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LeBron James walks it off with a floater to defeat the Toronto Raptors in this #NBATogetherLive Classic Game from May 5, 2018.
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29 apr 2020




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Arkadiusz Rogala
This was such a dominant performance and there’s nothing that can be done about this man in any era, especially with less athleticism to put in front of him. I watched every game that year and this was one of the most dominant and clutch runs through the playoffs of any player ever. Two game winners, a huge 51 point game in the Finals, and singlehandedly leading a starless team to the Finals, just as he did as a 22 year old 12 years earlier
Jalen Daniels
Jalen Daniels 2 mesi fa
He's the greatest ever.
humble 2 mesi fa
​@Jalen Danielsdont understand how ppl have him over lebron yes he jumped high but he was a mid range scorer lebron game is way more opened up 2018 lebron is the best all around player literally ever
Geezer D Luffy
Geezer D Luffy 27 giorni fa
​@humble378 it's 1000000% 2018 brons playoff run regardless of the finals loss. 2018 bron is the greatest most complete player to ever touch a basketball its just a bunch of old heads wanting their generations player to be better than ours. I get the 6-0 didnt lose but that argument would make bill russell the undisputed goat period but finals ws and ls is ridiculous debating a players greatness. Lebrons had 4 hall of fame careers in 1 career just because he has 2 less finals wins and less defensive teams he's not the goat. It's obvious to me lebrons #1 I mean 8 straight finals 10 all together chips with 3 different teams every year he left the team went from finals to not making the playoffs and made teams getting knocked out in the 1st round finals contenders instantly. I dont get it either man
Ricky El Diablo
Ricky El Diablo 3 anni fa
True shows how clutch lebron is, not just that buzzer beater but taking initiative by scoring when they needed him to and making the right pass. He ain’t afraid to take the big shot so this stigma needs to stop
Bruce Hoo Fung
he has clutch moments but he ain't the go to guy to make the last shot everytime unlike MJ, Kobe, Bird and other genuine clutch shooters. Of late, he hasn't been that go to guy for the longest time
Unbound24 Anno fa
@Bruce Hoo Fung my guy, kobe, mj, even bird have missed so many last second shots and clutch shots in their careers, you havent watched any NBA if you think they always make it
Joy Dovy
Joy Dovy Anno fa
@Bruce Hoo Fung he has the most playoff game winners…ever
ebon curry
ebon curry Anno fa
@Bruce Hoo Fung If he’s not the go to guy then why do people say he always passes up the shot? The ball is given to him and he just try’s to make the smarter play sometimes instead of shoot.
Angry Old Hoops Fan
Oh please. One example in history. He finally did what he's supposed to and now he's a great closer.
HopelessMunz 3 anni fa
This game was so aggressive and physical. It was like watching old time hockey. There were fouls on every play.
I’ve only started to follow the NBA intensely since the bubble. Interesting to have a look into the past of some players that I only got to know recently. Lebron really great. Must have been a nightmare to play against prime Love, on both ends. Liked Korver, quiet but very efficient. Hill was really bad IMO, holding the ball too long the whole time and not taking advantages. Lowry was amazing. I liked Siakam’s energy and initiative. Ibaka very inconsistent with big ups and downs. Not impressed by VanFleet‘s decision making, although it was a bit better in 2nd half. Also DeRozan was really bad in that department. Everybody can have a bad shooting day but he almost never looked for open teammates, always going for iso and forcing tough shots.
Abdul Khan
Abdul Khan 2 anni fa
Anybody who doesn't think the "no hand-check" rule doesn't go out the window come playoffs should watch this game. LeBron's defender has his hands all over him with nothing resembling a whistle the entire night.
Tom Cat
Tom Cat 2 anni fa
The game that changed the raptors franchise forever.
Oak Johnson
Oak Johnson 7 mesi fa
it was the game before actually
GamerMode Twenty-Three
Lebron deserved to be mvp that year he was an unstoppable machine that was running rough shot and gave it his all in his second stint in Cleveland let’s go cavs and king James goat 🐐💪🙏❤️🐐🏀🏆💯🔥
Not So Cool Dude
MVP is a regular season award
tc3 2 anni fa
if u think lebron is the goat get some help
Iason Chen
Iason Chen Anno fa
@tc3 LMAO😭 oh wait is this a joke? I don’t get how u think jordan is better…? I’m confused, ur joking right?
LL BROWN 3 anni fa
I love LBJ...and I felt soooooo sorry for Raptors....
