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Finn Nordstrom
Finn Nordstrom 7 mesi fa
The “ I watched it this morning with my dad” caught me off guard
Fly Crip
Fly Crip 7 mesi fa
@JmKrokY you thinking sus
Michael 7 mesi fa
So fake..
JmKrokY 7 mesi fa
Shin 5 mesi fa
“Can i kidnap you and bury you behind the walmart” “What?!” “I said where is the cereal”
Magi_H 28 giorni fa
Anand Srivastava D-545
Nailed it😂😂😂
kidluffy 44
kidluffy 44 5 mesi fa
@Jeee Whyyy Pheee 😂😂
Crystal Tisdale
Crystal Tisdale 5 mesi fa
Dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Broken Luis
Broken Luis 5 mesi fa
Lol 😂
Zebbmurray4 5 mesi fa
Big shoutout to Steve for giving his last invisibility potion to the camera man.
BlueHatter Gaming
Thanks man appreciate it
Doggy YT
Doggy YT 5 mesi fa
maybe there isn’t a camera man and he just placed the camera in the rack bruh?
JoJo pose
JoJo pose 3 mesi fa
I watched this a million times and still laugh at it every time
curtis thatcher
curtis thatcher 5 mesi fa
I love how non-scripted this is! Top notch quality content
imtrexy 7 mesi fa
Love how they pay no mind to the fact that he’s literally talking into his phone’s microphone💀
Vishal 7 mesi fa
Sheldon Wight
Sheldon Wight 7 mesi fa
This is all fake to begin with anyway
Patrick O’Hennesy
@Bedmundus its staged
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy 7 mesi fa
It's probably staged but tbh you'd be surprised at how unattentive people are lol. I remember holding up a camera to a bunch friends doing wacky sh*t and they didn't notice it until I told them about it.
W0ah 6 mesi fa
Everyone’s talking about the cameraman, but ain’t nobody taking about the SHIRT LMFAO
Ryan Kinney
Ryan Kinney 5 mesi fa
What's on his shirt??
Chamber 5 mesi fa
Nice aps tho.....
Ryze Ziko
Ryze Ziko 5 mesi fa
Forest 6 mesi fa
This is exactly why when anyone says something awkward or lewd, I make them repeat it and when they do I repeat it myself to make it triple sure.
Forest 5 mesi fa
@ROB Merritt that's not my point. He did say that but before throwing the water she should've made him say it again so he can't say he said something else.
ROB Merritt
ROB Merritt 5 mesi fa
But the fact is he really did say do you want to kiss So he deserved the water she heard him right
Szabo Bela
Szabo Bela 6 mesi fa
I see you follow a "person"
zeek 6 mesi fa
These shorts are so entertaining it makes my day better 🤣
uR mOM
uR mOM 5 mesi fa
I laughed so dang hard! 😂😂
CouchPotato69 7 mesi fa
Powers of the cameraman: invisibility, immunity, and not making people die of cringe like creators like these
xXgrappleytzXx 5 mesi fa
@Doggy YT yeah all they think is cameraman
Doggy YT
Doggy YT 5 mesi fa
maybe there isn’t a camera man and he just placed the camera in the rack bruh?
xXgrappleytzXx 5 mesi fa
*Ah yes, you cant just put a hidden camera*
Ltb744 5 mesi fa
@Hecker fan if it was zoom then the quality would be low
Ltb744 5 mesi fa
@Riya N. I don't see where the camera would actually be hidden I know how Walmart is designed
The Chimken Nugget
The "actually I just watched it with my dad" got dying 👌👍
Chad Singh
Chad Singh 5 mesi fa
@John Schwartz I asked as a joke if he watches it with his dad
John Schwartz
John Schwartz 5 mesi fa
What did he ask? Didnt get it😭
Chad Singh
Chad Singh 6 mesi fa
My God I was joking. Sorry to hear man. MERRY CHRISTMAS THOUGH!
