Trying to FIX : Faulty Apple Keyboard Model A1243 purchased on eBay

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Hi, this 'trying to fix' video shows me attempting to fix a faulty Apple keyboard purchased from eBay. The fault is that the majority of the keys are not working,
Remember that this is just for entertainment and I am not an expert in these repairs. The processes in the video may not be the best way, the correct way or the safest way to fix these things.
I do love fault finding and trying to fix broken things so I hope that comes across in this 'Trying to FIX' series.
Many thanks, Vince.




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Commenti 80
King George Fnaf
King George Fnaf 2 giorni fa
I have the same problem on my normal keyboard
aidan johnson
aidan johnson 11 giorni fa
Why is he in a bathroom
Dimi 13 giorni fa
If you would have used a drill press with the correct drill height you could have drilled out those welds way faster and accurate.
OneJobYouAsianKid 19 giorni fa
Steve Jobs founded Apple as a joke.. 1 April 1976
dave powell
dave powell 25 giorni fa
Classic apple! Making things that aren't servicable just so you have to buy another hence apple making even more money! Greedy bastards
Dylan Durdle
Dylan Durdle 26 giorni fa
It’s always fun when you start with something partially working and up with completely dead
DOOD Land 27 giorni fa
Ummmmmmmmmmm Today was my last week to get back from my house today and today I’m in a good time and I’m going back down to the next few years to finish up and get ready and then I’m in my house
Mehmet Furkan Öztürk
i have same product only left arrow key is not working i dont want to crack it open i hope i am able to fix it
Fran Riding
Fran Riding Mese fa
Apples usp is to try them unfixable. I'm surprised they dont booby trap them when try to open them up.
Celine Dionkey
29:50 Looks like the keyboard face is talking lol xD
GreekWiz Mese fa
@ 24:38 I thought that was going to work... I look at time remaining, and see 30 more minutes.... nope.. saw that coming...LOL Love your videos man, I am ordering up a soldering station cause I started watching your videos, I love tinkering and taking things apart as well, just to see how it works. Used to do it when I was young, turning 50 and I need a new hobby anyways.
Ginger Ram Rod
Hi vince. I really need help with my iPad 4th gen.. would make a great vid for your ITvid channel (reparable or not)
Andreas M Delta
Hi Vince, I hope you are fine. Did you take some days off? Greetings from Germany.
Paul in Ireland
Vince where's the videos? I'm experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms... I need my FIX 😅🤣😂
Rajvinder Manku
Hope you are all good vince not seen any new videos lately.
Simon Sypula
Simon Sypula Mese fa
I love Apple iPod iPhone and iPad
Simon Sypula
Simon Sypula Mese fa
Can you do more fixing videos😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😪😪😪😏😓😓😓😓😓😪🙆🙇😻🙇🙇👵👵💩💏👴👨👩🙈👥💑💪💇🎅💅💀👾👳👽👯💇💕💕💓💋💋💔👣💔👎👎👍💟💗💚👎💚💖👐
Moby Dave
Moby Dave Mese fa
So I was playing legends of Zelda on my Nintendo switch and when I took it off because their was a error I put it back in and it could not read I did not know what to do I looked inside where you put the game and everything was ruined I do not know how it happened but please make a video on that or maybe something related to what I was saying I really need to play the game
mister kluge
mister kluge Mese fa
I've been using one of these for many years, and it is a really nice keyboard, and easy to clean.
Hi Vince Can you make a video on how to use a capture card on a switch lite
Ben Dowle
Ben Dowle Mese fa
Ben's is a xboox?
Invenisso Mese fa
Hi. That small laptop you are using to check keyboard at bathroom - what is it? What's the model?
dicer31 Mese fa
Apple Inc : Adding to landfill since 1976.
Andy Fairman
Andy Fairman Mese fa
Good video Vince. The tracks on the membrane under the keys are very thin and can go bad with age or contamination. Sometimes it's obvious because they go a dark color as you saw. I've repaired older keyboards with broken tracks on the membrane by using a "circuit writer" pen, which is just a conductive ink. First I would take apart the keyboard and wash all the plastic parts and membranes in the bath tub and lay them out to dry on towels. My experience is with older keyboards which are much easier to take apart but these apple keyboards are obviously much more difficult...
