Umpire calls a perfect game in the World Series, a breakdown 

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10 nov 2022




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Will Willis
Will Willis 10 mesi fa
That segment when you discussed Hoberg aligning himself with the catcher should be part of every umpires annual training.
panner11 10 mesi fa
Yeah as much as people say you shouldn't have older umps. It probably doesn't have to do with ability as long as their eyesight isn't going. It's probably that a lot of the older umps are stuck in their old ways, and aren't adapting to newer, better umping techniques. So some older umps can be really good, even if most are kinda bad now.
hobo nolen
hobo nolen 10 mesi fa
@panner11 100% agree with this , too many people just say old umps when that’s not the problem
Ryan Alexander Music
Unfortunately, a lot of training camps and schools will tell you setting yourself up like Hoberg is "wrong". I've been to a handful of camps and only one instructed us to get in a position where we can best see the ball. It's absolutely goofy
james carpenter
james carpenter 10 mesi fa
This was taught to all umpires whenever they started it's not hard but the amount of times I see umpires out of position in mlb cause they don't want to get hit or something is insane angel blindnandez is one of the most blatantly bad positioned umpires in the entire mlb behind the plate
Lou Sassle
Lou Sassle 10 mesi fa
Hoberg was adjusting what the slot is with every pitch. Umpires taught by outdated method seem to stay in the far end of the slot and just sticking there.
Chettywap 1
Chettywap 1 10 mesi fa
It’s honestly insane that it’s even possible to be this accurate considering on every close pitch the catcher is basically trying to lie to you and say t has to be tiring bending down and keeping focus just like a player for a full nine innings with less of a break than anyone else on the field
Hutch Is On
Hutch Is On 6 mesi fa
Batters also can sell calls as well
Flappajacka 5 mesi fa
It’s amazing. He in it 100%s Umpires should be paid by accuracy. Higher accuracy. Higher pay. This ump. Deserves a BIG bonus for being perfect in the World Series. He should also have a very nice salary. He’s well worth it
Chettywap 1
Chettywap 1 5 mesi fa
@Flappajacka fr but with all the unions making sure that since some umps have worked for the mlb longer they should have a job it makes it harder to get rid of blind umps
Paul 2 mesi fa
​@Jason-rp3jg are there any catchers who do?
Matthew C
Matthew C 2 mesi fa
The thing is it really should have nothing to with the catcher or the batter. He should solely be focused on when the ball crosses the plate. The strike zone really should never changes regardless of the batters size or stature.
Gregger 10 mesi fa
What a superstar! It's so easy to shit on bad umpires but when you see one who's doing his job well, no one notices. This guy deserves all the praise he gets and I hope he gets more
Dr. Bees
Dr. Bees Mese fa
“A good umpires name is not known”
Zack Attack
Zack Attack 5 giorni fa
So he deserves the ultimate praise for doing what he's required to do?
Chris 10 mesi fa
Jomboy low-key making us watch every pitch of the game without us realizing it 🤣
MacMittens 10 mesi fa
delete this they will catch on
Matt Ray
Matt Ray 10 mesi fa
Bro imagine if the pitcher didn’t take a minute to throw every pitch. Baseball games would take an hour and a half
R. Lucas
R. Lucas 10 mesi fa
@Matt Ray pitchers are not machine guns. takes a lot of effort to throw a ball that hard. a few seconds of rest in between is necessary.
Obi1Classic 10 mesi fa
@R. Lucas this is why I'm not crazy about the clock they're enforcing in 2023.
PsyMar 6 mesi fa
​@Obi1Classic the clock gives plenty of time to recover from each pitch, plus you sit between innings, and you also get a limited number of extensions.
Fred Wills
Fred Wills 10 mesi fa
I have to say, it is pretty refreshing to hear someone heavily into the sports scene calling out an individual ump for perfection. All too often we focus only on the blown calls. And your analysis on what enables him to make good calls is fantastic for anyone considering becoming an ump. Why anyone would put themselves through that for little or no appreciation befuddles me, but I worked a lifetime with little or no appreciation (other than remuneration) so I should not be critical.
