Tuface idibia's Wife,Annie Joins Him As He Sings His Hit Song 'AMAKA' One Voice Concerts

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Tuface idibia's Wife Joins Him As He Sings His Hit Song 'AMAKA' One Voice Concerts
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12 ago 2018

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Commenti 238
Joyous Joy
Joyous Joy 2 mesi fa
Frank Akoma
Frank Akoma 2 mesi fa
Him and burna boi are the true and real face of Nigeria music. But, What's she saying sef? Mtcheeew!
Haja Bangura
Haja Bangura 2 mesi fa
This guy is so simply
Ehis Ken Precious
Much love
princess anita walker
❤❤❤❤❤ 2baba and Annie
2baba big respect my best musician
Angel Ilojie
Angel Ilojie 4 mesi fa
I like the video it is good 2face
Benedicta Ezenma
I love you both u both fit
Morlly Wagged
Morlly Wagged 4 mesi fa
Me can’t stop loving u 2baba
Pius Bobby
Pius Bobby 4 mesi fa
I like u face
Adeka Edor
Adeka Edor 4 mesi fa
Boss of all bosses. 2baba twale
Okafor Festus
Okafor Festus 4 mesi fa
one love to u 2baba
Cletus Emengin
Cletus Emengin 4 mesi fa
One love to you 2baba
Alabor Odiri
Alabor Odiri 4 mesi fa
He really lose weight oh
Aicha Zare
Aicha Zare 4 mesi fa
2baba 4 life
Unity Ijiekhuamhen
2 baba nal boss for real.
Frank Owen
Frank Owen 4 mesi fa
2baba as amaka disappoint u Annie no go disappoint you. 2baba my legend
Chiamaka Gladys
Chiamaka Gladys 4 mesi fa
Wow, one in a million couple
lizzy edeh
lizzy edeh 4 mesi fa
I love this legendary couple #Chai
benjamin roland
benjamin roland 4 mesi fa
Much love guy's
Benita Reuben
Benita Reuben 4 mesi fa
Still looking for the part where Annie sang ....
Beyonce Gold Sanusi
Tu face nd 9ice re d legend, dey re simple ne well humble
Titus P. Bryant Jr,Success
Someone pls tell my incoming wife that I 'm really in love for her.
Anthonia Doku
Anthonia Doku 4 mesi fa
2baba dun corrupt en wife
Gibson Leonardo James
this guy is so humble no be then say I have met him and his wife one on one... d legend
sarnee pinkque
sarnee pinkque 5 mesi fa
Typical legend. Simple. Reminds me of our own late Radio. RIP
Favour Ugoh
Favour Ugoh 5 mesi fa
I dreamt about u 2baba last night i don't know, if u can see me face to face we need to talk . Like seriously we need to talk. Please if u see this msg don't fall to leave ur contact. 1❤❤❤❤❤
Favour Ugoh
Favour Ugoh 5 mesi fa
I dreamt about u 2baba last night i don't know, if u can see me face to face we need to talk . Like seriously we need to talk. Please if u see this msg don't fall to leave ur contact. 1❤❤❤❤❤
Kelvin justin
Kelvin justin 5 mesi fa
Vote for omoyele Sowore AAC for 2019 presidential election..
Kelvin justin
Kelvin justin 5 mesi fa
Bosun Adejoke
Bosun Adejoke 5 mesi fa
Much love for you 2face😍
mohning stephy
mohning stephy 5 mesi fa
2baba is a true legend and Annie a true African Queen respect to this couple
Ahaneku ogechi
Ahaneku ogechi 6 mesi fa
2baba you be Baba. Very simple legend carry on. I go continue to love you. More winning to your family
Mama Charity
Mama Charity 6 mesi fa
Much love
Lucinda Keh
Lucinda Keh 6 mesi fa
The true legend of nigar
Uzo Ozigbu
Uzo Ozigbu 6 mesi fa
One love
Chinny Cynthia
Chinny Cynthia 6 mesi fa
Love una die😍💋
James william
James william 6 mesi fa
I love you 2face idibia I wish to meet you when I come to Nigeria
Daba Dagogo
Daba Dagogo 6 mesi fa
Nice one tubaba and Annie... I heart u guys plenty
Mahoak Online
Mahoak Online 7 mesi fa
They have been through it all. This union is lit🔥. 2Face is a legend
Concilia Peter
Concilia Peter 7 mesi fa
tu baba I love you die
Abdullahi Idrees
Love this lyk...
Abdullahi Sman Isah Isaac
Una dey do anyhow well well oo
Sandra sandyz
Sandra sandyz 7 mesi fa
much love 2baba
Omotoyinbo Michael
Glorious love for u 2Baba
audu david
audu david 7 mesi fa
2baba is a legendary
Faith Eguasa
Faith Eguasa 7 mesi fa
The legend you are just too much more grace to excel in all ramifications of ur life n dat of ur family much respect bro
Much love to you both you guys are wonderful
Deidegha Benjamin
best of all..... indeed q hero💯💯
Isaac Uwadiale
Isaac Uwadiale 8 mesi fa
*2Baba For Life* 🇳🇬🇩🇪
Lili Chikwadzee
Lili Chikwadzee 8 mesi fa
The greatest
Diamond Laj
Diamond Laj 8 mesi fa
Don’t be surprise if black face eventually claim this song 😂... maximum respect 2 baba indeed u are a legend!
