UFC Sacramento: Urijah Faber Octagon Interview

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Check out what the California Kid had to say after his return to the UFC in front of his home crowd of Sacramento as he took on rising star Ricky Simon!
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14 lug 2019





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Commenti 2 568
Leo Nebula
Leo Nebula 7 giorni fa
"It takes time baby" 🧙‍♂️
DarkNation 13 giorni fa
Just imagine Faber knocking out TJ.
chuck grumble
chuck grumble 20 giorni fa
that was a chuck liddell overhand right
Izzymoneysniper R
Izzymoneysniper R 20 giorni fa
Danny Mullen brought me here
SwangLow MVP-Panel
SwangLow MVP-Panel 24 giorni fa
Faber vs Edgar next!
Floyd Harrison
Floyd Harrison 24 giorni fa
Gah damn i never seen a midsection like that!
Tommy Lillywhite
Tommy Lillywhite 25 giorni fa
He is a great man and one of my role models, such a humble fighter.
Chris Alfano
Chris Alfano 26 giorni fa
This should go down in history as the single most STAGED fight in UFC history. Those of you who sit back in AWE of Faber's "AMAZING" victory need to have your critical thinking skills checked by a skilled professional. I'm truly sorry that you can't see a blatant lie when it is thrown right in front of your goddamned faces. This "sport" is the worst fraud in human history. But pat yourselves on the back, because Dana White will take your money just the same!!! Is there ANYTHING you should be more proud of???
NBTravelsVlogs 27 giorni fa
Proud to see Uriah Fabre fight again especially in my hometown again. Had the honor to work for him and the team for a year great guy
BruceWhiteMUSIC 27 giorni fa
Sick ollie dude.
Daja And Dekari
Daja And Dekari 29 giorni fa
Damn I thought he was like 24 🤣
luke mccabe
luke mccabe Mese fa
Them peds look good
Good job
ONE DAY Mese fa
Song ya dong 😂
El yisus V :
El yisus V : Mese fa
Urahiaaa sistixii bebeee ahaaaaa
Mitchell H
Mitchell H Mese fa
You read the new c0oapny
locos only
locos only Mese fa
Team alpha Male douche bags
ernesto bautista
Phil Rubio
Phil Rubio Mese fa
Urijah has become a legend of Sacramento, along with deftones and the Kings. As Chi Cheng would say "RESPECT!"
qweef69 Mese fa
Fight McGregor next!
Jackin Mese fa
How the fuck is this man 40?
Katsquirrel Mese fa
Marcellus Wallace: Uriah, you goin down in the 3rd....pride only hurts Uriah Faber: Where's Zed?
Nima Tsering
Nima Tsering Mese fa
Dana was old when he was born 😂
A Var
A Var Mese fa
Why does he remind me of a much smaller/mma Shaun michaels, the hbk
elmalo2008 Mese fa
Dude Kid is back !! Give him Cejudo!!
Insidious Vidz
Meanwhile, there’s TJ on the shelf for PEDS 😆 #Karma 🐍
Insidious Vidz
This is what happens when you take care of your body!
Definitely an inspiration!
cypresspuz Mese fa
Kimmania Filipino Gamer
Girl looks good at 2:13
Alan Mese fa
I heard this guy is a skateboarder too?
Dutch OPWW
Dutch OPWW Mese fa
Fuck yeah! The California kid is back. I’m so stoked that he got the win, I don’t think Hernandez is going to suffer at all from this loss either!
Dr. Addict Alcoholic
Class act for sure.
Don't get too excited everyone, he's going to get put to sleep when he fights someone legit
Jeovanny Rodriguez
Nice win . What would’ve happened if Ricky hadn’t slipped tho 🤔
Mike T
Mike T Mese fa
Now that Urijah is out of retirement, Dillashaw vs Faber. Make it happen!!
Theo Bhebe
Theo Bhebe Mese fa
What sup with all the fast knockouts lately 😂UFC is coming back to the round one knockouts like it used to have
Mirror Man
Mirror Man Mese fa
We need Urijah vs Tj ASAP!!