PsyMar 6 mesi fa
The main reason why I would consider it is because I love baseball and think I could do a better job than Angel Hernandez.
Kakachi 5 mesi fa
​@PsyMar even a hockey fan knows more about baseball than Hernandez
RileyHDD 10 mesi fa
Can we get this man a raise or something! Played baseball for 12 years and this was fantastic to watch, especially during the world series.
Pete V
Pete V 10 mesi fa
Keep glorifying umpires doing a good job🗣️
Ethan Friedrich
Ethan Friedrich 10 mesi fa
And keep trashing Angel Hernandez
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 10 mesi fa
No, trash them as much as possible, and then we get robots.
Pork Chop
Pork Chop 10 mesi fa
Keep focusing on umps and not players who willfully don’t try: Not leaving the box, watching pop-flies, not tagging up on sacs. ‘S funny. But yeah. Umps are the problem.
Tod Kreider
Tod Kreider 10 mesi fa
While it lasts … 😊
Tod Kreider
Tod Kreider 10 mesi fa
2024 is coming, and I don’t care what anyone says: ROBOTS PLZ FIX MLB!!!
Jeremy McCommons
Jeremy McCommons 10 mesi fa
The Estimated Umpire Strike Zone (EUZ) generates the consistency rating that Jomboy mentioned a few times through the video. It consideres all the pitches that the umpire called strikes and tries to draw the strike zone based on those calls. The program trying to draw this zone doesn't know what the strike zone actually looks like though, so for really well called games it can get funky. If no pitchers in a game pitch high and away then the EUZ will have a big hole high and away because it believes that a pitch there wouldn't have gotten called for a strike simply because there were no strikes thrown in that spot. The consistency rating really doesn't matter for very well called games, since it's based on the EUZ, which struggles to properly rate well called games. When Jomboy mentions any of the pitches that "go against the way he called the rest of the game" he's referring to pitches in the EUZ that were called balls and pitches outside of the EUZ called strikes. Usually this can cause troubles since the EUZ will leave holes in the strike zone if not a lot of pitches are thrown to that spot, and it will extend the strike zone if a lot of pitches are thrown to that spot.
Matthew Meadows
Matthew Meadows 10 mesi fa
The amount of effort Jomboy puts into editing and commentating on these videos even though he's so successful is amazing. Also great job blue!
werther 10 mesi fa
What makes this even more impressive is that he did so against two of the very best framing catchers in the game
Saquib Chowdhury
what's a framing catcher?
Mason Hoover
Mason Hoover 5 mesi fa
@Saquib Chowdhury framing is when the catcher tries to lie to the umpire by catching a ball outside the zone but moving the glove back into the zone before becoming still
G D 5 mesi fa
@Mason Hoover this is why I'm not a fan of moving to a robo ump. That is a skill that will be lost.
Adam Broyles
Adam Broyles 5 mesi fa
@G D exactly.. and the pitches that have never been strikes will become strikes. Yelich had a opinion on it in an interview earlier this year.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 5 mesi fa
It’s not impressive to simply take proper position to effectively call the game.
jil9o 9 mesi fa
This guy needs to start a lot of games
OwYouMoron 9 mesi fa
MLB: Best we can do is Angel Hernandez.
@OwYouMoron They tried to fire him i think
ØbjectSZN 5 mesi fa
@Detroitsportsmakemesad yeah they did but the umpire union won't let that happen
Imperial Sith
Imperial Sith 5 mesi fa
@ØbjectSZN he pulled the racism card in court
Will Murphy
Will Murphy 2 mesi fa
Ummm... Umpires start every game..
