Undercover Boss Offers to Confront Manager for Abusing Employee 

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The undercover CEO of Wild Wing is livid with the manager and his treatment of his employee, and offers to confront him on camera!
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26 mar 2023




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Dabl 2 mesi fa
Want to find out what happens next? Watch Part 2 here: www.dabl.com/undercover-boss/undercover-boss/videos/undercover-boss-blows-store-manager
jrpc 2 mesi fa
Erik Penabella
Erik Penabella 2 mesi fa
Thanks. We got to see the manager get chewed out. Satisfaction
AppleSpicer 2 mesi fa
That was definitely worth the click lol
Steve Lethal
Steve Lethal 2 mesi fa
Read the link "Undercover boss blows store manager" 😂
MaLique Hope
MaLique Hope 2 mesi fa
Danni Henson
Danni Henson 2 mesi fa
This has got to be the most sincere boss on this show!!! Spoiler alert...........He broke cover After ripping the manager a new one, got her the weekend end off, a new job that works hours she needs with triple pay, and HELPING with a car and leading financial person.
Tripp M
Tripp M 2 mesi fa
If you think THIS is the most sincere Boss you haven’t seen the modells episode, THAT boss was amazing!
Patrick Buick - VE9ES
I think SHE should have become the manager!
Melissa J
Melissa J 2 mesi fa
Thanks for providing this. I really wanted to see how it worked out!
loading..... 2 mesi fa
I like the spoiler alert, no way on earth she seen the cameras following the new guy around asking questions.
Jonathan Taño
Hats off to the cameraman for filming everything unnoticed.
Scottive Natish
Sera Tonin
Sera Tonin Mese fa
They're told they're there for another reason I think.
Nick Pollard
Nick Pollard Mese fa
Right but somehow they never see the camera they need a show on him
Nick Pollard
Nick Pollard Mese fa
Or he needs to go work for the secret service
All she had to say was "buy 2 pounds of wings and 2 appetizers and get 1 pound of wings for free"
Darrin Gaines
I was thinking that she lil slow lol
T Paige
T Paige Mese fa
Nah the manager guy probably told her exactly how he wanted it said. When I worked as a cashier at Lowes foods, we had to say this like 3 minute long speech for every single customer even if they didn't want to hear it. Bc if management or a secret shopper came up we would get written up for shortening it or changing it even slightly. And then we would be screamed at in the office.
Chris Can Too!🥰
​@T Paige that's fucked up dude
They word it in a certain way that to try and make it seem like your not just buying more food and getting shafted on the price, that’s how a lot of sales companies work
Rekki Mese fa
You have such an way with words to make the complex simple.
T_Cheating 2 mesi fa
This was one of the best managers I have ever seen on this show. I'm so glad to see that he does really care about his employees. I hope all goes well for that lady. She is truly one of a kind to take that abuse and yet still smile.
I love this guy. Had the same reaction that I would have. I don't have a daughter, and I never will, but when I see a nice woman being treated like shit, it's real hard for me not to take it personally.
Mike B
Mike B Mese fa
Don't need a daughter. Don't need a son. (I have both) Don't need anything to just be a decent human being.
Magne 27 giorni fa
Good man
Bryanna G.
Bryanna G. 24 giorni fa
Javier Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez 22 giorni fa
This guys said “I will never have a daughter” As if you choose what gender your kid is😂😂😂
Jayden 20 giorni fa
​@Javier Gonzalez Maybe they just won't have kids or can't.
Alexandria Ocasio-Smollett
I wonder how many episodes of undercover boss have to be filmed and aired before the employees realize that when someone shows up in a shitty wig with a camera crew, it’s probably the CEO😂
Mack B
Mack B Mese fa
My guess is they keep filming until Chris Hansen comes out 😂😢😅😂😂😂
Wawa Weewa
Wawa Weewa Mese fa
Play along and you get a raise and bonus ahahhaha
akaUnderdog 21 giorno fa
@Mack B "Have a sit"
TheKiddAqua 14 giorni fa
Newer ones the camera crew really is undercover
Skylar Jaxx
Skylar Jaxx 7 giorni fa
The first few seasons were filmed before they aired. After that I couldn't figure out how they didn't know.
poison7512 Mese fa
I mean.. I always share the most personal embarrassing parts of my life with brand new coworkers who are being followed around by a camera crew for some reason. Totally normal realistic behavior here.
