Umpire thinks the catcher embarrassed him and ejects him, a breakdown 

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26 mar 2023




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fatbaldandhappy 6 mesi fa
"I was wrong. I didn't understand the situation and over-reacted. No one is tossed. Let's play ball" Said no umpire ever.
Harsh 6 mesi fa
can they retract an ejection? serious question. not a big baseball rules guy tbh.
Results Hazy
Results Hazy 6 mesi fa
@Harsh Not in a regular season game, but this is spring, I have to imagine if everybody put their heads together and decided to retract the ejection J.T could have stayed in the game.
41Brother 6 mesi fa
​@Results Hazy It's wild that MLB didn't do something to fix that since there are so many elections over little silly ass things and simple misunderstandings that these umpires seriously need to be held accountable for. And now they've given them even more of a ego boost to be able to call violations for literally no reason and claim a batter or pitcher wasn't ready even they clearly were
Chief Big
Chief Big 6 mesi fa
@Harsh rule or not. When I was trained to be a little league ump as a teenager they said stand on your call. Make it with confidence and move one. If you look weak or unsure for a second they’ll run all over you. Regular season it’s a rule I believe but I’d think you were a worse ump for taking a mistake back than just being confident
TimeBucks 6 mesi fa
This guy just killed any chance of going to the majors
Jason Bowen
Jason Bowen 6 mesi fa
Or, sealed his chance of working alongside his idol, Angel Hernandez
Vasile Marian Giarap
Super tare
Dominant Wolf
Dominant Wolf 6 mesi fa
@Jason Bowen and joe west. The triple threat
Preston 6 mesi fa
Clearly MLB doesn't have a problem with this though, old school umps in the MLBUA would probably give him way more shit for walking it back than a soft ejection
Phonsz 6 mesi fa
If anything, this guy has proven he has what it takes to be an ump in the big leagues. There isn't a position in any professional sport that has a thin of a skin as baseball umpires. How they manage to sleep at night astounds me
Ethan Skywalker
Ethan Skywalker 6 mesi fa
Most hilarious part of this is that J.T. is quite possibly the most respectful player in the entire MLB... so funny!
Square, Level, & Plumb
spring training......bring you whole team off of the field. refuse to play.
Leonard Frey
Leonard Frey 5 mesi fa
Would love to see both teams throw the ump out, not play until the ump is gone!
cam quoc
cam quoc 5 mesi fa
Lisa Duffy
Lisa Duffy 5 mesi fa
And the cutest!!❤
Emmett Richardson
​@Lisa Duffy 😮
Eddie Arndt
Eddie Arndt 5 mesi fa
I love how when the ball hits the ground next to the catcher he looks at it like what heck where did that come from. Then he hears ump say your gone. He was like so confused 😂.
W 3 mesi fa
Like totally
kmoecub 6 mesi fa
What a good way to make sure that you are actually embarrassed. This umpire has a lot to learn about humility.
Evan Shlom
Evan Shlom 5 mesi fa
Exactly. Sport aside, he seems immature for this.
sang vo ba
sang vo ba 5 mesi fa
Juanita Dudley
Juanita Dudley 25 giorni fa
Right! No one would have noticed or cared if he just let it go.
blamtasticful 5 mesi fa
That might be the most calm reaction to being thrown out that I've seen in my life lol. Guy's probably like eh it's spring training I'll take the extra time off.
Bigonein97 6 mesi fa
ump thought he got embarrassed so he decided to embarrass himself 1000 times worse lmao.
Dermond Reigns
Dermond Reigns 6 mesi fa
The ol' Michael Richards
MrRaven74 6 mesi fa
That's one way to make sure you get put back into AAA you gotta be in before you can do stuff like this.
Ump wanted to be thrown out himself after realizing it was all in his head.
Eric Turner
Eric Turner 6 mesi fa
Another Angel Hernandez?
interestedparty 6 mesi fa
@MrRaven74, this ump will be lucky if he only gets sent down to AAA.
JeffRL1956 6 mesi fa
It'll be a long time before this guy ever works a major league game again, so I hope he's feeling happy about what he accomplished.
The Monster Under Your Bed
Yeah right. They'll probably give him a lifelong contract and book him for the playoffs.
​@The Monster Under Your Bed 💀
Voltrono 6 mesi fa
he won't miss a day
Melissa and Alex's Family
He will be in the World Series lol😂
Joshua Gaudreault
shouldnt be in AAA either, what a small man wow
The Wicked One
The Wicked One 6 mesi fa
That last visual of the ump is him realizing he just cost himself any chance at the MLB. Hilarious. We don't need more clowns like this anyways.