juan cuello espinosa
jimmy editing his face into other faces will never stop being nightmare fuel, and I love it
FreshTillDeath 10 mesi fa
It's what I look forward to the most in each video :D
Ed Novy
Ed Novy 10 mesi fa
It is creepy! But I cannot look away!! LOL
Brian Rizzo
Brian Rizzo 10 mesi fa
I hate it so much, but I never click away
The Zero Line
The Zero Line 6 mesi fa
Can you time stamp example. Edit: Never mind, I just wasn’t far enough into the video.
juan cuello espinosa
@The Zero Line most of the time i do. I just didn't
Luke Knowles
Luke Knowles 10 mesi fa
Your analysis is incredible. I've never seen anything like it. Here's how that's important to me: it's brought me back to baseball after I defected due to the 1994-1995 strike. Sure, I've watched this game that I have truly loved since I was a kid. Mostly World Series and playoffs. But, since I found your approach using this media, I find my love reinvigorated. I'm even looking at baseball cards again. I don't know what to say, other than, "thank you." I mean it. You are of baseball. Like Harry Caray. That may be goofy, but that goofball loved the sport as much as anyone ever. You know, like you seem to.
Grantham Pub Underground
I'm a Phillies fan and watched every inning of the World Series. I also umpire at the HS level, so I appreciate good umpiring. This was an absolute gem of a game called by Hoberg. This excellence was elevated even more, when you think of how atrociously the rest of the games were called. It was bad for both sides, so I doubt it would've made any difference in the big picture. However, you have to expect, in the World Series, that every game should be called the way that this umpire did. This was not only the best called WS game, but may have been the best called game all season, period. I hate to say it and I'd hate to see it, but the other umpires in this series were a very good argument for robo-umps. We need many more Hobergs and way less Angels.
Christian Carino
Christian Carino 10 mesi fa
The amount of work that went into this breakdown is incredible.
Alex Weber
Alex Weber 10 mesi fa
This is a top 20 most impressive baseball feat. Like I mean that absolutely seriously, considering how hard it is to umpire.
Grant the Sports Guy
My mom has a friend who is best buds with Pat so he sent me some of his gear and we are still in touch. It was awesome to see him have such a great performance
Channel One
Channel One 10 mesi fa
Tell Pat that his perfect game was the best part of the World Series!
EmoJackLP 10 mesi fa
If thats true: send him to this video and the comment section. I guess most umps avoid YT because 90% of videos just showcase umps mistakes. He should see that there are plenty of people out there who love to see an ump doing a fantastic job!
chicoktc 10 mesi fa
@Channel One I guess most umps haven't even heard of ITvid, gd dinosaurs
Seven Moons
Seven Moons 10 mesi fa
was hoping this would get recognized, what a game for Hoberg, part of a good list of newer umpires in the league. not all umpires are as bad as Angel, guys!
Ghost of More Dishes More Bitches
They all do lol it's called being in the slot
Jeff Ritchie
Jeff Ritchie 10 mesi fa
Mans need to be the HIGHEST paid umpire
Sittin On The Goddam Corner Doing Dope
The first umpire said, “Some’s balls and some’s strikes and I calls ‘em as they is.” The second umpire said, “Some’s balls and some’s strikes and I calls ‘em as I sees ‘em.” While the third umpire said, “Some’s balls and some’s strikes, but they ain’t nothin’ till I calls ‘em.”
hubert sumlin
hubert sumlin 10 mesi fa
This channel is just unparalleled for teaching the game. It's entertaining too but I really love it when I learn something. Excellent work.
Owen Lawson
Owen Lawson 10 mesi fa
Mannnnnn thank you for the lesson. This game is sooo beautiful for exactly this reason… imho… if you let it… it will teach you and expand your awareness of the art and science of the game. Watching this segment simply reminded me of my truth and testimony as a former player and as a lifelong fan-lover of this game. I love the way it unveils new understandings and deeper appreciation for this craft and those who practice it. Jomboy thank you for your dedication as caretaker of the game. This baseball lover is grateful for “Living Game guides like you. Tipping my cap to today’s #BaseballBrilliance #BaseballGriot #BaseballMonk #JomboyGems
KevinSun242 10 mesi fa
I gotta say, Jomboy's really made me appreciate baseball more with how in-depth he goes with his analysis.
