TOP FIVE BEST Acts from The Philippines on America's Got Talent 2023! 

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The BEST Talent from The Philippines who appeared on America's Got Talent 2023! Featuring
Roland Abante - 0:00
Shadow Ace - 7:32
Anna DeGuzman - 11:35
Power Duo - 17:55
Peter Rosalita - 23:31
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23 feb 2024




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Commenti : 561   
Awww the first guy from Philippines fisher man wow🥲👏👏👏👏🥰🤗🥰🤗👌🏽🎆🎺jst blew our mind, thank u fir coming& thank u Heidi for that hug, watching u from Germany
@jonahludoc5412 Giorno fa
Proudto be a Filipino,🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤God bless us all❤️🙏
@trytoplaypiano 4 mesi fa
1st contestant dude made me cry. Excellent voice. Boy vocalist at the end was cute and sings very well, too.
Same here
when a man loves a woman
@ericbalaan2528 3 mesi fa
I am proud Filipino Hindi lang sa maraming wika marami pang talento so congrats sa mga kababayan natin na nakipagsapalaran sa iBang bansa para ipakita sa buong Mundo Ang tinataglay nilang talento
@arriette13 3 mesi fa
Yes exactly
@@arriette13 ⁹
​@@arriette13❤Q❤5U 30:38
@trump827 2 mesi fa
Hello 👋👋❤❤
Eyy brother
Filipino pride im so proud of you guys, proud Filipino here 🎉
kaka videoke yan haha pero galing so proud
@LifeWithErl 4 mesi fa
Proud to be a Filipino. Just loved all our filipinos pride!
@trump827 2 mesi fa
@batangsunog Giorno fa
I used to sing too and become a contestant for my class (school contest only). The shows reminds me of my yesteryears and the feeling to be a contestant. Bravo Philippines.
They’re all so good ! God bless ! Amen ! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas ❤❤❤❤
WOW 😲 he can really sing 🤗 and he singing English wow that is so awesome perfect and beautiful voice 😁🙌❤️🤗 God blessed you Roland and his family ❤️👍😎 and of course the Philippines 💯🤩😍😻🙏💕😘😊Awww no golden buzzer it's okay you did great 😁🙌🙏 And this boy Peter he is such adorable love his voice also beautiful voice and singing 🤗 God bless him and his family ❤️🙏 🙌🌺💞❣️
Sobrang galing nyo guys..proud to be a filipino
@lositauti5125 4 mesi fa
Never underestimate God given talents, as he is a fisherman, a dilever man, but over-roll, his a great singer, so beat it boy n keep doing what you do best ..
Amazing talents & really so proud being a Filipino! 😊💗✌️🎉👏
Very proud of you my kababayan. Talented Ang Pinoy!! 🇵🇭🙏💗👏🔥🙌🇵🇭
mm ....
Filipinos never disappoint 🎉❤
Wow wow standing ovation incredible voice from the Philippines ❤ am touching 😢😮🎉 hravo
@goodplant2486 3 mesi fa
Standing ovation! My favorite is Peter's voice!
@yoursaries_ 4 mesi fa
Love this show. Want go here 😊
@blujune 3 mesi fa
wowwwww.. I'm proud to be a part of a nation divided into three small islands and more than 120 languages/dialects are spoken.. with a vast culture of polite and hospitable people that always bring smile on their faces.. what more can I ask for.. from filipino to the Philippines.. #prodtobepinoy
I thank you
I think you forgot to add TOXIC/CRAB MENTALITY 😂
@mommysorrymomm 22 giorni fa
​@@6.6.6TriangleWhy are you insulting yourself?
@jayrags851 4 mesi fa
Wag mo isiping hindi ka ganun kagaling dahil hindi ka naaappreciate ng mga sarili nating kababayan.Baka nasa maling bansa ka lang.Proud to be called Filipino because of you Bigcas!😊
Just that a lot are better than him in the phil and let him drink then you can see him a lot better Just saying HAHAHAH
@jhayzcape 19 giorni fa
di naman sa hindi naapreciate, common na kasi sating mga pinoy yun ganyan talented ang masakit lang mas tinitignan dito yun itsura kumbaga bonus nalang un talent diba..
@jayrags851 4 giorni fa
@@jhayzcape tama din po kayo sir.
Sooo proud to be Filipino..❤❤❤❤
@danmicah_ 3 mesi fa
ive never seen Simon smile like that during the dance act 😊....
@rosaliap6221 4 mesi fa
@leeyah8810 3 mesi fa
Wow amazing talent.. proud Filipino here.😊😊❤🥰🤩🤩🤩
@AinieAque 4 mesi fa
Filipino has a unique talent❤
Wow maraming talented talaga sa Philippines 🇵🇭 hindi lang nakikita and I'm so proud bilang isang Pilipina..
Coming from a country of great singers, having an extraordinary voice is just an ordinary thing.
I jst luv these Philippe.They are amazing people and God hs gifted thm with the beautiful voices and they really need to get the golden buzzer. Blss ur country .pls do continue okk Pls dnt give up ok.
❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉amazing my country we proud you.😊😊😊
@vilmalugay5267 2 giorni fa
Proud to be Pinoy. Goose bumps for these performances of my kababayan ❤❤❤❤❤
Proud to be a filipino.❤❤❤
Me too 🇵🇭
While Im watching him..I don't know my tears was fallin down bcoz of joy..I'm proud filipina
My wife is Filipino. Every Filipino family I know has a karaoke machine. They’re born singers. I have never met a bad Filipino singer, except for my mother in law. She could use a bit of practice. 😁😁
@vedelgalang 3 mesi fa
@Anayah-jh6qw 2 mesi fa
@trump827 2 mesi fa
Proud Filipino here watching the replay. 💖💖💖
Bisaya speaks to the world. Proud to be
@honeyramosblog 4 mesi fa
Wow dati sa videoke Lang kita napanuod Ronald but now your in the big big stage for a talent show grabe you're amazing
@JodalynCalagui7 3 giorni fa
Proud to be a Filipina citizen ❤❤❤🎉congratulations to all representing #Philippines
Roland you’re the best Philippines is proud of you 👍👍👍👍👍
We are proud of You, our Kabbayan!
