Toy Story 4 | Official Teaser Trailer

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See Toy Story 4 in theatres Summer 2019!
Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called “Forky” to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy. Directed by Josh Cooley (“Riley’s First Date?”) and produced by Jonas Rivera (“Inside Out,” “Up”) and Mark Nielsen (associate producer “Inside Out”), Disney•Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” ventures to U.S. theaters on June 21, 2019.

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12 nov 2018




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Finley Radcliffe
Finley Radcliffe 2 minuti fa
#ToyStory4 must be rated PG.
Finley Radcliffe
Finley Radcliffe 2 minuti fa
I wish #ToyStory4 must be rated PG for mild thematic elements.
Finley Radcliffe
Finley Radcliffe 3 minuti fa
Finley Radcliffe
Finley Radcliffe 3 minuti fa
I wish #ToyStory4 must reach $1.4 billion in the worldwide box office.
ALISHES3 Linares
ALISHES3 Linares 25 minuti fa
nicky's experiance002
I saw this at the theaters when I went to see “Ralph Breaks the Internet”. What song is this.
A. Allen
A. Allen 2 ore fa
Welp, I guess this movie will show if that statement that I heard has been going around is true or not: That the Toy Story plot in Kingdom Hearts 3 is canon to the Toy Story series in general, taking place between Toy Story 2 and 3 supposedly. If that statement is true...there'd better be a flashback or something showcasing Toy Sora, that Verum Rex trailer, the doll that serves as a miniboss, SOMETHING....again, assuming that statement is true, lol.
A YouTube Channel with no name
I’ve been waiting for this since the middle of 2014
Elliott Wolcott
Who is all ready to see this movie?
Denisowator 8 ore fa
This teaser is straight up the ultimate meme gif people will use to describe their joy about it finally coming. XD
JAVI PLAY 8 ore fa
Disney Infinity come back!
JayThaHighest 10 ore fa
So cringy...
Mayra Alessandra Bautista Calderon
ya quiero ver la pelicula
Rajas A
Rajas A 18 ore fa
An animated movie that parents would be more excited about then their children.
Rajas A
Rajas A 18 ore fa
So does Toy Story work like star Wars now? (Ik they had prequels and this only has sequels) But are we going have Toy Story 4,5,6 and short break and then 7,8,9?
Tyler Z Wong
Tyler Z Wong 19 ore fa
I am not going to cry on this one Damn, I just did. It was & will always be my movie since I was 9, in 1995!
Boi Man
Boi Man 19 ore fa
My inner child just bursted out.
maddy mcintosh
maddy mcintosh 21 ora fa
IM SO NErvous to watch this bc both tom hanks and woody allen have said it is really sad at the ending.... some people made conspiracies that maybe because of technology kids quit playing with toys, so therefore the toys don’t come to life anymore, or i heard that maybe the toys actually do die (like they almost did in toy story3) EITHER WAY OR EVEN IF THATS FALSE IM NOT READY
DUBzTube 22 ore fa
Bro it’s made on the Xbox one x 😂😂😂😂🙃🙃🙃🙃
FaZe_rayaan Giorno fa
I knew that they would make this
edge_lord5000 Giorno fa
andy hits puberty now strange things are happening
even tho it should've ended with 3, im still like super stoked because I wouldn't care either way!
MOCMationFilm Giorno fa
Ts5 (2025) Ts6 (2029) Ts7 (2030) Ts8 (2039) I will laugh if this will happend. I will be happy too
MOCMationFilm Giorno fa
Bullseye horse is gone. Pixar why ?!
Maria Luiza
Maria Luiza Giorno fa
This song is very good to hear.
Mr Jn
Mr Jn Giorno fa
Seriously?? It's the official trailer?
El Mundo De Josue :D
Azure Giorno fa
Tyboxjr Giorno fa
secret loxxc
secret loxxc Giorno fa
Is that fork ??
