Wait for it! 😳  

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Jeahn Laffitte
Jeahn Laffitte 2 mesi fa
I don’t think I’ll ever understand what it’s like to be a trials rider … ❤
ProMinerMC roblox
Same…. Can’t even imagine it
bongodrums Mese fa
It's cool
هاشم كنو
هاشم كنو
هاشم كنو
Jordan Metheney
Jordan Metheney 2 mesi fa
One dude almost lost a hand
EZE6 9 giorni fa
Fourth rider almost ended his career🤪😖
pilgrim VII
pilgrim VII Mese fa
Bro, I knew he had it. He was the only guy there to actually think to abuse that little bounce at the start. I genuinely don't know how those other guys genuinely thought they where gonna jump that high approaching it like normal jump.
Coen Duda
Coen Duda 21 giorno fa
They all did that they just don’t really show all of them doing it in the cut
JMagnus 13 giorni fa
​​​@Coen Duda You know this is Toni Bou, he had won the outdor and indor Trial World Championship in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022? That's why this video is postes, to show his superiority against all the rivals. You're welcome.
Coen Duda
Coen Duda 12 giorni fa
@JMagnus ok and where tf did that come from dude😂
JMagnus 2 giorni fa
@Coen Duda I wrote that because you said in the comment that the other riders did the same trick but the video cut it and didn't show it, that's not true. They all faild it at the first try but not Toni Bou, because he is the best trial rider ever, and as it seems you don't know him and this was a video to represent his superiority I just let you know him.
Coen Duda
Coen Duda 2 giorni fa
@JMagnus what I mean is they all did the same thing, they just failed, he succeeded, he didn’t use some special trick or jump early or a little later he just did it better, they are all professionals at the highest level, they know every trick and technique in the book he just did it better.
Joaquín 2 mesi fa
He is the one 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸
Rodolfo Melegaro
TheSpokenOne Mese fa
You just have to wait for the drop in the song, then you'll make it
DareBear Mese fa
It was the Repsol logo. It gives you superpowers.
tony is the man
BeenJammin 18 giorni fa
Toni Bou is the ONLY name I respect in this game
GAVIN LEIGHTON 14 giorni fa
Dougie Lampkin
BeenJammin 14 giorni fa
@GAVIN LEIGHTON you misunderstand; Toni Bou is the ONLY name I respect in this game
잠더 18 giorni fa
한계를 넘는 사람들 대단♥
Geoff Pearce
Geoff Pearce 4 giorni fa
And that's why HE has the Repsol sponsorship.
Brian C Riggs
There is only one thing to say is Dam !!!!!!!!!! That’s bad ass !!!!!!
TheOPgamer Mese fa
That’s where the jump shocks from hill climb racing 2 would come in handy 😂
Максим Боровков
respect 💯
Deepak Joshi
Deepak Joshi Mese fa
Btw commendable 👏
Wayne H
Wayne H Mese fa
Dougie lampkin would have made that 1st 🤣🤣
6Stringz Joe
6Stringz Joe 21 giorno fa
Clutch Boost IRL😂
Cameron McCray
Cameron McCray 2 mesi fa
This was the guy that always destroyed the curve in school.
Not impossible if it can be done. Still insane and way above my skill set
[NVS] GXS Ethix
[NVS] GXS Ethix 2 mesi fa
Last guy been grinding moto x3m
Draw It
Draw It Mese fa
Rider in the real life 😂
Dodai Kritterdlik
Cool thanks for the day 😎
BcnPop nando
BcnPop nando 13 giorni fa
T. Bou is the man!!!👏👏👏
Ralf Metzner
Ralf Metzner Mese fa
David Garcia
David Garcia Mese fa
How much do these bikes weight that there is someone grabbing the front wheel like that? Seems like a great way to rip some muscles/tendons in your arm and shoulders 😬
Troy Lewis
Troy Lewis Mese fa
Charlie Rolls does this on a 20" pushbike!
Kramer Blackberg
I knew the guy in the white and orange would get it, he always does
topya Mese fa
what's the song called?
Carlos Sánchez Morellá
If u think that there's nobody ho can do it... then you remember *TONI BOU*
Treenoss Mese fa
Fell down as well
Deepak Joshi
Deepak Joshi Mese fa
When Video game becomes reality.😅
Trinity Mese fa
Trials fusion in real life🤩
bread doge
bread doge 2 mesi fa
Everything is possible
Amanda Burger
Amanda Burger 2 mesi fa
Nothing is impossible
憨憨 20 giorni fa
Patryk Gumienny
Patryk Gumienny 5 giorni fa
Honda: the power of dreams.
Deivid_14 Mese fa
No one ever domined a sport like Toni Bou is doing
Royal Riding
Royal Riding Mese fa
Trials people are insane lol
Jacopo Francesco Sabellio
Yooo brooo🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻
Pete Geralis
Pete Geralis Mese fa
He technically made it but lost a point due to tire contact
Robyn Nind
Robyn Nind Mese fa
It's crazy how they bunnyhop like dat
Sig Mese fa
Get dougie, he'll get it on there.
