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A few months ago we published our 2nd ever documentary. For the promotion of it, we told you that we'd pick one of you who contributed to the documentary and make one of your dreams come true. We found this special subscriber and flew across the world, to make it happen.
Rida’s Instagram is @ridaalbaroudi
A big thank you to Herman Berger for filming this episode @hermanberger
Thanks to Pukka Travels for all the adventures in Tromsø
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We believe that life can be as fulfilling as you wish, so long as you're willing to seek discomfort. And we make videos about it.
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Yes Theory
Yes Theory 7 mesi fa
Don’t miss the new drop! Biggest Collection we’ve ever made. If you need a holiday gift for family, friends or even yourself.. This is a great place to look🤘🙏 www.seekdiscomfort.com
Aashu Dev
Aashu Dev Mese fa
It's very simple to say yess... But the same time it's very difficult to say yess when you don't believe. Thanks Yes Theory.
Gé -
Gé - 4 mesi fa
9:03 how to do that effect especially when making a photo? What is ist name?
vexX 254
vexX 254 6 mesi fa
My dream was to go out of my comfort and visit new york
Jord discover
Jord discover 7 mesi fa
Hi everyone plz visit my channel and support me, Thank you so much guys
Mister Waz
Mister Waz 7 mesi fa
Das be some nice garbage your trying to sell =b hopefully people don't fall for it.
Madalina Mazur
Madalina Mazur Giorno fa
I love Aachen, I went there at Christmas time and it was so beautiful
Hamodeh Ismail
Hamodeh Ismail 2 giorni fa
Fun fact there are less than 1000 dislikes and almost 100k likes just because they pet the dogs
I have the same dream as him and wow he is so luckyyyy
Mahmoud Hamed
Mahmoud Hamed 10 giorni fa
Malev olency
Malev olency 10 giorni fa
we literally have the same dream as a child. huhu cant wait to do this myself
norway king
norway king 11 giorni fa
Petter Ingemarsson
Petter Ingemarsson 12 giorni fa
Super fucking great video! Horrible fucking annoying thumbnail! Keep the first up, reduce the latter! Love you!
Kartik Dedha
Kartik Dedha 12 giorni fa
6 hours and still watching 💓
I Comment
I Comment 15 giorni fa
Instant death 8:29
jezelle 19 giorni fa
Rayburn Neal
Rayburn Neal 20 giorni fa
Mike G
Mike G 20 giorni fa
The whole point in getting in the water, not how you get in the water
Petra Awari
Petra Awari 22 giorni fa
I live in Denmark but i am from syria
Hxtiz 22 giorni fa
كفو عليكم
Farmer Villager
Farmer Villager 23 giorni fa
i smiled the whole video
Grant Arcus
Grant Arcus 24 giorni fa
Wow! Just wow! Thank you Yes Theory!
1stklass 25 giorni fa
If you think your better than someone else in life because your access to oppertunities. Your what's actually wrong with the world.
tayla alien
tayla alien 25 giorni fa
Elise Erickson
I have family in Germany and apparently racism against Syrians runs deep there. Love to all my Syrian brothers and sisters! Stay strong!
Valerie Sanchez
DK Royalty
DK Royalty Mese fa
I love the yes fam 👉👈🥺❤
Joshua Iver Vinson
I hope you can visit here in Philippines and make adventures here
Joshua Iver Vinson
I hope you can visit here in Philippines and make adventures here
Joshua Iver Vinson
I hope you can visit here in Philippines and make adventures here
Guillermo Martinez
dude tryna be avatar korra
Garima Thakur
I literally have tears in my eyes when security people's do this to him On the other hand I m so happy for him all thanks to yes theory u guyz are amazing ❤
Zaw Min Thein
1:57 u just showed your car number
alice p
alice p Mese fa
my dream is to go visit my friend in madrid, we were pencils from the 90s, she came in early 2000 to LA but never agin we write to each other on face book but she is still waiting for me to go. i am a single mom so that has made it harder . she is now in there early 50's and is still waiting for me to go see her her mother also wanted to meet me but sadly she passed away a few years back.
My travel diary
Kindly support a small youtube itvid.net/show-UCAGNlrNpsCTUlJq_y4fx39Q
Penelope Leung
Some people are so ignorant
george price
george price Mese fa
He looks like he could be your guys son. Lol
I R Mese fa
Surprise someone with a glamping Festival experience and surprise them with a group of friends and group of strangers from around the world 🎉🎉😁
I R Mese fa
After Corona 🤞Come To Belgium guys 😁
alli g
alli g Mese fa
Great video😎
Gabrian Oh
Gabrian Oh Mese fa
6:46 Our world has fallen into great deprivation just bc he is from the Middle East and most terrorists activities happen there doesn't mean everyone there us bad. Anyways this is so lit hoped he enjoyed it #YesDream
Faisal Saeed
Faisal Saeed Mese fa
I wonder how many stamped passport they have. 😄 Yes Theory You Are Guys Are Awesome.
alizey Mese fa
That lady at the airport was racist 🙄
Dev prakash Rai
you guys are amazing.. good luck.. stay happy guys..
Mayukh Dutta
Mayukh Dutta Mese fa
i literally got goosebumps for a min when the light came .
Please come to Uganda
Emma Malatesta
U guys are making this world a better place fr
21 Hyper
21 Hyper Mese fa
Als ob die einfach in Deutschland waren loooooool
Gillian Zaldivar
hes beautiful
amira 124
amira 124 Mese fa
I literarily live like 15 min. from Aachen away 😂
TNG Mese fa
What an amazing adventure. And a wonderful thing to do for him. BIG HUGS
sunny bouy
sunny bouy Mese fa
If I had 100 likes I'll give a thounds likes..