Kyle Kashuda
Kyle Kashuda 6 mesi fa
Just the fact that he can’t say, no no I made a mistake he’s definitely not thrown out, is insane. And the fact that the MLB nor the umpire says anything to the media is a complete joke.
Kedo 6 mesi fa
This is even more embarrassing for the ump than I first thought. I love the breakdown. Great stuff.
Paul Tomaszewski
The fact that the Ump was "not availible" after the game for questions and then they stood up for him as well is a problem. Realmuto handled this way better than anyone else would have. I'm surprised no one on the Phillies didn't say something to the Ump like this is why you'll be stuck in the Minors again, for petty calls like that!
Draft904 6 mesi fa
That’s the look of an umpire’s face when he knows he’s going to get a breakdown by Jomboy 😂
Aux'Arc Climbing
Absolutely. He singlehandedly dropped himself in a list with Hernandez and Buckner.
gustafsone 6 mesi fa
@Aux'Arc Climbing The MLBUA will probably fast-track this guy to the big show soon. He has the exact temperament they are looking for!
joxyjoxyjoxy1 6 mesi fa
Worst thing about being an ump.
Jim Werther
Jim Werther 6 mesi fa
​@Aux'Arc Climbing You lost me there for a moment with "Hernandez and Buckner". I said to myself, how did Keith Hernandez and Bill Buckner show up here? I guess you mean Angel Hernandez and CB Bucknor?
Joe Flynn Comedy
I love the fact that this all started because of a rule designed to "speed up the game ".
Velvet 6 mesi fa
In a strange twist of irony huh lol
Joey Junior
Joey Junior 5 mesi fa
These incredibly stupid new rules are only going to further destroy an already badly damaged game.
GoodShot Green
GoodShot Green 4 mesi fa
@Joey Junior I still keep up with the game, watching highlights and such, but a whole game live? Not with these new stupid-ass rules.
Had to cheat him to beat him
The irony is that the ump intervening when he did while the pitchers leg was in the air to make the actual pitch, just slowed the game down further than the 1 second the pitcher was late by. This shit is so damn dumb.
Kevin D'Sa
Kevin D'Sa 6 mesi fa
I wonder at what point did that ump think to himself, “Oh crap, I’m gonna be on the wrong side of a Jomboy video.” 😂😂😂
CH 24 giorni fa
This umpire signed his own ticket to remain a Little League umpire for the rest of his career!
flash 26
flash 26 6 mesi fa
always was weird to me that ump calls cant be overturned. really just makes for stuff like this to happen
Eduardo Pena
Eduardo Pena Mese fa
You mean except for the ones that can....
Jim Ruda
Jim Ruda 6 mesi fa
And now, rather then starting in the MLB today, he's in Louisville calling single A games, right where he belongs. GO PHILS!!
ARP 6 mesi fa
I like how Realmuto was completely cool and collected that whole exchange. Really highlights how dumb the ejection was. I would’ve laughed in his face
Chris 6 mesi fa
It really just highlights how this is a spring training game. If this were a real game, I would expect Realmuto to be in the ump's face if he was being honest.
David Corsi
David Corsi 6 mesi fa
I suppose it is easier when you are both a veteran AND its just spring training, but he did great.
TJ Connell
TJ Connell 6 mesi fa
you're so bad ass
Wambario 6 mesi fa
He seems like a cool guy. Kinda newer to baseball but he stands out
DBliss 6 mesi fa
Yeah JT is super chill
middleclassic 6 mesi fa
The announcers during the Angels and Dodgers last night mentioned an umpire had a ridiculous meltdown during this game. Now I know what they were talking about. Yep, absolutely ridiculous!
The Mythical Legend
The worst thing about this isn't even the Ump tossing JT for no reason or that this is JT's first ejection. The worst part is that the ump won't get in any deep trouble for it if we look back at all the umps that have done awful things and THAT is scary.
Square, Level, & Plumb
as before Angel Hernandes is still working
NOPC20161535 3 mesi fa
dumbpire needs firing
ϟϟ 2 mesi fa
Deep trouble? The guys is umping singe A ball now.
Patrick Wooton
Patrick Wooton 25 giorni fa
He shouldn't be in "deep trouble". He should just not ump any more. There is nothing "scary" about anything that happened here.
FedtheFup 6 mesi fa
I can't even imagine how Billy Martin or Earl Weaver would have responded to their catcher getting thrown out for this.
