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We got our hands on the top toys of 2018, so it's time to get this unboxing underway to see which one wins this holiday season! GMMore #1442
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12 dic 2018

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Commenti 1 394
son Mese fa
8:12 I'm calling CPS
Adrian Mese fa
im 40 lets have fun
Jaime Marston
William is adorable! The faces of amazement he makes are the best.We need more William in good mythical more please!
Attragon Antares
They should have William on more often. He is pretty funny and cool. Makes a nice guest spot.
Imperial King
Imperial King 2 mesi fa
Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar 2 mesi fa
Shannon McGraw
Shannon McGraw 2 mesi fa
I actually had a teacher at my high school named Mr. Poo and he was actually quite good looking and super nice.
Catherine Davis
Catherine Davis 2 mesi fa
I have a Scuff-a-luv and I love it! They are really cute once they are dry!
Kat Love
Kat Love 2 mesi fa
"Can you put your finger in it?" Rhett about every toy presented*
Ella's Club
Ella's Club 2 mesi fa
"We need to drown it a little more" - GMM 2018 8:55
ZealousAmbition 2 mesi fa
William is great his expressions are amazing 😂💖
sierra Croy
sierra Croy 2 mesi fa
William is so pure 😂
Random Geek
Random Geek 2 mesi fa
The way Will taps the dino is great. More Will please.
Lara Middleton
Lara Middleton 3 mesi fa
Sid Drees
Sid Drees 3 mesi fa
When did you become a you unboxing channel? Love you guys! You make my day every day
Schleich Horse Girl 248
Rhett’s motivational speech was better
Omfg William is amazing
The Half-Blood Gryffinpuff
A neglected furby is an even more demonic furby.
Lilum Wheler
Lilum Wheler 3 mesi fa
I love how they both knew to say that extra long pooooooooo at the beginning in unison. That’s friendship goals right there
Areo Plane
Areo Plane 3 mesi fa
7:27 smoooth link
Heidi Kolp
Heidi Kolp 3 mesi fa
I feel so bad for Ellie she always gets talked over and ignored:(
Woken Lunatic
Woken Lunatic 3 mesi fa
Mr. Poo? Is Winnie the Pooh is a teacher today?
stecky87 4 mesi fa
I like how unceremoniously Rhett yanks the potty out of the box XD - you can tell he never had girls!
First name Last name
U can tell the middle 3 were smokin gass lmao
No Akomplice
No Akomplice 4 mesi fa
That obese pigfaced girl is not funny, at all, in any way. Is she the janitor or something??
No Akomplice
No Akomplice 4 mesi fa
At least The token negroid is moderately amusing.
thatonemanga- reader
Yes. More William. He is hilarious and beautiful
Serena Leonardi
Serena Leonardi 4 mesi fa
Does William have an Instagram, that would be a great Instagram😂❤️
jet fox 2000
jet fox 2000 4 mesi fa
You have to dry the scruff a luve
michelleyt2809 4 mesi fa
I just made the realization that it's more likely that some kids would watch this and start calling their Mr. Poo, Mr poooooooooo~
Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn
"I'm forty, let's have fun!"
Sam Serrao
Sam Serrao 4 mesi fa
Ellie just seems to not want to be there in general, and she doesn't make eye contact with the others sometimes. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, but nothing necessarily right with it either.
Klara Stern
Klara Stern 4 mesi fa
William kissing the dinosaur was so cute :D
Klara Stern
Klara Stern 4 mesi fa
"He has a toy in his lap" :D
Jasmine Whiteside
William was a special kind of extra in this video and I’m here for it
Delphox 212
Delphox 212 4 mesi fa
Scruff a' luv: Wash it, Dry it, Drown it
magicpony 45
magicpony 45 4 mesi fa
See this is 2019 now, if any of those toys say anything other than "Hello gender ambiguous individual" it must be homophobic.
Rhett: "Maybe you just have to fill her with urine first." William: **LE GASP**
lovesmusic916 5 mesi fa
I like every single one of these crew members.
Keli / Savannah Spinks
Next is a pooparoo. Please inbox that
Dark_Lover 5 mesi fa
That bunny looks like the devil in disguise
Grace Wolfie
Grace Wolfie 5 mesi fa
And dr.butt
Madi Powell
Madi Powell 5 mesi fa
Not a fan of William.. way too over dramatic. Just be a normal human.
Nigel Cooper
Nigel Cooper 5 mesi fa
2:02 Link touches one, and 2:32 Rhett touches another.
Jess Silvana
Jess Silvana 5 mesi fa
omg i love william
Lynda Lewis
Lynda Lewis 5 mesi fa
iris west
iris west 5 mesi fa
I love William. Please bring him back again!
Alizabeth B
Alizabeth B 5 mesi fa
Why can’t link use scissors?
Olivia Schultz
Olivia Schultz 5 mesi fa
I remember when Will was on SourceFed!!!