Nyash Myash
Nyash Myash Mese fa
Early stoppage victory
Nicholas Temperly
Faber is amazing always gonna be a champ
kim w
kim w Mese fa
always has a great attitude!!! makes him a champ either way!!!
Grown Simba
Grown Simba Mese fa
Happy to see him get this KO he deserves it
JOL JOL Mese fa
He's going down next fight.
Stoyan Mese fa
I can give him 30 maximum...40 nah.
Alex C
Alex C Mese fa
He looks 40!!! Just saying...
Retro dealer 64#
Urijah looks 21.
Christian Cieminski
He should have clapped his chin for the crowd good win!
Tony Edwards
Tony Edwards Mese fa
No shit we're getting fantastic 4 in msf we get 90% of players coc gets
Hey, Mr. Faber. Snoop Dogg called, he says he wants his hair back...
Kobies Boxing
California Love
WickedMo13 Mese fa
Give him a title shot
Philip Loverde
Love Urijah...but his hands are bad. He knows that...and that puts even more pressure on a 40 year old guy to finish 'em early.
Captain Chaos
Simmer down Faber
si h
si h Mese fa
Isn't he tiny. Aww !
Victor Elnecave
Bisping is doing amazing job on the mic.
Lexster Mese fa
Am I the only one who thinks he looks like he's 30? Or is he just wearing too much Vaseline? Lol
Pete Olivarez
Is Urijah the first hall of Famer to get a win after retirement?
Khalid Alshammari
Pete Olivarez probably gsp dunno if he’s inducted or not tho
Madnessd16 Mese fa
hard to bow out gracefully when you used to spending cheese like it's not real.
kevin shelly
kevin shelly Mese fa
Faber is old news, can’t beat the top guys.
Sodaney Ky
Sodaney Ky Mese fa
Man what the fuck .40 ??? This guy is not ageing at all . Like this is almost freakish . Wow Faber !!! Whatever it is it’s worken !
dominion shadow
Why that word "Amazing". Dam heffers doing makeup tutorials say that crap
Alien X7
Alien X7 Mese fa
Uriah looks like the early stage of human evolution
Green Army
Green Army Mese fa
Faber looking A-M-A-ZING for 40...dont even look 30,happy for him really am ,what is sad is that the wec never got swallowed up quick enough by ufc so that we could see faber with a ufc belt...dalm shame.
Nicholas Mars
So are people just gonna ignore that refs EPIC mustache?
Wahn Cologne
Wahn Cologne Mese fa
Uriah adopted a black baby?
David Guppy
David Guppy Mese fa
shut the fuck up Dana ya dick head
Spejson Sycha
is ge onsteds is well as the all alpha team?
Will G
Will G Mese fa
Fuck yeah! Love Uriah! One of my all time favorite fighters. Hope he gets himself a belt!
TALON Mese fa
Well done that night. Let's make Cejudo v Faber happen ASAP, with any luck, at the end of the year or early next year!
Achillies Mese fa
Right on the button
Rudy Silva
Rudy Silva Mese fa
He’s back ?😭😳
think deep
think deep Mese fa
Props to him, in good shape as well
Andy Brewer
Andy Brewer Mese fa
Oh Hell yeah! Good to see the Kid back.
Jeffrey Kircher
By knockout???? WHATTTT?? Tko even nooooo. Shit is obviously rigged
S A Mese fa
Welcome back Faber you fucking rock!!!
Yo Daddy
Yo Daddy Mese fa
Faber looks like a meth addict with old man strength.. lol 😂🤣 Fuck this weak ass old nigga.. pass the pookie fam
Tonyscammer Mese fa
Luv this kid. Class act.
467899 200.0197883412
Dana is probably senile assuming young guys can prove it, it's all about talent, youth is just an advantage
The Elusive Man
Holy shit the mans back
Ras Al Ghul
Ras Al Ghul Mese fa
Cruz was robbed. It was a fix. The ref said something, when Faber came into the ring. Such as ‘if you rush him and pound him I’ll stop it. Faber looked like shook...wow Pay attention to the details
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