TRADITIONAL Korean STREET FOOD Market Tour in Busan South Korea

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I had some Korea videos and forgot to share this great food adventure with you. This was during my trip to Korea in December 2017, where I went to Busan. And while in Busan I had to check out the street food markets. Enjoy! :-)
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10 gen 2019

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Genesis Revelations
한국산 고기는 가격이 비싸서 한국산고기만 따로 파는 가게로 가야 한국산고기를 맛보실수 있고요 대부분 수입산 고기로 저렴하게 팔고 있찌요/ 그리고 한국밀가루는 80% 수입 입니다. 멀리서 배타고 오기때문에 방부제 화학약품 80% 때려서 오는 밀가루이고요 잘 썩지 않는 밀가루를 많이 먹을수 밖에 없는 한국인들입니다. 그래서 위암도 많이 걸리죠 한국 에서 음식 조심하시고 거의 90%가 화학 조미료 넣고 싸게 만듭니다. 조심 하시고 사드세요 그나마 잘 하는 음식점은 [모범 음식점] 이란 글자가 써져있는 식당 이고요 식당 밖에 간판이 걸려있지요
Reggy Novelia
Reggy Novelia 5 ore fa
Ugh now i'm starving
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim 12 ore fa
Hope to all watching and to you, Mike, that your 2019 is filled with food, family, and friends.😉😉😃😃😀😁
don do
don do 20 ore fa
Mikey, I cringed as a Chinese American each time you butchered dduk bogi or the revised Tteok bokki. Here’s a good hint, duck, pause then boooki. Two separate words as dduk translates to any rice cake and dduk boogi is the dish. Hope that helps!
JoesNotHome 22 ore fa
a-wanderingcloud 0-0
Yummm 😋
Nina boop
Nina boop Giorno fa
i love how many times mikey says ridiculous in his videos,,, *its ridiculous*
Dream of Magic
Dream of Magic Giorno fa
Watch mark weins and find some useful description words besides "ridiculously" to describe everything.
Elijah Roberts
Elijah Roberts Giorno fa
Whitest Asian EVER
Lan Banh
Lan Banh Giorno fa
food combining instincts like a stoner lmao
Randall Carbine
Randall Carbine Giorno fa
Oh yeah yeah
JD Giorno fa
Pigeons ❤
Harun Rashid
Harun Rashid Giorno fa
Looks tasty. I'll love to have a bite. 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️
Nehir _
Nehir _ Giorno fa
Take a shot everytime he's saying *ridiculous* or *ridiciulously*
Chang Giorno fa
Maia 01/12-18
Maia 01/12-18 Giorno fa
I cried watching train to busan trailer at the last parts.
alexander alvero
you made me drool
Ecthelion008 2 giorni fa
He literally eats a mochi with diarrhea inside.
star seed
star seed 2 giorni fa
man I'm drooling while he's eating the tteokbokki
Blitznstitch2 2 giorni fa
Mouth watered watching this. Love Korean food
alaverge1 2 giorni fa
It took him a whole year to upload this?..... Worth it
Suga Kookie Trash
Suga Kookie Trash 2 giorni fa
The way he pronounces tteokbokki makes me die but still great video!
Heather Barley
Heather Barley 2 giorni fa
Busan is my home home sweet home
생맥주포도주 2 giorni fa
I woke up so fast because i slept so fast. And i cant sleep anymore because of this channel
퍽윤 2 giorni fa
I am Korean. Thank you for coming to Korea.
Jaritza Teran
Jaritza Teran 2 giorni fa
I want to try so many foods ughhh
BlackSkullArmor 2 giorni fa
If Mike ever becomes a Zombie, we are screwed. Dude could eat the whole population of Earth and still be hungry
Daniela Dani
Daniela Dani 3 giorni fa
At 16:53 I suddenly spotted Korean/American actor Daniel Henney on Mcdonalds advert behind him XD lol... btw lovely food my mouth can't take soo much graphics!!! ahah...
Dina Widyana
Dina Widyana 3 giorni fa
Ugh my mouth is watery 🤤🤤🤤
Tina Ngo
Tina Ngo 3 giorni fa
Milia Kwon
Milia Kwon 3 giorni fa
18:40 LoL~~~~ I laughed so hard while watching that!!!
