Traveling to the Happiest Country in the World!!

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What country do you think is the happiest in the world? Well, after hearing from many traveler friends that it might be this small country... I had to go see it for myself. I am personally on a mission to understand the basic parameters of joy and happiness so going on a trip like this was a dream come true...
Where should we travel to next?
Thank you to Bhutan peaceful tours for hosting me
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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Anno fa
Thanks for watching! Despite what you might see in the video, Bhutan was actually quite challenging for me to travel to. The trip was planned very last minute so I didn't have time to do much research, I was still jet-lagged from the 14-hr time difference and the elevation was having weird effects on my headspace. But I pushed through even though filming alone in these conditions makes it so much harder to bring positive energy into it. Sitting down with the ex-Prime Minister and hiking to Tiger's Nest completely changed everything in the end however. I'm on a bit of a personal journey of understanding what the fundamental parameters of joy truly are, so going on a trip like this had quite of a profound effect on me in the end. Hope you got something out of it and looking forward to capturing more of the world's beauty. - Thomas
Shella Ligue
Shella Ligue 16 giorni fa
Sending my support here new support
Milenial tour & travel
Anyone needs visa service for visiting Bali, please contact us 🙏
Favour maggie
Favour maggie 24 giorni fa
Hi,I know its crazy,but I seriously need help traveling abroad for better opportunities in life...am a Nigerian,living in Nigeria...and its crazy over here....🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾...think about it
Bb Bis
Bb Bis 25 giorni fa
I am disappointed that I didn't see any mention of the 100,000 refugees from Bhutan who were displaced within the last 20 years by the government.
Firante's Rides
itvid.net/video/video-8Pim2mrECp0.html Come to Nepal. We share the same experience.
Lucky Banotra
They are happy becox there is no Islam to ruin this beautiful country becox there is Islam to spread terrorism......
rickblackburn 13 ore fa
Why not clearly state that Bhutan imposes a daily fee of between 180-290 USD on tourists?
WorldTravel 14 ore fa
WorldTravel - ITvid
WorldTravel 14 ore fa
WorldTravel - ITvid
Sam Arroyo
Sam Arroyo 19 ore fa
What's the name of the girl dancing in the temple?
Selbii Bhutia
Selbii Bhutia Giorno fa
I was lucky enough to visit taksang and Buddha park 2 times 😊 And still they are inside my heart♥️
Love this video!👍🏻 Greetings from Japan🇯🇵
Sucheta R. Shinganmakki
Beautiful video! very relevant and perfect questions posed to the ex - PM 👏🏻👏🏻👍
Vids Hero By Sir Chogyal
It's great to learn that blindly chasing for money was your takeaway.
Frederik Rosenbom
Im sorry but im pretty sure that finland is the happiest country in the world
my planet
my planet Giorno fa
I want 🔥🔥
Rahul Madraji
Rahul Madraji Giorno fa
Love Bhutan from India .....Love you the people lived there ans we should learn the message what Bhutan want to gave us love all the life love human don't kill innocent animal they are also the part of our nature don't kill them ..Nature loves us it's our necessity to spread love and love man and animal ....that the whole world will be free out from all of so called pain, sorrow ,disease ..Bhagwan sabka vala kare .
Shahbaz Shaikh
Shahbaz Shaikh 2 giorni fa
Just luv lexei!
Nicolas Goldring
Nicolas Goldring 2 giorni fa
The former prime minister of Bhutan has such a peaceful, humanitarian, philosophical, intelligent, and peaceful demeanor. The world truly needs more people like this man.
R S Fabricators
R S Fabricators 2 giorni fa
Tina the dog • 11 Years Ago •
No one mentioning the ex priministers name is spelled "To-b-gay" in the country covered in dicks.