Nicholas Marko
Nicholas Marko 10 mesi fa
I just found your channel, and love it! I was never a baseball person, but you’re channel has helped me appreciate and understand baseball more. I do realize that you’re more than a baseball channel, but literally because of your work I’ve been able to connect with some friends and family I’ve never been able to before . Love you’re baseball content, and thanks for giving me some sort of argument 😊
Winston Kostrzewa
Glad you’re hyping this up. I even tried to find the guy on social media so I could thank him. This is huge for our game
GusTTshowbiz 10 mesi fa
congrats to that man for giving other umps a good name, people dont understand how hard it is to call games at professional speed
Ginger_NoSoul 10 mesi fa
I disagree, he showed how good they can and should be. If they suck they suck and need to be removed.
GusTTshowbiz 10 mesi fa
@Ginger_NoSoul yes i do agree with you, but their job is still very difficult and they are under a lot of pressure. The garbage ones should go, but if they make 5 bad calls we should cut them some slack. 10 or more bad calls and they should be gone. we cant expect perfection from an ump, just like we cant expect a perfect game out of a pitcher every time
Ginger_NoSoul 10 mesi fa
@GusTTshowbiz you put it very well, at that speed only the smallest thing will ruin everything! Thanks for understanding! Best wishes!
Eric 10 mesi fa
Yea, it’s hard to be a ref. Even if you get calls right, people still give you shit. You’re always the bearer of bad news
Stephen Coleman
Stephen Coleman 10 mesi fa
Hell it’s a nightmare at little league speeds. Not that any of these armchair experts have actually done it at any level.
Captain Nutsack
Captain Nutsack 10 mesi fa
As a Phillies fan I watched most of the WS, and I was extremely impressed with every home plate umpire. Nothing egregious, in my eyes, the whole series. They got some really close calls correct without hesitation. Kudos to the umps who worked this series.
Harry Eichelberger
Imagine that, no Angel to be found!
Captain Nutsack
Captain Nutsack 10 mesi fa
@Harry Eichelberger I didn't recognize a single name of any umps in the WS. That is a good thing lol.
Al Alex
Al Alex 10 mesi fa
Same here as a Phillies fan. Kudos to them.
Tristan Murphy
Tristan Murphy 9 mesi fa
Boo astros
​@Captain Nutsack I think we should know the good ones and the bad ones
Slw Snowman40
Slw Snowman40 10 mesi fa
MLB needs more of this. We all know about and hear about the bad umps, but these ump performances need to be just as known.
Yung Trashcan
Yung Trashcan 5 mesi fa
shoutout to this umpire for doing his absolute best to ensure the right call is made. more umps need to learn from him!
James Plummer
James Plummer 10 mesi fa
There you go again Jomboy. Bringing another level of enjoyment to watching the game of baseball. Your scorecard on great breakdowns is 98%... nearly legend status. Keep it up.
Brian Hiedeman Sr
This is the first time I have heard of an umpire having a perfect game. I have seen my dad umpire at the High School level for a few years here in Minnesota before becoming my baseball coach, but I never really paid attention to how he operated, but I do know that he never had a player or coach argue balls and strikes. I have seen them argue safe or out calls however.
olivedjazzer 10 mesi fa
I mean --- insane analysis here. Found that only 54 pitches actually matter and furthermore the breakdown on the very minute differences on those. Absolutely incredible work to make this piece.
Ryan Soltner
Ryan Soltner 10 mesi fa
I’m a Phillies fan, when I was watching this game I found that I wasn’t frustrated in the slightest despite them losing, I didn’t understand why until someone pointed out how good he was. It is truly amazing how frustrating the umpires make the game when your team can’t hit.
Papi Ron
Papi Ron 10 mesi fa
I was talking to my buddy before the WS started and I was still fresh off the memory of Pat calling a NEAR perfect game with Rockies v Phillies and I was like, “What if the first perfect ump game was in a WS?” It was SO AWESOME seeing it in real time. Hoberg needs a jersey so I can buy one!
