Ursula Von der Leyen snubbed in chair gaffe at EU-Erdoğan talks

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The president of the European commission, Ursula von der Leyen, was momentarily left without a seat as she met with the European council president, Charles Michel and Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in Ankara on Tuesday - triggering an avalanche of criticism.
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With only two chairs available, Von der Leyen, the sole attending female leader, sat on the sofa as Erdoğan and Michel sat on the chairs. “Ehm,” she muttered, with a small gesticulation directed at the occupied seats. Michel, who had appeared to make a bee-line for the top spot next to Erdoğan as the party entered, offered little evidence of regret.
A spokesperson for Von der Leyen said: "The important thing is that the president should have been seated in exactly the same manner as the President of the European Council and the Turkish President. But ... she decided to proceed nevertheless prioritising substance over protocol."
The awkward scene was played out ahead of a three-hour meeting with Erdoğan where one of the issues raised by the EU leaders was women’s rights in light of Turkey’s withdrawal from a convention on gender-based violence.
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7 apr 2021




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Commenti 100
Julia Louise Schnepf
0:14 the same comment which immediatly came into my mind as well... What a clear case of precarious manhood.
di seifour
di seifour 5 ore fa
Non credo ci sia nulla di sbagliato in questo comportamento,queste visite non sono improvvisate ed era già stato deciso chi dovesse occupare le sedie. Forse l'imbarazzo della Von Der Leyen è dovuto al fatto che non fosse stata informata,la prova è che anche il presidente della commissione si è seduto e non ha lasciato il posto. Troppo facile accusare Erdogan di maschilismo...il presidente Michel se così fosse sarebbe ancora piu colpevole del tiranno turco.
Cabaas Cali
Cabaas Cali 10 ore fa
Epic Movie Moments
astra zeneca
astra zeneca Giorno fa
Free Happy
Free Happy Giorno fa
So what The LION protects the East from the Hyenas (countries of single mothers' families and toyboys).
Oliver Ventsel
Oliver Ventsel Giorno fa
who is in front of this man, today it is so, so everyone is equal;)
Elkhan Aliev
Elkhan Aliev Giorno fa
Jokes aside, there must be equal rights and lefts for women, compulsory military draft, etc. And bear in mind, if one is concerned about 'pay gap', he or she must also be concerned about life expectancy gap.
Ethel 2 giorni fa
Ethel 2 giorni fa
*Un nouveau délit d'«écocide» voté par l'Assemblée nationale* 18 avr. 2021, 09:38 En savoir plus sur RT France Mon reportage à Alexandrovka, en banlieue de Donetsk, où les habitants continuent de vivre, malgré tout.
Edelmira Rodríguez Martín
Esa es la gran diferencia 💂‍♀️
Sammy Pence
Sammy Pence 2 giorni fa
I don't understand why Europe is still talking to that dictator.
Mouton Alpha
Mouton Alpha 2 giorni fa
kolim jone
kolim jone 3 giorni fa
Defining moment in Michel's career...
Theresa Cookie
Theresa Cookie 3 giorni fa
I‘m not sure what to be angry about most, the fact how disrespectful this action by Erdogan against women was or that she didn‘t insist on a chair to show him that this is not how you treat women if you wanna be part of the EU.
Carmine Galante
Carmine Galante 3 giorni fa
Even Josef Stalin was more hospital...well Erdogan just wanted to show again what he thinks about the EU, Germany and women in leadership positions.
Marc Herrmann
Marc Herrmann 3 giorni fa
Michl R
Michl R 4 giorni fa
Its okay, Uschi is whack
Alzheir Sable
Alzheir Sable 4 giorni fa
Erdogan in his stupidty, Charles follow to be 2 big fools
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 4 giorni fa
Charles michel's lack of reaction shows the cowardice of these bureaucrats who destroy our culture.
Politik Ion
Politik Ion 5 giorni fa
it is the protocol. Ursula is not on the same rang as that creep Erdogan. What was the problem actually? She sat on a couch....it wasn't a casting couch
Le Pa
Le Pa 5 giorni fa
dont be islamophobic. just acccept it as the white ninja at 0:05 did
Schmendrik Zwensson
no real european is interested in this would-be country turkey! such unethical countries and their heads of state should be denied any cooperation / payments and aid. 🚫🇹🇷
Django 5 giorni fa
What Europe did not have the balls to say, we Italians say Erdogan dictator For us Mussolini it is a mistake of the past but Erdogan after a century is an unforgivable mistake
Mustafa Öz
Mustafa Öz 5 giorni fa
Bir dahaki sefer hiç birine sandalye yok. Halıya otursunlar🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 5 giorni fa
Hahaha... priceless! Only the blokes knew they were playing musical chairs
Korkusuz Yiğit
Korkusuz Yiğit 5 giorni fa
Emiliano Gabriele
Emiliano Gabriele 5 giorni fa
There is another man on the right, what is the problem?