SINGLE캠퍼 3 giorni fa
Haha good watching. I feel Busan is so busy
EMILYJODIE 3 giorni fa
hmm it would be good to show the names of the stores or properly show what the outside looks like so we know exactly where to go when we're there
Willa Grace
Willa Grace 3 giorni fa
was it all filmed on the same day????!!!!
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 3 giorni fa
Stop eating pork it's bad for you. You can die for real. I still don't know why people eat it, the animal is filled with diseases.
RB zingchim
RB zingchim 3 giorni fa
I wonder how can you eat all that things together I mean heads offf to you man you inspire me to eat more food 😅
icewallowcman 3 giorni fa
North Korea doesn't look so bad
virgolix 3 giorni fa
when he said he knew how to make the ho-tteok better, i thought he was going to dip it in the sauce again sdjlk
wilson ezra
wilson ezra 3 giorni fa
About the hotteuk and the ice cream, there's a cafe in koreatown in NYC called grace street where you can get hotteuk with a caramel-walnut filling and a dollop of ice cream on the side! You should try it out.
YaBoi Cranky
YaBoi Cranky 3 giorni fa
Gross! Now he had ketchup in the sauce!
Quantum Immortality
How can you eat so much and not get full?
Rieann Estrella
Rieann Estrella 3 giorni fa
"You gotta come here" me: I WISH I HAD MONEY
Cooking Up Content
Cooking Up Content 3 giorni fa
Are you happy now mike? I’m hungry!
Jianne Abaquita
Jianne Abaquita 4 giorni fa
Mike you always makes me hungry 😭😭😭
Moon Bhattacharjee
Moon Bhattacharjee 4 giorni fa
What's tasty in Busan??
KPOP STAN 4 giorni fa
I don’t like seafood at all but dang the way he was eating the fish cake had me wanting some.
Meshack Kosseke
Meshack Kosseke 4 giorni fa
is dumpling better steamed or fried
Nurul indah
Nurul indah 4 giorni fa
I’m hungry now😭😭
Kyra Mass
Kyra Mass 4 giorni fa
10/10 😘😘😘
유수정 4 giorni fa
Mai Vue
Mai Vue 4 giorni fa
I LOVE BUSAN! When I was there, I coasted the beach. At night, they set up umbrella tables along the coastline where you can pay 30,000 WON for a calamari meal and all you can drink beers. (Not sure how much it may be now and if they still do that though. I was there in 2007.) Awesome city to visit! I plan to go again someday.
Chie Nakashima
Chie Nakashima 4 giorni fa
Ha! I ate samgyupsal before watching this. Hunger strike no mooo
The KPOPgurl
The KPOPgurl 5 giorni fa
That’s it I’m going to korea
Calico Jimin Cat
Calico Jimin Cat 5 giorni fa
What's the name of the market you went? I heard the name but can't understand as it doesn't sound like Korea name.
Christina Ly
Christina Ly 5 giorni fa
Everything is ridiculous to Mike
최Boyoung Park
최Boyoung Park 5 giorni fa
I can't remember which video it was you did about DNA test, but the test revealed that your part Korean?
최Boyoung Park
최Boyoung Park 5 giorni fa
I just ate a big meal and this guy made me want to open my refrigerator again!
Vegan Cannibal
Vegan Cannibal 5 giorni fa
Tteobokki is soooo gooood and when you were eating it I was craving it so bad and now I’m starving 😫
Richelle Santos
Richelle Santos 5 giorni fa
- - can you make a list and add it on the description of the names of the food you ate on the video? Please and thank you!
random human
random human 5 giorni fa
Krystal Paige
Krystal Paige 5 giorni fa
People said when they on a diet watching this kind of videos can make them feel “full and satisfy” :) what a f*cking lie🙂🙂🙂 I’m literally feeling hangry right now
GoldenMelody LuvieSone
your like the son of jackie chan
The Beigest of Bricks
I love fish dicks
celestina john
celestina john 6 giorni fa
Now I know wats tasty in BUSAN!! XD
Lia Lia
Lia Lia 6 giorni fa
Strictly dumpling = nonstop eating
Don't Read My Profile Picture
you always make a disappointed face and nod ur head sideways when the food is good
the cynic
the cynic 6 giorni fa
I gotta approve this guy when it comes to eating. Hottoek and icecream combinations is the best combo in terms of desserts on this planet period.