Zac Godfrey
Zac Godfrey 10 mesi fa
This might actually be the most impressive thing to happen all season. With all the different batters and pitchers and balls thrown, to not miss a single call, not one!, is simply incredible.
hfosky 10 mesi fa
Also worth considering he did this with maldanado and Realmuto catching, maldy is a damn good framer and was actively trying to pull some calls in his favor in the shadow zone JT as well
Eric Carter
Eric Carter 10 mesi fa
It’s so fun to watch someone who excels at what they do. So satisfying and just great to see someone doing their thing really well.
Oliver Sharp
Oliver Sharp 10 mesi fa
I love that he’s glorifying a good umpire instead of getting mad at a bad one
No Name
No Name 27 giorni fa
He constantly bashes umpires. Never ever shuts up about it
Tomisdaboss04 10 mesi fa
This game was crazy. Ump did an awesome job. You love to see baseball just being played with no excuses. Edit: Stop the political war in the replies please 😂
a namer here
a namer here 10 mesi fa
I'd love to see jomboy finally denounce trump and his terror attack on the capitol on 1/6 with no excuses too but I guess that's asking too much....
Tomisdaboss04 10 mesi fa
@a namer here maybe a little too much 😅
MB DG 10 mesi fa
@a namer here he’s not a political analyst And your claim is founded on leaving out key information anyway.
a namer here
a namer here 10 mesi fa
@MB DG oh. I didn't realize you had to be a "political analyst" to know that right-wing terrorism is bad? Hmmmmmm 🤔
Andrew B
Andrew B 10 mesi fa
This is the kind of game that makes you really realize why Angel doesn't get playoff games. No ump BS, everything called right, a true perfect game from an ump and it's sad we need to put a spotlight on it because it's so rare.
Johnny Vanderford
I like it when any professional is serious about their sport and their job, excellent job by Pat and a huge appreciation JomBoy For the great statistical report, both of you deserve medals
Cole Greene
Cole Greene 10 mesi fa
I remember watching this game and by the 4th inning I kept thinking this guy hadn’t missed a single call. Glad to see him getting recognition
Ryan Oakley
Ryan Oakley 10 mesi fa
This is something im sure doesn't get talked about enough. Way to give props where they are due. Always nice to see a positive breakdown
Sergio Rodriguez
Sergio Rodriguez 10 mesi fa
Man, I have never watched an entire baseball match in my life, but boy do I enjoy hearing this man talk about this sport!
clammer23 10 mesi fa
Great job. Like you said, batters just want consistency. Throw in calling the pitches correctly and you have a special umpire. Give that man a raise.
Santumi 10 mesi fa
I vaguely remember reading an interview with some player where they said something like "the strike zone is arbitrary. It's made up. All I care about is that it's the same for everyone."
clammer23 10 mesi fa
@Santumi Yup, it's pretty much unanimous amongst players. It's hard to hit a ball if you don't know what close pitches to swing at and what pitches to play off of.
Zach Martin
Zach Martin 10 mesi fa
This is my favorite video from this channel! Calling games like this is a craft….a high stakes, make up your mind in half a second, all eyes and ears on you craft. I’m sure it’s not the first perfect game by an umpire, but this man needs to be glorified as a hero for this one!
PsyMar 6 mesi fa
It probably isn't but it's the first since we started keeping track.
Love your videos. Just a note, all umpires are trained to set up inside and never outside the catcher's head. He did a great job finding a look at the plate.
Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean 10 mesi fa
The umpire comparison was fantastic. I never realized they had different techniques to call pitches.
TheTuck12 10 mesi fa
Great analysis! Keep in mind even though half of the pitches are swung at, umps still must make a decision on them. Therefore umping home plate is the most mentally taxing day of their week. As much as I'd love to see only the best ones there every day, I wouldn't want them getting burnt out either.