Tinter Sniffer
apple are scumbags. Just want your money. They do this on purpose. This could be easily designed with screws so you could repair it.
Baron Gaming
Baron Gaming Mese fa
i had the same keyboard myself , same exact issue , friend of mine had one same exact issue & neither of them ever got wet , my £10 cheapo keyboard for emergencies ? , still rocking strong after 10 years , the lesson here , like so many things in this world , Apple stuff is pretty on the outside, but inside a rotting pile of overpriced , low quality A**
mike spikeey
mike spikeey Mese fa
Richard Lawton
Mine went faulty but the solution was using a short usb extension cable. Have no idea why it worked but it did.
Kevin Humphrey
Hey Vince I have a logitech headset that worked great for the longest time, and now the one side doesnt work unless you wiggle the switch. If you want I can ship it to you and you can try and figure it out. I dont think it's just the switch because power remains on. And the other speaker works I also found if i give it a thud on that side it works at a different volume
Kevin Humphrey
It's a pc headset wireless. Logitech G933. I dont need it anymore I just went out and bought a new one.
Futarama Zoidberg
Hey Vince, do ye live in the UK? whats it like there?
Futarama Zoidberg
@mister kluge oof, I feel bad for the ol uk
mister kluge
mister kluge Mese fa
britain is screwed atm, trumpism under a different name. hope they find their way back
To the MAX !
To the MAX ! Mese fa
Model A1243? C'mon apple, why not A1234? Damn that's infuriating me
res1492 Mese fa
I know this keyboard is way past saving but you can repair those traces with "car rear heater window Paint"...it has silver particles/dust suspended in an adhesive... I used to fix keyboards with water damage it all the time maybe 15 years ago...not mac ones though www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B015HJL0VQ
technixbul Mese fa
The layout for buttons is like chessboard matrix. For example if you want the fist button on a row A on the first column 1 - you connect A on first connector and 1 on the second and so on. So for standart classic keyboard you should have 104 keys which is (it could be 8x13 which is exately 104 keys) 10x11 matrix (for 110 keys with 6 unused/reserved) e. g. from A-J for rows and 1-11 for columns. If you want 3 button on the 5 row you connect E with 3. On the flex board they can be layed out differently but the mapping will be the same. So you can make somekind of DIY device from leftovers ;) You can even wire your own unique keyboard from buttons or rubber tacktile switches and wires and even put LED backlight on its USB cable on +5V line :D
DJ KRIME Mese fa
Hi Vince how can I contact you as have an item for you to make a video on?
Michael Martinez
I would recommend using a shop vac to suck out the water. An to suck out any additional debris. Then use the hair dryer.
Peter Brandt
Peter Brandt Mese fa
Imo, they're not well made. They are made to end up on the landfill. All these glued, clipped devices, built in a way that makes them unrepairable are a disgrace. Irresponsible in a economical and ecological way. I appreciate your efforts nonetheless.
nicoful Mese fa
This is a new level of insanity, very inspirational!
MC Mese fa
It's made by Apple best bet is to just hit it with a hammer.
borgred Mese fa
typical Apple product made to make you purchase another,good vid though
mathyooo Mese fa
Washing mine worked because I had the patience enough to wait for mine to dry out properly when it didn’t work after just blowing with hot air. . Just sayin.
Jamie Paget
Jamie Paget Mese fa
Nothing is ever easy with Apple. Never owned anything they make, and I never will. So many better products around, than theirs, and much more usable, more value for money, and much easier to service. There will always be the magpies though, who just have to have the shiny............
MirceaD28 Mese fa
Bad designed keyboard.
jason adams
jason adams Mese fa
apple products are made to break
james42519 Mese fa
if you get something wet you need to let it dry for a few days if you can't get it apart to do it. water don't kill stuff. electric added to wet stuff does.what made you think spot welds? i never seen them ever in electronics. i would have thought they were solder and desolder them.