Anthony Figaro
Anthony Figaro 19 giorni fa
Bringing in your frustrated part of your life and telling someone that is not part of it is a good way to release all that negativity because that person is not part of your life and will not release that drama that you keep away from your family out where it could cause problems. Family keeps secret from each other and people can't keep secrets for too long so it's a good way to vent all those frustruation
Faris Btoush
Faris Btoush 17 giorni fa
@Anthony Figaro unless that "person is not part of your life and will not release that drama" has a camera following him. this reality tv is far from real
poison7512 15 giorni fa
@Anthony Figaro so you do this to every new hire at work on their first day???? 🤡🤡🤡
Anthony Figaro
Anthony Figaro 14 giorni fa
@poison7512 only when they ask like he did or are you that unsociable? 💀💀
Brock 5 giorni fa
@poison7512 I’ve gotten high af otw to an event and told this new dude half my life story, been a homie ever since tho
Josiah Bahuaud
Josiah Bahuaud 2 mesi fa
“One person can’t eat three pounds of wings.” I can, and have. 😂
Pigsaw Janet
Pigsaw Janet Mese fa
Right? Out of a pound of wings there’s what, a 1/4 pound of meat maybe.
Potty The Parrot
@Pigsaw Janet Unless you’re Joey Chestnut every 4th of July
Heather Mese fa
😂😂 I was like challenge accepted
Ron Grimm
Ron Grimm Mese fa
Celeste Vee
Celeste Vee Mese fa
Luke Hernandez
Luke Hernandez 2 mesi fa
She 100% knew who he was
CakeIsSpy 2 mesi fa
She can sense the alpha in him
EtErNaL LivEs MaTtEr!
Right! She manipulated that situation.
Cesar Saldivar
Cesar Saldivar 23 giorni fa
And if she wouldn't she would be in a worse situation than she is now
Melinda Young
Melinda Young 2 mesi fa
This made me cry, kudos to her new boss, she deserves this. Wish I had a boss like him.
Jason Tolerico
Don't fall for that bullshit hard luck story
tijmen Mese fa
Bro its just pr for the boss. Dont you think he sucks as a boss for allowing such horrible conditions? That girl was struggling... Only for the camera they do something and theres still 100 people like her that wont be helped
Joel 29 giorni fa
@tijmen yup he’s on tv just saying it to cover his butt to look like a good boss
maureen conliss
This abuse is not an isolated incident. Many women have to put up with this to take care of their families 😢
Itaboi 309
Itaboi 309 17 giorni fa
N men. I can tell u with 22 yrs of experience of working I would say that was light compared to what I've had done to me. I wouldn't even go as far as saying men cop it worse coz we are expected to "take it like a man". The amount of shit I seemy mates cop from pricks bosses is insane
Just A Man
Just A Man 6 giorni fa
Not around me did it ever happen.
William Prevost
William Prevost 4 giorni fa
It happens to us men too and we're expected to just take it.
Fred Zeppelin
Fred Zeppelin 3 giorni fa
How about "many people?" Jus' sayin'.
Björn Björk
Björn Björk 3 giorni fa
Well... Pete Rose has always been a stand-up guy. Hopefully this will help him to overcome his issues with the Baseball Hall Of Fame.
kellysong 13 giorni fa
Sabrina is a strong woman and an obviously caring mother 👍 I hope things really do get better for her. It looks like she sure met the CEO on the right day!!
Alva Atkins
Alva Atkins 12 giorni fa
👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 The outcome was much needed. This was so inspiring to watch. It good to know that someone truly cares about people.
Judy Sadowsky
I worked in a place where the bosses were very abusive, and there was no one to complain to because they were all friends.
Creative Fox
Creative Fox Mese fa
Do you quit eventually?
justin Laschinsky
justin Laschinsky 24 giorni fa
Same here, they were all coke heads too so when I denied bumping with one of them all of them hated me. It's like they thought I was looking down on them or something lol.
FizzedAye 5 ore fa
Nothing you can do in those situations i'm afraid, walking away is best sometimes.