Stephen Evins
Stephen Evins 10 mesi fa
Great take and analysis! jomboy is the greatest Umpires union rep they'd never have and yet they won't make any of these changes because quite frankly they probably want to be replaced by machines because the job of calling balls and strikes accurately at the major league level is damn near impossible.
Levi's Wranglers
Levi's Wranglers 10 mesi fa
This is one of my favorite breakdowns ever. I really hope that JonBoy does more good umping breakdowns.
sinq 10 mesi fa
Need more good umping performances!
Colin Horner
Colin Horner 10 mesi fa
Rare to see a game as good as this, but it would be good for Baseball for it to be recognized that it can, and is, called well. This would give more credibility to shaming of umpires that are not as good. I want to know why they are bad. I am sure they don't want to be bad.
Justice Hammer
Justice Hammer 10 mesi fa
My older brother has umpired in the Olympics and the WBC. He was taught to try to have his eyeline set at the top of each hitters strike zone so anything eyeline or above is an easy ball call.
Real men stand up
Great break down in this video, love the detail in the video and giving credit to umpires because this has been the worst year for them
Jo Breshears
Jo Breshears 10 mesi fa
Love seeing people doing work at the best of their ability. Well done.
Martin Wilson
Martin Wilson 3 mesi fa
Breaking it down like you do makes his performance that much more impressive! Good job, blue!
Jeff Jacobson
Jeff Jacobson 10 mesi fa
Back in the day, pitchers like Glavine and Maddux would slowly increase the strike zone, little by little. It was wonderful to witness. They basically performed a magic trick on the umps
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur 10 mesi fa
Great to see an excellent Umpire rewarded by getting to call World Series game. And great analysis by Jomboy on his perfect game. 💪
Andrew Blechinger
Getting picked to work the playoffs is as prestigious for refs/umps as it is for players to make it there. So for Pat to get called up to work the Fall Classic and call a perfect game on the big stage? This is the stuff of legend.
McLeod 10 mesi fa
Mad respect for another great breakdown and Super Mad Respect for Blue's movement, vision, and dedication to his craft.
Phield Trip
Phield Trip 10 mesi fa
This is one of my favorite break downs! Keep em coming!!!
Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall 10 mesi fa
props for highlighting this. baseball players who hit the ball 3 out of 10 times are considered successiful, yet umps who bllow one call out of a 100 are often slammed by the media. Without good umps, there is no sports
Joseph Mullen
Joseph Mullen 10 mesi fa
I looooooove how in depth this breakdown is, please keep doing these in the off-season
LionHeartZ 10 mesi fa
The sheer difference in effort between the three umpire shown in set up is staggering. I never really considered to look at how the umpire slots in before but fuck me I'll be doing it from now on. These are the best types of breakdowns because I really get to learn something about the game thanks jomboy!
TheTEN24 10 mesi fa
What an incredible performance need to give credit when credit is due
Alvin 10 mesi fa
Jim Werther
Jim Werther 10 mesi fa
Met amd Yankee fans agreeing! Wonderful thing
Taylor Stalter
Taylor Stalter 10 mesi fa
You’ve helped me gain true appreciation for baseball. Started watching you a couple years ago at 27. Never disappointed.
Sojan 10 mesi fa
I umpired about 6 years for high school age school and travel leagues and one of the first things I was taught and consistently heard among colleagues was to not let the batter or catcher influence your calls on balls and strikes. It was stressed that the job is to call based on the zone you envisioned regardless of whatever dance went on around it. I assume that is the case for Hoberg as well since he's an outstanding professional. With that said, allowing myself to be the armchair umpire for a moment, it does kill me to see him rest his hand on his thigh as that ball comes in. Foul balls happen and they strike umps often, it's only a matter of time before he takes a strike to the hand and nobody enjoys a broken finger. When I was learning the ropes I was always instructed to rest my hands behind my thighs and let my legs do the work of supporting my crouch. While it's a minor nitpick, I think it is indeed better form to do this and it serves as better protection for yourself behind the plate. It's not going to affect the game in any major way but it's worth it to yourself to protect your body.