BF ULIN 2 giorni fa
Indonesia hadir
comfortable life
comfortable life 2 giorni fa
Can you please give me an iPhone 12 plese
3 giorni fa
Finland: are you challenging me?
ghaza abdou
ghaza abdou 3 giorni fa
Who am I ?😞 why I exist?😔 What is my destiny?😢 These questions and made the whole world . You will find its solutions or answers only in Islam😃😍😇 The sad people in the universe are so many .. but in Islam you move from happiness to happiness … by mentioning Allah and loving him.😇 😍😇 What is the Islam💎.💖 What are its beliefs? Know the best Religion on earth, the nearest to Mans mind.💎 ❤😍 😇 💎What is the secret beyond Muslims prayers? Why the white man stand beside the block one? The rich man beside the poor one, all together like brothers?💎😍 ❤Allah will help you if you help your brother is one of prohet Mohammad sayings💎😍 😃 life has no meaning withot Islam as it guide you to a permanent purpose💎😍 -------- ❤Prayers are the means to get a psychological health(islamic principle)😍 ------- Do you want a peace of mind? Islam gives it to you as it tells you what you want to know about ur first & second life💎😍 *❤ Islam is the religion of equality .❤😍 ❤Let the sun of Islam shine in your heart💎😍 💎Islam is a religion of mercy that does not permit terrorism❤💖😍 💎Islam rejects certain indivisuals or nations being favored because of their wealth,power or race, but they are favored on basis of faith and piety💜😍 💖 💎A Muslim woman is flower that does not flag❤😍 💎Prophet Mohammed is a good example of the trustee, just,merciful,compassionate,honest and brave Muslim💖
Travel 3 giorni fa
Travel 3 giorni fa
Anuj Nyati
Anuj Nyati 3 giorni fa
I didn't knew this! Love to Bhutan! 🇧🇹
DaRk ViBe
DaRk ViBe 4 giorni fa
മലയാളി ഡാ 💪
Xhotey 4 giorni fa
Yeah we nepalese love buddhist all over the world because LORD Buddha was born in Nepal ♥️♥️
Mitali Baxi
Mitali Baxi 4 giorni fa
Super work... Cool concepts in a sensible way👍 (Thomas Brag looks like Ryan Gosling , doesn't he?😀)
entertainer Deepika Sharma.
AMUSAF CHANNEL 5 giorni fa
interesting trip about Bhutan. when do you want to travel to remote areas?
Litratistang Promdi
Amazing vlog, Buthan is an interesting country to visit after this pandemic. Thanks for this video Yes Theory! 👌
Near Future 🏍️🏍️
Watching after a year
NUSG 6 giorni fa
someday I will step on this place, after I am successful
Mohamed Elfar
Mohamed Elfar 6 giorni fa
I hope you will visit Egypt and I will take you for a tour around Egypt and you will see things that you have not seen with me .. Mohamed Elfar, an archaeologist
Optimistic Guy•
Optimistic Guy• 7 giorni fa
Lots of love for all Bhutanese from INDIA 🇮🇳
Dzaky Arya Channel
Dzaky Arya Channel 7 giorni fa
Nice video Broo🎉👍
T - Anas
T - Anas 7 giorni fa
hey I'm thinking about travel the whole world and now I'm so confused how I'm going to do it when I'm going to start, I want to started from my country and sometime I feel like it's so hard but I'm just need to start I'm pushing myself hard to start the first step and I wish that am going to find success on the end off my trip🙏🙏
1.B.D status
1.B.D status 7 giorni fa
Helo i am very poor😥 i dont have job to handle my family😭 i work on ITvid but no a good reponse😟 youthink i am worse thank other😭😭🙏😭😭""""""
NIKI 7 giorni fa
i had a friend from there some years ago she said that as a women she still ran into policing women modesty and that the monarchy still brings issues this channel is very masculine, u concur foreign countries and exhaotisize them
KB Travels
KB Travels 8 giorni fa
Love it
Leomasa Walking Traveler【Japan Travel Guide】
I couldn't go on a trip so I enjoyed it very much! I also post videos of walking around Japan ✨ Let's do our best to post videos to each other!👨‍🦰
Love and peace
Love and peace 9 giorni fa
Lankawe Kauruhari balanawanam,therum ganna. Me thama Atha Bauddayo. Api mokkuda? Adarshayak ganin. Ealaga Bhutanya lankawa karamu..