The Chimken Nugget
@Chad Singh I can't watch it with my dad because he went to get the milk means he left when I was like 1 or 3
Chad Singh
Chad Singh 6 mesi fa
You does watch it with your dad ? Lol
Animal Addiction
How to tell if this is staged: as a walmart employee myself, I know that if you don't wear your name badge on the sales floor you get in trouble. None of them are wearing one...
Scott Knows
Scott Knows 6 mesi fa
As a former associate, I concur: A manager will ask "where is your name tag?" before I even get to my department!
Sonic 6 mesi fa
That wait a damn minute had me dead 😂🤣🤣🤣
Rex Zon
Rex Zon 5 mesi fa
Do a part 2 man, it's really ridiculous but it's funny 😂😂🤣🤣
TimeBucks 7 mesi fa
The cameraman is very powerful
Jack B Keen
Jack B Keen 4 mesi fa
@NestorC9187 That is just a video of you playing roblox
DADA MUSIC 5 mesi fa
CharmyHearts 5 mesi fa
I think the camera is hidden
Doggy YT
Doggy YT 5 mesi fa
maybe there isn’t a camera man and he just placed the camera in the rack bruh?
JayW 5 mesi fa
Even though this is fake, the dad joke had me dying💀
ExPlosionn 6 mesi fa
a minute of silence for the cameraman who used his last potion of invisibility 😌
Droffilc nosredneh
Love how there's corn in a tech store💀
BJ Alex 🤧
BJ Alex 🤧 5 mesi fa
Respect to the camera man for using his last invisibility potion 👏
ItsSnowy_Gaming 7 mesi fa
"I watched it with my dad" THE HAPPINESS IN HIS VOICE THO-
ChrisR 7 mesi fa
@b0red :/
b0red 7 mesi fa
@ChrisR im bisexual too:/
b0red 7 mesi fa
@ChrisR sus
Jack B Keen
Jack B Keen 5 mesi fa
I'm glad that Harry potter was so kind enough to lend his invisibility cloak to the camera / camerman
bluedude8ful 6 mesi fa
As a former Walmart employee the real employees always have to show their name tags
Kev O
Kev O 6 mesi fa
The first dude probably could've gotten away with the sweater if he actually worked there, but definitely not with the tears in his pants 🧐
Skittles 6 mesi fa
Funny 😁🤣 that what happens sometimes 😂
Fnxrz Keebs
Fnxrz Keebs 7 mesi fa
Hey jack, how fake do you want this to be: Bill: yes Edit: guys chill out it’s just a comment. I’m sorry if it’s “overused” if u don’t like it then just ignore it and don’t reply.
Gamer Cat
Gamer Cat 7 mesi fa
@Cart90 I'm guessing 12-13
Cart90 7 mesi fa
@an Irish duck again. There’s no camera man. Just a camera. That’s hidden..
an Irish duck
an Irish duck 7 mesi fa
@Cart90 did they not see the camera or the camera man?
Bella Rusc
Bella Rusc 5 mesi fa
I love how he’s just holding up his mic and they act like it’s not even there
The Real Funny Guy
These shorts only make my day better 👌😅
Error•••No name found....
That lady is right " WAIT A DAMN MINUTE"
marilyn harlow
marilyn harlow 6 mesi fa
*moment of silence for anyone who believed this was real fr fr* 😤😩🙌🏻
Iori • StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦
props to herobrine for giving the cameraman a Potion of Invisibility
Doggy YT
Doggy YT 5 mesi fa
maybe there isn’t a camera man and he just placed the camera in the rack bruh?
jake thom
jake thom 5 mesi fa
@DexAimz it's the comment I was talking about it was joking about a camera
DexAimz 5 mesi fa
@jake thom i don’t think that’s the joke
jake thom
jake thom 5 mesi fa
@Kitty-Chan that's the *joke*
Miguel 5 mesi fa
“How fake do you want it to be?” “Yes”
Ronnie Howard
Ronnie Howard 6 mesi fa
The cameraman must be wearing that invisible cloak 🤣
Izaiah Quintero
Izaiah Quintero 5 mesi fa
Wowmage 5.56
Wowmage 5.56 7 mesi fa
It's better when you don't lie. If you ask "would you like a kiss?" And they react. Literally pull out a handful of Hershey kisses.
