hole in toy story but also fot through it
ito_nobue 3 mesi fa
i don't agree on the Avatar one
cole fitz
cole fitz 3 mesi fa
If people didn’t point these out I probably wouldn’t have noticed most of them
Malcham7 3 mesi fa
Johnny Cage fighting Goro in Mortal Kombat.
Joseph Mueller
Joseph Mueller 3 mesi fa
The piece of fruit didn’t disappear, it’s the angle that it was placed.
Rich Adams
Rich Adams 3 mesi fa
CGI has ruined American movies. Sometimes it's so bad, I laugh out loud. Most movies that rely on CGI to save money are little more than glorified cartoons. It has its uses for backgrounds and the like but I prefer actual stunts, car chases, etc, like they used to do before we "advanced" to the 21st century.
I like the faceless commentary better. Not like you aren't pretty or anything, but I don't like the new format. It bothers me for some unexplainable reason.
Anthony La Giglia
Not sure if you did this one already but watching this made me think of an idea for a new video! Top 10 worst moments in live action film where re-dubbed lines didn’t line up with actors mouths for the film’s original release. The Holmes and Watson movie comes to mind with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. I believe there were a couple instances in the film where you can see that the actors re-recorded lines differently in post production that the sound engineers had to dub over their on-screen performances and they just couldn’t make it line up with the way their mouths were moving.
Raj Charmer
Raj Charmer 3 mesi fa
I wont accept with you about Avatar..
go2hell746 3 mesi fa
dude screw cats.
Mr. 'Phet
Mr. 'Phet 3 mesi fa
Can we talk about JHud's CGI snot in Cats? Not a mistake, but a bizarre choice 😫
Emerion-Gaming 3 mesi fa
About Legolas it is quite logical. As in the lord of the rings movies he walks over snow. As eoves are light feeted. So he jumping on falling stones to move upward is quite logical according to the lore.
osricen 3 mesi fa
Déjà Vu all over with this video.
Jacob AndyLau
Jacob AndyLau 3 mesi fa
Man there’s always things the watchmojo top 10 things that doesn’t belong on top 10 list, I think they made a top 10 people that that aren’t famous anymore, and they had tom cruise as one of top.. check out like quora website and it says Tom is the biggest movie stars of all time, howcan he not b famous? People would know about Tom cruise long after we’ve died, til the end of time
Anakin SkyWalker
Legolas doesn’t defy the laws of physics. He’s just freaking awesome. The dude surfed down the trunk of an oliphant, for crying out loud. How’s that not anymore unrealistic than jumping up debris from a collapsing bridge? Hey, maybe that’s part of Orlando Bloom’s daily workout routine.
shark eating a seal
The Legolas thing wasn't a mistake. It was an intentional decision that looked bad
The JOE-KING 3 mesi fa
Technically, Elves are very light on their feet. There's a scene in the Fellowship of the Ring, when everyone else is waist-deep in snow, Legolas was the only one able to walk on said snow
David Stone-haigh
Straight out of the book too.
kirby march barcena
Ram TigerJaguar
Ram TigerJaguar 3 mesi fa
The Avatar one is a stretch or not even a mistake - she was crouching down, so of course he could reach her face, and are we really going to strongly hold on to the dubious view that her face should be so much bigger? Nah, not buying or concerned about it...
ForJustice1324 3 mesi fa
I’m sure the “Legolas Defies All Laws of Physics” thing is him just using some kind of Elvish magic trick.
CrackingCody 3 mesi fa
I watched that Toy Story portion 3 times and still don't see what you're talking about exactly.....
Cristina Frank
Cristina Frank 3 mesi fa
Don't forget about the Water Bottle in GOT as well. That entire last season was such garbage!
Daniel Curtin
Daniel Curtin 3 mesi fa
Do some research before making these videos. Already saw comments about LOTR. So not going to repeat them. Still enjoy your channel though.
NoTtOGoOd 3 mesi fa
legalas weighs nothing he can literally walk on fresh snow without leaving a foot print. so that and it being a different world it is not to hard to believe he can run up falling rocks
Pharaoh 3 mesi fa
Perhaps in the matrix, the system could not handle “rendering” all the dead bodies and destruction thus disappearing the unneeded bodies and weapons. After all it’s only a simulation 🤷🏻‍♂️
David Stone-haigh
Didn't 'people' etc just disappear when not needed/used up by The Matrix? As in when The Agents come through?
HarmonE Records
HarmonE Records 3 mesi fa
Toy Story can be kinda forgiven since it was the first completely CGI movie. There were bound to be a few misshapes.
Random person -_-
My mom wants to watch the cats movie. No matter what i say she still wants to see it, Help me!
Archer Cheney
Archer Cheney 3 mesi fa
Judi Dench hands any day!
Archie Utai
Archie Utai 3 mesi fa
With avatar, Naavi anatomy is different, they’re tall but they have relatively small faces, which might explain the issue
Rebecca - WatchMojo
C A T S! That's it. That's the comment.
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil 3 mesi fa
6:54 Padme: Well, I never noticed anything of what you`re trying to claim what`s happening.
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil 3 mesi fa
Padme: I beg your pardon? Anakin is my husband and Obi-Wan`s Jedi in training! Although, we wer`nt SUPPOSED to be married since Jedi are forbidden to marry, so we did it in secret. I had no choice, despite my position as a senator.
Robin Jin
Robin Jin 3 mesi fa
@Sam Kresil I don't know what Anakin is but nobody is interested about it except you
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil 3 mesi fa
Padme: Of course I don`t. I love Anakin. I bearly even know.
Robin Jin
Robin Jin 3 mesi fa
@Sam Kresil You love me don't you 😘😘😘
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil 3 mesi fa
@Robin Jin Padme: That is NONE of your business! I will not tolerate whatever these people are trying to make of as I eat!
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil 3 mesi fa
2:21 That completely gone past me, that did, and I never noticed.
A.I.B Custom Fx
A.I.B Custom Fx 3 mesi fa
regarding legolas: it's absolutely not a mistake. Tolkien lore is clear about that. Elves are "part" of nature, that's why they can do feats that humans can't. For exemple, in the fellowship, when going through the pass of Caradhras, everyone is submerged by snow except Legolas who walks "on" snow, not through it. It's the essence of the elves to act with nature, not against.
Para Noid
Para Noid 3 mesi fa
In The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring when the Fellowship is climbing the mountains and are pretty much overcome by the snow; Legolas is quite able to walk on the snow, when the rest have to wade through the snow so lets say it magic :D
Gezza Mate
Gezza Mate 3 mesi fa
Thor ragnarok. Sometimes you can see a green tinge from the green screen in Mark ruffalos hair near he's ears
Satsuma 3 mesi fa
and Legolas is the biggest "mistake" of his list.. how in the world would you think that wasn't intentional??
marco mcdowell
marco mcdowell 3 mesi fa
The Phantom Menace. When Palpatine shows up on Naboo, the soldiers in formation are the same guy over and over lol
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