jabran khan
jabran khan 9 giorni fa
Prime Minister won my heart ❤️
Augustus Ceasar
Augustus Ceasar 9 giorni fa
IF BUTAN'S KING'S RULED THE WORLD........................................:)
Augustus Ceasar
Augustus Ceasar 9 giorni fa
Augustus Ceasar
Augustus Ceasar 9 giorni fa
I do feel better after stopping MSN and Face Book
Shraddha Bose
Shraddha Bose 9 giorni fa
Very nice 👍 sharing my experience of solo travel itvid.net/video/video-BlYePOsrXxU.html
RishiLogs 10 giorni fa
Wowwww The level of your vlog I am out of words Your are just amazing Learning alot from yaa! Thank you sir!
Ryan Jay Lam
Ryan Jay Lam 10 giorni fa
05:43 hehe when you realized that oops maybe not a good idea hehe
Shaina Bansal
Shaina Bansal 11 giorni fa
Wow.. Bhutan is such an incredible. Country and yes truly with such wonderful leaders. I wish the world learns from this beautiful nation. Surreal to watch .really looking forward to visit bhutan some day ❤❤
Puthekseth Relaxing Music
It’s really good video. Thank you for sharing. 💖💖
TFHH 12 giorni fa
I love that the tour guide was just so chill... not subservient. Just like a friend
Sil 12 giorni fa
saying “yes” to living harmoniously with nature and each other, is saying “yes” to happiness, surely.
Majibar Academy
Majibar Academy 12 giorni fa
I'm glad to hear your words. Your speak very well which is very easy to understand. Thanks a lot
Jun tv Vlog
Jun tv Vlog 12 giorni fa
Sending my full support
JENDEL ABARCA 13 giorni fa
i thought that the happiest country was Philippines
Roman Imel
Roman Imel 13 giorni fa
I say this every time I would love to travel with you guys
Rechard Khan
Rechard Khan 13 giorni fa
Almost every video you guys do is soo touching and bring tears to my eyes, where you meet random people and hear their stories. It's what traveling is all about meeting people,sharing the love and understanding their way of living. Enjoying it all!
boii8cs 13 giorni fa
Watching Thomas and YES theory helps me fight depression.. god’s blessing to me ♥️♥️
v-kastike 13 giorni fa
Marmara 13 giorni fa
Thomas seems like a bad boy with a good soul! Would love to visit this place someday. Thank you, Yes Theory!
Pema Wangchuk
Pema Wangchuk 14 giorni fa
Thanks for exploring small Himalayan kingdom-Bhutan.
Sinan AĞAOĞLU 14 giorni fa
.......itvid.net/video/video-scJGPcN3tBM.html istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world......
Rick Baldwin
Rick Baldwin 14 giorni fa
Where do they get all the money for these wonderful services-Foreign Aid?
Rick Baldwin
Rick Baldwin 14 giorni fa
India which runs its foreign affairs had very stringent requirements to visit it. I guess it still has them.
joel mixed channel
joel mixed channel 15 giorni fa
Wow I like to travel around the world it's awesome
William's Frederick
William's Frederick 15 giorni fa
I made so much experience and financial stability trading with @joe.mancraft on Instagram
Witnessdomaining 15 giorni fa
So happy for what you are doing to help all those in need and for bringing such a good vibe all round. The armbands were beautiful, and were much appreciated by the two friends I decided to gift them to. Much love to everyone!
Jennifer Perdomo
Jennifer Perdomo 15 giorni fa
Now we know why it’s the happiest place on earth lol
Angel Bous
Angel Bous 15 giorni fa
sahara shop
sahara shop 16 giorni fa
Hello my friend, how are you? Fine, please would you allow me to translate this video and publish it on my channel, and thank you my friend
Mohit Ranadive
Mohit Ranadive 16 giorni fa
So you're telling me nearly 1.9K people have disliked THIS video ? How ? Why ? Please enlighten me, you dislikers.