Trojen 5 giorni fa
what a shame! /i am from turkey
Bernardo Bortolotto
and then they ask themselves why they aren't in the eu
PACO UNI RYDER 6 giorni fa
No hay excusa para la vergüenza que le han hecho pasar a la pobre mujer. Ni normas del país ni nada simplemente un desprecio directamente hacia ella
*Charles Michel is the new Clouseau Inspector*
Jan Nos
Jan Nos 6 giorni fa
simply proof: "who is the boss?"
Steffen Mitschke
Steffen Mitschke 6 giorni fa
Ich hätte die Alte in Flur gesetzt weil sie sich nicht wehrt
Rock girl
Rock girl 6 giorni fa
Hahaha... priceless! Only the blokes knew they were playing musical chairs
Mr.T 6 giorni fa
Bold guy is very sneaky lol
J M 6 giorni fa
0:15 Ursula:ehm.. Erdogan: two coffee pls!
OMP 6 giorni fa
Wasn't there at least one chair in Azerbaijan for its Turkish brothers?
Rock girl
Rock girl 6 giorni fa
How i met your mother. Robin say ähm.
HEYMIKE 6 giorni fa
Hol' up. Sit down, be humble.
elenal2012 6 giorni fa
The issue at hand is why were there only TWO chairs and not Michel's rudeness or Erdogan's lack of knowledge of protocol. What is the intention behind the missing chair?
kdo chce - vidí
kdo chce - vidí 6 giorni fa
75Pafcio 6 giorni fa
it is not that bad... she could have only a floor as a seat option... :)
Motin Shikder97
Motin Shikder97 6 giorni fa
Pit&Bak 6 giorni fa
emmmm.....hahaha it's priceless ))))
N A 7 giorni fa
A gentleman will not seat before a lady. Even more, he would give the chair to a lady.
AR 7 giorni fa
Didn’t know the EU president holds grudges over a chair , imagine world policy
Radio Učka Istra
Radio Učka Istra 7 giorni fa
Long live Europe, Europe for Europeans! No talibans ! Love to European brothers and sisters from Croatia
Geoffrey Spencer
Geoffrey Spencer 7 giorni fa
Any man in her position would've just ordered someone to get a chair for him. Men and women are equal we're told ad nauseum, but there's still a scandal because a woman was left standing. Unbelievable!!!
rachm06 7 giorni fa
ursula made the new john travolta's meme in pulp fiction!
Rise up Babetee
Rise up Babetee 7 giorni fa
That was so funny 🤣 😆 😂 😄 💀 they were fighting over the chair . Marshall should let Ursula have the 🪑 😂😂😂😂
Lakitu Tha Boss
Lakitu Tha Boss 7 giorni fa
Who remembers when Israel forced Turkish ambassador to sit on a tiny chair? 😂 Well done Israel 🇮🇱
Mouqarnas Design
Mouqarnas Design 7 giorni fa
Michel threats like he came with his wife.
Yunus Tekcan
Yunus Tekcan 7 giorni fa
How i met your mother. Robin say ähm.
Radek Stepien
Radek Stepien 7 giorni fa
Ta obrzydliwa feministke piwinni sadzac w chlewie
Seno Alamsyah
Seno Alamsyah 7 giorni fa
The fault was on EU not Turkey in this case since it was bilateral meeting after all.
vapalaca 7 giorni fa
I’d like to see the full version of this video clearly it’s been edited or cut.
Mykhailo G
Mykhailo G 7 giorni fa
Education of Charles Michel been edited and cut, but not a video.
Max Kloss
Max Kloss 7 giorni fa
Michel should resign!
J 7 giorni fa
Алексей Патрушин
Is Erdogan the same boor as Putin?
Chrom 7 giorni fa
Ursula in Turkey and also the other Punk from EU. In Turkey Erdogan is the Boss 🤣
Joanna 7 giorni fa
Michel should have given his seat to her and refused the sofa. Just stand next to her. For an hour, if necessary.
Ariel Carmeli
Ariel Carmeli 7 giorni fa
Big ZERO michel. Gros zéro
sundari 7 giorni fa
absolument zéro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luders Pee
Luders Pee 8 giorni fa
Maggie Thatcher hätte Recep Erdogan persönlich von seinem Stuhl gekippt...
sundari 7 giorni fa
zuerst hätte sie ihm ihre handtasche um die ohren gehaut und dann hätte sie ihn vom stuhl gekippt! : )
Smit Ferdi
Smit Ferdi 8 giorni fa
That culture of women oppressors shouldn't be part of Europe. They try to implant their rules in Europe countries. Their culture don't match with the free world.
Hoppa_hoppa Hoppa
Hoppa_hoppa Hoppa 8 giorni fa
It's just a backward culture full of cultists.
Sincanlı Ersoy
Sincanlı Ersoy 8 giorni fa
Protocol seating arrangement was set up according to provided by the EU, who sits on the chair is between ursula and michelle
Joanna 7 giorni fa
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 8 giorni fa
That Charles Michel guy is a real gentleman don’t you think ??? As for Erdogan what can you expect from him !!