Nasrollah Sekandari
Crazy I just discovered this channel today and saw this video. I did a Northern Lights trip to Tromsø last February before the whole world went into quarantine. It was a beautiful experience.
Playing Random Games
That did look awesome. I bed it does look more awesome in real life. My wish? Haha, mine is definitely impossible. My wish, is to emigrate to the USA, and live my life there as a livestreamer. I want to live between the palm trees, with warm weather, with English talkin' people all around me (we talk Dutch here in the Netherlands). And before I can do this, I need to save a lot of money, because emigrating to US will cost you €500.000 up to €1.000.000. So, this will never happen. Sadly, because I feel like USA is my home. My heart lies there. Between the palms, and the English talkin' people. I love US so much, you don't even know. But hey, I can always watch y'alls videos, so I can see USA through your camera's. This will be the closest I will get to US in my whole life. (It's sad)
Playing Random Games
@ella mayo Thanks, appreciate it. I definitely won't give up on the streaming part. I mean, I will continue doin' this obviously :) But I guess the emigrating to USA part will be a dream forever. I mean, I even have a hard time getting a spare €100 a month. How am I getting this times 50.000 lol. Well, we can always use Google maps I guess. Or, maybe my streams will make me so much money one day, then I would make it happen lol. I do want a play button one day. I hope, also a wish.
ella mayo
ella mayo Mese fa
Playing Random Games don’t give up on your dream
Adrian Jantzi
Just discovered Yes Theory last week, do you guys ever do a recap video where those who went on the adventure come back and tell the other guys all about it and all the crazy and amazing stuff that happened? Think it would be fun to hear and see that. Anyway love what you guys do keep it up!
mark morris
mark morris Mese fa
The northern lights filmed by android
FreshFries - jeden Montag fresh
3:38 : Information zu S1 nach Dortmund Hbf. Thats my train I take every day! :D
Sid Gautam
Sid Gautam Mese fa
Imagine having a powerful passport
Malditong Chinito Vlogs
I have a 5 mos yes theories video to catch up.. What the heck with youtube why theres no email
Pascal Brax
Pascal Brax Mese fa
I've been in Tromso, there's no colder place in Earth, probably, but boy such a wonderful show are the northern lights!
Design Mese fa
I’m from Norway and that makes it 10x more fun to watch for me!
Maddie Trower
I teared up more than once
NNGaming Mese fa
Fun fact, that’s Frankfurt airport in Germany.
Michael Menzen
This is now German Eigentum!
Yusuf Abbas
Yusuf Abbas Mese fa
Pls do some 24 hrs survival videos
la co
la co Mese fa
Hallo zusammen!😊 Für alle die Interesse an Philosophie oder tiefsinnigen Diskussionen haben, gründete ich das "Denkerecke" Forum, welches nach den philosophischen Teilgebieten konzipiert ist. Jeder ist willkommen.✌ Durch die Individualität jedes Teilnehmers trägt dieser der Diskussion eine einzigartige sowie unschätzbare Perspektive bei, weshalb ich mich darauf freue, ein jeden von euch beim nächsten tiefsinnigen Ergründen dabei zu haben!😉 👉 www.denkerecke.de/
Anay Rathi
Anay Rathi Mese fa
Hey Aash
Anay Rathi
Anay Rathi Mese fa
Love the content man
Maze07 2 mesi fa
Achilles Perseus Olympus
A great video, guys. I have subscribed your videos because you have managed to produce quality contents. Achilles here from the Philippines.
Annika Lees
Annika Lees 2 mesi fa
This is the MOST wholesome video I’ve ever watched
Rachel Rhodes
Rachel Rhodes 2 mesi fa
I am honestly so happy he was able to see the Northern lights! As someone who studied abroad in Finland and traveled to the arctic circle in hopes of seeing them and not seeing them makes me that much happier for those who do! Amazing story, keep pushing!!
Rida Taha
Rida Taha 2 mesi fa
Everytime they say "Rida" it feels like they're calling me😂
cns881 2 mesi fa
Why don't you guys visit Israel? Everyone over there needs to get along as well and can use your help.
Sjarnato Jar
Sjarnato Jar 2 mesi fa
Fill subscribers dream u mean get paid and do this all for me me me
Tracy Jagerssar
Tracy Jagerssar 2 mesi fa
My biggest dream is to see the northern lights in Norway 😔 this video truly makes me happy.
brm brm
brm brm 2 mesi fa
you are so inspiring 😍😍💕
Bētt on controller
Best 20 minute video ever I,ve seen
GuestArmy 2 mesi fa
Now we can’t even travel a centimeter
Kevin Hasbany Hasbany
لبنان ينتفض 🇱🇧
Mac Boy
Mac Boy 2 mesi fa
you guys just made a masterpiece that can influence millions of others , to get a different perspective from what they have thought about that how our small deeds can influence others so much
Thanos Zr
Thanos Zr 2 mesi fa
Music in the video?
Jeff Pape
Jeff Pape 2 mesi fa
So sorry he was discriminated against at the airport. Much love for my brother.
Plane & hotel Reviews
Good video ( btw guys I am subscribing and liking every video of yours if you subscribe remember I can see) 😀
Rinas Ali
Rinas Ali 2 mesi fa
it's funny as i was scrolling through ITvid and saw this video I'm also Syrian and i live in Germany as well :) i don't give a fu** about those negative people although they are too many.... they don't know what we've been through
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