Vibrating Screen Instead of Speakers? LG G8

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A message from LG:
*The LG G8 used to develop this video was a pre-production model. Check with your local retailer for final product availability.*

LG’s flagship smartphone’s are often unfairly overlooked. This year’s G8 uses a vibrating screen as a speaker, and lets you unlock the device by reading your palm! But are these gimmicks good or garbage?
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18 mar 2019





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Commenti 2 631
Samir Saeedi
Samir Saeedi 18 ore fa
It isn't mean to be stereo speakers. You should know your stuff better.
anurag singh
anurag singh Giorno fa
which track is playing in backgroud
anurag singh
anurag singh Giorno fa
anyone plzzz tell me
Xentrino 2 giorni fa
LG has the worst screen in the industry. Light bleeding and image retention are common complaints. If you're out of warranty, then it becomes your burden. LG should take responsibility for the devices they sell and should repair or replace defective units even if it's out of warranty. It might be best to look for a better product.
Sumita Singh
Sumita Singh 6 giorni fa
Is anyone there who can tell me which track is being played in the backround
Sumita Singh
Sumita Singh 6 giorni fa
I want to know
Sumita Singh
Sumita Singh 6 giorni fa
Plz tell me which track is being played in background
Jason The Great
Jason The Great 7 giorni fa
Horrible review
Paul Cotton
Paul Cotton 8 giorni fa
Isn’t Linus the boss? I don’t like the douche on the right much. Just rather watch a video with just Linus only. Guy on the right is a total d bag with no respect
Happy In Vain
Happy In Vain 10 giorni fa
Regarding the sound... You can change the output settings. Out of the box it does sound distorted. Change the settings yall
Sumita Singh
Sumita Singh 15 giorni fa
Plzzz tell me tha name of the track being played in the background
jaee hovaa
jaee hovaa 27 giorni fa
Hand id works 100 percent of the time for me and doesn't take long at all, and I have proof uploaded before you try and give me shit lol , you just gotta know what you are doing .
좆인실 28 giorni fa
I think lg is so shit ㅠㅠㅠ but they are so good company than Samsung... Samsung is crook and murder is like hitler in south korea half korean hate samsung...plz lg you can do it.... than before literally just a little more than before.. i think arteries authentication Veins Authentication? Is so shit...
Ashton Conley
As someone who appreciates good music quality with wired headphones, I do love the DAC in my G6 a lot. I actually just love my G6 anyways. It's still plenty fast, and I love having the back lock button/fingerprint reader. I didn't like LG's skin either, but I just use a different launcher and customize everything anyways, so that never really bothered me.
Jeremy McMillen
This explains why the hell the dam thing always feels like its on speaker. (I work for an airline loading and unloading bags and cargo so I am in a loud environment) and this is the first phone I have had or used in a while where I haven't had to keep my call volume on the loudest setting with a volume boost. I have this thing set to medium and have still had to turn it down and even tell people no I am not on speaker but this thing sounds like it is all the time. But deep down I love the fact that I can hear it even with an APU running right behind me and even with several jets taxing past.
Laurel Dunn-Scott
Yeah two camps should really be looking at buying this phone. One is those who really value that quad DAC. ( But if you're in that camp you probably already own the LG v40 or v30. ) Or those that want flagship specs, on a carrier supported phone at a good price. At $600 I'd say get it. ( That's how much mine was. ) At is original price of $850 ,I would pass.
fernando Mese fa
Didn't seem like linus gave it a chance more like mocking the phone
dawson gamblin
s6 did it better
Prince Kashyap
I can tell these guys suck in using new tech. The way he was using gestures was gross.
kawacha dinkdong
He's more animated than Anything
atavernerpi Mese fa
LG is the new HTC. RIP LG phone division
Ryan Wallace
Ryan Wallace Mese fa
Got it for free from att and they paid me $200 on top of that
Duke's World
Duke's World Mese fa
The boom box speaker is meant to help throw the sound off a surface thats its laying on and if u do some research it says its for that reason I am sorry but they jump to conclusions way too fast because its not a samsung or iphone or pixel that all have the same features. Big props to lg for trying something new yes it a little slow but guess what its new feature hasnt been tried.
