Wakey Wakey...

Don't Hug Me .I'm Scared
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13 set 2018




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Panda Productions
When you pause the video to analyze the trailer frame to frame I have no life do i
LPShub Ora fa
We’ve been awake for 5 months now, how much longer do you want us to wait
Im a Chicken Nugget
MatPat: Hold my beer.
Rainbows and Lava
So I read about it, it’s not fricked up like it usually is, but it’s like more of a comedy now, but like this time it’s like WRONG ya know what I’m saying
G0D Ora fa
oh i member!
mr jero
mr jero 2 ore fa
I've heard theories that don't hug me im scared is going to be on tv so I wanted to say that if you are going to be alone on tv or also on yootube please reply and I hope it will continue on youtube: '(
Wallace Bell
Wallace Bell 3 ore fa
please pinned a release date please please please please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!
Link 4 ore fa
What music
OwenDoesStuff 4 ore fa
if somebody could make a loop/remix of the song used in this trailer I would watch that for hours the music used in this is just MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
GavinGaviny 4 ore fa
Lets go there back
Fabiolli :D
Fabiolli :D 5 ore fa
Continue this
ferdybala guiso
Será que vai voltar ???
The Biscuit Connoisseur
June 19 2019
The Biscuit Connoisseur
+Doctor Who Religion its fathers day
Doctor Who Religion
How do you know?
Bryan Herrera
Bryan Herrera 9 ore fa
0:10 beautiful
andre gribble
andre gribble 9 ore fa
More hype than Smash Ultimate
Badenxx Baden
Badenxx Baden 7 ore fa
enjoy waiting bcz is never coming to yt
Lol .
Lol . 10 ore fa
EpicGamer25 10 ore fa
Great now film theory will make a 19 minutes video about this.
Jayleen McCormack
GET IT OUT already so i could Watch it
this gay cactus
Then perish.
sonnic 1988
sonnic 1988 12 ore fa
More nightmares anyone?
Crispy Whispy
Crispy Whispy 16 ore fa
Man, I don't have any *time* to wait for this. This makes me *love* the creators for bringing this series back. I was *dreaming* for this day for my whole life. I'm so excited that I might do some *digital* dancing!! I hope this series will be *creative* again!! My god, these puns are making *my teeth go grey.*
chimaerarc asis
chimaerarc asis 17 ore fa
Wait, isn't super deluxe already dead? Now I'm worried.
J Howard
J Howard 17 ore fa
WTF, y'all going to release more of these or what !? Tic tic tic
Marco Nukunuku-Fistonich
it's going on TV?
just monika
just monika 19 ore fa
Canine Teeth
Canine Teeth 21 ora fa
Golden Pan Gaming
New episode in 21th june
Zack Abel
Zack Abel 21 ora fa
What the fuck is taking so long
Ocarina Mon
Ocarina Mon 21 ora fa
Hurry it up
Charles Sims
Charles Sims 22 ore fa
Hold on, I think this person actually found the first episode and put it on youtube itvid.net/video/video-RpvCzRsh4xY.html This doesn't look fake at all, and nobody's talking about this?
Charles Sims
Charles Sims 22 ore fa
Wakey Wakey DHMIS fanbase...
Michael Motion
Michael Motion 23 ore fa
Like... Where is it?
Justin Savoie
Justin Savoie 23 ore fa
I’m so fu*king excited
burbuja blup
burbuja blup Giorno fa
Wow New house
Charles Sims
Charles Sims Giorno fa
Look's like some sort of Gravity Falls intro lol
Gael MZ
Gael MZ Giorno fa
Still waiting for these masterpiece
shampoosharky 35
Hey look guys footsteps leading up to the gate
JannisTheKuh Giorno fa
But what about SuperDeluxe?
mr death killer
mr death killer Giorno fa
Is this there past?
Dan's Channel
Dan's Channel Giorno fa
When is this episode of DHR my asking to come out
Strawberry Croc.
Me gustaría que la canción estuviera completa.
cuervo mejia
cuervo mejia Giorno fa
Yes mas episodie plis
Kauã Zepelli Ft: Meu gato
I Loved the song
pegasoseiya21 Giorno fa
It's 2019 already -_-
DJ DOZY Giorno fa
When are we gonna get this
The Real Daddy Laz
Red Dude and Yellow man Are looking for Duck After he gets kidnapped!!
The Real Daddy Laz
Every second pause the video a good few scenes point to duck being Killed or majorly hurt and some robot thing
The Real Daddy Laz
0:14 ducks shadow and a picture of his grandad
Devin du Plessis
Yeeeeees! I can’t waaait!!!!