Just when you think Vince is learning stuff he wets a keyboard then uses it straight away. if your going to do this use alcohol or dunk it in alcohol after.
Spetsnaz 101
Spetsnaz 101 Mese fa
Used to be an apple fan, not any more. This is rediculous.
Hi Mese fa
Someone has gone out of their way to design this keyboard to not be serviceable. I spilt coke on my keyboard once and it gunked up my "C" key. It no longer worked. I was able to take the keyboard apart and switch the "C" key with the "Page Up" key within 15 minutes. In around 30 minutes the keyboard was back in service with a broken unused key and a more careful user.
szahm1968 Mese fa
Nice video as always Vince. I always get a bit of education and entertainment watching your videos. One thing that I was curious to see was the "spot welds" on the back plate. They kind of looked like solder blobs to me and got me wondering if they could be de-soldered. Might be something to look at when your other two arrive. Although, thinking about it as I type, I'm not sure if the heat would destroy the membrane. :-)
WINDOWS 10.1 Mese fa
Lol €5 keyboard but with the Apple logo €100.
Marcus Kobel
Marcus Kobel Mese fa
This is just another reason why I don’t by Apple products.
Jason J
Jason J Mese fa
Even Vince falling for the perceived quality of these Apply products. Come on mate you need to look beyond the shiny. I'd rather buy Acer, at least they're serviceable.
Operational 117
Welcome to the dark world of Apple-products, where 99% of the products are non-repairable.
Hayden's JBL'sツ
Hi, I'm in about jbl speakers, they are really cool and I want to see if you can fix one I found on ebay, here is the link if you want to check it out! www.ebay.com/itm/274254144245
Fifury161 Mese fa
58:30 - of course it can be made with a circuit board, you could even make it out of Californium, however it's all about the price point. It's expensive to make a thin keyboard with full travel mechanical keys, expensive to make low profile keyboards as well. You can make keyboards very cheaply, but you have to make a few compromises...
Dave Davidson
If the controller board still worked and you wanted to waste loads of time you could wire up mechanical keys based on its matrix.
RKM-Amusements Netherlands
A former company I worked for would put these part in a ultrasonic bath with a oxide solution for 10-15 minutes then put these in a oven for 45 minutes on 30C-45 C It worked in ca 70% , if the USB ports don't work in the beginning there is more wrong with it Maybe it could help one, but if you don't own a huge ultrasonic cleaner you can find a way to make one with a bin and a Sander😉 maybe it can help someone
Egactly Mese fa
Hi Vince my Xbox controller just died. I'm going to buy a new one but I thought I'd ask if you want me to send you this broken one as it will be a interesting fix for a video It won't turn on via USB connector but it'll turn of for a second or less with just batterys. It will turn on and stay on ONLY if you have batteries and a usb plugged into the controller (but) the batteries do get rather hot. It did have a slight burnt smell from it after it got hot. Worked fine yesterday but it's not having it today. My Facebook is Shane irle
Jason T
Jason T Mese fa
The way Apple make things really is filth isn’t it!
roadwarrior max
nice probes :) snap :)
Olmo Kobie
Olmo Kobie Mese fa
Good job!
Paul Tasker
Paul Tasker Mese fa
Same design as a cheap laptop inside. Very little travel. They fitted something like this to MacBook and it got slated. Not worth the money.
PitManNCB Mese fa
i like the model number, some one must say you can not call it 1234
i think people using a wet wip to wip down the apple keyboard is an issue mine packed up i repla ed it and now i have a silicon cover over thekeys i can was that at the board staays good as new
Sean The Bus
Sean The Bus Mese fa
Blimey! Last time I saw that many layers, I was peeling an onion! Surely with that many layers they could find some way of waterproofing the keyboard. Unlucky on this one, you were always going to be up against it, still a good informative video, hope you don't face the same problems with the other 2! Keep up the good work Vince!