Squeaks 6723
Squeaks 6723 Giorno fa
I had a boss once that wish wasn’t - I was an assistant manager and we were moving locations - she trained people and some of those people I recognized had some mental problems (a bit slower to learn but VERY capable of doing the job given a better training person) I recognize this because I am one of them. So she fired those people within three days - not even giving them a time to shine. She even did it to me - I am a merchandiser at heart and I know product placement. Ex. I put say a mug that had to deal with someone turning 50 along side some party items that we had (which also have some novelty gifts near it) I put it in a place as if I were shopping that I would find it. She yelled at me and said NO PUT IT IN THE TOP SHELF. (I am thinking to myself top shelf? That shelf is 7-8 feet high - who the hell shops up there?!) Normally that is where we store the over stock. She then took me to the office and said I can either transfer to another location or I would be fired. So I just left to go to the other location but left the company entirely 6 months later as I was tired of the abuse and the abuse not getting handled properly when I told the owner. I had other issue of physical abuse and verbal. I have tourettes as well and the other assistant manager kept telling me to stop my noises. Hell I would love to if I knew how. But anyways I am ranting.
sherry allison
sherry allison 2 mesi fa
The CEO is a great man. I'm happy for her.
Prepare for ramming speed!
Undercover boss is a beautiful person. He really cares for his employees and hates abuse, I could tell from his reaction to hearing her story and the shouting.
CRIMEDOG 1 Mese fa
She knew he was the CEO the whole time. Hinting at things she needs lol Glad she got hooked up tho
Mentelgen 17 giorni fa
Tbh she played smart.
Jerry Barnette
Jerry Barnette 15 giorni fa
@Mentelgen lol for real he got played haha and it dosent even say what the guy done, we just heard her screaming
azombie8mybaby 2 mesi fa
I don't understand how anyone falls for this. The new guy wearing clown shoes working the frier being followed by a camera crew is ALWAYS the owner.
Anthony Figaro
Anthony Figaro 19 giorni fa
If you have worked in the service industry, you would know that a lot of people wearing the clown shoes and working the fryers are very common and actual people that do apply for the job
azombie8mybaby 19 giorni fa
@Anthony Figaro true. But do they have a camera crew?
Mentelgen 17 giorni fa
@azombie8mybabydepends if its a valid reason but most reasons are ass. Id rather have some younger looking lad film with a small cam and have wires on the boss. This is ridiculous.
Mentelgen 17 giorni fa
@azombie8mybabythe reason why I said younger person is because of the school project excuse.
ShadowMoon 15 giorni fa
@azombie8mybaby The episodes are all filmed months in advance. The cover story is that the network is doing an on-the-job competition and the winner gets a franchise of his own or a lucrative position in the company if he does well.
Kim Cham
Kim Cham 2 mesi fa
Since you have to "go back and explain it all again" that *does* mean that it's confusing to the customer.
R Sandoval
R Sandoval 5 giorni fa
That ending was the living embodiment of "Uh oh Daddys home!"
Ronin's Dog
Ronin's Dog Mese fa
So here's what I just don't get. How is there ANYONE that has a new guy rock up for work with cameras and a crew not immediately know what is going on?
J 97
J 97 16 giorni fa
They do that’s why the sob story comes out
Pamela Lansbury
Pamela Lansbury 4 giorni fa
They tell them it’s a documentary about starting a new job.
Ronin's Dog
Ronin's Dog 4 giorni fa
@Pamela Lansbury Riiight. And you think people would believe that? Like if they rocked up to your work, you'd believe that would you and wouldn't jump straight on your phone and start Googling?
simon 2 mesi fa
Crap like this happens all the time to me, managers who think they are king or queen of the world.
Matthew Caldwell
"I'm the CEO of a company and I went bankrupt and that's totally the same as doing it as a waitress."
belmarmom 29 giorni fa
Maybe it was before he started the company. The bankruptcy could have given him the impetus to start the company.
Andrew Leah
Andrew Leah 5 giorni fa
CEO wouldn’t last long as owners if they went bankrupt lol.
Matthew Caldwell
Matthew Caldwell 4 giorni fa
@belmarmom Sure it was
Dheheb Brnrnfbr
Dheheb Brnrnfbr 2 mesi fa
I actually don’t think she knew who he was she was wayyyy too casual around the CEO
Sal Sanchez
Sal Sanchez 2 mesi fa
Undercover Boss was only believable the first season. Anything after that had to be staged or the "surprise" had to be staged. NO WAY no one knew after the first season
Laura Smith
Laura Smith 2 mesi fa
They knew the very first episode of season 1. Cameras in the faces. Come on.
Sal Sanchez
Sal Sanchez 2 mesi fa
@Laura Smith See, when NO one knew, u could pass off the story of a contest winner trying for a franchise. But once the show aired....NO WAY
Matty Haynett
I actually know the waitress an this is most defiantly real!!