Frances Brooks
Frances Brooks 6 giorni fa
these guys are geniuses!
VIVEKA 6 giorni fa
mochier is my new fav word. never mind mochiesc is good too
SPZ Aruba
SPZ Aruba 6 giorni fa
Oh so hungry, so much love. Legit Korean ramyun, mandu, kimbap, tteokbokki, kalbi, and bulgogi. Life. The fish cakes are a cold weather go to with a cup of the broth. Sigh.
Jang Mi
Jang Mi 6 giorni fa
This video made me HUNGRY! 😭
Kevelyn Hernandez
Kevelyn Hernandez 6 giorni fa
I love your coat. Do you mind sharing the brand or where you got it? Currently searching for a winter coat for hubby.
Gloria Redmon-Booth
That looks amazing! I can't wait to visit Busan later this year.
Rinielle 아리엘 Choi
Your so daddy Material 😍 why?
zaznoba ya
zaznoba ya 6 giorni fa
Джеки ты-ли это?))))))
Royce cristian Canullas
17:16 I'm you right here and my friends are in the back
Gung Ayu
Gung Ayu 6 giorni fa
Suddenly I wanna watch Kungfu Panda, cause of the dumplings 🤤🐼
Hannah Victoria Fang
It tastes so good but it smells so bad 😄😂
Elysia Tan
Elysia Tan 6 giorni fa
I love pork skin and intestines but I’ve only ever had them braised. I’d love to give these a try
Arnold Park
Arnold Park 6 giorni fa
Living my dream life - please keep the vids coming:)
Ongiel XD
Ongiel XD 6 giorni fa
Can someone please tell me which market it is? Thank youu
JM Park
JM Park 7 giorni fa
I regret watching this in the middle of the night ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
more and more i see u, the more u look like Jackie Chan lol.. i dont knw why hahaha..
Q 7 giorni fa
Never knew there was a let's eat street and I'm a Korean lmao, I could literally feel the social pressure and anxiety from having to choose one of the aunties when all of them are waiting for you. Props to you Mike for giving respects and finishing those noodles even if it wasn't your favourite!!
Joshua Han
Joshua Han 7 giorni fa
He's literally eating my favorite Korean street foods. I can't wait to go back to Korea and have some of this.
YRN xcvi
YRN xcvi 7 giorni fa
I have respect for these people grinding makin money selling their delicious food, wish I could try this stuff too, one day when I travel around
Milly Moon
Milly Moon 7 giorni fa
The Korean corn dog is now open in a Los Angeles location in Koreatown!
Lunchlady Steve
Lunchlady Steve 7 giorni fa
I’m not even hungry and my mouth is watering. I need a passport and a plane ticket, pronto.
Christina Chang
Christina Chang 7 giorni fa
Is it just me or did the last food item look like gudetama?
Kurt 7 giorni fa
Finally...An honest food vlogger 😊
rio 210
rio 210 7 giorni fa
Thanksss a loy for the video
H L 7 giorni fa
That pun at 7:33 was brilliant 😂 Awesome video Mike 👏🏻
D H 7 giorni fa
Love your channel! Is this Gwangbokdong market?
Rinh 7 giorni fa
My grandmother lives in Busan, so we visit every time we go there. There's always so much to eat, and I feel like a pig after coming back..cry
LiT PaNdA 7 giorni fa
"Digging through this is like digging for treasure on the beach." Really? Who goes digging on the beach from treasure? I think you're stretching on those descriptive words there.
Imani Culver
Imani Culver 7 giorni fa
I love the part when he ate chitlins
Mary Joy Soriano
Mary Joy Soriano 8 giorni fa
new subscribers here...
Yangki Nonang
Yangki Nonang 8 giorni fa
I love korean food
Noemi Samson
Noemi Samson 8 giorni fa
hahaha i have the same thoughts about taiwan's stinky tofu. "its smells so bad but it taste so good" hahaha
Haikha Love
Haikha Love 8 giorni fa
I really want to go to Korea 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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