James McNeil
James McNeil Mese fa
it's such a shame because apple where actually a brilliant system for mistakes back in the apple 2 days. they used to have a drain in the keyboard just in case you spilled something that would allow liquid to just run back out and minimise the damage, modern apple have such great ideas as a high voltage line right next to a CPU data line so if there's a slight fault or ark, then the CPU fries, they are not worth the money anymore
MorDreadful Mese fa
The reason the keyboard didn't work at 25:29 was you can hear it disconnect, it makes the USB/hardware disconnect sound. Once when you connect it, then 2 seconds later the other one saying hardware removed. That then tells you it is something other than the keys and on the main board of the keyboard potentially. At 27:30 the usb ports will work regardless because the main chip, that you identified as warm will be the keyboard, the usb sockets will not be running through there so no need for the firmware etc. for the keyboard itself. They would effectively be a different circuit. Again at 34:00 you plug in and hardware attached sound then hardware removed sound. So twice now, you have had the hardware removed sound thus no input as the keyboard needs to be connected (hardware removed sound is a huge clue), that coupled with the power to the ports, means power is flowing, thus, I would be looking more to the firmware side of things meaning potentially the main chip failing due to the first time (huge clue) where only certain keys were working. Go back and listen again carefully and you will realise, if the keyboard has been detected then dropped, then as soon as it is dropped then it effectively has NOT been connected. If it isn't connected, then no keys will work on any keyboard due to no power. Now, it might not be a main chip issue but definitely the laptop or computer making that disconnected sound means it isn't going to work regardless, even if it were brand new. Unfortunately you missed it by talking over this important sound. Keep device manager open when you do this and then expand the keyboards section and this way you should see it connect and disconnect when trouble shooting. Now with these clues, warm chip, Hardware connect and disconnect sound, some letters working to start then complete failure. I suspect the main chip was failing to be honest and maybe replacing that would have solved it. Certainly the main circuit board is where I would have concentrated and due to other capacitors being ok, again I double down on that one main chip.
Jochen Würfel
Michael Kane
Michael Kane Mese fa
Very interesting Vince, enjoyed that. Glad to see you have a Dyson Hairdryer lol. Bought the other half one for Christmas, near broke the bank lol. Keep up the good work. Mick 👍🍻
2bad83 Mese fa
keyboards are not really worth fixing.. I`ve tried once before and when those tracks go on the membrane it`s not worth fixing even if it`s a apple keyboard.....
Smattless Mese fa
A keyboard is not just a keyboard, there is a huge spectrum in quality. A good mechanical keyboard is worth fixing for sure.
Randomness Gamer
I hate the apple keyboard. I just dont like the laptop feeling keyboard.
CallumPlays Mese fa
To try and make some of the money back spent on these keyboards you could try selling the keys as replacements on eBay - I’m not sure if it would be worth the time though
Anonymous Repair
Nice video, Keep up the good work :-)
jonnno100 Mese fa
Maybe checkout ifixit before you buy your next project. They clearly say this keyboard is basically not repairable beyond issues with the board. Thanks for making these and sorry you bought a pile of sh*t.
Brian Bivins
Brian Bivins Mese fa
Apple products made me an Android fan, I had three different iPhones that broke within the first month and I am very careful with my phone's, my iPod only lasted a year so I just stopped buying over priced Apple junk.
A typical Apple product.. Slightest bit of moisture and it becomes unrepairable.. So you buy another... and another and another.. Expensive and over engineered to prevent Joe (or Vince) Public from repairing it.. Apple actually refuse to sell spares for some of their stuff or of they do, it's more expensive than a new working item! Imagine if car manufacturers had the same idea! Welding the bonnet shut to stop mechanics getting to the engine.
hifismiffy Mese fa
Apple's policy of late is sadly to make hardware that cannot be repaired or is so difficult and expensive that we don't go down that route. There is far more money to be made in replacing. Check out the Right To Repair debacle in the US all over ITvid !
Hecht 20
Hecht 20 Mese fa
There is no chip for the hub it's just conected
james thompson
You mean to say an apple product is repair resistant? Well, i never....
If conductive inks don't work, you could try using that silver paint that's used to repair car rear windscreens
rocktoroll77 Mese fa
I enjoyed the video the silver lines that go to the buttons I was told is platinum some keyboards are platinum some are gold
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