Sal Sanchez
Sal Sanchez Mese fa
@Matty Haynett "real" in the sense that I SEE it...yes, it's real. WWE "real"
Angie Woodward
Angie Woodward 2 mesi fa
This is the way a lot of ppl are being treated and its NOT ok!!
Danny Carr
Danny Carr 2 mesi fa
❤ I love the boss
G 25 giorni fa
wow what genuine reactions from people with a camera in their face. True and real Im sure 🙄
ptb2008 11 giorni fa
Do any employees actually not realise this is undercover boss. There must be 1000 episodes of the show.
Billy X Kid
Billy X Kid 19 giorni fa
This is the greatest manager there is hands-down I don’t blame him for being mad at all
Tru Trust
Tru Trust 10 giorni fa
She knew exactly who he was😅 That's why she was like I'm gonna lose my car but it's OK there's other transportation
Kellen Gray
Kellen Gray Mese fa
“One person can’t eat 3 points of wings” Game on
Derek Stadler
Derek Stadler 5 giorni fa
Side of ranch or BC
James Christian Jr #FFG-NYC-BEEZE
I just watched this episode. I teared up because she needed him and was in such a state of despair! Then he treated her like a daughter in trouble against a man. 😢
Louis Brown
Louis Brown Mese fa
What episode was this? Season?
She knew and she was milking it lol
Ziggy Mese fa
I hated working as a bartender at wild wing. My management sucked
hemp64731 Giorno fa
Why does it always seem that every episode people confess their life and are always going in debt
johnny cotrel
johnny cotrel 19 ore fa
Thankfully part 2 was put up on here in the comments and boy that CEO certainly did the right thing. Took care of that manager and put him in his place.Good riddance to him. I believe she's going to come around quite well. It would be cool to see future video's of how they are doing afterwards.
Killa Kam
Killa Kam Mese fa
Lmfao the moment she came out the kitchen ... she 100% knew she was on undercover boss 😂🤦
KumaBean Mese fa
‘…it’s okay to share it as long as…….’ Yeah, nah, if I’m paying for food and I want to share it, I won’t be needing your kind permission, but thank you all the same.
Laura Street
Laura Street 2 mesi fa
I haven't seen Undercover Boss in a long time, but I can assure you that the owner was released from his franchise business by Mr Rick.
Aaron Obryan
Aaron Obryan 23 giorni fa
Loveeee this guy..love her….The franchise guy deserved all he got…
altha 2014
altha 2014 5 giorni fa
when there is a cameraman on a job site staff got to know something is up
Kevin Blah
Kevin Blah 7 giorni fa
I have a feeling this girl new exactly who he was lol. Making it a point to inform him of her bankruptcy story etc knowingly on camera etc. Girl is clever and I give her props. 👍
fgoindarkg 6 giorni fa
Actors hired to make the boss look good. This show is financed by the companies they feature.
usucdik 3 giorni fa
Yeah bro, workers never share their personal problems with coworkers, especially when work conditions suck. You're so right!
Kevin Blah
Kevin Blah 3 giorni fa
@usucdik Not to the noobies they are training they don’t. Trust hasn’t been established.
ipods36 2 giorni fa
@Kevin Blah so your everywhere all at once 24/7 to know this info???? That’s amazing 🤩
Kevin Blah
Kevin Blah 2 giorni fa
@ipods36 what part of “I have a feeling” is confusing for you?
Rae Lewis
Rae Lewis 8 giorni fa
Man! He went Apeshit on that dude. I have never seen someone stand up for a stranger like that!
Victoria Katerina
“I don’t have a dad like you” “Well, maybe I can do it” …you want to be my daddy? Sold!!
Derek Day
Derek Day 21 ora fa
You had me at measuring my wings by the pound...
Carolina Jimenez
You can tell she knew bc she mentioned practically every problem like its nothing and then her car LMAO
Sap 2 mesi fa
This is so sweet I can’t. My dad doesn’t give me this kind of support lmao
Sap 24 giorni fa
@Shelby Mitchell ah it’s cool, thanks!
NB Geeks Bar and Grill
I went through a bankruptcy and a year later a divorce and custody battle. Never would have though 17 years later, my life would be so much better both family, love and finance. Sometimes you have to stop take a step back to see and then step forward to your future.
Gregory G
Gregory G 27 giorni fa
When she said “you’re getting frustrated “ she looked at the camera man. But that’s none of my business 🌚
John Miller
John Miller 15 giorni fa
I worked at an entertainment company that has since changed hands years ago. When the undercover boss was due to be on site we knew well in advance.