LeRoy Siedenburg
They would have lost it!!! They would have made sure it was a 4 hour game! Lol!!!!
Randy Lona
Randy Lona 5 mesi fa
I can hear terry collins now : “you cawk sucka”
Richard Fabacher
Richard Fabacher 15 giorni fa
Martin would have kicked so much dirt, they'd need heavy equipment to dig out the ump.
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick 6 mesi fa
That’s what you’re gonna be known for, as the guy who was the only person to ever eject JT Realmuto from a game…yeah…you’re that guy.
Bob Jones
Bob Jones 5 mesi fa
He'll never get out of AAA now that this happened. Shot himself in the brain big time.
Morgan Pethis
Morgan Pethis 6 mesi fa
The look on that umps face when he realized he'll never get called up to ump MLB again is priceless.
Teddy Jackson
Teddy Jackson 6 mesi fa
I’ll bet you see him in the regular season. MLB loves tyrant umps that like to make themselves the center of attention.
PLV Soundman
PLV Soundman 6 mesi fa
IF, he does call a MLB it will be RF foul line
Yankees286 6 mesi fa
He’ll be a home plate umpire again because the umpires union has the MLB by the balls. I’m all in favor of unions, but that’s when your good at your job.
BHFFS 6 mesi fa
I was thinking that too but let's be real with how these MLB umps work this probably gets him promoted.
Skur Dibbles
Skur Dibbles 6 mesi fa
If I know anything about the MLB it's that this guy will probably crew chief a game 7 in the world series this year.
Bland Muffin
Bland Muffin 6 mesi fa
Good, more Umpire involvement, just what the fans have been asking for.
Tyler Lackey
Tyler Lackey 3 mesi fa
"I love the human element umpires bring to the game"- people who genuinely hate baseball from the bottom of their hearts
jmspls7 5 mesi fa
Been watching baseball since 1956. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a player laughing after being tossed! Hysterical situation!
Nate Ezra
Nate Ezra 6 mesi fa
"Oh my bad dude, sorry, no, you aren't ejected man, I just thought you were being a jerk is all, we were both lost, my bad, haha" - any normal person
segathegenesis 5 mesi fa
The fact that this was spring training puts into an even crazier stratosphere of insanity.
There absolutely has to be some kind of system of checks and balances to prevent these power trips
Wicked3DS 6 mesi fa
The union has to go.
LinkRocks 6 mesi fa
@Wicked3DS It doesn't have to go, but it needs to be weakened that's for sure.
DingleDangle 6 mesi fa
I don't watch baseball because of it. Tired of the ego trips and terrible calls. I will return to watch when they get robots.
Trucid 6 mesi fa
The other ump should throw the ump out :D
Kedo 6 mesi fa
😂😂 as an ump i’ve learned in situations like that you can’t take life too seriously. instead of tossing the guy you think disrespected you try to have a conversation with him and maybe you realize it wasn’t personal
Doug E Fresh
Doug E Fresh 2 mesi fa
There’s a reason you’re not in the big leagues. You seem too rational for a job of that magnitude. Only the most insecure will be getting callbacks and second interviews.
stpaulimdog 6 mesi fa
Kimbrels like that instigator kid who does something and Realmuto's like the kid who laughs and gets in trouble with the teacher.
Coach K
Coach K 6 mesi fa
I caught for 28 years and worked blue upside inside outside etc. 99% of them are good umpires that make bad calls now and then. But that 1% totally suck every single time. In my entire career I was tossed once for drawing a batters box after the hitter clearly stepped well beyond the front line and when I pointed it out to blue he said, the batters box is 4’x 8’…..I lost my mind
killakori 6 mesi fa
Just once, I'd like to see an umpire realize their mistake and change their decision. This seemed like one of those opportunities.
diox8tony 6 mesi fa
yea, throw the pitcher out instead, once you realize he was the one antagonizing the ump and the catcher wasn't in on it.
Oldredeye4 6 mesi fa
@diox8tony how did the pitcher antagonize the ump? Asking for a new ball is quite common in MLB
Skip Rock, Jr.
Skip Rock, Jr. 6 mesi fa
@Oldredeye4 Yeah. Pitchers have to be comfortable with the ball since they are going to be throwing it 90+MPH and can potentially hit and injure the batter. That ump probably has nerd rage or something. A simple miscommunication triggered the crap out of him.
