Top 12 Movie Songs

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I believe that here are the 12 best songs of the cinema. They are the most iconic of movies, and you probably know them all. All were arranged by me, the pianist Lord Vinheteiro.
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Commenti 5 474
MrGamerMoose 3 ore fa
Where did you get that stormtrooper outfit
Kardboard Kenny
no Superman? :(
Rachel Jardin
Rachel Jardin 7 ore fa
*Lady Voldemort*
Always too many Star Wars. I love Star Wars, but you could put Superman, The Good, Bad, Ugly, Magnificent Seven, Sounds of Music, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Independence Day, Lord of The Rings, etc. instead of Star Wars repeatedly... Just a constructive criticism to think about...
*Lady Voldemort*
My only complain is that you don't have the wide crazy smile when you became Mozart. I love that movie, I cry hard... But you make me laugh instead. ❤❤❤😊
james orritt
james orritt 14 ore fa
Is the exorcist tubular bells?
Feb Production 93
Il numero 8 non è in film, ma un brano molto rinomato
Jackson Sharp
Jackson Sharp 23 ore fa
What about pirates of the Caribbean
Black Swan
Black Swan 23 ore fa
Hey he's not staring at me! *Exorcist plays* Fuck! *godfather plays* NOOO FUCK NOOOO
Arow biker
Arow biker 23 ore fa
andrew scoledge
andrew scoledge Giorno fa
I love how 50% of these are john Williams songs
Biohazard3r Giorno fa
Nice Video. But no love for Jerry Goldsmith's Star Trek Theme? could have replaced one of the many Star Wars themes with that. Still, nice video.
Guillermo Leon
Guillermo Leon Giorno fa
I just subscribed because of your Exorcist joke.
wally man
wally man Giorno fa
Says tons about the genius of John Williams that you had so many of his songs on your list.
Hannah Barwick
Hannah Barwick Giorno fa
It’s amazing, how does he maintain that composure!!
#6 and #1 Aren't you man enough to wear a kilt?
Diogo Barros
Diogo Barros Giorno fa
DJ Swartz
DJ Swartz Giorno fa
This guys a god but where’s The Batman 1989 theme?!?! Or 007 or Superman or Indiana Jones??
XZakhero Giorno fa
ok, but.... Where is Pirates of the Caribbean?
Fed Vik
Fed Vik Giorno fa
зачем в камеру смотреть как аутист
Steph S
Steph S Giorno fa
I love the second rendition of Braveheart! ❤️😂😂
Alyse nicole
Alyse nicole Giorno fa
During number 8, all I could hear was Jack Black.
Jim Fortune
Jim Fortune 2 giorni fa
I could not have identified the Jurassic Park theme.
Sledgeh101 2 giorni fa
Technically, number 2 is called The Imperial March
Sledgeh101 2 giorni fa
Man, I was so bummed he didn't stare at the camera with his Stormtrooper helmet on.
Vaios Skondras
Vaios Skondras 2 giorni fa
1:15 you looking in my soul and your piano playing alone....My hair went up like crazy
StanFLDgaming Stuff n Things
3:38 *He is threatening me. If I don’t make it tell Villager #4 that I ate his Sandwich(Sandvich).*
Maureen Seel
Maureen Seel 2 giorni fa
Ok...Chewie playing the piano = amazing.
Vladimir Rivera
Vladimir Rivera 2 giorni fa
Hey I thought it was yoshi and that you were going to play a super Mario theme instead of Jurassic park.
Tony Fondacaro
Tony Fondacaro 2 giorni fa
Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise...
GeorgeJansen 3 giorni fa
got dam ...you rock
VictorLepanto 3 giorni fa
Dude! Your piano is possessed!
Bruce Vial
Bruce Vial 3 giorni fa
That stare fuck me
Tyler Penny
Tyler Penny 3 giorni fa
Indiana Jones.. Back to the Future? damn.. what the heck man?
Ariel Alb
Ariel Alb 3 giorni fa
so.. stormtroopers can't aim for s**t but they can play the piano?
Graham Clarke
Graham Clarke 3 giorni fa
I thought that songs had words? The music here is the theme music.
tmilev 3 giorni fa
praise the lord vader
Fifo101 3 giorni fa
Love the star wars
Elias Becker
Elias Becker 3 giorni fa
KingreX32 3 giorni fa
Vinheteiro used Soul Stare it was Super effective. Kingrex32 flinched and was unable to move. Vinheteiro used gun flash. Vinheteiro startled Kingrex32, Kingrex32 fled. Vinheteiro wins.
That Nerd Over There
So we're not going to take about the gun????
Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 4 giorni fa
OK, number 9 was fantastic! LOL!
pj101 4 giorni fa
The exorcist... wow
Jose Alejandro
Jose Alejandro 4 giorni fa
Horror movie themes.... Pleeaaaaaase!!!!!
Анжелика Рулева
That's awesome!!!
Toivo the boss
Toivo the boss 4 giorni fa
Wtf how does he do that with a bike
warrior892 4 giorni fa
Rocky is number 1 for me. But... Where is Shindler’s list?
Lea Louro
Lea Louro 4 giorni fa
Hedwigs theme?
Nightfall 4 giorni fa
Is it bad that I can play all of those Star Wars ones on sax?
xX-JustMe-Xx 4 giorni fa
*casually plays while riding bike/holding a gun*
Ares says hi
Ares says hi 4 giorni fa
i will hand you my money, sir pls dont shoot me
Finbarr D'Arcy
Finbarr D'Arcy 4 giorni fa
3:45 Accidentally hits the gun off the keys too hard, blowing a hole through the piano.
