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twenty one pilots: Jumpsuit [Live from the American Music Awards]

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twenty one pilots' performance of 'Jumpsuit' from their new album Trench live at the American Music Awards on October 9th 2018.
get Trench featuring 'Jumpsuit' & 'My Blood' now: top.lnk.to/trench
exclusive twenty one pilots merch: twentyonepilots.com/store
see twenty one pilots on tour: twentyonepilots.com/banditotour
connect with twenty one pilots
Site: twentyonepilots.com
Facebook: facebook.com/twentyonepilots
Instagram: instagr.am/twentyonepilots
Twitter: twitter.com/twentyonepilots
ITvid: itvid.net/u-twentyonepilots
Tumblr: twentyonepilots.tumblr.com
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10 ott 2018

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Commenti 6 987
Kianna Beyale
Kianna Beyale 5 ore fa
Chills. 😎
Becky Gerdy
Becky Gerdy 13 ore fa
Seeing this live, you can see how much better and more confident they are with the energy of the clique. Still did amazing here, but this is a sad, cold crowd 😂
IndieKidElisa 14 ore fa
AHH WE STAN ||-// hey if yall have time maybe check out my tøp Halloween costume video? thank u if u do
•Trash• 14 ore fa
1:34 rip
erin 15 ore fa
when he started screaming it was glory
Samuel Martínez Díaz
*2:33** ¿FAIL?*
Slightly Emo ÒwÓ
I love Tyler without auto tune.
Samsung A5.2016
Samsung A5.2016 Giorno fa
Самое лучшее выступление
panwithaplan Giorno fa
He seems so sad and it’s hurting me 1 like = 1 hug for Tyler :(
Twenty_one_Pilots_ Grounds
those people where in the presents of Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph........ and they where doing that......
Socorro Estrada
Socorro Estrada Giorno fa
Best performance!
agus_gunner7 Giorno fa
1:33 i crumble un... how much i hate
Lili Giorno fa
Tyler sounds very beautiful
Noah W
Noah W Giorno fa
Becky Slogen
Becky Slogen Giorno fa
Tyler has no auto-tune and his still a god
Phantomask Giorno fa
honestly disappointed. this live performance wasn’t it chief
Nigu II
Nigu II Giorno fa
Everybody thought the song was over at the bridge
Tam Nguyen
Tam Nguyen Giorno fa
Mixed is bad when compared to Bandito tour
yume akumu
yume akumu Giorno fa
My 3 year old son started copying the end when Tyler started screaming. It was cute
Что с голосом Тайлера?
Aleksandra Watson
Mari Ramos
Mari Ramos 2 giorni fa
Zachery Cobb
Zachery Cobb 2 giorni fa
anyone else say "o no" when the say josh's hare.
ur a little bitch
ur a little bitch 2 giorni fa
Does anyone know what kind of shoes Tyler was wearing?
Kumax Maxter
Kumax Maxter 2 giorni fa
Vinieron a ver la transmisión en vivo, no a la puta audiencia/ you came here to see them live, not to see the fucking audience
Ashley Coralis
Ashley Coralis 2 giorni fa
people in the comments are still pretending twenty one pilots is this super obscure thing and im 🙃
Andre Laguna
Andre Laguna 2 giorni fa
Is this arrogant behavior of some 21 pilots fans something always present? If so, I rather watch the band on ITvid.
Megan Proffitt
Megan Proffitt 17 ore fa
Andre Laguna Unfortunately it’s present online too 😕
GAK AMAZING 2 giorni fa
Twenty one pilots at the disco
I love how there’s a wall to protect him from the fan girls 😅
Judit Bokor
Judit Bokor 2 giorni fa
The way they just walked off the stage 😂😂
Afireinside912 2 giorni fa
The girls screaming during the screams probably don't even listen to screaming music and are just shitheads. They didn't care about the rest of the song.