HyprJay 10 mesi fa
your analyst of the breakdown was perfect. you're getting very good at this, and I appreciate the hard work. thanks man
Domino Man
Domino Man 10 mesi fa
Umpire competence should be celebrated more than we get outraged at incompetence. Good on you for shining light on these issues.
madcal33 10 mesi fa
I always thought it looked uncomfortable to umpire, but Hoberg is doing hundreds of quick squats a game to get that performance! I imagine that is part of the reason they rotate; it seems much more physically and mentally demanding.
Greg Whitworth
Greg Whitworth 10 mesi fa
He did the same in a game against mariners and our local radio hosts were praising him. He is amazing.
dfloriza 10 mesi fa
It's not just the players looking for a perfect performance out there! Props to Hoberg on being laser focused during that game, especially since it was a WS game
Sean Kidder
Sean Kidder 10 mesi fa
Jomboy I don’t even like baseball but you sir make it interesting in this breakdown. Keep it up. Also AMAZING transition into your sponsor lmao
Waylon Whitaker
Waylon Whitaker 10 mesi fa
Love the grind. Keep doing your thing Jimmy.
bgmcc907 5 mesi fa
A uniquely insightful analysis and assessment. 👍 Hopefully, it finds its way into some network broadcasts.
Michael Sokol
Michael Sokol 10 mesi fa
This is unbelievable. We need more videos praising good umps. We need to know about the Anti-Angel Hernandez's
Dogwatcher144 10 mesi fa
Man that is so tough. I've ump'd behind the plate and it's not easy at all. You have to be positioned well and have good eyes that don't blink when the pitch comes. And have a lot of trust.
Don H
Don H 10 mesi fa
Hey Jimmy...you've done a good job getting into the rules and how they are interrupted. I suggest you take it to the next level and go to one of the pro umpire 2 week schools. I'm positive that it will open you up to a whole new perspective on how and why umpires position themselves.
Jack Helmuth
Jack Helmuth 10 mesi fa
It blows my mind how smart and detailed this video is. Not a breakdown of a brawl or something more "easy" (not that any of their work is easy, but I think you know what I mean). Instead, they produce the smartest breakdown of pitching and baseball that's finely intricate. Jomboy is just the best.
Tony Abbett
Tony Abbett 10 mesi fa
My favorite thing about Jomboy is his fairness. He'll bust the Umps balls but he'll give them credit as well. Great break down as always
Galen Faris
Galen Faris 10 mesi fa
Love the depth of this breakdown, well done. Good on calling out the old man umps, lol
John Suave
John Suave 10 mesi fa
What a badass. Keep giving umps like this the more important games MLB!
Dead Ringer
Dead Ringer 10 mesi fa
Great breakdown. I have to tell you where he sets up is a tiny reason why he's dam good behind the plate. As a matter of fact the reason he had a couple of issues with low pitches is a result of being too close to the catcher in other words looking over the catcher. What happens is the ball will disappear because you cant look through the catcher. and on low pitches it could cause a call to be inconsistent There is a lot more that goes into being good behind the plate. I would say that his timing calling the pitch is why he's really good. In other words he doesn't make a decision until the ball is all the way in the mitt. So he probably doesn't get fooled on pitches very much. Also, in this game both catchers used the Tony Pena position behind the plate which gives you a great view of the zone. I wonder if there is a way to find out how often he is hit with foul tips. ,But, yea he was obviously nails back there.
Benjamin Rodriguez
Just from seeing his stance and the bad umps’ stance, seems like not having to use your hands against your legs to keep you up and knees bent matters a lot. Good knees/core and good back.