Isaiah Johnsonolds
@Crunch 😂🤸
Crunch 6 mesi fa
I saw some student do that to a teacher. She was so confused and i was like wtf???
ZaneB141 6 mesi fa
Homie said, nah I don’t like your joke, do this overused on instead😂
dude 6 mesi fa
Overused no
TH3B3STGAM3ERZ 6 mesi fa
“How fake do you want this?” “Yes”
shadow 6 mesi fa
can we all talk about the fact he had his phone upside down when talking to the girl
$Lil Ducky$ Ethan
That's funny that you asked that I watched it this morning with my dad LAMO 😂😂😂
xerz 6 mesi fa
Camera man: hahaha zaaamn man this Will be gold 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Destiny 7 mesi fa
For the people who are saying the cameraman is ‘invisible’, these cameras are usually positioned extremely far and out of site. They just zoom in a lot
Alexxanderr15 6 mesi fa
@Zion also, if you see someone holding their phone on their chest would your first thought be “it’s a microphone?”
Alexxanderr15 6 mesi fa
@Zion if he’s talking to someone they’re gonna be focusing on your face
Emojis 7 mesi fa
Its still a green screen
ENGAGE 7 mesi fa
No it’s fake lol they all put on the same Walmart jacket and no badge witch they make you were up there so anybody can just walk out with stuff.
GachaBoy PH
GachaBoy PH 7 mesi fa
The cameraman is John Cena lol😂
TheBlueTortex 5 mesi fa
Exploiting and taking advantage of retail workers insecurities while knowing what you said is not what to do when you “need” to get views.
XXX3N0 XXX3N0 5 mesi fa
That guy was so chill though-💀
Ryan prowse
Ryan prowse 6 mesi fa
Props to the cameraman😪 his last invisibility potion😭
VIDA 5 mesi fa
"Wait a damn minute" 🤣
abu hanif
abu hanif 7 mesi fa
His power is he can hold the phone like a microphone and no one will doubt anything
Alexxanderr15 6 mesi fa
Is that really the first thing you’d think if someone’s holding their phone on their chest?
Howard Olguin
Howard Olguin 7 mesi fa
@Candis bostic ppl
MJ Vlogs
MJ Vlogs 7 mesi fa
@Candis bostic Mnn
Candis bostic
Candis bostic 7 mesi fa
Guys did u ever think they might zoom in
PandAmazing 5 mesi fa
The second one reminds me of the time I walked up to my crush, asked her is she wanted a kiss, and I handed her a melted Hershey kiss. All she said was “what the fuck?” And I ran off
ez L
ez L 6 mesi fa
The dude is chill enough to joke at that context and the girl just attacks him without even hearing it completely
helpfulreaper 768
What a interesting relationship he has with his dad, surely cant go wrong right? Right...?
DamnGamer 5 mesi fa
Maybe if hed asked that to hid dad
Sohom Sengupta
Sohom Sengupta 5 mesi fa
Cameraman drank his last invisibility potion for us, respect bro 👍
Frank Cicogna
Frank Cicogna 7 mesi fa
Boy spent the morning watching the corn with his dad, y’all trippin
i eat crayons
i eat crayons 7 mesi fa
@Vibeswithtea its just corn doe?
Vibeswithtea 7 mesi fa
@i eat crayons nothing 😭
i eat crayons
i eat crayons 7 mesi fa
@greenslays k"
Lonewolf 5 mesi fa
The cameraman: I've mastered the ability of staying so incredibly still... that I become invisible to the eye.
eugeneman18 5 mesi fa
Dude.. how long was you standing there?
Levi Ackerman Simp
I feel bad for the people who dont understands they dont really work at walmart 💀🤚
Wigoleven 5 mesi fa
Nelson Z.