Akash Muhammad akash
Nice man nice bike and nice bikers
Honda POWER ❤️
Indarow 8 giorni fa
Not surprised. Toni Bou is undisputedly the best trials rider on the planet.
Anbu Hatake20
vkspecials Mese fa
I was last guy Thanks all for your respect ❤
Rud Helm
Rud Helm 2 mesi fa
Funny Coincidence Oso used this song for his trials montage: itvid.net/video/video-E9cTfXC0K6M.html
Marc93 Mese fa
Repsol Honda will always be the best in all sports. Moto Gp being Marc Marquez
NkO DlF Mese fa
Toni bou.... Otro nivel...
Dimitri 2 mesi fa
Shoutout to those skid plates
Ashish Arwade
Ashish Arwade 2 mesi fa
Ofc the Honda driver did it Yes ik Honda is the sponsor but the joke is funny
Rushin' Russian
Rushin' Russian 12 giorni fa
I'm sure these people know exactly what they're doing but it looks incredibly dangerous to shove your hands near the wheel like that
Keya Shah
Keya Shah 4 giorni fa
Which bike is that?
Евгений Голубев
Ishan Mishra
Ishan Mishra Mese fa
infestation: imagine you can control each and every person having the other power, well i have a question do we need to absorb power for infestation or its unlimited ? if we don't need to absorb power the imagine me sitting at the top of the world within the next few hours
fernando sanz
fernando sanz 16 giorni fa
Grande Toni!! 💪🏻💪🏻 Una pena que un deportista de nuestro país con tantos títulos mundiales, sea la mitad de conocido que Márquez..... Spain is diferent.....
glbernini0 22 giorni fa
Kevin Bissinger
oh shit gta physics are accurate
Harry lord
Harry lord Mese fa
I have that bike 🎉
Dylan Vincent
Dylan Vincent 2 giorni fa
This reminds me of that old flash game 😂
Roma Hfvbkm
Roma Hfvbkm 3 giorni fa
yoo, gravity defied irl
Ali Wais
Ali Wais 20 giorni fa
Man i miss playing it on miniclip
skankhunt42 Mese fa
Trail riders make these jumps all the time
Sergey 9 giorni fa
Nice gravity defender 😂
watermelon watermelon
Are these 2 strokes? Cuz pipes arent that huge
DrSleeze 4 ore fa
let the bike go. lmfao
Adria Arago
Adria Arago Mese fa
Solo Bou intenta salvarla...💪💪💪
NMgardening Giorno fa
the new mx rtx looks dope
Fernando Contreras
Fernando Contreras 17 giorni fa
What is the name of that bike??
The cringe factor
Physics got denied
Er Ricco
Er Ricco Mese fa
toni bou is the boss of trial
The Good Music
The Good Music 18 giorni fa
*специально и для этого придуманы байки, мотокроссы и горные мотоциклы, потому что у них хорошая подвеска и чтобы не было сложно заезжать на крутые склоны*
watermelon watermelon
Grayson Wright
Grayson Wright 4 giorni fa
What are these bikes called?!?!? Somebody please tell me 😭 🙏
Ефрем Горьков
Lachie gang
Lachie gang Mese fa
So cool
Dimitry Petrevsky
Reason: electric
JMagnus 13 giorni fa
You know this is Toni Bou, he had won the outdor and indor Trial World Championship in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022? That's why this video is posted, to show his superiority against all the rivals.
Pedro Artiel
Pedro Artiel 20 giorni fa
Toni Bou es el mejor de todos los tiempo no sé cuántos campeonatos del mundo tiene ya, solo se que es el único que hace ciertos recorridos es increíble este chabal
dark avenger
dark avenger Mese fa
It's Gravity Defied 😂😂
Ян Крамер
Бля, гравити в реальной жизни 😂
F40 Mese fa
Trials fusion
Trial rising in real life
Xesuh Mese fa
Everybody: its too hard! Last guy: ez
elpidio arapoc
Dieter Renger
My Oncel kann this too
david maurer
david maurer Mese fa
The engine sound in the background is from that moto mx dirt bike game
Vítia 25 giorni fa
Static Rose
Static Rose Mese fa
This looks like a computer game I used to play lol
Titan Standard
Да это gravity defied в реале 😁
Jooho Lee
Jooho Lee 17 giorni fa
Dougie Lampkin would have that first go ;-)
Сергей Рейнов
Repsol 💪💪💪💪💪
Денис Макаров
Alan Bueno
Alan Bueno Mese fa
Daily Games.
Daily Games. Mese fa
Doesn't need a partner truly skill.
Sonrisas en espiral ...
Monster bou
Zombine 2514
Zombine 2514 Mese fa
What kind of bike is that.
Scooby sean
Scooby sean Mese fa
Lampkin would of done it 1 handed #legend
L Sensei 神
L Sensei 神 Mese fa
Impossible is not in his vocabulary
Yunnim 6 ore fa
The weakest Trials HD player:
cato Mese fa
Toni Bou is king
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