Missing Ch
Missing Ch Giorno fa
พี่เอกพูดถึงเลยตามมาดู *0*
Tuno Skiz
Tuno Skiz Giorno fa
1:14 turn speed 0.25x
Angel Villanueva
I can't believe it Toy story 4 😄😄
oɥɔɐu*ೃ Giorno fa
my childhood
Cesar Giorno fa
Truly the year of animated sequels
Billy S
Billy S Giorno fa
People said the 3rd one was the last so y yall freaking out
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez 2 giorni fa
va a salir en Veracruz?😭
Ink The Beautiful Sans
Adrian And evil adrian Yes rocks or no YTTP Sucks
I want to see toy Story 4
Eldecer Bonita
Eldecer Bonita 2 giorni fa
Toy story 1 - destroyed toys Toy story 2 - old and antique toys Toy story 3 - lost and found toys Toy story 4 - DIY toys
ZacheryPark 2 giorni fa
Idk why but my mom and I both cried watching this
Lil Lord Akira 97
Lil Lord Akira 97 2 giorni fa
0:56 At least, Forky wasn't one of Sid's mutant toys
Vall Ey
Vall Ey 2 giorni fa
I hope it doesn't suck just like Ice Age after the 3rd sequel
Darren Chavez
Darren Chavez 2 giorni fa
This trailer was so disappointing
NGL 2 giorni fa
I wonder if we'll see Andy again?
Shish'em 2 giorni fa
0:43 hey Logan Paul
SamuelLin 2 giorni fa
I want Tangled 2 !!!
Justin Zero
Justin Zero 2 giorni fa
what's with the video's aspect ratio? ... it's too wide
Rica Yzaguinne
Rica Yzaguinne 2 giorni fa
AddSpices 2 giorni fa
Avlonek 2 giorni fa
Pls make toy story 4 game with same engine from toy story 2 on psx, but with better graphic
JADYN RIBERA 2 giorni fa
I don’t wanna be rude but I honestly don’t think a fourth sequel is necessary, there kinda undoing the perfect ending they had for toy story 3, I thought it it was amazing and so perfect and I cried a little bit to, but it is another toy story film and all of them are good so I’m pretty hyped.
FBI 3 giorni fa
I DONT think it's a money grab I think its because they wanna bring back childhood
Sanic Der Hotdog171553
Cars 3 is the most unnecessary PIXAR sequel. Toy Story 4: hold my beer.
NextGen Christian
Come on! I love Cars 3!
Sanic Der Hotdog171553
+FBI 3 ended with Andy leaving his toys to start a new life. Same for the toys.
FBI 3 giorni fa
+Sanic Der Hotdog171553 toy story 1 ended on a high note and they made 2 and that ended off a high note then they made 3
Sanic Der Hotdog171553
I know... but still, remember the ending to Toy Story 3? Ended on a perfect note.
Nixxus 3 giorni fa
Lowkey if I see Rex playing Verum Rex in the corner, I'll have some tears of joy 😭
Shawn Lopez
Shawn Lopez 3 giorni fa
I really wish there are more new toys than this fork thing...
romeo koeswoyo
romeo koeswoyo 3 giorni fa
What is the backsound
Steal Jack
Steal Jack 3 giorni fa
Im so trilled toy story is all ready at the forth movie and yet all we got is a prequal to monsters inc . y i hear nothing about that at least just possibly happen i wanna know wath happend to boo sully and mike . come on pixar
REVIEW KARDO 3 giorni fa
Who come here after seen Aladdin trailer
Beef burger
Beef burger 3 giorni fa
Please, Pixar.... Don't ruin my childhood.
Gabe 3 giorni fa
This film marked John Lasseter’s final involvement with Pixar before he exits Disney as chief creative officer.
Classmate 3 giorni fa
How about bringing Wall-e back to it's glory with the sequeal
MatthewCTV 4 giorni fa
I saw all 3 toy story movies when I was 4 and now I’m 11 and I really wanna see it
Mister_S1R 4 giorni fa
... what ...
Alfie san juan
Alfie san juan 4 giorni fa
0:57 when i was at school
Darth Elius
Darth Elius 4 giorni fa
toy story 2 buzz lightyear to the rescue remastered
Avlonek 2 giorni fa
Darth Elius good idea!!! My favourite game im still playing this
Daniel Bonilla
Daniel Bonilla 4 giorni fa
I grew up with this movies
dopeylongstalkings 4 giorni fa
Horribly made Trailer. I hope the real movies isn't as bad as this. Btw why make TOY STORY 4? Toy Story 3 had the best ending. The perfect ending to a trilogy. Man this sucks. Just another hollywood cash grab.