Wow amazing my fellow Filipino so proud of you😮
@ronselle9590 2 mesi fa
you made the filipino community here in Canada🇨🇦proud, keep it up😃
@MariamVlog02 3 mesi fa
woww proud pinoy❤🙏🙏congratulation
@ivansj612 3 mesi fa
I remember seeing roland on a facebook post yearsss before singing, happy to see him on a big stage
Wow the 2nd act too beyounces fun wt the finger entertainment, essh out of this wirkd talent👌🏽👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤thank fir sharing
The pride of the Philippines🤗so happy to you all there👏
@Manly_face 3 mesi fa
Im proud to be a Filipino
@Marvin-wk5kr 3 mesi fa
Filipinos are really great entertainers ❤❤❤
My bro, you have been energized and electrified men. Go go go.
Yes... I'm watching from Riyadh Saudi Arabia,even Filipino singing in videooke some of them are good singers 👏👏👏
Filipinos around the World 🌎 it's so Talented in the World 🌍👍😎🇵🇭 Prpod and Pride from the Philippines 👍😎🇵🇭
@jorgetzpaz7221 6 giorni fa
❤❤❤ proud Cebuano here... Goodluck 🎉🎉🎉
Remember the philippines is the land of talented and braves man/women...
Absolutely magical, brilliant n mind blowing...
Go Go go Roland 😊😊😊😊 U are so talented Goodluck to you.😊😊😊
im proud to my kababayan👍👍
Super super galing mo Boy,Amazing God bless 🙏🙌😘😍🥰
@geromododoy 14 giorni fa
watching here from Philippines ❤❤ New friend wow, amazing voice 😊😮
That was awesome. I loved it🎉
Wow really proud of you all Filipinos
Yes! The filipino can!♡..i congratulate you...
Seeing Filipino on International stage makes me cry. Im so proud to have a talented countryman
he is one,of the proud and pride of Filipinos
We Filipinos have a talent of singing to escape life struggles
Bravo...❤png international ang boses..so proud of you kababayan❤
proud of you kabayan !👏👏👏
Yes the proud of the Filipinos💖🇵🇭🇵🇭
@Marvin-wk5kr 3 mesi fa
Filipino proud to be❤❤❤
@ricaparikh9214 3 mesi fa
She’s super sweet and him tryna help her to down on the stairs ❤
@MinhPhamGators 8 giorni fa
I love the singing culture from the Philippines; so much talents coming out of that country.
@user-nz4fs1bd5l 28 giorni fa
Show case of the filipino talents... ohh love it👏👏👏
We are Always the Champion,, Proud to be Pinoy,, ❤️😘🥰,!
Proud 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
@Mspalton 2 mesi fa
I’m So proud of them good job kabayan ❤
@CookingMama-France 15 giorni fa
We love singing here in the Philippines proud of you bro!🎉🎉🎉
That's the Philippines talents❤❤😊
Proud to be a Filipino ❤🎉 But why is Marcelito Pomoy not in the compilation? He's one of the best.
@chezter4211 Mese fa
I'm proud Of U 👏
@user-gi5vo3bv9d 15 giorni fa
I Love this watching from Solomon islands 🇸🇧
@ednasalebio 2 mesi fa
Im proud to be a filipino..keep it up Guys...
@user-qv9zl5qn1x 27 giorni fa
Wow both amazing talend proud pilipino .im new your chanel god bless
Superb talents so proud to be a filipino
Wow beautiful magician
The fourth performer i wanna congratulate them because when i first saw them in Philippines Got Talent they are just in m.u. ❤
@user-xv1hi7uj6i 14 giorni fa
I proud to be a Pilipino I'am happy to my kababayan that's real talent
@jayrmirasol2852 14 giorni fa
hello audiences . performers .and judges thanks you all for you give me my heart more satisfaction so much . by the way guys im also a singer not yet well known in the world but someday I Will reach AMERICAN GOT TALENT to perform on the stage as a real performer .... im Jay R Mirasol Starmaker Philippines
❤❤❤❤Wow great song love it
wow, you all from Philippines
@ricaparikh9214 3 mesi fa
When you have a spur throat, you can sing betttteeeerrr😂❤
Daamm, so good❤❤
@myrajoy1437 3 mesi fa
Thanks for sharing your amazing video
@user-lm8yi7dc1x 20 giorni fa
Proud to be a Pilipino Good Guy🎉🎉
We proud all of you kababayan good job
@Beapick 2 mesi fa
They are all very good and very talented. Proud to be Filipino 💕
Impressive!! ❤️❤️❤️
@soniagordon6087 15 giorni fa
Wow it's amazing voice 👍❤️
@jhesslove1316 4 mesi fa
Wow it's really amazing voice 👏
Proud to be Filipino!
Kahit ako very very proud of him
@JodalynCalagui7 3 giorni fa
My father sings this too when I was a child huhuhu😢 I missed papa now I’m crying now
Grabi ang mo idol Roland Abante! Napatayo napa hiyaw lahat ng Audience👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
@nerissadones6674 6 giorni fa
Wowwww. Very nice songs. Gdbless u
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