Recyclops 6 mesi fa
@diox8tony how about stop being so sensitive and don't throw anyone out
Anthony Russo
Anthony Russo 6 mesi fa
What's done is done. They can't un-eject a player. And I think he kind of did realize his mistake when he said "welp...idk". It was too late by then. It sucks, he should've handled it differently, but hopefully he's able to realize he was being too ego-centric and can do better. It's just spring training so it doesn't really matter too much.
Kurt Watson
Kurt Watson 6 mesi fa
The pitch clock actually added 15 minutes to this inning 😂
Ivan Dekad
Ivan Dekad 6 mesi fa
Realmuto: *drops glove due to a misunderstanding* Ump: "AND I took that personally!"
Mr. Speyside
Mr. Speyside Mese fa
RG4697 6 mesi fa
Says everything about this ump's ego & insecurity. Never call this guy up, he can't handle the pressure.
Jacob Hall
Jacob Hall 6 mesi fa
I always wondered if there are any consequences for the umps when they do something like this. Is there someone that looks at stuff like this after the fact and tell the umps that they were wrong? Seems like a problem to give them power to eject someone for something stupid like this and not have any repercussions.
Jamie Sr. Ferrante
JT is true class. I'm a Met fan with a lot of respect and regret that we didn't sign him!!!
Bradkinn 6 mesi fa
Now he really is embarrassed lmao Edit: that's nuts he played 2000 games with no ejections just to get ejected this way.
HurricaneGregor 6 mesi fa
I mean, spring training doesn't really count, does it?
Adam Rickman
Adam Rickman 6 mesi fa
Rosenberg really should offer an official apology. 2000 games and like that, you get tossed without saying a word and essentially doing nothing. How about you talk to him and asked why he did that? Oh a misunderstanding, my bad. Nah I’m gonna toss you
Benjamin Isaac
Benjamin Isaac 6 mesi fa
@Adam Rickman He told him what happened, he just didn't believe him because he has a fragile ego.
David Skelton
David Skelton 6 mesi fa
@Adam Rickman I'm curious if there is an instance where an umpire tosses a player, and then is persuaded by that player to put him back into the game. Plenty of instances when it would have made sense to do, but it would set a weird precedent where players would then really try to argue their case rather than just yell and get mad
Adam Rickman
Adam Rickman 6 mesi fa
@Benjamin Isaac after he was tossed though. Once you’re thrown out, it can’t be reversed.
Shena Mese fa
I don't watch baseball but I love these breakdowns just for to see all the drama but I have a question... Can a ump take a decision back. Like in this situation if he had realized he was wrong could he say wait my bad and let the catcher stay in the game?
Greg Richards
Greg Richards 19 giorni fa
So what I would like to know is - what happened to the ump? Was he reprimanded? Fined? Disciplined in some way? What? Where's "the rest of the story"? Baseball just lets behavior like this go on and does nothing? What? Inquiring minds want to know. Love the breakdown play by play
Jackie Austin
Jackie Austin 25 giorni fa
There needs to be something to hold umpires accountable for their lousy calls. Happens too often.
Defx10 4 mesi fa
People saying this won't make it to the majors after this seem to forget that the umps in the majors aren't any better. This guy would actually fit right in.
Tim Rodgers
Tim Rodgers 5 mesi fa
Hopefully this ump can learn from this and gain a perspective skill. Too bad he couldn’t reverse his decision.
Matthew Short
Matthew Short 6 mesi fa
Umpires need to have media availability if shit like this is gonna happen. They have a hard job and most of them do it very well. Everyone’s gonna miss calls, but this is the kind of incident baseball shouldn’t let umpires hide from. Big props to Jomboy. In his own way he holds these guys accountable by exposing them to the fans. Not all heroes wear capes.
Chris 6 mesi fa
This is one of only three ejections in all of spring training and it's being reported on widely since the regular season has yet to start. Realmuto probably doesn't even care about it at this point.
ziwuri13 6 mesi fa
This one's tough though. Without Jomboy's lip-reading ability, the call wouldn't be clear even on video.
Nate Grimm
Nate Grimm 6 mesi fa
100% agreed. With the exception of "TV Teddy" Valentine in college basketball, no other sport has officials that make the game about themselves quite like baseball does and it need to stop. Every single year we get a whole host of rule changes to try to make the game more appealing to the masses. How about we stop letting the worst umpires in the game steal the show on a regular basis?! I know most of them don't do it, and most of them do great work in a very difficult job, but then you have clowns like this guy or Angel Hernandez that seem to go out of their way to steal the spotlight and they do it without any kind of accountability.
