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See Toy Story 4 in theatres Summer 2019!
Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called “Forky” to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy. Directed by Josh Cooley (“Riley’s First Date?”) and produced by Jonas Rivera (“Inside Out,” “Up”) and Mark Nielsen (associate producer “Inside Out”), Disney•Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” ventures to U.S. theaters on June 21, 2019.

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12 nov 2018

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Commenti 35 053
katerina nakou
katerina nakou 57 minuti fa
bad movie
randy martinez
Toy story 4 The legendary toys are back
patrick ferguson
portal of gaming kind
i want death in this movie
Eli Wert
Eli Wert 11 ore fa
0:58 Forky Causes Chaos!!!!!!
DarkStar X30
DarkStar X30 12 ore fa
As if Toy Story 3 wasn't depressing enough.
Nikki Roessler
Nikki Roessler 12 ore fa
My sister and I are rewatching the three Toy Story films on Freeform and I'm here to say... I'm very hyped for the fourth Toy Story even if I'm 20 years old now XD
Jopa Btu
Jopa Btu 13 ore fa
Toy Story 3 is the best one.
Sophie 13 ore fa
Omg guys what if we see Andy again, but as an old man living his last moments. I dunno how they can meet again, but what if the serie ends with Andy's death ? I cannot stop to think about it now
Realoemo 15 ore fa
Notice how Bullseye and 2 of the aliens aren’t in the teaser
Erghnope 18 ore fa
Disney is hungry for money
Elvin Garcia
Elvin Garcia 19 ore fa
From Pixar Animation Studios The Creators Of Finding Nemo™ Up® Cars 3™ Inside Out® Coco™ The Good Dinosaur® Wall-E™ And Incredibles 2®
Elvin Garcia
Elvin Garcia 10 ore fa
Elvin Garcia
Elvin Garcia 10 ore fa
Disney Digital 3D In Secret Theatres
1:04 I can hear New Mr. Potatoheads voice
1:00 here come the fun part
Jawann Sharper
Jawann Sharper 22 ore fa
0:06 Jax jr: grandpa... What was your childhood like? Me: jaxy, my childhood is recall, Ven-tastic
dragon ball fan
dragon ball fan 23 ore fa
we want ratatouille 2
The Joshua Williams Art and Animation Studios
I wish they made Monsters Inc 2 Lost in Scarredice instead.
Carter The Carnotaurus
What an awesome traile- wait where’s bullseye?!?! (Through tears) *WHERE’S BULLSEYE*
From the creators of COCO
Carl Darren Flores
This is Absolutebly Look Like Avengers Endgame
RealFatah Giorno fa
Im gonna make a video on this movie tomorrow so if you like this movie give it a purehearted look
Paola Alonso
Paola Alonso Giorno fa
jstarwars360 Giorno fa
2018 - The year where the Toy Story 4 teaser and Hereditary credits both feature the same song.
elisa martinez
elisa martinez Giorno fa
I want to see some toy story 4 clips
Cody Roberge
Cody Roberge Giorno fa
Every Pixar Movie 1. Toy Story 2. A Bugs Life 3. Toy Story 2 4. Monsters Inc. 5. Finding Nemo 6. The Incredibles 7. Cars 8. Ratatouille 9. Wall E. 10. Up 11. Toy Story 3 12. Cars 2 13. Brave 14. Monsters University 15. Inside Out 16. The Good Dinosaur 17. Finding Dory 18. Cars 3 19. Coco 20. Incredibles 2 21. Toy Story 4 22. Onward
Sergio Alderete
Sergio Alderete Giorno fa
the song make me cry
Toy story was garbage and this will be garbage as well
The Official HelloKittyPowa
Who else as you saw this got a little teary? :)
Gregabug Giorno fa
As thanos says: this *does* bring a smile to my face
Nomad 2 giorni fa
I get sad everytime I remember Jim Varney isn't around to voice Slinky Dog anymore.
The Awesome Heracross
margecarldarren romero
I’m Not A Toy [Scream]
Q.H.S 2 giorni fa
Yunie-Chan321 Japanese girl
Toy Story without Andy = A lot of adult people crying
Huda Gamer
Huda Gamer 2 giorni fa
Y tiro al blanco???