Delight Santos
Delight Santos 2 mesi fa
Lol she just HAPPENED to file for bankruptcy while training the “owner” 😙
Chris Can Too!🥰
This woman deserves the best, I feel 4 her ❤
Chris Can Too!🥰
Chris Can Too!🥰 24 giorni fa
@Shelby Mitchell 💯❤️
Taz Rich
Taz Rich 2 mesi fa
Lauren C
Lauren C Mese fa
"One person can't eat 3 pounds of wings." Me: Challenge accepted
Juana Lucia
Juana Lucia Mese fa
The boss treats her like that is because he knows he can push her around cus she not going nowhere.
Cristinact 2 mesi fa
She looks like she knew who he was all the time... This is what happens when you run the same format of a show for a very long time! It starts to be faker and faker each time...
K G 2 mesi fa
Yup the sob story bankrupt, car repossession, she knew who he was, most of the ones I see pop up on ITvid its very clear the person has realised it's some form of undercover boss
Ten Lives
Ten Lives 2 mesi fa
Yeah, you get a new employee you have to train. But he comes with cameras following him around. Then he starts asking you about your life story😂
Tailgate Carpenter
Tailgate Carpenter 11 giorni fa
I worked for abusive supervisors for decades. Don't get mad, just get even... They never did find out what happened to their tools or vehicles but it was not even close to getting even with idiots.
askapk 3 giorni fa
If they didn't know it was you, then you didn't get even... otherwise you wouldn't still have that feeling in the pit of your stomach!
Garage 31
Garage 31 9 ore fa
She is a strong woman. This CEO is a cool cat
SL 2 ore fa
Wait…why does she give me the feeling she knew who he was? Also, we only got to hear her side. She’s not innocent if she’s yelling back at the guy too.
Cody C
Cody C Mese fa
I’m sorry but she knew the entire time who he was and what was going on. Every chance she got she gave a sad story and everything conveniently happened THAT day… she was looking for a pay out. And that manager should definitely be fired based off of the other videos I’ve seen.
Cory Kick
Cory Kick 27 giorni fa
She’s seemed very manipulative to me
James 4:8
James 4:8 12 giorni fa
I'm sure all this is fake anyway. LOL
usucdik 3 giorni fa
You're right. People never have these sorts of problems. They never try to get sympathy from others. They never complain to coworkers. They never discuss events causing their lives to be waking nightmares. Yep, never happens.
hype knuckles
They need to do undercover boss at all jobs because yikes .....employers don't treat employees right at all 😢
Franko fam
Franko fam Giorno fa
At some point they must realize they’re on a show… why else would they be cameras everywhere?.. lol Also, if they did NOT know what was going on, she sure as shat knew exactly what it was and who he was.. (I’m pretty sure he had feelings for her)! But good for them !! SKOLL!
Deadly_Fox512 23 giorni fa
This is the most Canadian thing I've seen in awhile. Lol I love it. 😂
Dan 15 giorni fa
One person can’t eat 3lbs of wings??? Challenge accepted.
Mandla S.
Mandla S. 2 mesi fa
Everybody now knows about Under Cover Boss. This show has been running for years.
XPhiles !
XPhiles ! Mese fa
One person can't eat 3 lbs if wings.....challenge accepted and blown out of water
vanity protege
vanity protege 21 giorno fa
I like this boss and his attitude 😍 he means business!
ArabellaCharm 4 giorni fa
They planned this. "Let's get into it, I'll give a sob story, we'll split the profits. Deal?"😂
David Lowery
David Lowery Mese fa
I've worked in residential homes for 15 years I would love it higher ups showed up and saw we are treated.
Cherokee 4 giorni fa
Good job being a good man !
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez 29 giorni fa
I got a question, how is it undercover if there are cameras right up in their face?
adam0U812 Davies
I watched the 2nd part. That is a great Boss 👍 Does me good to see there is people who still care.
Hunter Morgan
Hunter Morgan 7 giorni fa
"One person can't eat two pounds of wings" Uhhh... Ma'am, I know several people that could, including myself. You don't know my love for wings.
PDUBBB 6 giorni fa
Amy FU
Amy FU 3 giorni fa
Three pounds. She said three pounds but the truth that many people could eat that much still stands.
Jonathan Ambrose
Jonathan Ambrose 8 giorni fa
I'm in the same exact position. I get screwed at work but it's the only place who works with my single dad hour availability......
Shiliela {Rhymes with Delilah} ♒
Is there more of this story? I wanna know what happened afterwards.