Jim Berry
Jim Berry 6 mesi fa
@Nate Grimm I swear a bad ump is like a bad boss or a bad cop.........always has to be right and throw their weight around.
jon83chewy 6 mesi fa
Dang man, I’m not even a baseball fan, came across this video by accident, and I think this is absolute bull. I think ejections across all sports need a multi vote system. You can’t keep letting one person affect games. Basketball has been really bad about refs lately and this reminds me of that.
retluoc 6 mesi fa
It's not the first time I've seen an ump toss a catcher out of embarrassment 😆. The other time was about 20 years ago where the ump expected the catcher to throw the ball to the pitcher and the catcher just let the ball on the ground at his feet 😆😆😆
The Writing Writer
I have tried to give umps the benefit of the doubt for many years, but honestly, after the joke that was Spring Training and the first week of the season, I'm ready for the robo umps and glad to see these guys go. It's just become a travesty of the game at this point.
KillerKitten753 6 mesi fa
I’ve done some embarrassing things in sports, I’ve choked at the worst moments plenty of times. Never done anything as embarrassing as this
John Mcgown
John Mcgown 11 giorni fa
Everyone feels the way Realmuto did at that moment whenever they go into work and for one reason or another, unexpectedly find out they have the day off and are able to go home. He saw it as a gift.
Dick Money
Dick Money 6 mesi fa
That was crazy. The umpire proves he’s not ready for prime time.
Mr. Whitebread
Mr. Whitebread 6 mesi fa
The face of a man who knows he's stuck in AAA for the rest of his career.
MarcosElMalo2 6 mesi fa
Actually, it’s dumb calls like this that will move an umpire out of AAA and into the majors. More important than the call itself is sticking to it. That’s what the union looks for. Having an unflappable and unconcerned expression comes with time.
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey 6 mesi fa
Yeah the irony is that he will probably get promoted for this. Baseball is a joke. There's not a single other sport where the pride of the ref is a legitimate factor
JC Potter
JC Potter 6 mesi fa
..face of a man " I just F#$ked up"....
Haru Honeybun
Haru Honeybun 6 mesi fa
@Daniel Bailey You clearly don't know other sports, hell, Tennis alone is one where refs are challenged by players, even assaulted by players and fans, and are still a part of the game despite there being camera tech now. Why? Because that's the fucking sport, if you want to remove the refs, just make a new sport without refs and call it idk, Yeetsball. You don't understand that to the players, the refs are PART of the experience, for the audience too. The arguments, the wrong calls, hell, jomboy probably has to be grateful for bad calls from refs for a large part of his viewing platform. I don't understand this advocacy for removing umps, it's like trying to just remove rules and parts of a game you particularly find disagreeable, but missing the reason why those parts were deemed necessary to the game for so long at this point. It's because if you removed the umps, you're just watching a video game larp.
jvandyck87 6 mesi fa
It sucks that umpires aren't allowed to uneject players or managers. I mean, maybe it'd open up a whole can of worms, but in a situation like this, I think he would have retracted it if he had the power to. Or at least I would hope so. Otherwise...DAMN the fragile ego on him.
J Jones
J Jones 6 mesi fa
A great post game comment from JT would be….”Good to know this ump is right where he belongs as a minor league ump”.
Flying Eagle TV
Flying Eagle TV 5 mesi fa
Imagine playing over 2000 games without getting ejected and this is how you get your first lol
【Chucklebutt】 ʘ‿ʘ
It's about time that an umpire stands up for themselves and calls out the obvious disrespect from Realmuto. That guy is a reaaaal piece of shit and has gotten away with it his whole career up to this point! Great umpiring 10/10.
Ian O'Reilly
Ian O'Reilly 4 mesi fa
Never seen a baseball game but as an outsider, the EGOS on these umpires is unbelievable
Steeljaw XXI
Steeljaw XXI 22 giorni fa
That's the spirit of the saying, isn't it. "Those who can't play, coach. Those who can't coach, umpire. Those who can't umpire end up as the main subject on Jomboy Media videos." or something like that.
airforce9872 6 mesi fa
Why is the league so quick to make rule changes "for the betterment of the sport and fan's overall enjoyment" yet refuse to make umps accountable for being atrociously bad egomaniacs. Better umpires definitely fall into the fan enjoyment category.
DoahnKea_Tuber 6 mesi fa
Better umpires would require increased wages (less profits).
