Ulta & Sephora huge haul

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In case you don't know what is ASMR, well ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a physical sensation characterized by a pleasurable tingling that typically begins in the head and scalp, and often moves down the spine and through the limbs. Many people are unaware that such a phenomenon exists. Others experience the sensation regularly, but have no idea it possesses a defined title.
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7 nov 2018

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Commenti 85
Cynthia McCallum
Anna you are so dope....... lol that's my favourite part!!!!!!
Alexandra z
Alexandra z 5 mesi fa
In magazinele Sephora din Romania nici macar nu esti întrebat ce mostre dorești să primești , iti dau pur si simplu ce doresc ei sa primești...poate asta e "politica" lor , stiu ca sunt multe diferențe între magazinele de aici (Sephora) si cele din state..
UGO 5 mesi fa
Please do a entirely video in French 🙏 i believe you speak quite good French
StarBucks 42367
StarBucks 42367 6 mesi fa
BAHHAHAHAHA i never go to Sephora cause I don’t need makeup cause I’m beautiful like everyone else and plus anyone who goes to sephora is a FUKIN brat and we’res to much makeup ps it’s true and there ugly when they isn’t we’re makeup
Robert Lee
Robert Lee 6 mesi fa
😂😂 “Ulta you take my money,but I give it to you”
Kryptönïtë Scï Fï Sïnïstër
I love you TerraDiASMR!
Lytsar 231.9
Lytsar 231.9 6 mesi fa
Ce dreacu
Yubriana Hey
Yubriana Hey 6 mesi fa
Un video în română când?Îmi plac videourile tale şi mă relaxează dar tot e mai relaxant şi mai tare dacă asculți ASMR într-o limbă pe care chiar o înțelegi. De o lună aproape două luni nu ai mai postat un video în română aşa că ar fi super dacă ai posta în română. Dar oricum să știi că îmi place cea ce faci și că te susțin.😘
Laura Maria Ofițer Bybycon
Te rog , mai fa video in limba roamna
you are beautiful and so is this person
I'm so sad because my headphones are broken and I can't fully enjoy thus video:'(((
Melissa Chiosea
Melissa Chiosea 6 mesi fa
Ai putea sa mai faci video cu mouth sounds
Michelle 6 mesi fa
In which Country do you life?
A M 6 mesi fa
Are you going to do an IPAD PRO 2018 unboxing? It’s so gorgeous!!
sidonia Show
sidonia Show 6 mesi fa
Awwwww ce mai tare fată din lume
Bubu Tudor
Bubu Tudor 6 mesi fa
Ai spus ca nu îti place ceasul
sunset10200 6 mesi fa
Loveeeee the nail sounds!
Nacho arg8v
Nacho arg8v 6 mesi fa
Pareces deprimida :c
ale maria
ale maria 6 mesi fa
Fa un video cu turul casei ❤❤🤗
Canalul Cu Detoate
Si in română ceva nou te rog ❤❤🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴😍
Andrey Ayan
Andrey Ayan 6 mesi fa
Si in română când?
Tușa Iulian
Tușa Iulian 6 mesi fa
Un video in limba romana
Ela2000 6 mesi fa
Doamne, cat de mult imi plac videoclipurile tale😍
Pulică Frânaru’
Un video special pentru 100k?
Mëłý Ãväķïñ
Fa te rog un video in romana
Esmee molman
Esmee molman 6 mesi fa
Omg the 102k subscribers UP TO THE 1 MILION!!!
YazzyASMR 6 mesi fa
Your patron link isn’t working 😕
ChEeZ wHiZ
ChEeZ wHiZ 6 mesi fa
you kinda look like Bella Hadid
AidenASMR 6 mesi fa
Love the nail sounds👍💅
Gabriela Torres
Gabriela Torres 6 mesi fa
Ya no haces vídeos en español? 😣
Gabriela Torres
Gabriela Torres 6 mesi fa
Gracias !!!!! Lo esperaré con ansias que pases lindas vacaciones ! ❤
TerraDiASMR 6 mesi fa
😔 perdon. Ya voy hacer en español cuando regreso de Europa. Estoy de vacaciones, visitando mi familia.
Keely Okay
Keely Okay 6 mesi fa
The sounds of the ahava Dead Sea bag🤭🥰
Linda G
Linda G 6 mesi fa
I wish the video was slower and in whisper. Sorry but I didn't find it relaxing 😟
salvador r
salvador r 6 mesi fa
When i am in the mall and I see the colorful makeup that looks like candy, I want to eat it
Prince Leonard
Prince Leonard 6 mesi fa
Es el segundo vídeo que veo :v ahora me doy cuenta que esto es un canal en inglés v: bno bilingüe pero más centrado en el inglés chévere pero a la vez no c:
ALPHA_GOD21 21 6 mesi fa
Unbox iPhone xr
Esauce 6 mesi fa
Can you not make me wanna spend money plz
Niki Pea
Niki Pea 6 mesi fa
We love a good Sephora and Ulta haul 💕💕💕
Facu Hozgan
Facu Hozgan 6 mesi fa
Margot 6 mesi fa
How many languages do you speak?