Nelson Z. 5 mesi fa
That cameraman must be good af playing hide n seek lmao
jx 7 mesi fa
This is beyond funny if ppl don't get it they won't ever 🤣
jx 6 mesi fa
@Killercoldice22 I jus watched it again an I'm dying lmaooo I'm faded thoe
jx 6 mesi fa
@Shusty Rackleford Jesus lmaooo
@TikTok JENNY🦋 nah im good, but do you want a cup of coffee?
Piyush Shedke
Piyush Shedke 7 mesi fa
Don't get what
Banessa The BaHobo
@𝓁𝓋𝒸𝒶𝓈 o.o I like purity
Sasa-edits✨ 5 mesi fa
Its not a mistake✨ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨
For ppl who’ve somehow never been in Walmart..yes, all employees are required to wear a name badge…yes this is fake asf
Talkto Thehand
Talkto Thehand 5 mesi fa
When she threw water at him 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
The first guys face when he realised- 😭😂
Quater Cenetary
Quater Cenetary 7 mesi fa
Look at the disappointed expression in the end 😂 Buddy, you chose to prank them, you deserved it
HamadiENT 7 mesi fa
@- Godp - no no where near the same
HamadiENT 7 mesi fa
Y’all really think this shit is real 🤦🏾‍♂️
MariaDreamed 这很酷 :3
@- Godp - yes they should , he gon catch these hands
🍉Silent Note🍉
I was launging when you said to the girl worker hey excuse me Do you wanna kiss Me:🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 What the hell
IgnatiusDIA 6 mesi fa
People talking about “the camera man”🥴that camera is clearly placed on somethingn
Amal dev
Amal dev 5 mesi fa
Not scripted, we are fools we cannot understand that he can see the cameraman. This is 100% legit
Mr Yeet
Mr Yeet 6 mesi fa
Bro my guy got caught in 4K watching with his dad
I do not like dis
CONGRATS CAMERAMAN FOR FINALLY MASTERING THE INVISIBILITY SPELL!!!🥳🥳 No seriously who the damn does he think he’s fooling? Edit:For all the idiot cowards that saying it’s a hidden cam,may I ask u a favour hun,LOOK AT ALL THE COMMENTS thx;)
Alexxanderr15 6 mesi fa
It’s a hidden camera not a cameraman smh
Shish(ツ) 6 mesi fa
Its gotta be a hidden cam because the camera doesn't move at all
Ngr Eric
Ngr Eric 6 mesi fa
And their name tag mastered invisibility too thst shi is gone
ᗪꪖrK 6 mesi fa
bro he’s in the back and he’s probably zoomed in
Yuna Nossenko
Yuna Nossenko 5 mesi fa
That's some quality father son time
Just MeMe Troller
This shit is real comedy ☝️☝️🤣🤣🤣
Space Caveman Unknown
I work at Walmart, these are obviously staged. None of the employees have their name tags on.
Eli Cutler
Eli Cutler 5 mesi fa
I'm dead 😂
TsunaMiimic 7 mesi fa
Honestly. I've seen this so many times that it isn't annoying anymore.
The Hipster Hámster
@mameまめ from annoying to "it's ok"
Daniel Arnold
Daniel Arnold 7 mesi fa
@mameまめ no, not the last bit
mameまめ 7 mesi fa
So it goes from funny, then annoying cause you've seen it so much, to funny again.
バニーパン 7 mesi fa
Good point
Johan3DHD 5 mesi fa
i love how the cameraman can get invisible
4lifechelseaa 5 mesi fa
My man said he watched it with his dad 🤣 😂
Spyplayz YT
Spyplayz YT 6 mesi fa
I love how he is just holding his phone like the phone is nothing
fraisu 5 mesi fa
I like how he was holding his phone upside down
👺👹Xhrella 5 mesi fa
This is staged but I laughed 🤸🏾‍♀️
Pro_iradagreat 5 mesi fa
I was laughing on the first clip
Real naruto
Real naruto 5 mesi fa
✨its not a mistake it's a masterpiece✨
leaf plays_RB
leaf plays_RB 5 mesi fa
The camera man really sacrificed his last invisibility potion for us hats off legend
foilplays 7 mesi fa
Even though this might be set up,I’m still lying on the floor wheezing.