Damn fine breakdown of the nuances of doing a difficult job to perfection. I only wish I could match your skills with my own perfect breakdown of your perfect breakdown.
nexigram 10 mesi fa
This kinda stuff gets me real fired up about watching baseball. If they can get more guys like this that really respect their craft, it would be great for the game.
lg78 10 mesi fa
For the WS yeah you want the best HP umpire like Hoberg behind the dish as much as possible, but even for a younger ump he needs to rotate with at least one or two other guys. Part of what makes him great is the movement to the center of the zone as you pointed out and he's going to tire after a while. Teach all newer umps to do this, and if the older guys can't then they don't call balls and strikes anymore.
Taliyah Pottruff
Taliyah Pottruff 10 mesi fa
I'm glad that you pointed out the mechanics. Maybe a lesson can be learned by all new umpires.
Richard Dennis
Richard Dennis 10 mesi fa
Great video. More videos in general highlighting umpire excellence. From everyone. Great stuff JomBoy.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 10 mesi fa
Would love to see you do a breakdown like this with an umpire or even better the next umpiree that throws a perfect game.!
LucianDevine 10 mesi fa
Saw the title and HAD to click on it! Plate umpires have such a tough job, and it is so nice to see the good ones getting time behind the plate they deserve and the recognition for their hard work that they deserve. The job is hard enough normally, but it's even more impressive to do this well in a world series game of all things. It does not get more important than this.
Matthew 2400000
Matthew 2400000 10 mesi fa
Didn’t even realize how much it takes for these umps to get it right and also how much variation there is between good and bad. It’s not just luck or anything, it’s an art,
IlliniDog01 10 mesi fa
Agree 100%, especially in the playoffs, the premium ball/strikes ump should be behind the plate every game. In the middle of the summer when it is 100 degrees in most stadiums, I get rotating them through so they don't die of exhaustion, but the playoffs are rarely an issue heat wise.
Bryce Martin
Bryce Martin 10 mesi fa
usually we’re making fun of how bad the calls are but this time it’s a bit more wholesome
Houston Wilcock
Houston Wilcock 2 mesi fa
This is great! People always talk about bad umpires but there are lots of amazing ones that do a great job!
52flyingbicycles 10 mesi fa
I like how you didn’t just shout this guy out for such a great game, but you explained WHY he did well and why others did not
Ryan M
Ryan M 10 mesi fa
I love this breakdown. I’ve always said that when an ump does bad everyone notices and when he does well nobody notices. This ump was amazing in this game and he deserves tons of credit.
Szymon Grobelski
Szymon Grobelski 10 mesi fa
for the mlb world i hope he stays this good whole life its impossible but i got mad respect for him for calling a perfect game cause some umps are so bad i started thinking its easier to have a perfect game as a pitcher than a perfect game as a ump XD mad respect to this man right here
Robert Hyatt
Robert Hyatt 10 mesi fa
The issue with being in that area is that you are far more likely to take fall balls off the mask. Still, strong consistency in his calls. For Gibson, his position is good (and contrary to Jomboy, the angled fixed view is better for calling outside pitches. However, he is too angled, and his back foot should be far closer to the catcher. Bucknor is in the scissors stance. That's pretty much the issue.
heshwuan 10 mesi fa
Great job, Blue. We won't need robots if we can get more officials like you.
The B
The B 5 mesi fa
I think you suggested in another video having specialized home plate umps I love that idea and put this ump as #1 on the list.
Devin Fuller
Devin Fuller 5 mesi fa
The fact that he is getting into position on every pitch is extremely impressive. That has to be very hard on the knees and legs to do that all night. Goes to show this is a young mans game. Umps included. They should can these old guys and get newer, younger, guys, and teach them this method and pay them better. EVERYONE can respect this. They may hoot and holler during the game. They always will they are competing. But after everyone will see the consistency and over time the respect will come and people will start to hoot and holler less.
Caleb Crider
Caleb Crider 10 mesi fa
Man deserves a bonus….I’m talking about Jomboy of course, for working so hard and going so in depth just for the love of the game. Very admirable
J Christopher Salinas
This was probably one of best breakdowns I’ve seen and definitely my fav!
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