Cutter Harris
Cutter Harris 2 mesi fa
If you look at the pinned comment there’s a link to rest of the clip
Shiliela {Rhymes with Delilah} ♒
@Cutter Harris I already found it before they added the link but thank you anyway.
John Smith
John Smith Mese fa
What season/ episode is this?
Therese Nydahl
Therese Nydahl 2 mesi fa
That distinct Indian accent when he said "Mr Rick!"
Benny G
Benny G Mese fa
"Yes, merchants are allowed to store customer credit card information. However, it is imperative to understand which data you are legally entitled to hold and which you cannot under PCI compliance" I have asked about this subject and number have stated that storing credit numbers is legal just not in situations and circumstances. I have gotten no definitive answer.
E Abeloth
E Abeloth Mese fa
Finally someone who steps in. And doesnt take sjit masculitiny.
Richard Mai
Richard Mai Giorno fa
People on reality tv sure sound clear
calm 104
calm 104 2 mesi fa
She knew who he was!
Louisa Tee
Louisa Tee 13 giorni fa
He's a good boss a great hugger too 😅😅😅😅❤❤❤
Please, can someone tell me what the manager did? I am confused. I didn't hear him screaming or raising his voice or anything.
healthy 4 giorni fa
He said that he isn't the Manager but (the owner). Now if that is true then he can buy out the business. The contract on the franchise probably has that set up like that.
J P 12 giorni fa
"one person can't eat 3 pounds"....I order minimum 5 lmao
Del Mese fa
His eyes are magical.
Brian Hurley
Brian Hurley Mese fa
How does she not see the camera crew? Are they and their equipment invisible? Amazing technology!
Emilio Miller
They don't hide the equipment. The show is openly filmed although the employees shouldn't know it's Undercover Boss. I use the term "shouldn't" loosely 😂 .
Sondra Hamer
Sondra Hamer 2 mesi fa
Thank you from all of us this has happened too!
High Voltage Switcher
The big boss looks like Dexter a bit. That dinner owner better watch his step. To paraphrase Micheal C Halls character ‘If your a boss who is a serial employee abuser. You had better hope they find you, before I do!’.
Yascal786 2 mesi fa
Not even double but triple pay! Happy for her anyway
andyt2k 10 ore fa
To be fair to that undercover boss, that is one incredibly dumb special offer lol
Kelly Williamson
Kelly Williamson 12 giorni fa
So, how do they explain to the employees why there is a camera crew following this new employee around?
Giles Art
Giles Art 12 giorni fa
They have a cover-story, usually framing it as a different documentary. for example, sometimes they'll take the boss's character, and the staff are told the documentary is "about older people returning to work" or "about people switching industries", stuff like that.
Crazy Hustler TV
It’s a cold world. Be safe
Justin Kooker
Our owner couldn't go undercover. We all know him we all have a direct line to him with over 200 employees and jobs being done in over 8 states. He knows us all by name and visits the sites all the time. We are the family that companies claim to be but are not.
Mimi B
Mimi B 7 giorni fa
"One person cant eat two pounds of wings" Bet.
jd123 456
jd123 456 2 mesi fa
What's worse, the CEO telling the franchise owner he can't be "big" because they don't like it, or the franchise owner telling the employee they did something wrong. Because that's what happened.
C Dub
C Dub 2 mesi fa
Right. Seems like the “tall boy” drinks are making the restaurant money, but not the ceo. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t like it
Amelia Rose
Amelia Rose 2 mesi fa
​@C Dub there may also be legal issues with it because it's alcohol. Depending on what their license is. This does also cause potential problems for other stores because people will expect other locations to have tall boys, but they won't bc this is just the one.
C Dub
C Dub 2 mesi fa
@Amelia Rose okay, that makes sense!
Buck Rodgers
Buck Rodgers 2 mesi fa
Just like McDonald's the "franchise" owner has to follow the rules set by corporate or you lose the franchise, simple as that.
jd123 456
jd123 456 Mese fa
@Buck Rodgers completely understood and agree. but why not just say that? why did he say it the way he did, like he doesn't want anyone that has different or new ideas in the company or anyone that is too "big". Like he only wants franchise owners that are struggling or small. I would bet money if you go to one of his franchises in 2 months they will be selling tall boys.
Jason Scott
Jason Scott 6 giorni fa
I love how staged these things are.
Nick D
Nick D 2 mesi fa
A lot of hugging going on for a work relationship
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