Sadie Hannah
Sadie Hannah 5 mesi fa
My baby sister has a fingerling
Tristian debeer
Tristian debeer 5 mesi fa
Emily Anthony
Emily Anthony 5 mesi fa
The girl just seemed annoyed and rude the whole time lol
Zykia Massey
Zykia Massey 5 mesi fa
I didn't know the had a black crew member?! I'm proud lol
Jacksepticeyes Coke Zero sponsorship
Wash it. DRY IT. *DROWN IT.*
Darth Veedy
Darth Veedy 5 mesi fa
I think we can all say William needs more screen time
Lupita Olivares
Lupita Olivares 5 mesi fa
Mr.poo is short for Mr. Winnie the Pooh
Br44n5m 5 mesi fa
My niece got a scruffaluv too and on the back it said the bunny is rare! Yet, somehow, both her and you guys got bunnies. Must not be all that rare~
Michael Jurney
Michael Jurney 5 mesi fa
that girl is totally on drugs.
Swoozle 5 mesi fa
Roger Rains
Roger Rains 5 mesi fa
My brother’s fiancé is a substitute teacher and she is really excited to change her name because Her last name is Weaner
Lauren Dalton
Lauren Dalton 5 mesi fa
I like William
Spenser Walker
Spenser Walker 5 mesi fa
When did arsenio Silverstone join mythical?!
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson 5 mesi fa
Will and Alex need their own segment in 2019
I don't like that chick. She seems like such a drag
yoghurthurtt uwu
William is so cute im obsessed hhhutheihglwrgbkbelvbqe
Bubble tea Master
It’s funny because Ryan toy reviews gos to my school
ty n
ty n 5 mesi fa
William is my new favorite ❤
Jello Cake
Jello Cake 5 mesi fa
I love GMM!!!🤗♥️🏳️‍🌈
Darth Thrawn
Darth Thrawn 5 mesi fa
You guys should have Will on more often!
Kris 5 mesi fa
William would be a great personality to discuss anime with a nice elderly Japanese woman.
Ellie Cooper
Ellie Cooper 5 mesi fa
I love william with my whole heart wow
Aly Marcel
Aly Marcel 5 mesi fa
My kindergartener teacher’s name was Mrs. Potty 😂
Aquamelon 008
Aquamelon 008 5 mesi fa
Pulls up in white mini van *I’m forty, let’s have fun*
Justin Roof
Justin Roof 5 mesi fa
Maybe Alex shouldn't be chewing gum. Just sayin. Love him though.
Zerochan923600 5 mesi fa
I legit want a scruff a luv now! >m
Gleb Khachatryan
Just wanted to clarify, is William gay or not? I don’t have against gays, I was curious if he is or not...
Crisis-P 5 mesi fa
William is making me laugh! haha He's such a cute guy
Adriana Garcia
Adriana Garcia 5 mesi fa
my dad name is mr.pooooo
CupcakeKitty sprinkles
In the beginning ,like the intro, it sounds like its growling GoOd MyThicAL MoRE
Dark mansteel
Dark mansteel 5 mesi fa
the guy with a brown sweater has a weird face :\
Corgichu 5 mesi fa
Pretty sure some schools have the paddle discipline. At least they did when I was in high school, which wasn't too too long ago lol
Eliza Schulyer
Eliza Schulyer 5 mesi fa
Eliza Schulyer
Eliza Schulyer 5 mesi fa
" I'm forty, lets have fun"- *quote of 2018*
Natalie Alarcon
Natalie Alarcon 5 mesi fa
Stop being mean to linky poo 😩💘
Life with Aleigha
That scruffaluv was a rare bunny
Alex the Cranky Bunny
I got a Scruff-a-Luv today to see what it was about. They have SO MUCH HAIR. And I can't tame it.
TheJakeKid 5 mesi fa
You can still beat children in school as a punishment in Idaho (where I live).
Immortālem Vēritātis Textor
_You're gonna be a proud Poo._
sara helvest
sara helvest 5 mesi fa
Everytime I see ellie I get excited that it's jen. Not that ellie isn't cool or anything, I just miss jen!
Ashlyn Alford
Ashlyn Alford 5 mesi fa
We had a teacher named Mr. Tinkle so I mean
Aubrey Girl
Aubrey Girl 5 mesi fa
I’m 40 lets have fun!
Katzlaschnikow 5 mesi fa
"I think we Need to load her with Urine first" - well they just didn't fill her with actual urine because it's a bigger surprise if they - for once- don't do stuff like that :D
Erin B
Erin B 5 mesi fa
I'm 31.... so
Shersten Stender
WILLLLLL OMG! I had no clue he works with Rhett and link now omg I’ve adored him since sourcefed. So exciting :)
I am just a mom doing the best I can
Talking potty training dolls have been around for ever. Baby Alive dolls are creepy and annoying though.
Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia 5 mesi fa
This makes me miss sourcefed 😩
jah the
jah the 5 mesi fa
this girl high af?
Tessa Maye
Tessa Maye 5 mesi fa
I love William omg
Haylie Kowal
Haylie Kowal 5 mesi fa
1:01 😯
Tigerspaz 5 mesi fa
little dinosaur best toy ive seen in awhile. i want it lol
McKeenzie Carr
McKeenzie Carr 6 mesi fa
More will pleAse
Ramsher Felix
Ramsher Felix 6 mesi fa
William asked the baby alive for consent 😂
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