Tell It to My Heart
I'm pretty sure "president of the European commission" is a made-up title. Why not Empress of the European conglomerate or whatever, get off your high horse lady.
Ibrahim Kol
Ibrahim Kol 8 giorni fa
Ähmmm 😂
Ragıp Ragıp oğlu
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 8 giorni fa
Kefka 070
Kefka 070 8 giorni fa
So if he sat on the couch then there was no problem, right? Lol
Stop Uyghur Genociding CCP dogz
I would argue that that sofa is even more comfortable than a chair. So what's the issue here....
Stop Uyghur Genociding CCP dogz
Quickly, go to war, because a woman had to sit on a chair. That's brutally inhumane!
Stop Uyghur Genociding CCP dogz
0:26 Mr Cavusoglu is the vice-president of Turkey, and he also sits on the right on a chair. So this is definately not the fault of Turkey, but rather disrespectful of Mr Michel. Or they have an issue amongst themselves. So don't blame Turkey for Europe's issues. And IF that chair delibarately was given to mr Michel, then what? You want to go to war about because she had to sit on a chair?
matazetbi 8 giorni fa
Charles Michel, why would you not sleep well, you didn’t lose the musical chairs game😄🙃Seriously speaking, being a gentleman or not is a part of a man’s nature, little could be done to improve...
ولا غالب الا الله
Hahaha i like scandals of europe
ayca sonerci
ayca sonerci 9 giorni fa
we live with him 😃😃
eric lovelace
eric lovelace 9 giorni fa
Lol. Charlie Michel showed absolutely zero solidarity with Ursula von der Leyen here. Erdogan played him like a fiddle.
Katheten Katha
Katheten Katha 9 giorni fa
AC D 9 giorni fa
Idioten halt...
sundari 7 giorni fa
ja, und kein anstand vor frauen, der andere typ hätte ihr im grunde seinen stuhl anbieten müssen
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez 9 giorni fa
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops 9 giorni fa
Charles michel's lack of reaction shows the cowardice of these bureaucrats who destroy our culture.
Random 9 giorni fa
As this protocol has been agreed in advance I see this as a power struggle between two corrupt EU "leaders" or even an attempt to portray Turkey and Erdoğan in a negative way.
Ali Babo
Ali Babo 9 giorni fa
Erdogan 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Jan Hamouz
Jan Hamouz 9 giorni fa
Jan Hamouz
Jan Hamouz 9 giorni fa
@Bolia Fops EU is rude aganist its citizens ;)
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops 9 giorni fa
How rude
Fun Day
Fun Day 9 giorni fa
Lady's first???
sundari 7 giorni fa
never in turkey
Tomaten Paprika
Tomaten Paprika 8 giorni fa
21st century!!!
Jado Ibra
Jado Ibra 9 giorni fa
EU secular frogs are raging about this it’s hilarious!
Nicola 9 giorni fa
two men and one leg.
International Life Discovery Channel
Body Mind Soul POWER
they forgot to give her the vacuum cleaner :P
BEYZA ÇALIK 9 giorni fa
I would like to point out that the Council of Europe, not Turkey, which determines the seating arrangement, please do not try to create perception here . Turkey has always been respectful of diplomatic relations and Charles is the one who caused this situation.
MAURI FIGHTERS 9 giorni fa
Gente da evitare
Olena Butriy
Olena Butriy 9 giorni fa
It seems the EU diplomatic traditions encourage missing chairs: once the EU did not have a chair for the president of Poland in the Council of Europe meeting.
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj 9 giorni fa
Defining moment in Michel's career...
sundari 7 giorni fa
you wanna say his career is over now?
Giordano Giordano
Giordano Giordano 9 giorni fa
0:25 that's all
Magda Draganova
Magda Draganova 9 giorni fa
Why is that a big deal?
Samuel Heidegger
Samuel Heidegger 9 giorni fa
"It wAs pUtin'S fAuLT... mOrE SaNcTioNS oN rUSsiA!"
albis1952 caiumi
albis1952 caiumi 9 giorni fa
Rudra !
Rudra ! 9 giorni fa
diplomatic and respectful, how not? As with Armenians, Kurds, minorities and, finally, women ... Honestly, but if it weren't for the issue of migrant flows, who ever gives a f**k about turks...
Cz Tober
Cz Tober 9 giorni fa
How rude
Arcane Persona
Arcane Persona 9 giorni fa
Turkey has always been diplomatic and respectful .. its these clowny EU guys making the comedy.
Rudra !
Rudra ! 9 giorni fa
why did Von der Leyen get dazed? She had to figure it out from the toilet that they weren't going to make her sit!
Naz Ak
Naz Ak 9 giorni fa
😁😁😁🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 TURKEY(TÜRKİYE) crash Europa 😁😁😁👏👏👏
Naz Ak
Naz Ak 9 giorni fa
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