UEFA Short Film | Incredible never-before-seen footage of Liverpool's Champions League triumph

Liverpool FC
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Watch UEFA's fantastic documentation the Reds' victory in the Spanish capital, as they beat Tottenham Hotspur at the Estadio Metropolitano to secure a sixth European Cup.


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24 giu 2019




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Ray Patrick
Ray Patrick 57 minuti fa
write a book about anything klopp... everyone will buy it
Tara Gibbons
Tara Gibbons 9 ore fa
Come on the reds YNWA
Tegas Ekapaksi
Tegas Ekapaksi 12 ore fa
Merinding asli😬
Edv1nh0 20 ore fa
6:48 just look at Mané:( we can really see hes joy"/
I love liverpool
Riru Frl
Riru Frl Giorno fa
My fans Liverpool
Daniel Levi
Daniel Levi 2 giorni fa
דייי עופר אלה
Hafiz Yuswan
Hafiz Yuswan 2 giorni fa
Masha Allah, the shots is really amazing, the sound is very clear and we can see outside and inside, also the sound and the voice of the refree and the players in the field, well done
officiial.chriis 2 giorni fa
The Beautiful Game.
Moch effendy
Moch effendy 5 giorni fa
Get it.... 👊
TIMOTHY 6 giorni fa
only spurs fans that dislike this
therealrubinho 38
therealrubinho 38 6 giorni fa
I geht those goosebumps everytime
Jack Lynti
Jack Lynti 7 giorni fa
Nice documentary 👍
putra aji pamungkas
This is like movie😍😍
Slamet Nasirudin
Slamet Nasirudin 7 giorni fa
We'll cry if someone shows this video, we wait season to season and then we can watch our team embrace the game and win the game....
el dfh
el dfh 8 giorni fa
Den Fathurr
Den Fathurr 9 giorni fa
Shakeel Top
Shakeel Top 10 giorni fa
You are amazing LIV
Geeta Majumder
Geeta Majumder 11 giorni fa
Aldo Apriliano
Aldo Apriliano 11 giorni fa
Shout out to UEFA for this documentary. Huge respect for their documentary team, GOAT.
mitchel games
mitchel games 12 giorni fa
tears in my eyes still. im from amsterdam and an ajax fan, but in england im a mad liverpool supporter. i get goosebumps when i see them play. looking forward to wednesday. all the best from amsterdam!
Harshit Parpe
Harshit Parpe 13 giorni fa
for the first time ever i have listened to the clear conversations between ref and players.
HopeloosBoos 14 giorni fa
Imagine being a spurs fan.
Ора Ораз
Ора Ораз 15 giorni fa
liverpool super айырадыго любойын
The random guy 01
The random guy 01 16 giorni fa
One of the worst UCL final ever but the edit makes it look good to watch.
The random guy 01
The random guy 01 16 giorni fa
Never heard the referee before. Nice.
Alfian Khofi
Alfian Khofi 16 giorni fa
Yo mate where's the intruder moment?
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs 18 giorni fa
This is still the best video on youtube
kevin de bruyne
kevin de bruyne 20 giorni fa
LIVERPOOL!!!!!!!!i hate this team very much.................cheaters.................
블루오션 21 giorno fa
영상 나오자마자 봤는데 ㅠㅠ 이제 한국어 자막 생겼구나 .!! 다시 또본다 그때의 영광을!!!!!!!!!!!
Muhammad Emeraldy
Muhammad Emeraldy 21 giorno fa
this movie was the reason I decided to be Liverpudlian
Valentin Badaluta
Valentin Badaluta 21 giorno fa
Cea mai bună echipă din Anglia
soulflyscreamo 22 giorni fa
Merinding cok....
Denny Setyawan
Denny Setyawan 22 giorni fa
SPACE SIGN 23 giorni fa
M Taufiq
M Taufiq 23 giorni fa
John Hattersley
John Hattersley 24 giorni fa
Pragmatic Klopp!! No fancy stuff! Clean sheet, two good goals... That's it!! Winners! (and the crowd....!)
Ermínio jr
Ermínio jr 25 giorni fa
Last year we experienced joy in this stadium but this year😢😭
Eduardus Ikga
Eduardus Ikga 25 giorni fa
11:58 behind every great man, there's a great wife standing beside him
Sarah Garratt
Sarah Garratt 26 giorni fa
This film should be made to dvd so I can buy it and watch again and again
Manda Roncon Dlima
Manda Roncon Dlima 26 giorni fa
Sorry Spurs fan but after the way we went out in 2017/18 and the way we came back against Barcelona that trophy had our name written all over it. YNWA
Simon Pearn
Simon Pearn 26 giorni fa
Pure Magic! Y.N.W.A.
Lionel Jps
Lionel Jps 27 giorni fa
Man city watch this.....
1337_Bipon Das
1337_Bipon Das 27 giorni fa
That Moment: - _Hi! Dad It’s Me_ -Yeah! You all right?
Abde 28 giorni fa
Please help me to get to the academy. I am a very good player
Erwin Wibowo
Erwin Wibowo 29 giorni fa
Goosebumps watching this video. Love it!
GALANGS7 _- 29 giorni fa
I wish i can play with Liverpool and won the Champions league again
Daniel Dakpa
Daniel Dakpa 29 giorni fa
YNWA :'(
osobie borchert
osobie borchert 29 giorni fa
