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156' Wing Yacht Catamaran
W/Y EVIDENCE offers the stability, space and performance of a catamaran with the bonus of a simple yet pioneering rig - so you and your crew can enjoy the peace and pleasure of sailing under wind power.
The sudden realization that the answer is a wing is a Eureka moment of irrepressible joy.
Wingyachts are a breed apart.
Behold the EVIDENCE…
See more : vplp.fr/realisation/evidence/58.html

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Commenti 51
Glidescube 20 giorni fa
Needs a Spinnaker
Jon P
Jon P 21 giorno fa
Thelast Sheepdog
Thelast Sheepdog 21 giorno fa
That's how they spell it in France
propjam2 27 giorni fa
Honesty i'm an armchair designer. But I like what I like. And this design is the Catamaran of Catamarans.
propjam2 27 giorni fa
@Casey Calloway Sir/Madam that is indeed a lovely boat.....but...its just not enough.
Casey Calloway
Casey Calloway 27 giorni fa
propjam2 look at sunreef 80 on youtube, then sunreefs website. Superior quality, decent price
Thailand Expat
Thailand Expat 29 giorni fa
hydrofoil it! Gets get this baby up in the air. Create a racing design concept..
Tuga Minhoto
Tuga Minhoto Mese fa
bull shit
Werner Botha
Werner Botha Mese fa
Kyle Mese fa
Barton Reid
Barton Reid Mese fa
The music is on point.
Everett Cox
Everett Cox Mese fa
Where could such a monster be docked, outside the port??? I do like the size of it though...
Dani WS
Dani WS 2 mesi fa
The track
Jay Weldy
Jay Weldy 2 mesi fa
It just kills a good video when you start off with a typo, "confort" should be "Comfort".
Agnes Charles
Jay Weldy perhaps they wrote in French Confort , like Confortable . 🥳
Blithe Username
Blithe Username 2 mesi fa
The master does not seem to have a view except from the bathroom, the front view is blocked by the stairs to the sunken outdoor sitting area.
Adil Hakim
Adil Hakim 3 mesi fa
How fast can you sail without power on this design?
Kostas Drakakis
Kostas Drakakis 4 mesi fa
At least it's under 150k
'confort'?? i think you meant comfort?
w s l
w s l 7 mesi fa
is there any information on how efficient the wing is over traditional sails or does it work effectively at all?
Jahreel John
Jahreel John 7 mesi fa
Great video, but this yacht is really well design.👌👌👌👌👌👍👍✌✌👊👊👊👦👦😎😘
Andrés g.V
Andrés g.V 7 mesi fa
Va Pa' La Picha (VPLP) Design... Me gusta, deme diez!
yuankai zhang
yuankai zhang 8 mesi fa
good music
Dan Mallery
Dan Mallery 8 mesi fa
I'll take two.
Pierre Roodt
Pierre Roodt 10 mesi fa
Simply amazing designs.Well done.
latitude 10 mesi fa
I am intrigued to know how good the wing is as a posed to a sails.
The wing sail has been invented dozens of times. This one doesn't have enough overlap forward. The overlap should be 17%, just like a balanced rudder. You would think that established yacht designers would know that.
Ed Boncich
Ed Boncich Anno fa
what is the vessel illustrated at 1:22 . . . . I want it !!
Fred Quimby
Fred Quimby Anno fa
I'll get 2 of them on my next pay week.
replica Anno fa
electric engines are better
Merv Anno fa
I wonder at which point in a wealthy persons life it is that one decides they need two toilets in the bathroom to go with the two sinks? If I ever commission an ensuite with cubicles, I sure hope someone stops me.
Junuvo Jam
Junuvo Jam Anno fa
Actually if there was not such a shortage of space there would be a his and her bathroom suites complete with seperate his and her walkthrough closets, its only when space or money is at a premium do we see such a compromise.
Giacomo Lavino
Fantastico!!!! Sembra guardare un bellissimo grattacielo di New York
Micke J
Micke J Anno fa
confort? Wonder if one has to "con" someone off to afford this "fort"-ification? A Freudian slip perhaps? ;)
Aardvark Mindshank
What is "confort"?
Michael Stott
My guess is it would sell anywhere from $15M to $40M USD depending on the fit-out and build quality of course. Does anyone know if one ever got built or ordered?
Chris Walker
Chris Walker Anno fa
Butt-ugly techno wank-fest for non sailing uber-rich social climbers. Dont bother.
Dmytro Picky
Dmytro Picky Anno fa
can you choose a wors song facepalm
id104335409 2 anni fa
Chris K
Chris K 2 anni fa
Yacht 156' video Too pretentious to continue. Deadly introduction. Anger generating "music". All in all, you have yourself quite a winner! A great team effort!
Kasperi von Schrowe
Invention of Designer. Now the poor engineers have to figure out how it can be built...
allowmi 2 anni fa
It only takes one typo to screw up a presentation - most especially in the titles... Comfort, not confort.
daniel kinney
daniel kinney 2 anni fa
I really love this design. I wish they could go SOLAR and WIND power without the use of FUEL. I also would get rid of the GUEST CABIN that is on the left side of the MASTER. The Owners cabin should be the Width of the entire Beam. Who ever thought to put a GUEST CABIN to cut down the width of the owners cabin was not every smart. Owners love The FULL BEAM. They could have used that as a PRIVATE OFFICE and a WALK IN CLOSET.
bill hanna
bill hanna 2 anni fa
the name suggests its for the Illuminati
jatkins47 Anno fa
bill hanna-Please elaborate.Details.
Gwendolyn Phillips de Ashborough
Love the design...
Rajko Kujundžić
Try Omer Wing Sail you will be amazed
Shay Daniel
Shay Daniel 2 anni fa
music credit??
cornskid 2 anni fa
You can't park that thing here
Alastair Longsworth
Do you mean 'Innovations & Comfort' at 1:11 instead of 'Confort"
w s l
w s l 7 mesi fa
yea im also sure at 1:39 they didnt mean sketches & researches
Victor van Dyke
Victor van Dyke 2 anni fa
C'mon Lotto!
William Wiese
victor van dyke you beat me to it lol.. double loto
NAVAJO gal 2 anni fa
mike harrington
mike harrington 2 anni fa
No way to drop the mainsail then? Might be problematic in a storm
Εύη Λαμπρέα
What if it is never dropped, and in a storm release the main sheet so that it becomes like a flag. Would that be a problem?
Gwendolyn Phillips de Ashborough
mike harrington it is recoiled into the Mast.
Peter - Kåre Skak Pedersen
Take a look at 2:34'. It appears that the sails will roll down.
Eduardo Riv
Eduardo Riv 2 anni fa
sails rolls inside that tube.
Allan Johnston
Allan Johnston 2 anni fa
Built in New Zealand?
rory mccarthy
rory mccarthy 2 anni fa
If you gotta ask............
Ducati Drew
Ducati Drew 2 anni fa
rory mccarthy Got to be at least $80k...lol!
Sean Binar
Sean Binar 2 anni fa
whats the Song Name?
john d
john d 2 anni fa
Who cares about the song????Its the boat Im interested in there are plenty of music channels.
Single Dadding
Single Dadding 2 anni fa
Hmm only version I find is with talking over it not pure instrumental as in this vid. Did you find a version without the speech?
CaSO4x2H2O 2 anni fa
Le code quantique by Keray (thanks Shazam)
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