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs Mese fa
I have a good feeling the one plus 7 won't have a headphone jack. But if it does then the LG G8 will blow itself out of my mind. It's still a good phone with the great headphone jack and screen.
Hynek Borůvka
Did get it. Just saying.
carlbrecon Mese fa
You forgot to say "Abracadabragate"
IQ Solutions
IQ Solutions Mese fa
I actually picked up this phone and the hand id works but you have to do the hand id improvement.
Ethan Morgan
Ethan Morgan Mese fa
do motorolla z3 flag ship
Simon Adrian Adalsteinsson
watched the entire video thinking this was some no name Chinese phone company with the gimmicks not working but then he said it was a LG, WTF LG you are a mainstream company
Mc Plot
Mc Plot Mese fa
I just got an LG G8 yesterday. Maybe there was an update to the software or something since you did the review because the sound is great on mine. Much better than I expected.
mkphilly Mese fa
Rear fingerprint sensor best: single handed, accuracy..
hi im frost
hi im frost Mese fa
"It might as well be an iPhone 6" *cries in iPhone 6*
Roland Anderson
I still use a palm. A IIIc. It's plugged into my desktop right now, an i7 running Windows 10.
inevias Mese fa
Linus' face at 08:18
Ben Gayfer
Ben Gayfer Mese fa
I got your Palm joke Linus lol
The Tech Guy
The Tech Guy Mese fa
Every flagship phone has a acoustic chamber for its speaker lol
SR Productions
It works better with the person who's hands were used to set it up
Jason LeBlanc
I got to look at this phone when I worked for a cell phone company. The sound is terribly tinny. And that hand thing is so stupid.
joshua banigan
I got your palm pilot joke 🤣.
Z Bott
Z Bott Mese fa
As a proud owner of a Palm Treo, I got it.
Danny D's World
I do love me some LG Phones. Especially my G6+.
The Napping Bear
didn't Google have an R&D project of some sort to invent floating gesture interfacing via radar?
Firestar Mese fa
My phone is from like 2015 and it has better speakers.
CluelessGmer Mese fa
Don't pretend like you aren't intimately familiar with that length" LMAO!!
Beukenboomer Mese fa
Don't worry Linus, I get it.
Crouton Crusader
Chadwick M
Chadwick M Mese fa
Badeend Mese fa
7:33 well even my iphone 6 was way faster with fingerprints
Coleman Mese fa
LG has totally lost its way. They stopped making grownup up devices after the G6. They don't know what they want to be anymore. That display of hand wringing, crimping and twisting above the phone was cringe worthy. Embarrassing. LG needs to recall this humiliating bullshit and go back to the drawing board and come up with a mature device and try to regain the respect they had five years ago
Łukasz Tokarski
Well, first piezoelectric speaker in phone was in Xiaomi Mi Mix... Like 3 years ago
Pier Galeone
Pier Galeone Mese fa
I would have just preferred a G8 review... Or at least as well as this.
MShak3 Mese fa
itvid.net/video/video-O3ki1FWkARo.html I got that reference !
Ben Cybulski
Ben Cybulski Mese fa
I got the palm pilot joke it was funny
Dhanesh TG
Dhanesh TG Mese fa
why so much of hate for LG ?
George Kountouris
I just picked one up from Verizon, if you add a new line it's 20.42/month x 24 months. The trick here is that you add a new line, activate it with whatever phone number, then trade your phone number from your old device to your new device, and then cancel the new number attached to the old phone line, is a workaround that will allow you to keep the special offer, yet not have to maintain an extra line that's not being used. Anyway concerning the rear fingerprint sensor- it works well and quickly, it's located in a perfect spot and it responds quickly. Had it on the G2, V20 and it will thankfully be on this phone. I think it's great even if the tech is dated, if it's not broke why break it. That hand gesture thing is a complete gimmick and will be disabled as soon as I get the phone- that's a complete waste. Personally if I could design the perfect smart phone it would be the LG V20 (that will allow me to change the battery or add an extended battery) with a modern processor, screen (but flat not these curved ones) updated cameras and new OS, a plastic body is fine (glass is fragile, metal can interfere with reception). A bit utilitarian for people that value functionality and purpose over aesthetics. Sorry to diverge.
gregbert2 2 mesi fa
I would have LMAO if he had said "it has 128 gig of EEPROM" Morons would have lost their minds. They would have had to go get a glass of dangerous Dihydrogen Oxide and choke on it LOL. Black bars on top and "bottom" of screen, talking about the Palm. What is this, the '90s channel?