Colbie Werts
Colbie Werts 6 mesi fa
There is no might man this is set up 😂
Spider ninja
Spider ninja 6 mesi fa
@Shrapzy Yeah that’s nothing to joke about I have asthma and I am 10
Marlene Cacapit
Marlene Cacapit 6 mesi fa
ME TOO 🤣🥴🤣🥴🤣
_ Luke Cage
_ Luke Cage 6 mesi fa
Might be...?
SlumMadeKell 6 mesi fa
Most attractive Walmart worker's I've ever seen 😂I'm rock hard over here cuh 🤦🏿‍♂️
TOWR 5 mesi fa
Nobody gonna talk about how he asked for corn in a Best Buy
J 6 mesi fa
Why do people take their masks off when they talk to others? It literally defeats the whole purpose of wearing a mask 🤦‍♂️
Zombie 5 mesi fa
@Yølø Well god gave you masks and you chose to ignore them
Yølø 5 mesi fa
@Zombie called grace of God :). Faith over fear
Zombie 5 mesi fa
@Yølø luck
Yølø 5 mesi fa
@Zombie I haven't worn a mask since it started I work retail and have 5 siblings all of whom wear masks and have gotten covid. I haven't gotten it once.
Zombie 5 mesi fa
@Yølø you want covid?
Alan LaPlante
Alan LaPlante 5 mesi fa
It's awesome home these people dont know each other at all and legit work at Walmart
Jaeha 7 mesi fa
Let's say stuff like this happens, so thats why I'm not afraid to ask someone to repeat themselves, over and over again if necessary :) even when I have social anxiety, I guess it's better then embarrassing yourself
CADLER 7 mesi fa
I guess they don't have social anxiety so they talk without thinking?
Ansh Sabharwal
Ansh Sabharwal 6 mesi fa
How Fake Do You want it to be ? Him -“ YES”
señorita its Aki
i watched it this mornin with my dad
Walmart employees are under so much stress
the Moores
the Moores 5 mesi fa
gg on this dude able to hide a camera without being noticed
Thank god the camera had an invisibility potion
Kejim 5 mesi fa
@Belldofers Matlack you know the video's staged right?
Doggy YT
Doggy YT 5 mesi fa
@CRAYZAYDEMON I have but I still wanted to say it.
@Doggy YT have you read any of the previous comments at all?
Doggy YT
Doggy YT 5 mesi fa
maybe there isn’t a camera man and he just placed the camera in the rack bruh?
Roakyroaky 5 mesi fa
This mans trolling is on another level
NFL CLIPS 5 mesi fa
A moment of silence for the people who think his is not staged 😞
MJ Music Test
MJ Music Test 5 mesi fa
LMAO 😂😂😂
Druid 6 mesi fa
Is nobody talking about how he asked for corn in a nest but lmao
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders 7 mesi fa
This is about as believable as when my parents tell me they love me
Sprite drink
Sprite drink 6 mesi fa
Big oof
Chad Singh
Chad Singh 6 mesi fa
lil dagga
lil dagga 6 mesi fa
a r
a r 6 mesi fa
King Of Stop Motion
That is the sad truth
jovan_solos 5 mesi fa
i didnt know there is corn in store like this💀 💀
Quinybuiny 5 mesi fa
SemmoDuck 5 mesi fa
Dude, This guy hired a ghost for a camera man. Respect.
ProgramGames 6 mesi fa
SAFTY TIP: Never trust the guy that got caught in 4k with a girl
CowBoyOtter 7 mesi fa
The fact that there is no corn in best buy makes this way funnier even though it is obviously staged
The vest says Walmart
Sub to me and I'll sub to you
Lmao wrong store bud
Alex Froot
Alex Froot 7 mesi fa
It’s Wally mart 🙈
bruh moment
bruh moment 7 mesi fa
Bro what yall on this a whataburger
Prof. Bubby
Prof. Bubby 7 mesi fa
No this is a wendys
Malek Baghdadi
Malek Baghdadi 5 mesi fa
How fake do want this to be ? This man : YES!!!
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