Unboxing - Patek Philippe Nautilus 5990/1A-001!

Erik Ternsjö
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Auttie B
Auttie B 6 giorni fa
More on the watch, less on the packaging please, good luck
sentuhan kopi
sentuhan kopi 7 giorni fa
Ashish Koduri
Ashish Koduri 7 giorni fa
That's too much sauce.
Teguh Cia
Teguh Cia 7 giorni fa
OMG... How can i buy it??? 😅😂
Hassan Bahij
Hassan Bahij 13 giorni fa
I have a patek philippe for sale
GiuseppeM 14 giorni fa
If you're into Patek Philippes I just posted a video of a 5205R-010 Complications Annual Calendar: itvid.net/video/video-DeLdMkR7XJ8.html
Tenzing Kesang
Tenzing Kesang 27 giorni fa
I hope by 2025
The Beast
The Beast Mese fa
The awesome thing is, this not a Quartz watch 😊😊😊
Radu Mihai
Radu Mihai Mese fa
Dude he reviewed the box but didn't say a thing bout the fkin wach!
Lester Miller
Wow what an amazing watch to bad the price is so ridiculous high. Their watch’s are really some of the nicest made these days. I have a Glashutte watch that is just as nice as far as I’m concerned but only cost me $29,000 instead of $100,000 for theirs. Been running strong for 7 years strong work horse they are. I wish I could get hold of a FP
abrar ali
abrar ali Mese fa
Seriously wearing a patek Phillipe and asking for subscribers on ITvid is obnoxious .....asf
abrar ali
abrar ali 16 giorni fa
+Erik Ternsjö okay subscribed sir !
Erik Ternsjö
Erik Ternsjö 16 giorni fa
Thanks for commenting although I think you're mistaken; this isn't my watch. That being said, you might enjoy my other videos on my channel. Have a good rest of your day :)
Куденков Максим
Начал на шкатулку копить.!
TheBart270 Mese fa
Pytam się na chuj tyle makulatury?
Carlos Bs
Carlos Bs Mese fa
What about a drop test?
Ludde Luddesen
im gonna unbox my pizza tonight....
N4g426 Mese fa
covered everything but the watch.
Hiraan Palihena
You speak of attention to details and quality..tell me, do you see the booklets and the cheap staples used to bind them..that,s not quality!! now don't tell me that they are made from 316L stainless steel or 5052 grade aluminium !!
Heshmaster 420
Can you repeat the q͟u͟e͟s͟t͟i͟o͟n͟?
Buys 50k watch uses phone for time
Aman Nadha
Aman Nadha 2 mesi fa
I have the fake one
Jouan sado
Jouan sado 2 mesi fa
The funny thing is that the box looks more expensive than the watch itself haha
Phantom Elite
Phantom Elite 2 mesi fa
How do you even read that interface
Arnuv DJANGO 2 mesi fa
My watch may be cost less than that box but it tells the same time....
Avinash Francis
Avinash Francis 2 mesi fa
“Recently released and currently rare”.... enough said!!
Thefrench Fancy
Thefrench Fancy 2 mesi fa
Jesus it's a watch. Get over yourself.
Selvyn Quijada
Selvyn Quijada 2 mesi fa
I just want the wooden box.
Rubbish The only nautilus worth buying is he original in steel , everything other nautilus variation is a monstrosity with their oversized cases and their stupid pushers
Evo K
Evo K 2 mesi fa
The box alone probably cost more than my Tissot
Jose Avila
Jose Avila 2 mesi fa
Paté philippe fancy expensive watches l.
rgnlsaizo 2 mesi fa
I do like Patek's better than Rolex. In my eyes, a Patek Philippe is a more "personal" watch, whilst Rolex today is more like something an iPhone user would have or own. Also the service for Patek Philippe watches is excellent..
Mika Hako
Mika Hako 2 mesi fa
They Will issue anything if u have money. . Believe that
Silas Evans
Silas Evans 2 mesi fa
I saw more boxes than a watch. Great review of the boxes...