Geezer D Luffy
Geezer D Luffy 27 giorni fa
Demar had a story about lebron talking about this series in game 4 he said they all were dead ass tired and looked over at bron with a couple minutes left and it looked like he just took off his warmups just full of energy and he said the ability to stay in the kind of shape lebron was in and dominate like that he said it felt helpless or something like that. Cant wait as the years go on the stories we havent heard yet behind the scenes in practice that shump is telling right now. Hes the goat of nba storytelling right now. His stories about lebron and kobe are just insane
Luis Nistal
Luis Nistal 2 anni fa
That lebron season was wild,the best i've ever see
my man's took harder shots than Kobe and still had crazy efficiency if his defensive motor could a been 2016 playoffs would have been the greatest basketball ever literal goat level
Sportstalkonly 11 mesi fa
@tupacalypse88 it was goat level already
tupacalypse88 11 mesi fa
@Sportstalkonly I can't go there with you LeBron in 08 posted 122 offensive rating to go with a 99 defense rating 2018 114 offense and 108 d
tupacalypse88 11 mesi fa
@Sportstalkonly playoffs get closer 2018 offensive rating 121 d 109 and 2008 128 off 100 d
Sportstalkonly 11 mesi fa
@tupacalypse88 18 lebron is way better than 08 lebron. Put 2018 lebron on the 2008 cavs they would win the chip. I'm not saying defense doesn't matter but the way lebron carried the cavs in 2018 there's no other player that could've done that and still be responsible defensively. He wasn't bad on defense he just had so much of a workload that he couldn't be locking guys down like that.
Lorrie Sapuan
Nothing else but greatness
Risky Prapanca
Risky Prapanca 3 mesi fa
One Hand Floater as buzzet beater is such epic finisher, more than fadeaway abd stepback
David Savian
David Savian 2 anni fa
You can call LeBron LeBum if you want. But, three years after this series in 2021 he is still a defending champion. This time with the Lakers.
Abdo the Syrian Gooner
Iconic Game winner by the G.O.A.T.
RJ2TURNT Plays 3 anni fa
Look at lebron man so inspirational 💯🐐
Javon Green
Javon Green 3 anni fa
When Lebron retirees the NBA will never be the same
Not So Cool Dude
People seem to forget that this game was essentially Lowry + role players against Lebron + role players. Lowry balled out to make this a close game when Derozan was nowhere to be found
Shiesty 2 anni fa
Lebron was a diff breed in the 2018 playoffs a literal monster
Flor-Amado Jr Cabatan
The amount of beating Lebron takes physically is often overlooked.
XXXX Anno fa
They look so happy when they tied the game.
Ismael Dellamas
ndiogou niang
ndiogou niang 3 anni fa
I don't think Lebron had a better playoff run than in 2018. He litterally carried that Cavs team throughout the run
Cropped In Peace
2018 and 2016 were legendary. 2017 Cavs was the best Cavs team ever but too bad KD Warriors was stacked like the Justice League
T769 Anno fa
You mean 2016?
2016 finals I think is the greatest basketball ever played but for while playoffs I think u right with 18
Oak Johnson
Oak Johnson 7 mesi fa
yea 2018 bron was the most dominant player ever, he was like a superhero
Isaac Ford
Isaac Ford 3 anni fa
Two of my favourite players going at it LeBron and Lowry
Max 3 anni fa
imagine influencing a whole franchises trade operations with just some floaters.
iFenom_z 3 anni fa
Lmao. "Just some floaters."
Nicolas Scanga
Nicolas Scanga 3 anni fa
“Just some floaters “yea okay
Juan M
Juan M 2 anni fa
Oooooo o>
jokerzz 2 anni fa
@me how
David Piñonosa
David Piñonosa 3 anni fa
We need game 7 of the 2016 finals
Where is the LAMB SAUCE
They'll save the best for last
Christian Roy Lammawin
That will be played in June same date back to 2016
Renz Taboy
Renz Taboy 2 anni fa
Kobe's final game
Rodney Hall
Rodney Hall 2 anni fa
Already on ITvid
Gaming_SportsAaron 13
Hope that will happen, with the warriors vs Celtics
Nishant V
Nishant V 3 anni fa
Imagine working hard all season and then running into lebronto
fadumo yusuf
fadumo yusuf 3 anni fa
Lol right gsw had to build a super team to beat lebron now they bout to get gannis to try to beat lebron
Nishant V
Nishant V 3 anni fa
@fadumo yusuf ahahaha you are right !!! AD and Bron gonna be a handful next season as well tho
David Febreeze
David Febreeze 2 anni fa
Juwan Dunbar because Kyrie and Kevin Love were injured... oh and don’t bring up 2018 I’m sorry your points are disappointing at best
Alfie Boltron
Alfie Boltron 2 anni fa
@David Febreeze djgvnx
Dj 2 anni fa
Yeah but do yunno why they have the raptors owner on the thumbnail.
juan Ferreira
juan Ferreira 2 anni fa
monstro sagrado
Lee Roy
Lee Roy 3 anni fa
Mark Jones: a tough fadeaway!!! Also Mark Jones: Who say it was tough??