Marie Maidyn
Marie Maidyn 6 mesi fa
Gurl That hair is YOU
Carolina Ruiz
Carolina Ruiz 6 mesi fa
Ame este haul en asmr. Pd: Extraño tus videos en español ♥️
Soy Pato
Soy Pato 6 mesi fa
unbox the new iPad Pro :)
Maronu 6 mesi fa
Adoré esa manta desde el vídeo anterior... Me fascina el sonido y las figuras que se pueden dibujar con ella. Los unboxing de lo mejorcito, el sonido al sacar las paletas es divino... 😍
lucas Gonzalez
lucas Gonzalez 6 mesi fa
Un nuevo videito para hoy a la noche❤️
Angelica Fasolino
Ciao!! Io ho preso il cofanetto con tutte e 4 le palette di morphe, sono eccezzionali!! 😍😍😍
Angelica Fasolino
Anche dall'altra parte dello schermo vedo che la palette di Natasha Denona è di una qualità superiore ahahaha 🤩
Tracey Fretwell
Tracey Fretwell 6 mesi fa
I absolutely loved your soft speaking in this, and loved the products but it was a bit too fast paced for me to find completely relaxing. Hope you don’t mind the constructive criticism; I’m a big fan of your content x
Tracey Fretwell
Tracey Fretwell 6 mesi fa
TerraDiASMR Thanks for your reply! I would be the same😄 No worries, I just slowed it down a tad and it was perfect!☺️😴
TerraDiASMR 6 mesi fa
Not at all, thank you for your input. I totally agree with the “fast paced” part. I noticed that while editing the video, but unboxings/hauls are usually an exciting thing for me and I really find it difficult to contain my excitement, unfortunately that shows in the video 😫
georgia 6 mesi fa
I am SO obsessed with your hauls! They’re deffo my favourite videos! 💖🎉
Jack Worby
Jack Worby 6 mesi fa
Even though I know nothing about makeup I'm just here for the asmr experience
amina assouli
amina assouli 6 mesi fa
Thank you for not forgetting about us on your holiday , enjoy your time 💋
adriana silvis
adriana silvis 6 mesi fa
*early squad where you at?*
Makeup Love
Makeup Love 6 mesi fa
Could you whisper more? It kind of sounds like you’re just talking and it’s not very soothing 😬😂
Zhoan Metin2
Zhoan Metin2 6 mesi fa
In romana cand faci?
Lukasz łukasz
Lukasz łukasz 6 mesi fa
Bloopers please 😘😘
härjaren Langstrumpf
Relaxing voice
Zeneia Ifi
Zeneia Ifi 6 mesi fa
Perfect video.. We are waiting for the video with the "rubbish" perfumess
Green Soul
Green Soul 6 mesi fa
Too sweet
KingTV 6 mesi fa
Un video en español por favor .... te va mejor con videos en español y tmb en las vistas
anony mous
anony mous 6 mesi fa
1:21. Ulta bag 7:40. 1st ulta box 19:41. 2nd ulta box 25:44. Sephora box 28:05. Box with Natasha Denona palette
Isa Crafts
Isa Crafts 6 mesi fa
I was waiting for this love it❤
Emily eiz
Emily eiz 6 mesi fa
Un video en español por favor 😅❤
David Molyneux
David Molyneux 6 mesi fa
So beautiful 😘 ♥ 😍 🌹 ☺ 💋
Jabes Morales
Jabes Morales 6 mesi fa
Regalame una targeta de.Google porfa te amo
Rubén Gíl García
SLY_ZarQoZZ 6 mesi fa
I love your hair
Alessia Braga
Alessia Braga 6 mesi fa
Molto rilassante ❤️
M. C.
M. C. 6 mesi fa
Love ya 😍😍😍😘😘😘
Joris R.
Joris R. 6 mesi fa
River 6 mesi fa
Ana,forma corpórea de los ángeles,esculpida por un ser superior.
MR. Gayolo
MR. Gayolo 6 mesi fa
Bianca Ropota
Bianca Ropota 6 mesi fa
Pupici dulci din România 😚😗❤
Balaceanu Sara
Balaceanu Sara 6 mesi fa
Bravo pentru 100k 💯
Obreja Catalin
Obreja Catalin 6 mesi fa
I love You 💞💟💝💝
H1mb3 6 mesi fa
Matching colours! Really nice!
Defensor dos Melhores Youtuber
Yours videos are sooooo goodd, all the time wich i see yours videos i sleep, its amazingg
Valentina D'Aguanno
Prima a mettere like
Ana Denisa
Ana Denisa 6 mesi fa
Jose Antonio Viva Mexico
idcidk 6 mesi fa
Yes queen❤
Jose Antonio Viva Mexico
Prer coment dame corazon pls
alexandra anca
alexandra anca 6 mesi fa
Te pupicesc din România! !!!!
Nicolas Grande
Nicolas Grande 6 mesi fa
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