BloodFlow HigH
BloodFlow HigH 2 mesi fa
LG skin was better than samsung and still today,it's AWESOME.
BloodFlow HigH
BloodFlow HigH 2 mesi fa
LG is in the top 3.
BloodFlow HigH
BloodFlow HigH 2 mesi fa
LG always make better phones than top manufacturers. LG is all innovation. 👑 💯
Colter Pett
Colter Pett Mese fa
just like the k8 2017 which turns off at 20% like an old iphone
Angel Wisetoothe
Cheaper than s10e? Fuck yah
Mr Comer
Mr Comer 2 mesi fa
I tell all the viewers to go check the LG G8 out yourself. Then make a final judgement.. I got the G8 I love it.. I think they a doing a "gimmicking bashing review" 😂
Leo ledchen
Leo ledchen 2 mesi fa
I think it's No dealbraker because you can use the Headphonejack instead of the Speakers and it's usefull for calls
Gavin Zanella
Gavin Zanella 2 mesi fa
5:38 linus looking up what a power bottom is
L S 2 mesi fa
You forgot face id. They finally have a reason to have the notch. lol.
TwenOalley 2 mesi fa
6:30 linus sounds so sad when he said "some people" :P
E_Lewis 7
E_Lewis 7 2 mesi fa
Watching it one an lg g8. I got it for free at at&t so yeee
Franknpipe 2 mesi fa
Finally, someone who actually has the G8! I'm on At&t too, and eligible for an upgrade. Can you tell me please if this so-called "crystal OLED audio" actually works? Is the sound clear or muffled during phone calls?
Dreyus Giroux
Dreyus Giroux 2 mesi fa
8:13 big oof
Joe Black
Joe Black 2 mesi fa
I knew linus little dick tip was a wigger..........and now he confirmed it 5:11
mjc0961 2 mesi fa
You made James walk off screen instead of letting him do his famous "FRESHBOOKS" shout?
C G 2 mesi fa
What if the screen cracks? Do you lose sounds?
Soroush EINE
Soroush EINE 2 mesi fa
Mitchell 2 mesi fa
idk why but this video was hella funny to me. that psychic dj comment lmao
Lol. I got the Palm Pilot reference. I used to want one so badly when I was young!
@The Garden of Eatin Software design and ergonomics matter a lot, huh?
The Garden of Eatin
I bought an M100 a couple years ago, and there are things it does better than any Android or iOS device.
Gal 2 mesi fa
Interesting! Join the largest LG Photography group on Facebook at: facebook.com/groups/LGInternationalMobilePhotography
BikeSpike 2 mesi fa
4:17 "ohh, it felt really sleek but I couldn't put my finger on why." 10/10 joke👌
Drips Avill
Drips Avill 2 mesi fa
lg v40 is the best sounding speaker phone ive ever had
Ten Vo
Ten Vo 2 mesi fa
Chi chi tức vo thi be 🐓🐉đừng noi chi làm cao gio đắc hơi nha
hardy gajjar
hardy gajjar 2 mesi fa
GS S 12 giorni fa
You need to stop typing in all caps!
Inspiring Rishab
Full review maybe? 👀😛😛
Raul TV
Raul TV 2 mesi fa
Guy with beard looks like he wants to kiss the heck out of his buddy 🤔🤫🤓
Taha Yaagoubi
Taha Yaagoubi 2 mesi fa
These guys should really play and test it BEFORE they show it off. This makes it look so bad. The air motion didn't work cuz you're supposed to pretend like you're grabbing an air knob. Gimmicky yes but other than that it's just an extra feature to use with the new added Z camera. Horrible video that makes the phone look so bad...
seeindarkness 2 mesi fa
Go Palm Pilot!