Adam Moore
Adam Moore 3 anni fa
The Ultimate HennySmith shot at 33:52 😂😂
Fr3sHbOi1000 3 anni fa
Lmfao big facts
gor9027 2 anni fa
This series ended up being the best thing to happen to the Raptors bc they got humiliated so badly it led them to trade for Kawhi.
Mattmann TheGod
Whoop that trick‼️ They got lucky game 5
Eb 2 anni fa
Hubbiw response is so hilarious 🤣
D J 3 anni fa
Prettiest buzzer beater in NBA history, the focus, never looked away from the basket, the stop mid sprint, the hold mid-air to the flick of the wrist and finesse to get the perfect bounce. 1:46:00 Link a better one if you can
Arkadiusz Rogala
35:12 look at the level of athleticism on the team defense and on the offense with the movement and rotation. Please don’t be the fool to tell me the teams of the 80’s and 90’s could burn out their stars for 42 minutes a game today like they did back then. Lol evolution of the game baby. It’s an elementary concept.
Vincent Le
Vincent Le 3 anni fa
tough memories as a raptors fan smh
Chris 3 anni fa
Raptors fan with Russell Westbrook as your profile pic
Jay 3 anni fa
@Chris 💀💀💀
xd ADAXX 3 anni fa
Russell Westbrook Smh your name as Russell Westbrook and a picture of him
Osman demir
Osman demir 3 anni fa
Look at LeBron man so buzzer-beater
Ozzee Anno fa
so this is what an offence looks like when you surround lebron with 4 other 3 point shooters. offensive masterpiece. he doesn't hold onto the ball as long here as he does now. quick reads and dominant play.
Oak Johnson
Oak Johnson 7 mesi fa
Nah! look up 2017 playoff highlights! Thats a better example of that!
Wrath 3 anni fa
Lebron average almost a triple double this series with a 34 pts 9.9 rebounds and 9 assists
Eman I
Eman I 3 anni fa
Jonathan Smith I agree with u. What I witnessed in 2018 was amazing. The best LeBron I’ve ever seen.
Wrath 3 anni fa
I literally think that this cavs bron and this la bron is better than his heat days... In his heat days is his athletic days and in his cavs lakers days he bacame more smart.. I think brain beats athleticism.. Agree?
Eman I
Eman I 3 anni fa
Clyde Daynell Torres yes, I always say that and people think I’m crazy. I think heat brown was just a freak of nature. He just wasn’t as good.
Simrock Anno fa
@Eman I Heat lebron is a way better defender though.
Arkadiusz Rogala
22:38 amazing layup Jordan Clarkson
Entonton 3 anni fa
Good old times when Toronto was called LeBronto
Jay M
Jay M 3 anni fa
ok chill, chill 😭😭😭😭
Glenn 3 anni fa
Lebron is the Eastern emperor, he owns all the teams in the East
Jamal2k 3 anni fa
back when they were the "tornoto craptors"
Josiah Morris
Josiah Morris 3 anni fa
Hustle facts
Luka Z
Luka Z 3 anni fa
Good old times? The NBA sucked in 2017 and 2018. There were just two teams in the NBA..
GeekGod 8 mesi fa
JR just laughs because he can't get over how great of a player he's playing with - 1:46:29
GeekGod 8 mesi fa
Kyle is about to cry, why does he always do this to us? we can't get past this dude 🤣 - 1:46:33
Isaac Sanchez
Isaac Sanchez 3 anni fa
Look at lebron man so inspirational
Nik O'skin
Nik O'skin 3 anni fa
1:46:00 game winning shot
Dave Delav
Dave Delav Anno fa
I really feel sorry for derozan, I hope he will get his ring one day.. , he's one of my favorite coz he humble
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo 3 anni fa
Daniel Meyn
Daniel Meyn 3 anni fa
This cavs team was lowkey good. The only thing they lacked was a good balance of offense and defense, but I see why there isn't much defense-they play small amd usually run a zone defensive scheme
A. E. A.
A. E. A. 3 anni fa
Bruh the team was completely dependent on Lebron offensively. He was either creating chances for his teammates or scoring himself. Even the guys who were capable scoring on their own like Love or JR were unable to do so in those playoffs somehow. Given these circumstances I'd argue that this was one of the worst squads ever to be dragged to the finals, right up there with the 07 Cavs and the 01 Sixers.