Lucifer Morningstar
Looks similar to omega box
Elvira 88
Elvira 88 2 mesi fa
$54200,00 ?? Sério?? 250.000,00 R$
Parasmani Sharma
use your own video don't dub others work...mofo
Дамир Курмалиев
дорого. но часы на любителя
Pichan Liwag
Pichan Liwag 2 mesi fa
the box doesn't suit the watch hahahaha REAL TALK!
alex bored
alex bored 3 mesi fa
this watch coast more than 600 dollars... EXPENSIVE
Sterling Witherspoon
Not once have I seen a rapper actually unbox his Patek lol the hell going on?
Nutjob Joe
Nutjob Joe 3 mesi fa
tom from parks n rec
jjboys215 3 mesi fa
70k for a stainless steel watch???!!! GTFOH!!
Jack leone
Jack leone 3 mesi fa
for the price you are paying for the watch? the box and everything else better look exquisite!!
the legend f mercury
Hm is this sir?
Shawn Wallace
Shawn Wallace 3 mesi fa
...nah i dont want a review.. ..buy me that hoe rn ..
Tirupathi rao gajula
How much that the watch costs
Kevin Liao
Kevin Liao 3 mesi fa
Yo voice annoying
Pn Np
Pn Np 3 mesi fa
Throw that watch away! Just give me the box straight away haha
Monterly 3 mesi fa
Johny 600
Johny 600 3 mesi fa
Pudełko jest z drzewa jagodowego,dałby pan mi taki zegarek???
Mark J
Mark J 3 mesi fa
So how much is the actual watch? I’m guessing over 50 grand.
Mark J
Mark J 3 mesi fa
So how much is the actual watch? I’m guessing over 50 grand.
Zahid Akhtar
Zahid Akhtar 3 mesi fa
What price
Érico Vilela
Érico Vilela 3 mesi fa
Lindíssimo relógio!!!
Luis Ferreira de Freitas
I also have a video in ITvid : Unboxing my Orient Poseidon watch.
Alana Zadeng
Alana Zadeng 3 mesi fa
Unboxing P.F. Never gonna happen in my life time for sure . . . But, i'm happy with my Seiko
Kadek Putra
Kadek Putra 3 mesi fa
i just want the box, you can take the watch.
Arjun Saha
Arjun Saha 3 mesi fa
This is a luxury product not meant for masses. You buy respect with these products.
sanju Ghosh
sanju Ghosh 3 mesi fa
I have 10$ watch & it's show same time as the expensive one 😌❤
Arda Tanyeri
Arda Tanyeri 4 mesi fa
The watch I got from here looks very much like the original boutiqueson.com/collections/wood-watches/products/peter-lee-mens-watches-top-brand-luxury-full-steel-automatic-mechanical-men-watch-classic-male-clocks-high-quality-sport-watch
EAGLE___EMPIRE 4 mesi fa
Meanwhile children are starving and homeless.
Erik Ternsjö
Erik Ternsjö 4 mesi fa
I think you may have misunderstood what I said. I’m certainly not bragging. These aren’t even my watches. Hope you have a great rest of your day
EAGLE___EMPIRE 4 mesi fa
Well a narcissist like your self feeling the need to brag about material items on the internet makes your self esteem better have at it. Still you could help people in need its far more gratifying.
Erik Ternsjö
Erik Ternsjö 4 mesi fa
Thanks for commenting. I agree, in that perspective, it’s quite ridiculous isn’t it. You might enjoy my other videos on my channel including a review of a vintage stainless steel Omega from 1954 (before watches became more of a luxury item).
weibeu kkul
weibeu kkul 4 mesi fa
U know u r broke when u didnt know about patek before beyonce's apeshit !!😂😂😂😂😂
know whoyou'retalkin'2
The box looks better than the watch.
Karan  Raj
Karan Raj 4 mesi fa
How much?
