Top 12 Movie Songs

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I believe that here are the 12 best songs of the cinema. They are the most iconic of movies, and you probably know them all. All were arranged by me, the pianist Lord Vinheteiro.
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Viktoria :3
Viktoria :3 3 ore fa
Where is Harry Potter?
_is hak бс
_is hak бс 12 ore fa
Круто Поставьте лайк чтобы американцы думали что я написал умное
Ruymán Cabrera
Ruymán Cabrera 17 ore fa
The customes are the most!! Just this!!
JaneRoland 18 ore fa
Przy szóstym wyglądasz jak Jean Reno w tej komedii o średniowiecznych podróżnikach w czasie xD
JaneRoland 18 ore fa
Siódemka rozwala system!!!!!!! :D I czwórka!!!!
Arianna Bonardi
Arianna Bonardi 19 ore fa
I thought the bike was for ET. Ahahahah he's a genius
SirWtf Giorno fa
The Exorcist lol!
Fredi Lublin
Fredi Lublin Giorno fa
Star Wars fan 😎
magnawaves Giorno fa
How is there even a single dislike here? I'm a jaded fuck and I adore this man's work.
Its Me
Its Me Giorno fa
Heeeey I thought he was ganna play Toy Story when he was riding the dino!! Lol
Mandolin Brown
Mandolin Brown Giorno fa
He had an air swimmers!! Does anyone remember those???😭😭😭
Nope Not Today
Nope Not Today Giorno fa
0:39 What the hell? 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😆😆
Jimmy Metzger
Jimmy Metzger Giorno fa
Lorien Mills
Lorien Mills Giorno fa
Where is my lord of the rings, Harry Potter, and ptoc ya boi oof
Mr CAPS 257
Mr CAPS 257 Giorno fa
I’d love to see all of the Fortnite songs. 😁
El PatoGamer:v
El PatoGamer:v Giorno fa
O God the 8 find it
Alokin007 Giorno fa
Hey man do you love star wars because I do.
Wonderful Human Beings :) x
Stefan Infanger
Stefan Infanger Giorno fa
and allmost all of them are from john williams
Altagracia Sandoval
0:28 buena forma de hacer ejercicio
Blueツ Giorno fa
0:05 alguem percebeu uma coisa atraz dele aqui? kkkkkkk
Henry Williams
Henry Williams Giorno fa
Ah well James Bond.
Reni Diomar
Reni Diomar 2 giorni fa
SãO muito boa as musicas, mas só consigo rir olhando pra essa cara de tolo hahahaha
Goritom Gorila
Goritom Gorila 2 giorni fa
lol I actually thought that those were your legs on the dinosaur
Braden Pinney
Braden Pinney 2 giorni fa
I'm not sure which I want more, his amazing ability to play the piano, or his fantastic collection of props
Nanish Sharma
Nanish Sharma 2 giorni fa
0:39🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 But my laughter was drained away by the next song..... Seriously,who can stare like that for so many videos!!!!
Nanish Sharma
Nanish Sharma 2 giorni fa
I think he's a great Star Wars fan..........
Daily PUBG
Daily PUBG 2 giorni fa
Danis Gaming
Danis Gaming 2 giorni fa
Number 8 is not a movie song
Deur Lamp
Deur Lamp 2 giorni fa
In how Much time do you learned to play on the piano
Bruno van Simon
Bruno van Simon 2 giorni fa
0:40 pqp onde consigo um Yoshi daqueles.
Sophie Visser
Sophie Visser 3 giorni fa
what is the piano song called by Braveheart
Goh Kee Khai
Goh Kee Khai 3 giorni fa
Cute dinosaur
Alan Cristian
Alan Cristian 3 giorni fa
É felicidade e tristeza ao ver que só tem gringos nos comentários
Florian Riepenhausen
Thumbs up , just for Jurassic Park
Renato Becker
Renato Becker 3 giorni fa
JP Sillick
JP Sillick 3 giorni fa
Wtf piano playing by itself
Joao Henrique Neuhaus
Dimitrios Alexopoulos
How is this wind instrument called? I would like to buy one 😂
Llama Queen
Llama Queen 3 giorni fa
Llama Queen
Llama Queen 3 giorni fa
That dinosaur thing tho
Ángel Galáctico
Ángel Galáctico 4 giorni fa
Que bueno que eres!!!!
Stone Jiahao Yu
Stone Jiahao Yu 4 giorni fa
Amazing! You got lot music from John Williams lol, but how about Ennio Morricone’s movie music? Maestro Ennio Morricone is as great as John Williams, you definitely have heard these: Cinema Paradiso, Legend of 1900, the Mission (Gabriel’ Obo), the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Once upon a time in America... I wish you can perform a single film for Morricone’s music
Felix A Macedo
Felix A Macedo 4 giorni fa
Essa peruca do figurino de Mozart está muito branca kkkkkk Tem que ser mais cinzenta! Agora falando sério, seu talento é extraordinário! Parabéns!!
TheLeolova 4 giorni fa
ta tata tatatata taaaa
Dyn Awesome
Dyn Awesome 4 giorni fa
John Williams compilation more like
Imaspecofdust 4 giorni fa
Wait was that a violin on the piano?
Bigby Wizzle
Bigby Wizzle 4 giorni fa
Fearless and inventive!
