Tropical storm barrels toward Florida l ABC News

ABC News
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The storm is expected to bring high winds, heavy rain and possible flooding as it takes aim at the Gulf Coast.
#ABCNews #Florida #TropicalStormNestor

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18 ott 2019




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Commenti 80
Th3 3Nl1T3nEr
Th3 3Nl1T3nEr 8 mesi fa
Can someone give me the damn name of this thing!
Q Co
Q Co 8 mesi fa
A sedan with man stealing from B . Gagnes, Sei,,C.
Shod da. Goat
Shod da. Goat 8 mesi fa
Ga to know
I'm Grateful
I'm Grateful 8 mesi fa
Why does this say at 3 p.m. on Oct. 22 that this video was posted two hours ago when it actually occurred on Oct. 18? Does ABC need views so badly that they post a story almost a week old and make viewers think that a new storm is brewing...a storm which was hyped big time by the media but was nothing more than an afternoon walk for the people of Florida. In fact, that's exactly what I did as the storm center passed through my area..
misolou fout
misolou fout 8 mesi fa
This potential cyclone was named Nestor & it took a similar track of Hurricane Michael in 2018.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 8 mesi fa
This potential cyclone was named Nestor & it took a similar track of Hurricane Michael in 2018.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 8 mesi fa
“Florida man destroys tornadoes while holding an UNO reverse card”
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 8 mesi fa
“Florida man destroys tornadoes while holding an UNO reverse card”
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 8 mesi fa
Trump's probably going to claim that Michigan was hit by this one.. the fucking idiot.
PsiSound 8 mesi fa
Why is this making nationwide? This is normal for Florida.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 8 mesi fa
Who’s in charge of naming these storms/ hurricanes?
Xyrius D
Xyrius D 8 mesi fa
they always make tropical storms seem like the world might end. Then it turns out to be just like any other rainy day. If it even rains at all that is.... we know better.
CheetoThief 8 mesi fa
Overhyped crap just like the hurricane nothing’s gonna happen, no one cares lol
Nostrodumbass Studio 8
Honestly no-one cares anymore about tropical storms. They happen every year. Same season. Move on.
Ask to seduce Miss
Aww means rain from Texas maybe
Blaagnarth The Destoyer
Good fuck Florida
Ask to seduce Miss
God 🙌 I hope it wipes Florida out
Allbrick 8 mesi fa
This could possibly be Fake News Since it is MSM network!
CJ 8 mesi fa
“Florida man destroys tornadoes while holding an UNO reverse card”
Francis Herrera
Francis Herrera 8 mesi fa
That ugly and trifling playskool looking studio. Who at ABCDEF News approved that vertigo inducing piece of claptrap?
iPhamous X
iPhamous X 8 mesi fa
Rip Florida
Gtfoh 8 mesi fa
I wish they stop using harrp
Your Average Trump Supporter
Good. Fuck you Florida!
wheelitzr2 8 mesi fa
Who wants to take bets on How long it takes till trump makes this storm about him?
SMALLxTOWN OC 8 mesi fa
Fuck florida.. Nobody cares.
DaKermitFrog 8 mesi fa
Trump's probably going to claim that Michigan was hit by this one.. the fucking idiot.
DaKermitFrog 8 mesi fa
@J K you feel good about yourself? Having to flip out like that on a pretty obvious joke where trump claimed Alabama was " all in intensive purposes " hit by the hurricane. Idiot.
J K 8 mesi fa
DaKermitFrog You feel good about yourself? Go walk into traffic now
WoolenPegasus 49
Who’s in charge of naming these storms/ hurricanes?
I I 8 mesi fa
Bob who works as a storm watcher.
Garry GrapeNuts
Garry GrapeNuts 8 mesi fa
Bruh mike tyson is a weatherman
Crev 8 mesi fa
Floridians got it under control
Jae 8 mesi fa
We ain’t scared of no damn storm
James Volk
James Volk 8 mesi fa
God 🙌 I hope it wipes Florida out
Ricky Pasket Official
Aww means rain from Texas maybe
Connor Mondello
Connor Mondello 8 mesi fa
This potential cyclone was named Nestor & it took a similar track of Hurricane Michael in 2018.
Greg The Egg
Greg The Egg 8 mesi fa
I’m 99% sure it’s called karen
Brian Roman
Brian Roman 8 mesi fa
John Griffith
John Griffith 8 mesi fa
I hope it demolishes doral
John Ciaccio
John Ciaccio 8 mesi fa
Surprised they didn't show a hurricane and pass off another fake news scene.
17ballislife 8 mesi fa
I hate living in Florida so much fuck this place
MIMIC8801 8 mesi fa
I live in Tallahassee. Nothing happened.
I was recently told that we're all going to die one day.
Oh brother 😒
Abi Rose
Abi Rose 8 mesi fa
Why nobody talking about that mans haircut. Shit looks niceeeee
Toasty Jam
Toasty Jam 8 mesi fa
Florida: is threatened with another hurricane* Florida Man: ah shit, here we go again.
jacktheripped 8 mesi fa