Twomps 7 mesi fa
​@A. E. A.they only had from the trade deadline to gel too
Rickson Silva
Rickson Silva 3 anni fa
Anthony Volpe
Crazy what bron can do w shooters around him
matthew kane
matthew kane Anno fa
I don't like what Lebron's become in LA, but wow, what an incredible shot.
Adam ok
Adam ok Anno fa
He isnt that bad its just he talks a lil too much .
Fernando Augusto
Big game Lebron monster... Fron BRAZIL 🇧🇷 sorry my english
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 3 anni fa
Proud of OG for that clutch 3
Toby Radwell
Toby Radwell 3 anni fa
Pretty sure LeBron wanted the 4th seed so he could ruin the raptors again and again
Illusomi Anno fa
THETECHGUY 7 mesi fa
Lil Tdog
Lil Tdog 3 anni fa
I remember watching this game live
Arkadiusz Rogala
1:18:22 whoa whoa whoa!!!! Lmao LeBron layed him down! 😭
KJ 3 anni fa
Soon as bron left they finally made it 😂
Mickael Landry
Mickael Landry 3 anni fa
Soon as Kawhi came they finally made it 🖐🏾
K_Solo 3 anni fa
@Mickael Landry Eh. Clippers didn’t
CDaffpunk 2 anni fa
@KINGJAYSWISHIII _ And they had PG to lol.
CDaffpunk 2 anni fa
@Mickael Landry ??
Kalel x
Kalel x Anno fa
would be the best playoff run ever if they could have beat gsw don't forget all the trades Cleveland had this year and they still made the finals
king younes
king younes 2 anni fa
King LeBron James 👑👑👑👑👑
KlassicLoL Anno fa
What a call by the cavs to take the final possession full court instead of advancing the ball. Definitely threw off the raptors.
sumiedzul tiabam
2021 I am here because just missing My King
Nets Fan
Nets Fan 3 anni fa
This didn’t make me made as a raptors fan because you got to feel for Cleveland because with lebron their a contender but without him.... Well you can finish the rest. Now being a raptors fan was tough getting what I like to call “Lebroned” with the heartbreak and trash talk but Kawhi did it all for us and hopefully he can do the same thing for LAC. We would’ve lost against Boston if anything in ECF
Nets Fan
Nets Fan 3 anni fa
Golden Master no when we were the one seed in 2018 if we made it to the ECF (I know we wouldn’t) but anyway we would have a better chance of beating philly than Boston because philly didn’t have butler or Harris at the time so they wouldn’t have been as tough as their squad in the 2019 playoffs but I guess we won’t know since it didn’t happen
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo 3 anni fa
That boy is the Goat if not the 2nd best player ever. His franchise is the reason he does t have more rings. No excuses just fact
ChaosBalanced 3 anni fa
the difference a year makes/ raptors were so much calmer and disciplined the year after this + the changes but jesus
L V 3 anni fa
Can you put up the dunk contest with Lavine and Gordon on here? 🏀🏀🏀
Charls Anno fa
“Now you got to be careful of Lebronto.” 1:34:55 lmao
SiempreChido 2 anni fa
1:22:06 Kyle Lowry and LeBron almost get into a scrap 😂
MightyDuckofAnaheim 2002-03
I remember this game can't believe it was two years ago
Jacob Suever
Jacob Suever 3 anni fa
1:41:18 Ibaka "ball dont lie man" lmaooo
bruce lau
bruce lau 3 anni fa
man good times, when Toronto was called LeBronto ahhh
T769 Anno fa
Might as well called it the LeEast cuz no one else even posted a challenge.
moh Ahdin n
moh Ahdin n 3 mesi fa
Great buzzer beater
Yong Keong Ng
Yong Keong Ng 2 anni fa
After this series, Masai Ujiri decided to trade for that bloody monster. Poor DeRozan...
Apurva Sharma
Apurva Sharma 2 anni fa
Did you know that Fred Vanvleet went undrafted, well if you listened to the commentary then they will remind you of it everytime he has the ball in his hand
Connor Fetsko
Connor Fetsko 2 anni fa
The 🐐
Rule 2 anni fa
Defrozen went straight to the locker room the minute the ball went thru the net lmaooo
Kenneth Bailey
The man us unreal.
Joshua Mascarenhas
Would have been overtime if ibakas dunk counted
Ricky El Diablo
Ricky El Diablo 3 anni fa
"The league isn't physical like the good old days"
Normita Pangilinan
Look at Lebron men!! GOAT James !!!