Rita Kowalczuk
Rita Kowalczuk 4 giorni fa
Muito bom. Mas da onde tanta fantasia?Kkkk
Someone 4 giorni fa
What pencil he has to use in the end,i want to do that !
David George
David George 4 giorni fa
Braveheart 😍
Obukakk 5 giorni fa
I like your bike.
anaStasya plus
anaStasya plus 5 giorni fa
Where Harry Potter (sorry, I bad speak English😅)
Mariano Assunção
Mariano Assunção 5 giorni fa
Além de pianista ator! 😂
Mayukha Pillay
Mayukha Pillay 5 giorni fa
This needs a part 2
Despina Theodoraki
Despina Theodoraki 5 giorni fa
OMG You're indeed a ''Lord''of your kind..even if i'm thinking(and not only me;)that there are more best songs. But a true ''Lord''is more modest.Just an advice.Then you would truly be the best!And ''Lord''.;) However,KEEP GOING:D
Despina Theodoraki
Despina Theodoraki 5 giorni fa
P.S.Don't think that i'm ''more modest''too!I'm just like you!:D
Gustavo Abreu
Gustavo Abreu 5 giorni fa
Muito bom, MUITO BOM MESMO! Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂
Oliver Hoffmann
Oliver Hoffmann 5 giorni fa
Tierquäler! Wie kann man nur als Erwachsener auf so einem niedlichen kleinen Saurier reiten.
Леонардо Дай Винчик
Как называется пианино??
Karen Hajinyan
Karen Hajinyan 5 giorni fa
Rakm :)))))))))))))) Kamasutra 17th position :)))))))))
TajfunStudio 5 giorni fa
5 star wars songs and no LotR or Pirates of Carribean ? Come on man ;(
Tomáš Mačák
Tomáš Mačák 6 giorni fa
10. Ahhh i love this
Tomasz Maxylewith
Tomasz Maxylewith 6 giorni fa
What instrument are you using at the end
Valdir A
Valdir A 6 giorni fa
Poxa eu sou brasileiro, e gosto muito desse seu estilo. Sou tecladista.
Caio Damberg
Caio Damberg 6 giorni fa
In "The Godfather" he shouldn't play with his left little finger, but with the gun barrel... obviously! lol... And why the hell #6 and #1 are the same? Loved it, anyway ;-)
自由 6 giorni fa
kupamon 6 giorni fa
Why not make a 12 top star wars songs video?, and let space in this video for more great movie soundtracks?
KoenJanssen 6 giorni fa
0:39 Garden Gnome: Back To The Prehistory
KoenJanssen 6 giorni fa
4:54 lmao me in a musical
Erlend 6 giorni fa
luabrandlu 7 giorni fa
Puta merda kkkk
Glaciergirl V2
Glaciergirl V2 7 giorni fa
Libertadores Timão
Fernando Carmo
Fernando Carmo 7 giorni fa
Acabei de descobrir esse canal é expetacular !!!!
Marsh mello
Marsh mello 7 giorni fa
Where is titanic😢😢😢
Marsh mello
Marsh mello 7 giorni fa
He dress up in every song But not in exocrist Reason: his face heal up the exocrist ghost image
Becca Granger
Becca Granger 7 giorni fa
Harry Potter? Lord of the Rings? Pirates of the Carribean?
ULZIMAKUM 7 giorni fa
Where is Pirates of the Carribian?
Bruno Lima
Bruno Lima 7 giorni fa
Kkkkkkkkk tubarão foi foda
博士丹 7 giorni fa
What a funny spirit inside!!!
Mich Cervantes
Mich Cervantes 7 giorni fa
Woooow ♥️
Le Roi-Sorcier d'Angmar
4:57 flawess
Le Roi-Sorcier d'Angmar
3:50 respect😎
Le Roi-Sorcier d'Angmar
lol 2:51
Jaylex 7 giorni fa
You're good but why you always look to the camera and Show your Finger?
Sergio Gonzales
Sergio Gonzales 7 giorni fa
Денис Гаврилов
С дудочкой классно получилось)))))
Viv 8 giorni fa
😂😂 oh my gods the flute
SimplyCharlotte 8 giorni fa
1:19 wth how is it playing itself? Obviously I am very dumb and there is some explanation here but still...
THEpotatoFAN !
THEpotatoFAN ! 8 giorni fa
Where me star war fans at?!? What? Oh in another galaxy far far away? Oh umm ok... T-T
Luis Adriano
Luis Adriano 8 giorni fa
Onde estão os brasileiros?
Um Matuto No Pedaço
Exorcist? Wasn't the Halloween theme? I might be wrong
Weiyi Xing
Weiyi Xing 8 giorni fa
God father rules
Lightsaber Man
Lightsaber Man 8 giorni fa
Im guessing number 8 is from The Pick Of Destiny
PixelGames ReaL
PixelGames ReaL 8 giorni fa
10? 6! 4 of them was from star wars😂
Kryo, the Ruler of the Cold Circle of Hell, a Demon
2:07 *starts playing jizz for some reason*
Georgian Guitar
Georgian Guitar 8 giorni fa
omg, who is inside a dinosaur😱😱
A Jr
A Jr 8 giorni fa
Onde ele acha tanto figurino kk
Lita Riski
Lita Riski 9 giorni fa
This guy 😂
林聰明 9 giorni fa
Prossimi video