Drafty Satyr
Drafty Satyr 2 mesi fa
" ... the epitome of obnoxious music" - you were dead right there.
Which one of you guys here are power bottom?
Centerpeice 2 mesi fa
I have always liked lg skin, but I've been mostly using lg since the g2 so I like htc skin more, but lg skin isn't bad. Samsung's is the worst by far
Tyler Hager
Tyler Hager 2 mesi fa
Glad to see LG utilize old Kinect hardware in their phones. Great use of old tech. It even works as well as the Kinect!
I mean the LG G6 didn't have a camera bump either it was smooth and flushed in so I don't know what the big deal over the G8 not having a camera bump is about.
This LG G8 won't have Android Q until late 2021
John Austin
John Austin 2 mesi fa
If ever sadly
Ivan R.
Ivan R. 2 mesi fa
Any one else can't hear that much of a difference? lmao
Gen Miao
Gen Miao 2 mesi fa
My s10+ almost unlocks instantly with the screen on. But i scanned both thumbs and indexes 16 times instead of 8
A Hettinger
A Hettinger 2 mesi fa
I think it should be pronounced the LG "gate" FTR: I got it Linus. I got it.
Clarence Baker
Clarence Baker 2 mesi fa
Even tho I don't like lg (lol while my primary phone is lg v20 lg products just don't age well) I like how they don't have a camera hump at all I wish they would've done that on the Galaxy S10 series
Rodolfo Ferreira
LG G Series: Great hardware under the shadow of terrible, confusing, misleading, non-working, poor written, underdeveloped LG software. It's been like that for at least 4 years. Just move on, Samsung got you covered.
John Vu
John Vu 2 mesi fa
You use fingerprint wrongly!
Hi Neil of 'Cidi Al-Masry' Sidi Al-Masri Sandage
0:40 ~ Hahahaha. I will get a ruler out and study what is going on. ~ Woke after midnight tonight, read some news, then masturbated twice. Enjoying Mint Tea with Organic Milk, then back to bed. There has been less penis pressure than i used to produce, but we should still be beyond 6 inches.
Hi Neil of 'Cidi Al-Masry' Sidi Al-Masri Sandage
5:37 ~ So noted "Ear Sound Absorption Hole", you are in my dictionary as having used this Phrase. Alternative to ~ "Coral Conch Canal Frozen Lentigo Lenticular Ear Cap Hairy Snail Hole"
Hi Neil of 'Cidi Al-Masry' Sidi Al-Masri Sandage
While Standing Up. Always measure Standing.
Antonio Moreno
Antonio Moreno 2 mesi fa
I still have a iPhone 5s 😓
Alessandro Candeloro
6:26 I feel bad to have understood the joke.......
dege13 2 mesi fa
I got and enjoyed the Palm Pilot joke.
Jim Funicelli
Jim Funicelli 2 mesi fa
The only thing I've ever missed from my LG G3 was the Copy/Paste HISTORY function! I don't know what it's not a part of Android by default yet. Other than that, the interface is fine (better than Samsung) but not as good as stock Android.
Jim Funicelli
Jim Funicelli 2 mesi fa
I lied their built in camera was amazing and let you manually change focus, exposure, white balance etc. That was pretty neat! 👌🏼
rwh19921 2 mesi fa
Suprising the audio is bad given lg tends to focus on audio. But it is really cool how you were able to hear the call clearly even in a loud environment.
Marcus W
Marcus W 2 mesi fa
does Linus wanna explain wanna explain what a power bottom is :-)
Harsh Kale
Harsh Kale 2 mesi fa
Hey guys plz review this phone again because u can change the speaker out put noise in setting instead of noise coming out from middle it can be changed to top and linus clearly sucked at using air motion next time use a better test subject and u forgot to mention about the wide angle camera and the fking f1.7 aperture front facing camera with tof tech.
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