Aidan Quiett
Aidan Quiett 6 mesi fa
@DoahnKea_Tuber They're union, they probably are already making more then they deserve
Tony Gunk
Tony Gunk 6 mesi fa
because the union protects them, it blows
Brian Leighton
Brian Leighton 6 mesi fa
He is a AAA umpire on the verge of potentially becoming a part time umpire in the majors. For those umpires, Spring Training is the chance for MLB to evaluate them in game situations dealing with MLB pitching and players. My guess is that umpire will spend yet another year in AAA.
David Rosenthal
David Rosenthal 6 mesi fa
Rule changes don’t have a union.
Randy Ladd
Randy Ladd 6 mesi fa
One of the biggest second hand embarrassment videos I’ve ever had to sit thru. Good job
Slate Slaterton
Slate Slaterton 6 mesi fa
Honestly, the players knew he fucked up, the ump knew he fucked up, and they all took it with good class and good sportsmanship. Hopefully, the Ump has learned to set his pride and ego aside and make calls based on the play, not how the play makes you feel.
William Caputo
William Caputo 6 mesi fa
Yo JOMBOY I love your shit bro !!! Now that baseball seasons back this is probably the best thing I have to look forward too because your videos are the best !!! Especially your lip reading interpretations whenever someones ejected. Lol
John Ryan
John Ryan 5 mesi fa
Good call ump. You did the right thing here.
LurkinTomGaming 6 mesi fa
That’s crazy the umpire can’t stop thinking about himself
RyzTheGamer 6 mesi fa
I love the face at the end. He was like. "Oops. Now everyone is going to remember me for this" Which is true. He could have an amazing career after this but everyone will remember him for the time he got his feelings hurt so he ejected the man who has never been ejected.
Random Name
Random Name 6 mesi fa
True. You can build a 1,000 bridges, but.......
Sofie Nielsen
Sofie Nielsen 6 mesi fa
Didnt they say he had to do well in spring training to officiate in the actual season, im guessing this doesn't count as doing well.
Recoil Rob
Recoil Rob 6 mesi fa
@Sofie Nielsen Right! Let's hope this little window into his temperament (which obviously is too brittle to be a good ump) is noticed and acted upon properly by the authorities. I know...fat chance...but a man's got to have hope.
Jim Berry
Jim Berry 6 mesi fa
@Sofie Nielsen we can only hope he never umps a real game in his life and has this to blame.
Richard DiDonato
That’s the way I think of Scott Barry after he threw out Ryan Howard like 10 years ago in an extra inning game against the Astros.
Sam Dickenson
Sam Dickenson 6 mesi fa
This is one reason where I believe ejections need to be allowed to be overturned. It's weird. Baseball is supposed to be three strikes and you're out, but when it comes to ejections, it's one ball and you're out, no take backsies.
Drew Bryan
Drew Bryan 6 mesi fa
I was umpiring a game once when I called a runner out at first base on a play that ended the inning. As I was walking back to my position, the player's helmet came whizzing by my head. I turned and immediately ejected him for throwing his helmet at an umpire. Afterwards, after conferring with other players and with other umpires, it became clear that he was merely tossing his helmet back toward the bench and had no intention of throwing it at me. I reinstated him to the game. Why did this umpire not do the same? You don't look like a tough guy by sticking to a position everybody knows is wrong; you gain more respect when you change your mind after receiving new information.
Randy  R
Randy R Mese fa
I believe that there are still too many “old school; good ol’ boy; and unwritten rules” in baseball. I’m not suggesting an overhaul of the game. I mean, there are clearly other umpires on the field who have to turn a blind eye in order to support the mistake. Help make baseball an honest game before the dinosaur fades into oblivion.
G Shivers
G Shivers 6 mesi fa
Ive been saying this for years - the ego-driven ejections are just hurting the umps more, because its not only childish; it shows they care more about getting their feelings hurt than making the correct call. The good ones, btw, dont behave that way. But the umpires union seriously needs to curb the tantrum behavior with fines/suspensions
DocPicklez 6 mesi fa
This is an Angel Approved Ejection.
Zack McCurdy
Zack McCurdy 5 mesi fa
The limp shoulders of disappointment from the ump is pure comedy. 😂
Teacher David- -Eat, Play, Learn
Blessings from Taiwan 🇹🇼🧧🎁 Thanks for your lip reading and breakdown 🤓👍
Dax Hallman
Dax Hallman 6 mesi fa
I waited for you to post this breakdown so you could explain the rule. Better than everybody else: Ump was embarassed :/
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 5 mesi fa
A part of me wants to believe that JT knew he was putting the ball in his glove and did it on purpose. I know he wasn't looking at the ump, but it would make for a better story. As a Phillies fan, this was funny.