Mess Valkyrie
Mess Valkyrie 2 giorni fa
Repeat button is dead just see again and again glimpse of my joshy drumming 😚😍😍😍
Oscar Ft
Oscar Ft 2 giorni fa
Sounds so different from the record tho
Megan Proffitt
Megan Proffitt 17 ore fa
Oscar Ft No auto tune
INSIDE THE DARK 2 giorni fa
mAdiS0n Jocelyn
everybody has their own wrong opinion.
x_Madz 2 giorni fa
1:51 LMFAO they thought it was the end of the song
Lady O.
Lady O. 3 giorni fa
Lady O.
Lady O. 3 giorni fa
Роже слічная ("Хорея Козацька") itvid.net/video/video-LcJon1z03qk.html
Shaikha Al Mheiri
Shaikha Al Mheiri 3 giorni fa
They crushed it
Shaikha Al Mheiri
Shaikha Al Mheiri 3 giorni fa
that was AMAZING
Дмитрий Меньшиков-Салюк
На базе одной песни такое шоу. Интересно, как выглядит весь концерт.
Dian Ferdiawan
Dian Ferdiawan 3 giorni fa
03.25 are you ready to scream?
Shirley Bruck
Shirley Bruck 3 giorni fa
who here came
Audrey Martin
Audrey Martin 3 giorni fa
Someone needs to fix the sound the system the microphone kept making Tyler’s voice quiet
nobody likes the opening band
i really missed his voice holy crap
Panchito Ochojas
Panchito Ochojas 3 giorni fa
La verdad no me gusta como canta en vivo está canción
Mike Wheeler
Mike Wheeler 3 giorni fa
I get goose bumps every time
Nick A_man
Nick A_man 3 giorni fa
Tyler’s vocals on this album is unreal. So many high pitches and changes to his tone. So good 💯
Nick A_man
Nick A_man 3 giorni fa
I hate stupid people who don’t appreciate this beautiful art of TOP. Amazing group!!
Megan Proffitt
Megan Proffitt 17 ore fa
That doesn’t make them “stupid”, but okay
Sheramie ojendras
Sheramie ojendras 3 giorni fa
God why did I cried ❤️
_las mis universo_
_las mis universo_ 3 giorni fa
Yudi Alejo
Yudi Alejo 3 giorni fa
la concha de tu madreee como no los pude ver en vivo eso
Sanya Talwar
Sanya Talwar 3 giorni fa
3:31 woah lit 🔥
TEK DAD 3 giorni fa
I love that song so much but that performance was more than bad. Sorry. I was impressed that he was able to sing this style of music (my style) but doesn’t seem so live. Maybe one bad night, hope so.
Megan Proffitt
Megan Proffitt 17 ore fa
TEK DAD Could be the microphone and the sound system too
Willow Animations and stuff
I saw it on tv and I’m glad I did
Exan Andik
Exan Andik 3 giorni fa
It's so poop
dvorAk vs qweRty
dvorAk vs qweRty 3 giorni fa
Piano + scream then run leave the stage Its epic 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
aestima 4 giorni fa
I love this performance so much. Tyler sings with so much emotion :,)
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift 4 giorni fa
*taylor Swift has left the amas*
Christine Chrisman
Christine Chrisman 4 giorni fa
my boys!!!
Alessandro Benta
Alessandro Benta 4 giorni fa
Tyler is an angel and Josh is amazing!!!!!
Sarai Lee
Sarai Lee 4 giorni fa
Oof I got the chills lol
Kim Taetae
Kim Taetae 4 giorni fa
i’m suing whoever was in charge of the sound
Hayden Carter
Hayden Carter 4 giorni fa
Why was he so bad at singing here it's like he didn't even try
Rob Caldwell
Rob Caldwell 4 giorni fa
Ok, concert over!!! THE BOYS DID SO GREAT!!!! Not giving away anything but whoever is going to the bandito tour show is going to be blown away best concert EVER!!!! TYLER AND JOSH put on such a great show
Cecilia Minnaar
Cecilia Minnaar 4 giorni fa
Wow awesome
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 4 giorni fa
The audience are dead ahahah the lady who’s just clapping her hands along with a fake smile I’m
Melk Vieira
Melk Vieira 4 giorni fa
Pensei q ele iria quebrar o contra-baixo no final kkkk
uguudei uguudei
uguudei uguudei 4 giorni fa
tyler real voice is suck. But he good.
