Top 12 Movie Songs

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I believe that here are the 12 best songs of the cinema. They are the most iconic of movies, and you probably know them all. All were arranged by me, the pianist Lord Vinheteiro.
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Commenti 4 706
Cameron Dacunha
Weird flex but ok
Crystal Fox Productions
2 and 7 are my favorite out of these 12.
Krzysztof Solipiwko
Pajacu do cyrku kurwwa !!!
KnTCJG 9 ore fa
Uh no Raiders March or James Bond theme? Star Wars... most over rated movie franchise.
revfly rl
revfly rl 19 ore fa
Terniat 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Doron David
Doron David Giorno fa
Clever video!
Alpro 908
Alpro 908 Giorno fa
Where do you get your costumes??? They're awesome
tommlbutt Giorno fa
a modern gun for godfather set in the 40s?
Gabriel Barbosa
Gabriel Barbosa Giorno fa
You is best haha
Gabriel Bandeira
Muito bom. O que estraga são aquelas letras em vermelho. Tá mal feito. Se tirar vai ficar melhor.
peep sz
peep sz Giorno fa
CrazymePeony Lee
Mom: Go practice piano Me:0:42
jovita tiara
jovita tiara Giorno fa
My new moodboster😂😂 this guy is really funny😂😂😂✨
Alexlucky79 Giorno fa
Where is Harry Potter?
cade Hambright
cade Hambright 2 giorni fa
Godfather theme gives me chills every time
Александр Марголин
4:24 there is a floating hand!
Narciso Molina
Narciso Molina 2 giorni fa
Braveheart almost sounded like Jupiter from The Planets
Colt Smith
Colt Smith 2 giorni fa
Love your stuff. Star Wars should have been no. 1.
Aryaman Manish Joshi
I died at the exorcist
Szymon Pokemon
Szymon Pokemon 2 giorni fa
WTF where are gladiator theme
No sé cómo llegué aquí. Pero es de lo mejor que he visto en ITvid. EXCELENTE. Me suscribo con campana. Saludos desde Guanajuato México. P.D.- estaba viendo la Suzuki GSXR600 K9 color naranja y ahora aquí estoy 👍😂😎
Luis Gustavo
Luis Gustavo 2 giorni fa
Piratas do caribe por favor lord!
LordRavensong 3 giorni fa
There's no way a stormtrooper could play the piano. Their aim is to bad to hit the right key.
Stephen Kaladhar
Stephen Kaladhar 3 giorni fa
Nice dude...Jaws and Jurassic park.. lol...
D G 3 giorni fa
I thoroughly enjoyed this! But my friend, there is a big hole where Lord of the Rings should have been....
DROPE 3 giorni fa
Stormtrooper ganhou uns quilos.
Panos Ch.
Panos Ch. 4 giorni fa
You know this guy is for real, when besides The Exorcist song, his look is more frightening
Kenson Plays
Kenson Plays 4 giorni fa
Staring at the camera always creeps me out rofl.
João victor Moraes Espindola
Vinheteiro adoro seu canal vey acho muito bom o Brasil precisa de mais músicos como você
Melih Konur
Melih Konur 4 giorni fa
I very like godfather 🔫🔫
Curtis Weller
Curtis Weller 5 giorni fa
No Superman!? One of the most iconic movie pieces of all time! And what about Raiders of the Lost Ark? Afraid that I must disagree with your top 12 list.
deltasquad62 5 giorni fa
Wanna go LARP with that chainmail you got?
Quincy 5 giorni fa
Finger of the trigger! No trigger discipline!😂😂😂
ubuntujoker 5 giorni fa
Ümit jhukov
Ümit jhukov 5 giorni fa
What about Lotr ???
White Shadow
White Shadow 5 giorni fa
Cool Beans
Cool Beans 5 giorni fa
It just hit me that you're really hot...
Caleb Gage
Caleb Gage 6 giorni fa
Pirates of the Caribbean?
Tim Mcclain
Tim Mcclain 6 giorni fa
Cacti Lover
Cacti Lover 6 giorni fa
Too many Star Wars themes ;-;
Alexander Dudarev
Alexander Dudarev 6 giorni fa
Super!!! ))))
Ljubiša Mirković
Ljubiša Mirković 6 giorni fa
Braveheart.... Bravo.
Tomek Widłak
Tomek Widłak 6 giorni fa
8 is not from amadeus
Gabriel Čorej
Gabriel Čorej 6 giorni fa
0:39 where i Can buy that?
LeckMichImArsch 7 giorni fa
Damn it, I thought you were going to use bagpipe for Braveheart, lol.
Gary K
Gary K 7 giorni fa
Number 9 is the best.
Ghostnique 7 giorni fa
Where is pirates of the Caribbean?
黃士華 7 giorni fa
No Mission Impassable?
AndREX512 7 giorni fa
The top 2 is named Imperial March
Göktürk Bilir
Göktürk Bilir 7 giorni fa
Prossimi video