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Watch the highlights as Crystal Palace beat Manchester United 3-1 at Old Trafford. Goals from Wilfried Zaha & Andros Townsend


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19 set 2020




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happylifeforever 17 giorni fa
Some data secrets in Manchester United.
Ismaciil Saciid
Ismaciil Saciid 23 giorni fa
Manchester United are very mad
Alex Samuel
Alex Samuel 25 giorni fa
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Jon Powell
Jon Powell 26 giorni fa
What’s red and lays screwed up in a corner? A Man City fan’s old United shirt Glory hunters getting their just desserts!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
PANITIA_ Utomo Aji Pamungkas
Lindelof out
Matias Roble Burgos
Matias Roble Burgos 26 giorni fa
zaha revenge
reobagus 26 giorni fa
since sir alex retired...MU retired aswell :D
Hassan Bashir Osman official
The coach is fool becouse why bringing defender linderlof
The so called experts on Match of the Day need to read the rules on professional football. Gary Lineker said the goalkeeper being off the goaline for a penalty kick is a new law. He is wrong. Law 14 the penalty kick has been in existence for years. Goalkeepers have been cheating for years and getting away with it because referees and linesmen/ lineswomen have not been doing their jobs properly. They have failed to uphold Law 14.
sokin jon
sokin jon 27 giorni fa
Lindelof doesn't even have the basic physical requirement for this league at all
Zeref Dragneel Mobile
Thankyou for win
Dendi Handian
Dendi Handian 27 giorni fa
Sir Alex: Don't let me come down there, you punk!
surgeon Knot
surgeon Knot 27 giorni fa
i dont like maguire and lindelof..i think bailly and smalling better than them
Ageek Moel
Ageek Moel 28 giorni fa
ManchesLOL United
sokin jon
sokin jon 27 giorni fa
Bem feito
Crazyboyzz90 28 giorni fa
Lindelof not good enough
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 28 giorni fa
They are officially the new Milan of EPL. I feel bad for Man Utd, but at the same time i am happy, because most of my United friends are assholes 😂
Amazing Nature
Amazing Nature 28 giorni fa
"I Pray Whoever Reads This Become Successful And Achieve Everything"❤️❤️
Bryan The Human
Bryan The Human 28 giorni fa
Who else came here to laugh at these overconfident man United supporters? #Lmao
Mustapha Maru
Mustapha Maru 28 giorni fa
Maguire & lindelof is wrong
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 28 giorni fa
31 Dreem
31 Dreem 28 giorni fa
mu right now 'mybe need avenger.osama bin.naruto n kim jong un
henk vrieling
henk vrieling 28 giorni fa
If you know already 3-1. Why watch it. Only lazy unemployed fans watch it.
Aksel Moen
Aksel Moen 29 giorni fa
LOL, United is so trash at the moment hahahhahha better switch team m8
まいみん 29 giorni fa
lindelof is ZAKO
Firdaus Muhammad
Firdaus Muhammad 29 giorni fa
Stop talk about jando sancho, they needs CB than attacking players.. Even I think opamecano will plays as flop there without real leader.. They needs experienced centre half with leader aura
Will Parrish
Will Parrish 29 giorni fa
Shlupp had a good game
J L Sitompul
J L Sitompul 29 giorni fa
We couldn't and wouldn't forget this loss against Crystal Palace in home, while Liverpool won over Chelsea and City won over Wolves. Over Chelsea. Over Wolves. MU loss to Crystal Palace. Crystal Palace. Loss at their home. At Home
Rafif Rahman
Rafif Rahman 29 giorni fa
Zaha the best player in the world but not support from Man U. I hope zaha join to Man United someday.
Augusto Colares
Augusto Colares 29 giorni fa
Bem feito
Ondřej Lepšík
Ondřej Lepšík 29 giorni fa
awesome win keep going !!
Cartman 29 giorni fa
Man U is utter shit. Donny vd Beek chose the wrong club.
Love Love
Love Love 29 giorni fa
Replace OLE Gunnar with good experienced one...Ole can't compete Pepe, jose ,klopp, Ancelotti or even lampard...Ole need some experience and come back....We are man utd and ole is not one we requires
sp9s 29 giorni fa
arsenal top 4 this year
Pedro Pierre
Pedro Pierre 29 giorni fa
Good job Crystal Palace, giving it to this corrupt United project, proper heart from players that earn less money.
Indra Fadillah
Indra Fadillah 29 giorni fa
Beautiful People
Beautiful People 29 giorni fa
Top 5 Transfer to Premier League from other Leagues 2020-21 itvid.net/video/video-uX7q583gdT0.html
Junhyeok Jang
Junhyeok Jang 29 giorni fa
ManU is called gaejotbab in korea.
Lee Clarke
Lee Clarke 29 giorni fa
I'm worried. Two penalties were given against Manchester United at Old Trafford. We are surely in The End Of Days.
628 Vokhidov
628 Vokhidov 29 giorni fa
I was MU fan. Now I'm converting into Juventus fan
Andy Yunanda
Andy Yunanda 29 giorni fa
Poor lindelof
Aaron Rawago
Aaron Rawago 29 giorni fa
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Last season's malaise continues for Man Utd
alfianmm 29 giorni fa
Deserved the loss. In your face woodward/glazers.
On Sent Foot
On Sent Foot 29 giorni fa
Rögnvaldr _
Rögnvaldr _ 29 giorni fa
van de beek is a really good player, he just made a terrible decision by joining a rotten team like mu.. He literally destroying his career.. Poor guy
Stan Runi
Stan Runi 29 giorni fa
WHAT A GAME....come on!!! ARSENAL
Athman Daba
Athman Daba 29 giorni fa
This tym round,I see olegunia being sacked!...