That guy Purps
That guy Purps 5 mesi fa
I've heard a lot of players have a superstition that they won't pitch a ball that was last touched by an umpire... surprised the umpire threw him the ball to begin with
thebigKM 6 mesi fa
It's pretty ironic that he made the call on Kimbrell for not delivering the ball fast enough, then created this situation by not delivering the ball fast enough.
Amanda Kristine
Amanda Kristine 6 mesi fa
I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this!
Joey Obvious
Joey Obvious 6 mesi fa
If you watch it in real time, Ump didn't even have two seconds.
Aaron Buckwalter
I love how Kimbrell was kind of showing up the ump and JT gets thrown out. Hahahaha
wranglerman270 6 mesi fa
a 0.5 second ‘clock violation’ turns into a 10 minute delay 🙄
Tsuki Raiki
Tsuki Raiki 6 mesi fa
did they just add this timed pitching rule? i’ve never seen that countdown clock for a pitcher going through his windup.
T Wade
T Wade 6 mesi fa
Seeing this popped up on my main screen was great, stoked to have baseball back and more funny jomboy videos!!
FromCalmToKill 6 mesi fa
It would have been less of an embarrassment for the ump to just let it go and understand the funny mix up between everyone.
hfield07 6 mesi fa
feel bad for him everyone makes dumb mistakes or has moments they wish they could get back. luckily for most in the comments their dumb moments arent uploaded on youtube. the over reactions in the comments are just slightly less embarrassing than this ejection call.
Mau Allison
Mau Allison 6 mesi fa
How embarrassing Mr. Ump! Good job!
Levitator 10 giorni fa
These things happen all the time in sports where ref felt something that wasn't there and ejects a player.
Andy Ngov
Andy Ngov 6 mesi fa
MLB needs to take action on this- even a preseason game. This is embarrassing for the game
Richard Hart
Richard Hart 6 mesi fa
The thing is, in this situation it's funny. But what if that happened in the World Series or something. It can have real world effects. There either needs to be a process (maybe, two umpires have to agree?), or a way to reverse the call (and the umpires need to be respected enough that admitting a mistake is something they can feel comfortable doing).
Joseph Dugan
Joseph Dugan 6 mesi fa
MLB needs to get rid of the pitch clock and the other stupid new rules!!!!!
Wilbert Arenas
Wilbert Arenas 6 mesi fa
The proper ation is to never call this umpire up to the MLB level
Darren Clark
Darren Clark 6 mesi fa
You are right, MLB needs to do something about this and other power trips like this. But they can’t. Their hands are tied with the umpire’s union unfortunately.
will224488guy 6 mesi fa
@Richard Hart "and the umpires need to be respected enough that admitting a mistake is something they can feel comfortable doing" More like Umps need to understand they arent the star of the show and to put their ego away.
Stephen Bianchi
Stephen Bianchi 5 mesi fa
Once the ump ejects you, are they able to change their mind or is there nothing that can be done, based on the rules?
Hangmann747 Tinmann
I have ALWAYS thought of UMP's the way I think of Cop's, they make decisions where they allow emotions in as an influence. There are just jobs in this world where emotions should be left out of the mix. Umpire's are one of them. Base your rulings on truth and fact ONLY! While it is hard, it is part of the job. And if you can't do it, then you need to do another job!
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 5 mesi fa
Catcher tries getting thrown out of the game as an impressive thing! Wow, most impressive. You're done!
Chris Heffernan
Chris Heffernan 5 mesi fa
That has to be the craziest ejection I have ever seen. I really hope the umpire gets reamed by his superiors
Kyle Boreing
Kyle Boreing 6 mesi fa
As soon as an umpire reverses a decision during a game, it opens Pandora’s box. Umpires will not reverse a decision voluntarily no matter how ridiculous because it means they could be called to do the same later on.
aditya thakur
aditya thakur 6 mesi fa
As a cricket fan I can't believe how much power umpires have in baseball. It's ridiculous. These guys are there to keep things fair between the two sides, not to boss everyone around and be total tyrants!
C D 6 mesi fa
Cricket has half the on field umpires and gets the job done twice as efficiently. You even look at an umpire to doubt hit call, you get tossed in baseball. In cricket, you just go to the TV umpire for an lbw call.
Kyle M
Kyle M 6 mesi fa
umps have convinced themselves the game is about them
Joe Scott
Joe Scott 6 mesi fa
Football, Baseball, Football(either), Hockey... There are THREE teams out there.