Pop Gas
Pop Gas 4 giorni fa
The Godfather!
Sajal Dasgupta
Sajal Dasgupta 4 giorni fa
Where is lala land??????
Anne Gibbs
Anne Gibbs 4 giorni fa
This guys is hilarious and he is so incredibly talented!!
Arsène Caron
Arsène Caron 4 giorni fa
lord of the rings?
lune78 5 giorni fa
Me: I wish I could learn to play the piano but it's so hard Vinheteiro: Let me play the piano while riding a bike The piano playing on its own during The Exorcist theme was a nice touch ;)
jimi dante garcia n
Mattie Fee
Mattie Fee 5 giorni fa
Where is Chariots of Fire? 🤨
Mattie Fee
Mattie Fee 5 giorni fa
Does this feature to the two he wish you would have put in his top 10 movie songs video?
AlexTea202 5 giorni fa
No Lord of The Rings???
Casey Williams
Casey Williams 5 giorni fa
I'm sure this guy is a blast at a fancy dress
WesSavage 5 giorni fa
So, did you buy the costumes based on the songs you wanted to play, or you played the songs based on which costumes you had?
SF49ersfanatic 5 giorni fa
1:13 ok now i know where is weird look in each video comes from !
lifewuzonceezr 5 giorni fa
12 movie songs, not top if there ain't no Rocky Horror..and in costume ;)
lifewuzonceezr 5 giorni fa
Oh Do So Subscribes
Leo Jones
Leo Jones 5 giorni fa
lord of the rings????
Harry Pottings
Harry Pottings 5 giorni fa
Fantastic, but I was really hoping you would play wearing the gloves for Chewy and Vader
Per Edward Nilsen
Per Edward Nilsen 5 giorni fa
This guy is amazing.
Ravbros Gaming
Ravbros Gaming 5 giorni fa
It’s more of a chillies suit than Chewbacca. Still, amazing
Francisco Zamora
Francisco Zamora 5 giorni fa
jajajajaja. The video is extremely funny and you are an excellent pianist! Congratulations!
Matthias Kritter
Matthias Kritter 5 giorni fa
He is just brilliant. With the crazy stuff it makes it modern art. Thank you for your work/art.
W Mills
W Mills 5 giorni fa
Just as an FYI #2 is called Imperial March not Empire Strikes Back.
Alexandre Gamarano
He used the names of the movies. 😉
Colton Tocson
Colton Tocson 5 giorni fa
John Williams is the man
Number 7 Flashback to playing lego star wars with my mom on the original xbox
Matias Alejandro Morales Vega
10% Movie songs 90% Star wars songs
Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 4 giorni fa
100% funny. :)
3PiecesOfBread 5 giorni fa
If more people played piano with guns we'd have less piano shootings.
So Crates
So Crates 24 minuti fa
More piano shootings but less piano robberies.
riteasrain 6 giorni fa
The Godfather :D :D
tatidumi gomez
tatidumi gomez 6 giorni fa
And Lord of the rings?
A million Dreams
A million Dreams 6 giorni fa
I’m guessing he’s a big Star Wars fan
Alexampler 6 giorni fa
Clap clap clap!!! Standing ovation!!!!! ¡¡¡¡Me pongo de pie!!!!
Matheus Barreto
Matheus Barreto 6 giorni fa
Quero aprender a tocar piano igual o senhor mi lord.
Sgt Bowen
Sgt Bowen 6 giorni fa
digno de uma golden champoula
Hari kalatheeswaran
Godfather was awesome 👌 and also funny. Love your videos ❤️! Have a great day!
Lucas Pospeshil
Lucas Pospeshil 6 giorni fa
Me: Sees a stormtrooper on the thumbnail CLICKS
NS Mapper
NS Mapper 6 giorni fa
Kevin Gabriel
Kevin Gabriel 6 giorni fa
Dabber Dave
Dabber Dave 6 giorni fa
All star is a movie from shrek. You should play that
Fernix 02C2
Fernix 02C2 6 giorni fa
Where is Harry Potter?
Play the Smash
Play the Smash 6 giorni fa
Titanic theme not there but cool video
Skylab14 6 giorni fa
Ok, who started laughing when the piano started playing by its self during The Exorsist?? 😂
yeah yeahyeah
yeah yeahyeah 6 giorni fa
ALSO.... go listen to the full version of the exorcist song... its freaking amazing!
yeah yeahyeah
yeah yeahyeah 6 giorni fa
Lmao always loved this guy cuz he's so creepy just staring at the camera but idk if I'll ever see him the same after seeing his ass crack on that bike .... the enchantments gone ._. Lmao
Dyraco Playz
Dyraco Playz 6 giorni fa
Ammosam Hoost
Ammosam Hoost 7 giorni fa
I fully support half the songs being Harry potter
Lauren4.17.14 7 giorni fa
*I didn't know Chewbacca could play the piano...learn something now everyday...*
Daniel Coe
Daniel Coe 7 giorni fa
Victor Borge would be proud.
mauricio neto085
mauricio neto085 7 giorni fa
Muito Bom kkkkkk
Dallas Dal
Dallas Dal 7 giorni fa
Why a storm trooper for #5? Throne Room was when Leia gave metals to Luke and Han so he should have dressed up as Leia.
Matthew Blench
Matthew Blench 7 giorni fa
0:10 oh come on now that’s just bragging On a BIKE!
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