Bear Bearingston
Bear Bearingston 29 giorni fa
Man U are not world beaters but that ref went for a hit as far as the highlights show
m. taswirul Adnan
m. taswirul Adnan 29 giorni fa
United fans dislike this video
Firman Widi
Firman Widi 29 giorni fa
Barcelona cabang england
mihaili micko
mihaili micko 29 giorni fa
Is not real it wash 1 : 1
nopi hopidah
nopi hopidah 29 giorni fa
go go go...mu slowly but sure
Sigit Saputra
Sigit Saputra 29 giorni fa
Hồ Hiếu
Hồ Hiếu 29 giorni fa
After I take a bong hit
Daravitou Tep
Daravitou Tep 29 giorni fa
I don't know why man utd brought migure to the team?
Omed Saed
Omed Saed Mese fa
l v
l v Mese fa
4-2-3-1 is very primitive,awkward,weak,poor,drowsy.
Yassin Motanya
They made someone captain just to console their worst signing
Mikey Mportmore
Ayew missed so many chances
Lenny Fauzan
Lenny Fauzan Mese fa
Lindelov jokes
Galih Primula
Olendelove..... ai maneh zaha??
Qiqi swans
Qiqi swans Mese fa
subscribe gaiys
Alfa Putra
Alfa Putra Mese fa
United situation after era of Howard Webb (2013 - now): Ego : Barcelona, Real Madrid Reality: Burnley
Jon Powell
Jon Powell 26 giorni fa
Alfa Putra Don’t forgett hat worm Mike Reilly aswell. Remember him reffing United three time at Old Trafford one season and gave them 5 penalties!!!
Atok Grunge
Atok Grunge Mese fa
it seem everyone happy mu lose.. even their fans.. hhahaha
navelinus Mese fa
lindelof FFS.
Tahfeem Inam Khan
Harry Maguire is like looking at shit .. why the hell the paid 80m for him ... Scam
Suwarno Putro
nonton disini karena di Chanel munyuk GK uplod
Wildan Zaman
Wildan Zaman Mese fa
Hey whay i said, buy center back benfica, ruben dias
Prima Mawitjere
Im a simple man i see united lose i press like..
Putra Adi Prana
Oh man... Quality of the MU most expensive defender is surprisingly good to bring MU to downfall... keep it going Maguire... you did terrific job
Kailem Suantak
The whole players of man United should go and play in Indonesian league🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jerome & Lydia
Zaha is class. David Moyes didn’t have a clue how to handle quality players.
Imam Maulana
Imam Maulana Mese fa
Man Utd tim ampaasssss !!!!! Cuk !!!!!!
Rodney Sinclair
Zaha is a hero At palace. Dont know if they can survive without him
fadlyhans82 Mese fa
Great job by Crystal Palace. Pleased to see the team lost with that lousy starting line up.
Pin Wei Tan
Pin Wei Tan Mese fa
Isn't zaha left footed? Why did he use right foot to take the penalty?
asep silet
asep silet Mese fa
lindelof and mcguire lol
Seba n
Seba n Mese fa
Tremendo partido de las aguilas 🦅🦅🔵🔴... saludos desde chile 🇨🇱🇨🇱
Sunil Umoh
Sunil Umoh Mese fa
clean dent
clean dent Mese fa
So many great defenders in the world, and you have to pay a shitload of money for maguire. I'm pissed off, a street cone defends more than maguire.
Matias Zuñigaabb
puro asco
Todor Danailov
With those two centre fullbacks nothing good awaits us... so lame, so slow, so clueless!
ArsenalFan Mese fa
Kenneth mokgojoa
Confusion at Manchester United. No organization in the field. Coach has his favourites in the team. He is shooting himself on the foot for not being realistic
Thinking XD
Thinking XD Mese fa
That's whay 💷80.00m , for Zaha 😎
pj neon
pj neon Mese fa
all man u fans says ddg is GOD, i disagree
ivan santillan leon santillan
2 victory de cristal palace 😋
Moegamat Gamieldien
Those two defenders at the back making life hell for Degea.. Surely Ole should see how vulnerable the defense line is from last season.
Munib Farah
Munib Farah Mese fa
for me no pen its just lindelof running and its ball to hand var is crap
coveran ngasal
Van de Beek salah pilih klub kasian
Akang Ghorbacev
paulina ignacia y javiera cecilia Valdes guzman
Y supuestamente el malo era sanches me da risa este equipo malo malo
Acoy Supie
Acoy Supie Mese fa
Tolong lh ole kau buang aja Lindelof itu Kaga ada guna nya
Bulma 87
Bulma 87 Mese fa
No defense No Attack ! What did you expected 😭😭🤧
GODEN -TIC Mese fa
MU stupid
Rama Ramadhan
Old School
Old School Mese fa
McGuire is nothing more than a cone in a striking drill he is useless and not captain material
Chaeyeon Deadly Gaze
degradasi aja lah
TheSunMoon Mese fa
"Maguire the best CB, better than Van Dijk!" *Morning alarm rings*
Joshua Gideon
Joshua Gideon Giorno fa
and the recent, the " best " CB got injured, gws for his dick!
Ahmed Shill
Ahmed Shill 26 giorni fa
And better than ramos
Colt45 &Kalasnikov
Colt45 &Kalasnikov 29 giorni fa
But bro he carried England to a World Cup semifinal and Maldini said that he got nothing on Maguire!!
Cartman 29 giorni fa
He costed only £80 million.
thunder Mese fa
Manchester united is too weak
Arifrahmanta a
Odading mang ole
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