Velvet Buzzsaw | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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All art is dangerous. Watch #VelvetBuzzsaw on #Netflix February 1, 2019.
Velvet Buzzsaw is a thriller set in the contemporary art world scene of Los Angeles where big money artists and mega-collectors pay a high price when art collides with commerce. Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Toni Collette, Zawe Ashton, Tom Sturridge, Natalia Dyer, Daveed Diggs, Billy Magnussen, and John Malkovich star in the new mind-bending film written and directed by Dan Gilroy.
Watch Velvet Buzzsaw on Netflix:
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Velvet Buzzsaw | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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10 gen 2019

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Commenti 4 836
martin Ora fa
sooo ? buu or something ?
Teresa Mirbaha
Toni colette? Jake gyllenhaal? John Malkovich? I guess I will have to watch it
Teresa Mirbaha
The trailer looks bad but I’ll give it a try for the amazing actors in this
Edd Grs
Edd Grs 2 ore fa
Thank you, another trailer that reveals the whole plot of the movie. Now I don't have to watch it anymore.
Ethel Lapena
Ethel Lapena 2 ore fa
Ugggggggh, why did I watch this before going to sleep. x n x
Vijayendra Kolhekar
Man that escalated quickly
I hate when they use all these has been stars in one movie. Use somebody new please.
Jrmqs 5 ore fa
I give this a 9/ohyeahyeah
f3rfra 10 ore fa
for a moment i thought this was nocturnal animals 2
John Dunzelman
John Dunzelman 11 ore fa
I’m excited, but if you cut the last 1:30 of the trailer I’d be more excited
K G 11 ore fa
From the fact that the Nighcrawler guy worked on this, I'm down for it.
Snaddar 11 ore fa
anyone know the font?
Anne Christine
Anne Christine 12 ore fa
Did no one notice DAVEED DIGGS is here as well? Now I’m really paying attention
Anne Christine
Anne Christine 12 ore fa
Finished it: AW HELL NAWWW
izzy toledo
izzy toledo 13 ore fa
Netflix knew we were all just using them as background to fuck so now they flipped the switch and were like "yeah you're gonna wanna stop that dirty shit you're doing and actually watch"
Yeezy westy
Yeezy westy 14 ore fa
"I Can't Save YOu..." i've heard that before. thx though
gutspraygore 14 ore fa
Mattie Banda
Mattie Banda 14 ore fa
No big screen screening???????
NaniGaming 15 ore fa
How the fuck do Netflix just keep making interesting shows over and over
Definitable 17 ore fa
The first bit of music becomes that much more unsettling when you watch the trailer twice
Vivek varun
Vivek varun 19 ore fa
I first thought its going to be a comedy movie but....
Unh1ng3dKn1ght 19 ore fa
This reminds me of that one scene in The Boy.
Adam McDade
Adam McDade 20 ore fa
Damn! looks good!
av3maria 20 ore fa
ternitamas 21 ora fa
Jake Gyllenhaal and Toni Collette together, hell yeah I'm in!!
Kruger 22 ore fa
Music please
Samuel White
Samuel White 22 ore fa
I love it when trailers give a complete overview of the entire plot leaving only the very ending to the imagination
polidelia 22 ore fa
Orthos3540 Giorno fa
The automatically generated subtitle says "Applause" at 2:06 :)
Sauqina Rachman
Sauqina Rachman Giorno fa
Doctor Who without the Doctor
Jeff Barker
Jeff Barker Giorno fa
This looks fucking insane! Can't wait!
swevicki Giorno fa
I knew this would be great the moment l saw Jake in the thumbnail, I was not wrong.
jj doom
jj doom Giorno fa
this is going to be bad and i'm calling it right now
ThuầnProducer Giorno fa
wow goood scary movie
Rabid Squirrel
Rabid Squirrel Giorno fa
1:34 That’s weird. It’s the album cover for Metallica - Hardwired To Self-Destruct!
Mark Key
Mark Key Giorno fa
Been a long time since something truly got under my skin. This looks divine.
LUKE'S TV Giorno fa
FINALLY... a movie worth watching
Sage Emerald
Sage Emerald Giorno fa
"People thought she was part of an exhibit. We're trending on Instagram, it's a major hit." That's the thesis for this movie; I fucking love it. The concept of an artist causing death, madness, suicide through their art is compelling to both artists, critics, and consumers. But especially for artists. What is more profound than weaponized creativity? Plenty of things, perhaps, but I would argue that it's in the top ten at least.
No Thanks
No Thanks Giorno fa
Shibbir Choudhury
Ohh yesss
Alberto Mosscosso
Vod hasn’t aged a day!
NINJA's Depression
Show me the whole movie, why dont ya?
Alex Chaffin
Alex Chaffin Giorno fa
Jake gyllenhal has so much range in his acting ability its incredible.
Tan - Tan
Tan - Tan Giorno fa
El arte sí es peligroso, pero por otras razones y otros medios. El hecho de que Jake Gyllenhaal esté en esta película no creo que la salve.
cristian alvarez
wow this trailer is just giving it all away.
ZangThao 咏春
ZangThao 咏春 Giorno fa
Angela Valerie
Angela Valerie Giorno fa
This escalated quickly.
BOB777777777700 Giorno fa
Funny that hes on the thumbnail of two trending videos
Vishwadeep Shinde
Can anyone explain me what genre or of what type this movie is? It looks horror to me but I am not sure about it. What this movie/trailer wanna say? I had watched a movie called 'Upstream Color' few years back. Didn't understand it, this movie gives the same vibes.
beld capristo
beld capristo Giorno fa
Looks like it may be good , way to many spoilers in the trailer.
