Trip Advisor (Official Music Video)

Oya Paya
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Illustrated by Stella Foster
Edited by Oya Paya
Music & Lyrics by Oya Paya
Produced by Oya Paya

I'm sitting here all on my own
Looking at the screen full of microphones;
Watching every day to get in my zone
I don't need your bong, the music is my home
Greetings enter into the spice night and fright delight
The altercation and modification of what you know as light
The temperature is light, just like our heads feel as high as a kite
Every noise entering our ears become our friends and we be like....
Searching for the answers inside the curvature of the wall
Looking inside the mirror and not recognising the vessel containing our souls
It scared me, twisted me, tortured me, killed me, resurrected me, confused me, gave me an epiphany and NOW..
I'm a cloud floating in the horizon
Looking for rain and for lighting
I won't be aiming for no one
Just trying to make you feel frightened
So you can't sleep in the night
When you've been bad with karma
Bullying kids on the farm
Harming the neighbours daughter
Almost slaughter, called it torture
Now I'm here with paranoia
Making you face the psycho trauma
Making you see that your the monster
Breaking the rules and the kids that got caught
Not giving a damn for all that they've fought
Let's give him a chance but they have forgot
He was given the tools to become a star
Too much of history lies in his scars
Nobody been flinching since the very start
But please don't be alarmed.. this isn't as real as I thought it was
The room was totally normal
The colours we're clear not mangled
The atmosphere was casual
And we we're just three and not a thousand
We were sitting and talking, the Trip Advisor was lurking
He helped us solve some puzzles, dissapeared
And then we were back again!
Floating over the worlds emotion
Filled traffic of love doubt and panic
This time I'm totally static
No more crazy geriatrics
Cos' that is it, I have had it
Bury the sins in the casket
But this hallucinogenic has made my waves to dependent
Of the sins I can't live with, I guess I better repent
Because my dreams are too livid
And they keep coming and coming
So fasten your belt don't be running
This Spice is so Hot
It keeps me burning and burning
I'm sitting here all on my own
Looking at the screen full of microphones;
Watching every day to get in my zone
I don't need your bong, the music is my home

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cris07tiano 2 mesi fa
Love you guys x
Oya Paya
Oya Paya 2 mesi fa
love you back
diana miranda
This song needs more attention...
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