Feel like I'm back in time. Thanks for a great video
Mr nice guy
Mr nice guy Mese fa
Wow it's like watching a movie absolutely beautiful hope there's more to come
Me in the director office explaining why I hit my classmate 7:13
empat 14
empat 14 Mese fa
Sriusan judulnya bahasa indo
Carlos A
Carlos A Mese fa
i didn't expect to cry
Achmad Widodo
Tontonan yang menghibur dan meng-inspirasi..
Bxstxrd Mese fa
Over a year later and this has genuinely got me in tears. I fucking love this club ❤️❤️❤️
Sul Mandura
Sul Mandura Mese fa
Liverpool FC The King of Europe and the world. Bravo
Adnan Setyawan
that was epic
Crazy Games
Crazy Games Mese fa
baruga Kabila is Hisom
siapa yang taro bawang oy
احسين علي
ليش هاي القناه ماكو ترجمه
abdul basith
abdul basith Mese fa
it's not a victory, it's a feeling
PhobiaFL Mese fa
dam I actually got chills watching this
It was actually very nice to hear what the referee said. He was a very good one!
H. 14
H. 14 Mese fa
My eyes still tears up whenever I see this
Azlisham Mohamed
There is Malay subtitles 👍 . Final 🔥 goosebumps 🔥💥🌟
David chill guy
Musical SAM
Musical SAM Mese fa
Here is the difference b/w what we see in the match and what actually happens on the ground. Thumbs up for that editor🖒
2020 ยังต้องกลับมาดู
Danny Brew
Danny Brew Mese fa
Fair fucks to the filmmakers..brilliant!
Grunt Man
Grunt Man Mese fa
Damn if spurs won it would have been the greatest Champions League run ever !!!! Liverpool don’t give a damn 😂
Ahmed Gaber
Ahmed Gaber Mese fa
Mo salah is the best👍💯
Alexia Koryfidou
It get Goosebumps every time I see Any trophy Up in The sky lifted by Henderson.He deserves to lift more and more cups. The boys Fighted to be there and showed why we are Champions again. WE ARE CHAMPIONS. CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE! YNWA♥️♥️♥️🏆🏆🏆
lamp man
lamp man Mese fa
I just noticed, the day this was released on youtube was the day Liverpool won the Premiership......oh yeh, my birthday!
lamp man
lamp man Mese fa
If all Spurs players had Maura's passion they'd be champs. Respect from a Red
Tony Leslie
Tony Leslie Mese fa
I just love this insight of the day of the European cup final an behind the scenes, I feel part of the day
Fun Unlimited
Tottenham just wasted a GREAT FINAL Liverpool vs Ajax... At least it would have been better to watch than stupid Tottenham
7Snac Mese fa
spurs for life
Muhammad Furqan
All thanks to Jurgen!
Dan the Man
Dan the Man 2 mesi fa
6:47 I love Sadio's reaction when Mo scored the penalty.
nat narasak
nat narasak 2 mesi fa
Can make series on Netflix 16/17, 17/18 fail 18/19 win uefa , clubwold cup, uefa cup winner cup and 19/20 premier since 1990.
Shadiix 2 mesi fa
Now they gonna believe us.
Sebastian Ureta Romero
I know that in 2021 we will win the Champions League again, come on Liverpool!! 💕💪⚽
PhobiaFL 2 mesi fa
now this video encourages me to work harder to get there, currently in psg academy, one day I wanna be there
양홍준 2 mesi fa
Brian Henserson, I remember his name.
gtrmajor 2 mesi fa
At least for now, they are one of the greatest football teams in the world.
won ton super noodles
Just such a special team..there is no team like liverpool f.c ..Y.N.W.A..
svensonable 2 mesi fa
Wann wird mein HSV endlich wieder gross
Manuel Vidaurri
Manuel Vidaurri 2 mesi fa
When coronavirus wasn't even a thing:(
MarkIRE1 2 mesi fa
In the words of Harry Kane "swwffhhtt fftthhwwssaa"
Shenzi the Bunny
This makes me so emotional! The Team, The Family, The love! YNWA
L.F.C LiMa 13
L.F.C LiMa 13 2 mesi fa
Bloody brilliant 😁❤️ YNWA
Shadow_ LG
Shadow_ LG 2 mesi fa
very very very nicely edited video in 12 minutes this shows the best parts and very emotional parts, could never be leave this would happen... LIVERPOOL ARE AMAZING LIVERPOOL FOR LIFE YNWA
Ashutosh Joshi
Ashutosh Joshi 2 mesi fa
tbf everyone felt really bad for moura, singlehandedly beat ajax. Tough times but we had 100% more conviction to win than spurs. YNWA!
Optical Power
Optical Power 2 mesi fa
🎥🎥🎥🎥👑👑👑👑💫❤️❤️❤️ Amazing short film 🎞 keep going you do good my friend Kader : Artist & Vidéo Creator from Optical Power youtube (Las Vegas )
Tirtaarmstrong Ynwa
Ynwa liverpool
ROBERT DEAN 2 mesi fa
Paid 400 quid for a banger with 3 of my mates and drove from Middlesbrough to Madrid, spent more on 4 tickets from touts than we did on the car and I'd spend double to do it again. JFT96
Mufaddal Mamujee
The fact that we could win it in the atletico stadium but couldn't beat them in the same place
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