Probashi BD
Probashi BD 4 mesi fa
what is the price in US dollar?
nguyen phamkhoi
nguyen phamkhoi 4 mesi fa
.... i know that this watch has a really good quality but... if only look at the watch by it outside (not the box, only the watch)... it's not look like beauty or luxurious, it only look like a $200 watch
Al Lugo
Al Lugo 4 mesi fa
I have mixed opinions about watches most are overpriced with no real complications that warrent the price tag.
Magister Ludi
Magister Ludi 4 mesi fa
No hacking seconds, no buying.
Ahmad Aiman
Ahmad Aiman 4 mesi fa
Najib like: I want it!!!!!
nutter butter
nutter butter 4 mesi fa
And here I am with my Seiko 5 .. lol
Goutham Kumar
Goutham Kumar 4 mesi fa
Александр Лебедев
Красивая коробка, неплохие часы!
Johnny B
Johnny B 4 mesi fa
I'm sure it's an amazing watch but it's not much to look at.
George Alderson
George Alderson 4 mesi fa
Johnny B I suppose people are paying for the name? Not me!
WarrantDivision 4 mesi fa
Pure class.
Awesome Imbecile
its suprisingly homo
Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce 4 mesi fa
Unboxing the box
stopthe BS
stopthe BS 4 mesi fa
a steal at $71k...well soon to be a steal aka stolen
DoNotSayTruth 4 mesi fa
It should allow me to stop time for 50k
Pete is never wrong
More of a Light in the Box person, myself. www.lightinthebox.com/en/p/hot-selling-luxury-fashion-stainless-steel-men-watch-casual-women-dress-wrist-watch-quartz-watch-clock_p5683122.html?prm=
adolfus skooby
adolfus skooby 4 mesi fa
Crazywaffle5150 5 mesi fa
Look plain for 72k.
labobo 5 mesi fa
No price?
hwang1607 5 mesi fa
I don’t like your voice
Pancreatitis 5 mesi fa
$62,960 not bad.
SportingPwner 5 mesi fa
Don't know if someone will read this, but does someone know what kind of wood is uses in the box?
George Alderson
George Alderson 4 mesi fa
SportingPwner I wondered if it is rosewood? I am sorry to say I will never be able to afford one nevermind the watch
Bill Anderson
Bill Anderson 5 mesi fa
I'm in the market for a new watch, and patek philippe has really caught my eye. I was looking at the rolex Daytona, but why not go nuts with it and get a patek? You only live once
George Alderson
George Alderson 4 mesi fa
Bill Anderson I can think of 1000s of reasons why not to buy one $$$$$$
Vaughan Adams
Vaughan Adams 5 mesi fa
But so plain and basic. Like cool good quality materials and will tell time precisely for ever but it's so boring to look at
Fahad Bin Sakhawat
I want to buy the box!
abraham pinto
abraham pinto 5 mesi fa
ale_san 5 mesi fa
Everything looks premium except the watch itself.
J J 5 mesi fa
Lmao when reading the title I thought it was about a phone😳
Vadim A
Vadim A 5 mesi fa
jimmy rock
jimmy rock 5 mesi fa
You didn't even touch it, I guess you are a collector.
Maignan Mclopez
Maignan Mclopez 5 mesi fa
I feel like I can't even afford the box itself without the watch
Fino Menezes
Fino Menezes 6 mesi fa
Some years ago I bought a new Breitling Chrono Avenger, in titanium. I kept it 7 or 8 years despite it keeping lousy time, and even sending it back to Breitling three times did nothing to improve the timekeeping; however, it was a nice-looking piece. My point is, when it came to selling it I found it very difficult to part with the box. Black like a grand piano, it was actually specially made for Breitling from Bakelite. Of course parting with it along with the watch significantly improved the sale price of the watch, but I missed the box from my shelf.
George 6 mesi fa
its ebony macassar. very nice box.
Fthresholds 6 mesi fa
Patek is for pussies, Casio G-shock is for men
Stelvio 6 mesi fa
The box is more expensive than my casio tough solar :'v
Hamza Wazir
Hamza Wazir 6 mesi fa
You forgot to mention the price in dollars
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