Bruno Peleteiro
Bruno Peleteiro Giorno fa
At first you had my curiosity but now you have my attention.
Kunzang Bhutia
Kunzang Bhutia Giorno fa
Netflix on fire 🔥🔥🔥 sooo good !
MK MK Giorno fa
Nancy from Stranger Things. I will watch for her and obviously for JG
Happy Facts Lifestyle - Practical Inspiration
*Loved Nightcrawler, and this looks just as good!*
Meso Boring
Meso Boring Giorno fa
Gyllenhaal? ok I’ll watch...and Malkovich? Ok I’m going to watch. Looks interesting.
♛ Huffdaddy™
*MYSTERIO ORGINS STORY?!* fuck yes Netflix tyyyy
Aylmer Street
Aylmer Street Giorno fa
"SOMETHING TRULY-GODDAMN-STRANGE IS GOING ON!!!" I dont know about you guys. But this is kinda funny to see how jake's expression look like😅
Jimbob84141 Giorno fa
Wow and I thought I was bad at painting :D
The Kurtoise
The Kurtoise 2 giorni fa
Jake Gyllenhaal is in this movie.
Seth Leoric
Seth Leoric 2 giorni fa
She looks like Mirando
ChiGies 2 giorni fa
This is the best trailer ive ever seen dony know why haha
Matthew Flores
Matthew Flores 2 giorni fa
This title needs to be on Philippines
Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor 2 giorni fa
Is that Donald Glover's character from ATL@ 2:50?
Anthony Scott
Anthony Scott 2 giorni fa
Just on my birthday! 👌🏼
Selah 2 giorni fa
Biggest fuckin plot twist ive ever seen in a trailer.
Arsen Tes
Arsen Tes 2 giorni fa
I love how they have the girl from the Thomas Crown Affair be in this as well
vinze junior
vinze junior 2 giorni fa
I can't decide if this is Horror, Comedy, Thriller, Psychological, Drama, Historical, Coming-of-Age, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Musical, Romance... *sarcasm*
CizreK 2 giorni fa
Dude Netflix. Try making something decent for once please. This is another BirdBox toilet poop.
RealCoolGuy 2 giorni fa
Well, that took a turn...
i cant believe its not anime
Was expecting something like Neon Demon but am disappointed it's like Sinister. Meh Netflix
Mortem1 2 giorni fa
Czemu czcionki napisów tych kolorowych sa kopia tych z Cyprpunl2077
MrRobynLover 2 giorni fa
knew it was by the Nightcrawler guy because of Jake and Rene Russo in the same film again
Fdr Elopre
Fdr Elopre 2 giorni fa
After Bird Box this one also looks amazingly good. Netflix on point in making horror/thriller films.
Maria Casella
Maria Casella 2 giorni fa
I am a simple person. I see Jake Gyllenhaal in it, I know it's a good movie.
valerio morreale
valerio morreale 2 giorni fa
Spoiling the main twist in the trailer, you did it right
13janhald 2 giorni fa
The trailer shows everything☹️
matizbrave 2 giorni fa
When a trailer shows a whole movie...
Asteria Ambata
Asteria Ambata 2 giorni fa
Omg! 😱
Valeria Alderete
Valeria Alderete 2 giorni fa
Q buen actorrr m encanta
MrSeph96 2 giorni fa
600firefly1 2 giorni fa
This guy took Taylor swifts virginity then didn't show up to her 21st, then dumped her.. Awks..
Universal Monster
Universal Monster 2 giorni fa
Wish people cared about the environment as much as they care about making forgettable movies.
Zatoichi Hanzo
Zatoichi Hanzo 2 giorni fa
Jefferson is now in a horror netflix show? what ´d I miss?
Lawrence Oliver McBeth
Doesn't look scary at all, another generic Netflix SHITE
Christian Vincent Literatus
I saw this referenced in Stephen Colbert interview and I was wowed by the trailer!
kkk 2 giorni fa
only on the mars channel folks 🙄👎🏼👎🏼
winter sakura
winter sakura 2 giorni fa
what the hell
Shakti Dagar
Shakti Dagar 2 giorni fa
Nice... Looks that one episode of Supernatural
Freak Zeke
Freak Zeke 2 giorni fa
Stop the world when people start thinking a dead body in an art museum is part of the exhibit.
Subha dip Ghorai
Subha dip Ghorai 2 giorni fa
Gayanii 2.0
Ginger San
Ginger San 2 giorni fa
Comments are scaring me
Md Zibrail
Md Zibrail 2 giorni fa
Bc kuch samjh me hhi nhi aaya meko
shivesh satyam
shivesh satyam 2 giorni fa
Robert Wright
Robert Wright 2 giorni fa
No need to watch the movie now the trailer seems to give away most of the film 🙄
Kshitiz Raj
Kshitiz Raj 2 giorni fa
Because of gyaani2.0?
JiHyunPeTziE 2 giorni fa
I love jake gylenhall
Avin 0_0
Avin 0_0 2 giorni fa
*gand fati giyo mota Bhai 😶*
AJ with friend's
AJ with friend's 2 giorni fa
Awesome who is come after gyaani video #BROSENA
Daniel Katzman
Daniel Katzman 2 giorni fa
Wtf Just gonna leave it here
Daniel Katzman
Daniel Katzman 2 giorni fa
+Majeed Master sure
Majeed Master
Majeed Master 2 giorni fa
Wanna play cod ghosts with me?
Chiel 2 giorni fa
We're still doing that spoil everything in the trailer thing? For shame.
hidden gunz
hidden gunz 2 giorni fa
Look like the video game "layers of fear"
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