S Y D N E Y 4 giorni fa
Okay but who was in charge of the sound? Like you’re *fired* get out of here
Keenen Crook
Keenen Crook 4 giorni fa
Wassup Clique! Only y’all can share my excitement, I’ve been a fan since 2011 and today I bought my tickets 🎫 for the Bandito tour - November 10th! My bandits gear will b purchased after my next check!😂🙌🏾
Makena B.
Makena B. 5 giorni fa
The microphone gate was so short at 3:23 (It cut his voice off too early! You couldn't hear the scream grow distant enough to be as epic as it deserved) bummer They're sooooo good! Always impressed by TØP Can't wait for the Bandito tour videos!
Avacadø! At the Disco !
Why does the audience seem so dead?? 🙄
Elizabeth Leonberger
I was there
Kendrick Harris
Kendrick Harris 5 giorni fa
1:33 "I crumbelieve how much I hate"
Tyler Schmutz
Tyler Schmutz 5 giorni fa
Good happi Bois my tiwir and jishua
Just Another Yellow Girl
I love them so muchhhh!! They always go all out on every performance. I'm so happy just seeing this performance. ♡
Marilin Acuña
Marilin Acuña 5 giorni fa
Tu voooz lpm 😍😍😍
Zantagiro7 5 giorni fa
Troblerone 5 giorni fa
This song sounds much better when heavier...but it's made softer for the masses ofc.
xxmazzy 5 giorni fa
whoever mixed this is on crack
DontEvenNotice Pain
Tyler is one of the best screamers out there.
Sophia Cervantes
Sophia Cervantes 5 giorni fa
i'm so proud of you guys!!
jake kretz
jake kretz 5 giorni fa
Tyler know's this whole show is plastic, He won't even look at them. Can't wait to see them ACTUALLY preform live in front of their skeletons
Eymard Vivas
Eymard Vivas 5 giorni fa
Esto si es una presentación de lujo. Gracias TOP por mantener el rock en este mundo de trap.
Ivanna Galan
Ivanna Galan 5 giorni fa
OMG this is amazing 💕😍
DrZombify 5 giorni fa
Good god, this audio is bad.
VS Maaike
VS Maaike 5 giorni fa
Road to 1000 subscribers with 1 video
ty tyler my boy
Jesse M.
Jesse M. 5 giorni fa
Hope & Riley Sloan
Hope & Riley Sloan 5 giorni fa
The singing sounded different did they use auto tune for the non live song
Vizion PSBO
Vizion PSBO 5 giorni fa
1:33 i crumb.. believe how much
unicorn light
unicorn light 5 giorni fa
smol bean screams
Eleanor Mountford
Eleanor Mountford 5 giorni fa
I really... _didn't_ like that tbh. the sound mixing was awful, the bass was prerecorded and Tyler's singing was bad. Honestly the visuals were the only good thing about that. Also, Tyler can't scream, his voice isn't powerful enough, that looked fucking painful to me. (If you don't know what I mean look up 'Chester Linkin Park Screaming' or listen to 'Given Up' and you'll understand.) So I'm *Very Disappointed by this.* It's a shame, I like the song.
Kuroe 5 giorni fa
Eatextil 5 giorni fa
1:33 “i crumble und.. .. much i hate” 😂
Grant Conners
Grant Conners 5 giorni fa
Ends last part of song screaming blasting their instruments. Finish and respectfully places bass on floor. #nostagesmashing#saywhat....
spicy milk
spicy milk 6 giorni fa
The audience probably was like Tf these egg dudes doing....is that....is that a vulture. And the clique is like *OMG BEANS!!! ASSFHJK CLIFFORD*
Juna Carlos bodoque
royal blood xd
Z Blop
Z Blop 6 giorni fa
the audio was terrible!
pineapple king
pineapple king 6 giorni fa
He losing his voice
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