As I am from the West and plan on a move to Pensacola and live on an old yacht the patterns of hurricanes and how to escape them is of prime importance. I think that by being ready to bug out when necessary it shouldn't be too bad....I think....
Flip Ya
Flip Ya 8 mesi fa
Fire George!
Johnnie Lewis Clark The 3
ITvid Jay Skreetz please he has cancer ♎️
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump 8 mesi fa
Probably hitting Alabama!!
mike mun
mike mun 8 mesi fa
Thank god it not in Miami
DarkStoneCastle 8 mesi fa
ABC is fake news. Don't trust 'em.
MISTER NEAL 8 mesi fa
They projected Weather Forecasting to the next level . Now the Meterologest can interact with what's going on. Before 2020 this is the only Channel is doing this. WOW
BunnyCentauri 8 mesi fa
hey ginger
siri H
siri H 8 mesi fa
Ok Ginger
Mollyinmylean 8 mesi fa
Florida and Carolinas could care less about storms until they’re cat 4
I I 8 mesi fa
@Mollyinmylean man I'm in south florida in the Miami beach, move not 1 inch from my home.
Mollyinmylean 8 mesi fa
I I true 😂 I’m in Charleston we never leave
I I 8 mesi fa
Cat 5 or 6* We'd still wouldn't care for cat 4
WideAwakeism 8 mesi fa
Furrax1337 8 mesi fa
i hope it nukes that fubar'd state
Brian R. 1965
Brian R. 1965 8 mesi fa
Can anyone be more irritating
The Hate Comment
a nigga named nester gon fuck yall up🤦‍♂️
dem Bois brainless
Stfu been tru alot more
The MASHH Life
The MASHH Life 8 mesi fa
If it wasn't for this trending I would of never even know lol. Im just think "o good, its gonna rain cuz my grass is looking dry".
MontalbanJR 8 mesi fa
Don’t believe the hype.
Benjamin Henjamin
Gabriel Sosa
Gabriel Sosa 8 mesi fa
Ever since the hurricane graphics went viral 3 years ago they think they can get there ratings back up if they keep useing them for every weather update
Oofer_ Gang
Oofer_ Gang 8 mesi fa
I just got back from Florida lol
Iexpedite1 8 mesi fa
Watch out Alabama it’s coming your way.
CallMeGodly 8 mesi fa
Controlled weather stay woke
Stephen 8 mesi fa
When isnt there a storm heading towards florida honestly
Robert Moore
Robert Moore 8 mesi fa
In other news, the sky is still blue
Filthy N'Wah
Filthy N'Wah 8 mesi fa
The news overhypes everything for clicks.
Rebel Lucy
Rebel Lucy 8 mesi fa
ABC news is FAKE News. Zero credibility. Just last week they got caught altering fake footage of a Syrian military exchange. The video was from a Kentucky event. NEVER trust ABC news. They are nothing but a Propaganda network.
fukojoshi 8 mesi fa
I can see why Florida is always a target iykwim no just kidding-
Jumpman 8 mesi fa
Florida Man: Ah shit, here we go again.
David King
David King 8 mesi fa
Real Florida man: we could use the rain!
Daniel H
Daniel H 8 mesi fa
Before myself, honorable magistrate John D Chambers of the superior court of California, with the power vested in me by the people of California hereby commands that the the office of the sheriff of Los Angeles County and to any peace officer of the state of California is ordered and commanded to execute the writ of arrest for Matthew Mottle, born the third day of august in the year 1979, for Probable Cause exist for the charge of PC 187 murder in the 2nd degree wherever he may be found and brought forthwill before me to be dealt with in accordance with the penal authorities of the great state of California pursuant to CCP 1993.
ChrissyJ 8 mesi fa
Weather: More wind and rain Floridians: Yay more bricks of cocaine
Braylon R
Braylon R 8 mesi fa
nothing will kill the Florida Man
Shamir Qureshi
Shamir Qureshi 8 mesi fa
3D Graphics. Very cool.
Aaliyah Dubose
Aaliyah Dubose 8 mesi fa
Ariel Harmony
Ariel Harmony 8 mesi fa
Isn’t it cool how y’all get free information from the weather service and how some company wants to make everyone pay for it? That’s so much fun! Now all our free weather apps will cost 7$ and some places won’t get the same weather warning because they didn’t pay for premium alerts! Because AMERICA
file interrupted !
Dam florida scary
Not it
Not it 8 mesi fa
What else is new?
Xezbeth 8 mesi fa
I bet it's serious this time. For real. Buy water, buy batteries, stimulate the economy you fucks.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 8 mesi fa
#13 on trending
Ask to seduce Miss
I’m for once glad I live across the states from Florida.
Dang, Floridians can’t get a break. Pennsylvanians haven’t had a big storm since Sandy except a few tornado watches and warnings.
Mark 17
Mark 17 8 mesi fa
AwkwardRainbowPotato this isn’t a hurricane it’s a tropical storm....all it is is rain and maybe strong wind..nothing serious, not the end of the world 😑
Joe E Dude all of the hurricanes that have happened this year and the past few years.
Joe E
Joe E 8 mesi fa
Cant get a break from what?
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