Adanma Emmanuel
Adanma Emmanuel 8 mesi fa
I love 2baba
ComedyClubE SERIES
2baba respect to the legend
SUNNY LAW 8 mesi fa
We are the best with God.......supporting us......Y M S Precords
SUNNY LAW 7 mesi fa
Thank you
SUNNY LAW 8 mesi fa
We love you
dabi lazarus
dabi lazarus 8 mesi fa
2baba filling u senior man
Oladejo Bimbo
Oladejo Bimbo 8 mesi fa
I just love dis lady called Anni, kiss kiss
itodo onah vincent
eje ble eje,na God give my man talent without bargaining or competing more blessing 2baba I love u.
Itz manlike Tipzzy
Real assurance
Precious Promise
2baba is not a loop guy at all.. if you want his best give him liveband
jenifer Kpundeh
jenifer Kpundeh 8 mesi fa
Waridi Wanda
Waridi Wanda 8 mesi fa
Nice song 2face Idibia
Favour Vincent
Favour Vincent 8 mesi fa
My best celebrity couple
Triumph Edet
Triumph Edet 9 mesi fa
Greatest Man in person
Shaku Demvihin
Shaku Demvihin 9 mesi fa
waow annie , we love you ..my benue people
lucius ekechi
lucius ekechi 9 mesi fa
Baba chizzle sight u
Oricha Olivia
Oricha Olivia 9 mesi fa
mama and 2baba we Love you guys.
Amanda Gold
Amanda Gold 9 mesi fa
I too love you 2face
Boma Sarah Briggs
Simplicity 💯 you are much 2baba🔥🔥❤
Mabel A
Mabel A 9 mesi fa
Am a new youtuber an health & beauty therapist- mabel-hbtips.com , i like watching ur channel ..2baba is a legend..humble guy
Emefiele Bernard
mary jacob
mary jacob 9 mesi fa
I can kill for 2face I swear legend legend legendary
XONE MAX Tv 9 mesi fa
Interesting... You should also see this 1min clip itvid.net/video/video-8lWzQL4axLo.html
faith ngozi
faith ngozi 9 mesi fa
nice one
Njoku Chomzy
Njoku Chomzy 9 mesi fa
wow Lovely
Otavie Shuffi
Otavie Shuffi 9 mesi fa
See me smile while Annie speaks
Adeyeye Oluwatosin Babatunde
Legend Rock
okorie adeline
okorie adeline 9 mesi fa
One lofff..... Baba na the Emekas(guys) dey disappoint not the Amakas. 😃😃😃. 👌
Cynthia Otuwarikpo
Biko help me tell baba oh. The Emekas dey give headache aswear
Blessed woman
Blessed woman 9 mesi fa
Love u 2 baba
I too like tu baba. Oh the guy na legend already
winifred Ojobor
winifred Ojobor 9 mesi fa
Tuface legend...much love for this couple
Samuel Precious
Samuel Precious 9 mesi fa
Baba one love 😍
Timilaemi Setari
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gA_ Xclusive
gA_ Xclusive 9 mesi fa
One of my happiest moment. Was there live. Don't how to qualify 2baba humility and bundle of talents. Can we say God do wayo ni 😢😢
favour pretty
favour pretty 9 mesi fa
I love this 💑
VarietyMum 9 mesi fa
Just see how simple and humble Tubaba and his wife look. Just look at Annie with her minimal make up.
Wisdom Nutor
Wisdom Nutor 9 mesi fa
Boluwaji Felix
Boluwaji Felix 9 mesi fa
One love 2face
violet tv
violet tv 9 mesi fa
Love you guys 😘😍
Rosemary Nnenna
Rosemary Nnenna 9 mesi fa
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Mercy Daniel
Mercy Daniel 10 mesi fa
love you 2baba &Annie
Nana Yaa Flexy
Nana Yaa Flexy 10 mesi fa
olahoney beauty
olahoney beauty 10 mesi fa
Plz who are those 144 people who disliked this video
Precious Ankomah Frimpong
StarGirl TV
StarGirl TV 10 mesi fa
I love tuface die if i no love wetin i go gain love his style tuface is the only arties that always shave is hair 💇 nowadays no body else the rest will carry different hair styles forming fine boy
Gloria Osazuwa
Gloria Osazuwa 10 mesi fa
Lovely couple 👫 😘 😘 😘
Collins Echefu
Collins Echefu 10 mesi fa
Dennis Akhigbe
Dennis Akhigbe 10 mesi fa
TuFace you are the Real Deal.
Kendy Holmes Tariah
My favorite couple😘😘
Angel Poshest
Angel Poshest 10 mesi fa
I love them❤❤
Koko Daniel
Koko Daniel 10 mesi fa
Respect sir
Somebody help me tell 2baba that he is the boss! Naija is proud of yhu.
Juan David
Juan David 6 mesi fa
Toronto Morato
Toronto Morato 10 mesi fa
2baba...you are the bosssssss
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