Tina Dhara
Tina Dhara 4 giorni fa
I am waiting for this film I just love it
Steven Moreno
Steven Moreno 4 giorni fa
Will say this. Its gonna make everyone cry. Die hard fan of Disney movies but growing up with toys I fell in love with Toy Story 💯 woody will always be my toy hero for sure.
JB ECLAR 4 giorni fa
I miss Andy
Yap Yo King
Yap Yo King 4 giorni fa
In a fan made trailer I saw he said it was gonna be released on my b-day lol
Kyle Broflovski
Kyle Broflovski 4 giorni fa
When is the release date of the movie
Kyle Broflovski
Kyle Broflovski 3 giorni fa
+MorbidTheBrony thanks
MorbidTheBrony 3 giorni fa
21st of June.
Mae v
Mae v 4 giorni fa
I am in my seventies. Can't wait to see it!
Karen Vizuett
Karen Vizuett 4 giorni fa
Roblox: The Movie 2: Lego Universe (2020)
The Loogi
The Loogi Giorno fa
Karen Vizuett Go cOmMit dIE
Our Life
Our Life 5 giorni fa
This is amazing because im 25 and i was just turning 2 when the first toy story came out and my childs gonna be born this year im taking them to see this
markzilla6895 5 giorni fa
Forky: I'M A MONSTER!!!!!
Phoenix of Justice
Phoenix of Justice 5 giorni fa
Annette Ramos
Annette Ramos 5 giorni fa
I think it’s a good idea that they’re making another toy story movie I want to know what happened after toy story 3
Tennis Ball
Tennis Ball 5 giorni fa
"So long, partner."
Noah Ayres
Noah Ayres 5 giorni fa
We also need Brave 2.
parsa mirahmady
parsa mirahmady 5 giorni fa
This trailer makes me to play with my toys again😢😢😢 Sorry toys😢😢😢 i shouldnt have leave you my childhood friends😭😭😭 I just saw every parts of this cartoon for thousand times.how beautiful my childhood passed. Yes im an 16 years old boy cant wait to the release of this animation😊😊😊
Rick the Brick
Rick the Brick 5 giorni fa
*Depression ending here we come*
Ratna Dewi
Ratna Dewi 5 giorni fa
The song was from love actually
Noel Mackel
Noel Mackel 5 giorni fa
This movie is going to be funny, I just know it
Erick Salmeron
Erick Salmeron 5 giorni fa
Where is bullseye
Agit setiawan21
Agit setiawan21 5 giorni fa
newfacepaula 5 giorni fa
they should have stayed at daycare rather than some girl's house. lotso did nothing wrong!
Neme The Meme
Neme The Meme 5 giorni fa
Hold on, where the heck is Bullseye?????
Thotie Princess
Thotie Princess 5 giorni fa
Thotie Princess
Thotie Princess 5 giorni fa
12:43pm sun 10feb 19
Faika 5 giorni fa
Cool Guy
Cool Guy 5 giorni fa
Tyler Vielie
Tyler Vielie 5 giorni fa
I wonder who's voicing Mr. Potatohead now.
NextGen Christian
It’s Alan Tudyck
Naufal Raka
Naufal Raka 5 giorni fa
No andy no party
Danielle Misuriello
The song makes me cry 😭
c l a r e n
c l a r e n 6 giorni fa
1:03 gave me nostalgia man
FS Studio
FS Studio 6 giorni fa
in 2x this is awesome
Rayquaza Master
Rayquaza Master 6 giorni fa
what kind of trailer is this
Mila N
Mila N 6 giorni fa
I saw this when I was watching Wreck it Ralph in the movie theater!!!! I was so shook!!!
robinbeemer86 6 giorni fa
i cant wait for this movie!! its amazing!! the special effects are so great and the music in the film brings it to a nother level ++++ im over 30 years old but this is really fun to watch!
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