Blastoise finder
Blastoise finder 2 giorni fa
I bet this movie will do so great like the previous movies! I really hope it won’t be like incredibles 2. I got FAITHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
R4inM4n 2 giorni fa
It's been to long old friend...
Weight Overload
Weight Overload 2 giorni fa
My god you compare this quality to the first movie it's like comparing buzz to Woody again
Greninja of the Oasis
The perfect end. Oh wait another one?
dat boi who plays roblox
So now ITvid’s gonna explode with toy story ytp’s now
Adam Jurassic world
Who notice that Jessie and buzz was still holding hands
TheAvenidas 2 giorni fa
Toy story 3 was the perfect ending for the franchise, i really hope this one doesn't blow it
NinjagoJay Pokemon FNAF fan ッ
Toy Story 4:The Last Toy
Will Gordon
Will Gordon 2 giorni fa
Nostalgic 2 giorni fa
Anyone else notice the cloudy background is the wallpaper from Andy’s room??
Karen Vizuett
Karen Vizuett 3 giorni fa
Ahtrahddiss Shakya
Ahtrahddiss Shakya 3 giorni fa
i thought toy story 3 was the best ending ever to a pixar franchise :D i'm shocked
Kristian Bracamontes
I’m gonna be that one only teenager/adult in that theatre filled with 5 year olds.
BrickStudios 105
BrickStudios 105 2 giorni fa
No my friend. There is going to be more adults and teens, who loved Toy Story in that theater :)
Disheartened6 3 giorni fa
David Kupresanin
David Kupresanin 3 giorni fa
toy story is now PG13
yo 0107
yo 0107 3 giorni fa
Hoy cumple un mes
santiago mora
santiago mora 3 giorni fa
Like of #ToyStoryForever
Dumbo trilogy
Dumbo trilogy 3 giorni fa
It will be like Tim Burton's Dumbo.
TXejas19 TXejas19
TXejas19 TXejas19 3 giorni fa
Happy meal Toy reviews
It was woody's fault that he pushed buzz lightyear
Joshua Orro
Joshua Orro 3 giorni fa
Isn’t a bit too early to introduce the new toy story characters?
Stormy the Pitball
Stormy the Pitball 3 giorni fa
Who’s that spolk
BrickStudios 105
BrickStudios 105 3 giorni fa
A new friend for the toys
Stormy the Pitball
Stormy the Pitball 3 giorni fa
Ahhhhh I thought this was a kids movie
Teagan Mulford
Teagan Mulford 3 giorni fa
Toy Story 4: We can literally animate trash by gluing eyes on it
Susis Beauty Salon
Susis Beauty Salon 3 giorni fa
I'm so exited of the movie
Rockie StarZ
Rockie StarZ 3 giorni fa
Geo 3 giorni fa
Anybody know the song?
fr10wi 3 giorni fa
Uh…Amigos! We're all amigos!
Octo Gamer
Octo Gamer 4 giorni fa
I was so happy when I saw this trailer
Ricky TDM
Ricky TDM 4 giorni fa
I don’t belong here means I shouldn’t be alive!
• m i n a m o c h i •
Anyone here after Jungkook tweet about Woody Zepeto :3
Mimi Shapiro
Mimi Shapiro 4 giorni fa
my theory: Andys gonna be married and have kids and that other kids gonna be like a teenager and she's gonna give the toys back for Andys children
Storm 4 giorni fa
I wished that Toy Story 4 would come out and it came true!
50k subs using GOOGLE!!! can we tho?
Toy Story 4 'The Sunny Side Shooter'.
The BlindHare
The BlindHare 4 giorni fa
categories21 4 giorni fa
The last toy story was already great .. and the ending was so satisfying.. I’m scared of this
Rita Luccio
Rita Luccio 4 giorni fa
Thumbs up if this reminds you of the Super Smash Bros. 64 commercial.
Mike the shine
Mike the shine 4 giorni fa
WHAT!! Why is everyone saying that this is for adults?!? Edit:guys I found out the toys are gonna make a great adventure and there gonna show how big a world can be for a toy!
PeamaSxh 46 minuti fa
Maybe not
The Kartoon Chiller
*I D O N ‘ T B E L O N G H E R E*
True Awkwardness
True Awkwardness 4 giorni fa
It's so happy, it makes me mad. Does anyone else feel the same?!?!?