Orgiano Sexus
Orgiano Sexus 17 giorni fa
I was so happy to watch this. You guys have made my day. 🙏
WE LOVE PARENTS 17 giorni fa
Hi Sir I am requesting for work with yourself as a job.please teach us for any field of life for earning.
Chan A Hung Orvin
Chan A Hung Orvin 18 giorni fa
MrVirak KH
MrVirak KH 18 giorni fa
I’m so look happy
Sparsh Thakur
Sparsh Thakur 18 giorni fa
Just wow
celebrity snaps
celebrity snaps 19 giorni fa
thankyou so much yes theory for this amazing video. You know i was goin thrugh a rough times these days and i was thinking negative thoughts about myself why the bad hings are only happwning with me, thinking why i a m so unlucky and becoming anxious all the time, but after watching yur video i suddenly reralized that no i am so lucky because i have also got the golden opportunity to go to this place and explore the spiritual moment in this monastery, I completely had forgotten how lucky i am to been to this place and i must say the peopel of this country is really hospitable and it is for sure one of the best and peceful place that i have been so far. Thankyou so much for reminding:))
F2er.2 1
F2er.2 1 19 giorni fa
عجبني الفلوق💗
Abandoned Adventures
"If u haunt this house then you're gay"
fexjoTV 19 giorni fa
i love the place thanks for sharing
Olga Maceo
Olga Maceo 20 giorni fa
Wow 😲 I was blown away also with this video ..
Sunni Queen
Sunni Queen 20 giorni fa
I wanna be on Yes Theory's team when I grow up..... no really though :) :) :)
Marry Reddd
Marry Reddd 20 giorni fa
I took the risk dealing with Austin to be in charge of my trade and finally end up with perfect testimony.his platform is amazing and very straightforward!!
Marry Reddd
Marry Reddd 20 giorni fa
+:1:8:3:3:7:7:5:0:7:0:7;W/h/a/t/s/A/p/p/ / A/U/s/t/In/
dessie#29 vlog
dessie#29 vlog 20 giorni fa
Nice vd
Ivanneth Suyin
Ivanneth Suyin 21 giorno fa
If Seth from Superbad was a town
ZULFINES 21 giorno fa
Nice country
cimo gamming
cimo gamming 21 giorno fa
Visit on Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵
Natalie Kingsford
Natalie Kingsford 22 giorni fa
The reason I don't subscribe to your channel is because I don't want to see dating videos or you giving away large sums of cash. Give money to those who REALLY need it. I love when your team explores new places, takes risks, tried something new. I don't want to see your love life or wealth. Seek ADVENTURE!
Shane Louis
Shane Louis 22 giorni fa
so wholesome how the tour guide was so grateful to meet the ex prime minister
adeline kam
adeline kam 23 giorni fa
Thanks, this brings back so many happy memories of my trip to Bhutan two years ago. We travelled from east to west and managed to attend one of their famous festivals. What I remember most about the trip is the warm, caring hospitality of a calm, contented and spiritual nation. Besides the incredible scenery, of course. Near the temple of the ‘mad monk’ the penis is a symbol of fertility.
fail master
fail master 23 giorni fa
Mr beast lead me here and thanks to him I love this channel now..
Tony Castro
Tony Castro 24 giorni fa
My goal is to complete a full IRONMAN event this year at 62 years old, but unfortunately I have two Titanium knees, it’s never been done before and I will be the first, I’m signed up for the 2021 California inaugural Sacramento IRONMAN Oct 24th, can you help make my dream come true?
Kongmy CHANTHAVONG 25 giorni fa
Rekha Puniya
Rekha Puniya 25 giorni fa
Vansh Pardeshi
Vansh Pardeshi 26 giorni fa
hello people anyone want to be friend of mine, I am from India🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️😎
Prem Punjabi
Prem Punjabi 26 giorni fa
Loved it how you present it
Jmbj 26 giorni fa
Yash Xd
Yash Xd 26 giorni fa
Mann. I cried.
Banking Solution Bangladesh
Nice vlog.
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