Angry Old Hoops Fan
One example in history. He finally did what he's supposed to and now he's a great closer.
Tristan Becker
Lebron in the 3q looks crazy😂
Dustin Chun
Dustin Chun 3 anni fa
It’s so fitting that the raptors wore red... just like in Game of zones “The red wedding” lmao
ChaosBalanced 3 anni fa
27:35 Clarkson hits lowry with the kobe lmao
Jay M
Jay M 3 anni fa
This game still makes me mad I'm a raps fan as you can tell
Mitchell Poulton
At least you ended up with a chip
Jay M
Jay M 3 anni fa
@Mitchell Poulton there was a lot of pain that came with it
Arjun 3 anni fa
Jay M watching it live with friends who call the raps “chokers” made it much more painful 😂
Mapfal 3 anni fa
@Jay M at least you won a chip unlike houston. Lost to golden state 4 times out of the last 5 playoff series lol
KaHLiL 2Classy
KaHLiL 2Classy 3 anni fa
Raptor fans cried on this series. On all 4 games
T769 Anno fa
That's ok we were happy we were competing unlike the other 28 teams and we won in 2019 which not many other teams during 2010-2020.
X Anno fa
I know all the Lebron haters skip this video
user boi
user boi 3 anni fa
1:42:11 Lebron talking to the ref while Kyle Lowry is just listening and staring at his face 😂
Yuan Benedict Galicia
derozan's reaction when anunoby made that game tying 3
Cordillia Baker
Cordillia Baker 15 giorni fa
The goat for sure, bad man....yes sir....
Theo Leung
Theo Leung 3 anni fa
Good times when the raptors fans were saying before they were a so called different team than got swept by the cavs raptors choked LOL
Marco Yolo
Marco Yolo 3 anni fa
People in the live chat rly saying LeChoke although he literally wins the game for them wtf haha
Joseph Garofalo
Joseph Garofalo 2 mesi fa
And than proceeds to be swept by the Warriors-like he was against the Nuggets. Clutch indeed, lol
Tim Bat
Tim Bat 2 mesi fa
Yup like the MJ against the pistons
Geezer D Luffy
Geezer D Luffy 27 giorni fa
​@Tim Batlike mj against the celtics 😂 couldnt win a single game against Larry
johnpduffy1 3 anni fa
1:44:43 look at Demars reaction lol
Logan H
Logan H 3 anni fa
Boom and that's why he's traded
Logan H
Logan H 3 anni fa
@DustyZBrick dude relax ofc I don't think that 😂
Francis Jean- Baptiste
that killed me
Quasi 3 anni fa
Lebron is the GREATest of ALL TIME
Abzino 3 anni fa
Please no, I am a big LeBron Fan but please no.
Wassim El moukaddem
To me his 2nd all time but mj is number 1
D J 3 anni fa
I mean this is subjective, I got Bron at 1 too
kabagema yannick
D J Nah
Koh Smoger
Koh Smoger 3 anni fa
Jordan would eat lebrons lunch
Dezzilio Devellini
Lakers has become a painful mess! The coach is likened into a speck of dust lost in a speck of angry wind; their coach is WORSE. Tonight, 2/27/22, Brandon Ingram is hanging them upside down. They are about to lose by a 40 point. How can a so called best defensive team allow their entire team to be buried by youngsters of New Orleans?
Arbet Benjamin Kwashi
AKBOXING 2 anni fa
I’ve only started watching bball just before Toronto won it against gsw. But I like asking these typa questions. Which Lebron would yall take. 2009, 2018, 2020 or 2012/13.
Abyan Ridho
Abyan Ridho 2 anni fa
2018 was my fav
Hugh Mann
Hugh Mann 5 mesi fa
I miss this Raps jersey, their jerseys right now just doesnt seem right
Evan G
Evan G 3 anni fa
This was a weird series like the cavs almost choke in first round then sweep the 1 seed like tf
KazuTrash Sato
KazuTrash Sato 3 anni fa
Well, unlike the Toronto Craptors, the Pacers almost always keep their composure and that's why they were able to win 3 games against Cleveland.
wirelessbrain12 3 anni fa
@KazuTrash Sato Pacers kinda got swept the year before that lol
RAZER X5 3 anni fa
Pacers are more mentally prepared than the Raptors that post season
Radar Hyde
Radar Hyde 3 anni fa
The Pacers had something that the Raptors didn't and that was faith
Evan G
Evan G 3 anni fa
Radar Hyde Thats why they won the chip last year
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