? KHAZOO ¿ Giorno fa
a maçaneta que aparece no final do video e muito assustador
Ashuu ya
Ashuu ya Giorno fa
--Acho que o cara vermelho(que era o prefeito)foi expulso de Clayhill pelo pato,acho que o cara vermelho acusado por assasinar,mas no minuto 0:09 Aparece a "chave" com um cadeado,logo em seguida no 0:16 aparece aquele mesmo cadeado no portão,trancado. ENTÃO A CHAVE É A MALVADA DA HISTÓRIA?!;0
FawnSign Giorno fa
Forget the avengers movie this is what i need
C A Giorno fa
matt patt is gonna have a field trip with this one and salad fingers 11
Matty.D Parker Vlogs.
I love how most the comments are from a few weeks ago even the trailer is 5 months old.
El Dasher
El Dasher Giorno fa
Dont hug my im scared 7
Hating me is conforming
I'm awake already give me my DHMIS!
Xarizardo 2.0
Xarizardo 2.0 Giorno fa
Eu vou esperarr
Trip_Ev_Edits Giorno fa
Any idea when is this releasing ?
Daniel's Vacation
Trip_Ev_Edits na
Alias Giorno fa
When Are these coming out? I love don’t hug me i’m scared.
Barry Scott
Barry Scott Giorno fa
Yee boi its back
Calvin The Boy
Calvin The Boy Giorno fa
Is this another series coming or what?
Mech Mod
Mech Mod Giorno fa
When? Where? PLEASE!
uganda knukles
uganda knukles Giorno fa
Hijos de puta siguen con vida. xd los amo
Diego Armany
Diego Armany Giorno fa
So beautiful
LoSt t
LoSt t 2 giorni fa
Matt pat has joined the game
Jack Blanco
Jack Blanco 2 giorni fa
the song is kinda good
Jayagaris BACK
Jayagaris BACK 2 giorni fa
Heyy umm dhmis how about this coming to Netflix yeah I’m not sure how much money u would get but it would be popular
PuppyProducts 2 giorni fa
I’m probably going to replay this spam for the music and because yes.
Articuno Articuno
Articuno Articuno 2 giorni fa
The best song ever
Alcer The Demon
Alcer The Demon 2 giorni fa
Wakey Wakey Mayor Pigface
Daniel's Vacation
Daniel's Vacation 2 giorni fa
Alcer The Demon we love you your our mayor
Dave Kuntz
Dave Kuntz 2 giorni fa
when will you mack more video's on your channel
Lamine123564 2 giorni fa
0:16 Hey look the mayor, he's come to save us all :D Oh, and Red guy, I guess...
Lamine123564 2 giorni fa
You guys know that purple circle dude is in the basket full of fruit in dhmis 1 right??
Cindy and Buppy
Cindy and Buppy 2 giorni fa
In ep 1 i saw the blue or purple ball
wingey :3
wingey :3 2 giorni fa
this intro looks so COOOOOOOOOOOL
cocholate 2 giorni fa
toxic1342 2 giorni fa
Were tf is it
Diogo Teixeira
Diogo Teixeira 2 giorni fa
I jus't have one question.... Where's Roy?
Jen Carpena
Jen Carpena 2 giorni fa
guys... maybe it'll come out on June 20th?
? KHAZOO ¿ 2 giorni fa
XxBunnysschädelX 2 giorni fa
I wonder what will happen
Aerociviz Nicholas
Aerociviz Nicholas 2 giorni fa
I'm so excited, I never thought we'd get Season Two
Mr.viral Feed
Mr.viral Feed 2 giorni fa
Are we not gonna be able to see it?
Matirno 2 giorni fa
Егор 2 giorni fa
I use my hair to express myself.
zero play
zero play 2 giorni fa
Plot Twist ever
Luiz Augusto godoes
Gacha Gameplay
Gacha Gameplay 2 giorni fa
Sebastian Kroner Jensen
Why is this a thing
Dragon 2 giorni fa
Kieran Herradura
Kieran Herradura 2 giorni fa
0:18 look away from the mayor's bowling ball
JustCalmUp 2 giorni fa
Someone send this to mat pat!
Shadowzombie 92
Shadowzombie 92 2 giorni fa
just look up matpat wakey wakey
JustCalmUp 2 giorni fa
+Shadowzombie 92 wait what?
Shadowzombie 92
Shadowzombie 92 2 giorni fa
JustCalmUp he already did a video about it
ooga booga
ooga booga 2 giorni fa
Do something lol
Maria Azaryan
Maria Azaryan 2 giorni fa
0:24 is this a fucking illuminati triangle with the eye?
SULLY WULLY 2 giorni fa
Maria Azaryan
Maria Azaryan 2 giorni fa
0:09 look at the clown picture. its clean now
Kalani W
Kalani W 2 giorni fa
I wonder when this will come out...
The Sea Monkey
The Sea Monkey 2 giorni fa
why am I here at 11 o clock
John Grasso
John Grasso 2 giorni fa
5 months later
Døpe As Søap
Døpe As Søap 2 giorni fa
Wanker wanker
OMG OMG 2 giorni fa
Movie? Just kidding.... or is there?
Tyler Long
Tyler Long 3 giorni fa
I wander what will happen
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