David Lazerz
David Lazerz 6 mesi fa
Because modern MLB baseball isnt REALLY about the sport its about the pageantry. Yea some of the excitement happens because of the actual action in a game, but its mostly the theater of the players and umps and stats and history interacting. They don't want to computerize umps because they are an important source of drama and interest for the game because of exact moments like this, people hope to be there when an ump does something crazy. But good luck getting a MLB fan to admit it's not about the game lol
Mark M.
Mark M. 6 mesi fa
​@David Lazerz No, that's exactly WHY we WANT to have robo umps.
Gallant Armor
Gallant Armor 5 mesi fa
Even if that was intentional, ejecting him over that seems like an huge overreaction
Merlinspop 6 mesi fa
As Tony and Wilson said, the guy has umpired 39 games in the Bigs. It might be a looooong while before #40.
One Deep Savage
One Deep Savage 4 mesi fa
1rst ejection in his entire career and it was for no reason. Well done blue
Alexander Plumb
Alexander Plumb 6 mesi fa
I umpire adult slow pitch baseball games. I have tossed 2 players from 2 different games last season. The 1 st ejection happened when the runner headed to 3 rd base. He crossed his arms and the 3 rd Baseman moved out of the way. The runner trip over 3 rd base got up and was tagged out. The runner then shoved the 3 rd Baseman. I ejected him for shoving the 3 rd Baseman. The league commissioner was there watching the game. I found out the next week the the runner was suspended and then kicked out of the league. The 2 nd ejection happened when I ask the team captain what was the score at the End of top half of the 9 th Inning as his team was coming of the field. The captain said 21 to something effing thanks to U. I said what did U say and he repeated it again. That's when I tossed him out of the game.
Zachary Taylor
Zachary Taylor 6 mesi fa
I think a lot of people have this wrong. The final part with the glove was a misunderstanding, but Kimbrel was dinking around in protest because these soft, crybaby players don't like the new rules. The ump thought the glove was part of that and had enough. I'm no ump fan, I think most of them think too highly of themselves and call the game accordingly, but I'm all for umps calling put players on stuff like Kimbrel was doing. It was just an unfortunate misunderstanding at the end.
D M 6 mesi fa
Realmuto seems to me to be one of the most chill, composed, and least confrontational guys in the sport. The truly embarrassing act was the umpire throwing him out for such a ludicrous reason.
D Luchin
D Luchin 6 mesi fa
That's why he's the Real Muto.
WhiteG60 6 mesi fa
That's cuz it's spring training, which Realmuto really doesn't need, and he knows he's not in the wrong. And there's nothing that can be done about it, so why fight it and look like an asshole?
CrosseyedBilly 6 mesi fa
@WhiteG60 right? A simple “do better” and then walk off is so classy, makes realmuto look like a g, and that ump looks like he works in sketch comedy. What a dork.
CrosseyedBilly 6 mesi fa
Also I think it’s pretty obvious to that he wasn’t messing with him… and even if he was, was it THAT big of a deal?
Alfredo E. Clark
Great video! The lip-reading was off the charts! Felt like I was watching an episode of Seinfeld. Congratulations!
Joshua Lewis
Joshua Lewis 6 mesi fa
This is why another Ump can over rule another Ump in a situation like this. Plus the League should also punish Ump's wayyyy more for dumb things like this. They do things like this constantly because they hardly ever are punished, which they should be because they are modifying the game by ejecting players or making reallllllllyyyyy bad calls.
TheSouthern Patriot
I don’t know all of the rules to baseball, but is there ever an option where the umpire can say: “Sorry you’re not ejected” and allow the player to keep playing? None of this makes any sense to me. It was a simple accident.… Also, Jomboy your channel is awesome. You have the best lip reading, and breakdowns around. .
Amanda Kristine
Amanda Kristine 6 mesi fa
I can see how an innocent mistake totally got misinterpreted...but you can also see how that ump knew he fucked up...and yet...here we are 🤦‍♀️ Also...the irony of how the pitch clock added several minutes to that game...
Big K 82
Big K 82 6 mesi fa
Long ago HOF ump Bill Klem used to hate the nickname "Catfish" and would toss players just for addressing him as that. Rookie players were sometimes told by veterans that he loved the nickname and would get tossed just for saying it. 😂
Daniel Engineering Solutions
I like how they implemented a pitch clock to get the game going faster but then spend 5 minutes throwing a catcher out of the game for a simple miscommunication.
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Blessings from Taiwan 🇹🇼🧧🎁 Love your comment😂😜👍
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