Sandy Norfleet
Sandy Norfleet 4 giorni fa
Jared The Animaniac
For those of you who are nervous about how this movie will turn out, all I can tell you guys is "Don't bet against Disney•Pixar. Because I have a feeling that they've created something thar's gonna be worth going back to the movies and seeing it over and over and over again. Who knows? Maybe this movie is the start of a new trilogy so that this new generation of children and teens can enjoy it and hope for more Toy Story films, toys, tv specials, and theatrical shorts. Trust me, people. Disney•Pixar knows what they're doing.
Mason Barton
Mason Barton 4 giorni fa
Gonzo mentioned this in muppets most wanted
JAK Krieser
JAK Krieser 4 giorni fa
I'm not a toy Ahhhh
My mom Is jeffy
My mom Is jeffy 2 giorni fa
Hey hey someone get him before he pokes an eye out
Walter Rivera
Walter Rivera 2 giorni fa
Still not as good as “You are a toy!!!!!”
Noah Goddeeris
Noah Goddeeris 4 giorni fa
There is a toy story 5 coming out on June 30 2023
Avery Scott
Avery Scott 2 giorni fa
Coco 2
Noah Goddeeris
Noah Goddeeris 3 giorni fa
If you don’t believe me then type of your computer iPad whatever you have toy story 5 release date 2023 then it will tell you that toy story 5 going to happen on June 30th 2023 which it is a Friday
Not 1 Not 3 But 2 New Campers!
Not 1 Not 3 But 2 New Campers!
Yeet YEET 4 giorni fa
Zac 4 giorni fa
What's the name of this song?..it's by Joni Mitchell right?
J.J. Sedino
J.J. Sedino 22 ore fa
Judy Collins Both Sides Now
S Ando
S Ando 4 giorni fa
shooter downunder
shooter downunder 4 giorni fa
My problem is that toy story 3 was the perfect movie to end the series with. I don't think it needs another movie.
SuperJackster01 4 giorni fa
Pixar has said that Toy Story isn’t going to be a continuation of the trilogy and instead be a standalone story. Also, this is Pixar we’re talking about. Pixar doesn’t do sequels unless they have a good story.
Yeet YEET 4 giorni fa
Exactly. I really dont think this will be to great. I hope I am wrong
Ben Jordan
Ben Jordan 4 giorni fa
Did woody said "before he pokes an eye out"?
J.J. Sedino
J.J. Sedino 22 ore fa
He sure did.
Emiliano Rios
Emiliano Rios 3 giorni fa
Its a spork you degenerate
Foxxa 4 giorni fa
I think so cause he's a fork! xD
iziixjวีโว่ วีโง่
not a toy aaaaaaaaaa
Forky is the forks name. The movie is about him not belonging.... I think.
ilham rhamadan
ilham rhamadan 5 giorni fa
I never get exited about movie anymore until this 😭
Thaneindra Naidu
Thaneindra Naidu 5 giorni fa
Im gonna hate this movie
Son Goku
Son Goku 5 giorni fa
This seemed like it should have stopped at 2 to me
Wopoko 5 giorni fa
It takes place at the Madagascar island, pay attention for easter eggs
Owl Watcher
Owl Watcher 5 giorni fa
Who else knew about this song waaaay before this trailer came out. No...? Just me...? Ok...
Nazrin Beast
Nazrin Beast 5 giorni fa
Yess toys story
Adriana Acevedo
Adriana Acevedo 5 giorni fa
What song is that?
Walter Rivera
Walter Rivera 5 giorni fa
All the dislikes were from Sid, Lotso, and Al.🤣😂😶
Yashveen Khandka
Walter Rivera
Walter Rivera 2 giorni fa
I forgot! It’s been years.😏
Sal Gaita
Sal Gaita 3 giorni fa
Walter Rivera stinky Pete too
Yeet YEET 5 giorni fa
I saw this trailer in the theatres. I am so pumped. It is funny that they have released almost no info on this movie.
Rare like Tristan
Rare like Tristan 5 giorni fa
All you gonna see is Teens, because young kids wont understand this movie 😂😂
The Galaxy
The Galaxy 5 giorni fa
Woody walks in on buzz and bonnie and asks “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH BUZZ” and she replies “uhhhh, you got a friend in me...”
kaylie 5 giorni fa
really disney a spork thats all you could do
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