Warriors vs Cavaliers EPIC Finals Rematch On Christmas Day | NBA Classic Game 

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With another clutch shot, Kyrie Irving took the Warriors on a trip down memory lane. Irving dropped a short, turnaround jumper over Klay Thompson with 3.4 seconds left as the Cleveland Cavaliers rallied just the way they did in June's NBA Finals to defeat Golden State 109-108 in a marquee Christmas matchup that more than lived up to the hype.
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22 dic 2022




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NBA 9 mesi fa
More than 500 Classic Games now available in the Watch tab of the NBA App: app.link.nba.com/NBA-Classic-Games
Pablomache 9 mesi fa
That link doesn't go to the 500 classic games. They are nowhere to be found, especially without a search function in the app.
Maurice Gipson
Maurice Gipson 9 mesi fa
@Pablomache As
Edward Ruiz
Edward Ruiz 9 mesi fa
Edward Ruiz
Edward Ruiz 9 mesi fa
Lukas F.
Lukas F. 9 mesi fa
Peak basketball! Great intensity, amazing defense, unselfish team play and individual greatness.
powerbad696 powerbad696
AGREED.The passing by both teams was GREAT.Rarely see 2 teams passing so GOOD.
Tay Gaming
Tay Gaming 2 mesi fa
Hell no. This was when KD ruined basketball. Everyone was clearly outmatched. The fact the Cavs won shows how great Bron and Kyrie are.
Robert Dunn
Robert Dunn Mese fa
Compared to now 😂 bro this wasn’t a great era.
Sanzelsud Meyer
​@powerbad696 powerbad696 you probably refering to other nba games?
Tre steward
Tre steward 3 giorni fa
@Robert DunnI hope your talking about after KD joined the warriors because before that was a really good era of basketball, bad take
滋 榎本
滋 榎本 9 mesi fa
The 2016 Christmas game was the best NBA Christmas game of the 2010s ever. Both teams had very gorgeous rosters, and it was fun with a heated battle that reminded me of the 2016 NBA Finals.
juTV 9 mesi fa
Bdawg 9 mesi fa
jerseys were iconic too
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete 6 mesi fa
Bruh Deandre liggins was a starter for the Cavs!!! 🤣🤣🤣 that’s ANYTHING BUT gorgeous as far as rosters go
TheImmigrant 5 mesi fa
It’s the best Christmas game not just the 2010s
lampstand27 2 mesi fa
both teams? baha
Andrew Torres
Andrew Torres 9 mesi fa
I remember watching this game live. The tickets were so expensive and we had horrible seats. 😂 Still best game I ever been to
AMB 6 mesi fa
I don’t care if I was in the nose bleeds what a game too be at!! NBA classic right here.
Kevin Young II
Kevin Young II 5 giorni fa
This is still one of the best games with both teams at their peak.
Good MBiy
Good MBiy 9 mesi fa
This cavs team is my favourite team of all time. The cavs basketball was so fun to watch with kyrie and bron. Other players on the roster was also hella talented. It was so amazing to see them work together. Kyrie has been my favourite player and he is still my favourite player now. But people nowadays seem to forget who Kyrie is with what the media shows them. He still make amazing plays but medias dont post them anymore. All the good things kyrie do off the court are never shown to the public either. The media could really do something to our society.
Gerald Taylor
Gerald Taylor 9 mesi fa
Kyrie saved Cleveland twice
Brian Su
Brian Su 8 mesi fa
he has his own fault in that tho. he has extremely controversial opinions and turns ppl against him
Riquellme Santos
@Brian Suele não é obrigado a seguir todo mundo irmao, as pessoas precisam respeitar isso
Tiff!! 8 mesi fa
I love the cleveland cavaliers because of Lebron james. He's a legend!!!!!
Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin 8 mesi fa
if he thought about what he was saying, maybe people wouldn't hagte him so much, its like will smith, he is a great actor but makes stupid decisions that impact the way ppl look at him. I think he is an awesome basketball player and deeply respect him, but he can't make controversial statements like the ones that he did because that is all ppl look at, I think he does many good things tho.
ay44n 9 mesi fa
this rivalry was amazing to see.
Kristóf Kovács
it was a rivalry until KD wanted to get a piece as well. he ruined a pure rivalry... the chances were never even after he joined the warriors
slender man
slender man 9 mesi fa
@Kristóf Kovács cry, if it was the other way around y’all would’ve justified the move
Dave Vaval
Dave Vaval 9 mesi fa
@slender man Even if KD join Cle, people would have still said the same thing. It's clear that your Warriors fan.
The Notorious Punk
@slender man you’re just a Warriors fan, KD going to Golden State ruined quite possibly a great rivalry in the NBA
scoot 87
scoot 87 5 mesi fa
These teams playing against each other felt like watching 2 teams playing the best basketball possible. The intensity was insane
Christian Cevallos
Kinda was the best basketball possible lol. To this day, have not seen a better time of basketball playing than that stretch between 2015-2018 and it was mostly because of these 2 teams.
A J L 9 mesi fa
14:06 still one of the greatest sequences in NBA history
Greysen Gagne
Greysen Gagne 9 mesi fa
Relax tough guy, it was mid.
Guy Drew
Guy Drew 9 mesi fa
@Greysen Gagne it wasn’t mid bro. Stop trying to be different😂
Steve Dickerson
Steve Dickerson 2 mesi fa
The greatest Christmas game by far I was at this game this felt like a finals game easily the energy in the arena , the history between the two nothing better. Just so blessed to be able to have been there and witnessed it in person.
Sam-Fran vids
Sam-Fran vids 9 mesi fa
This gives me so much memories. The rivalry with the cavs and GSW was so fun to watch. All of those years, I had cried once when the lost to the cavs, there were a lot of fun moments back then.
Heather Adams
Highest level of basketball! Huge energy, incredible defense, generous team collaboration and impressive individual skills.💪🏽💪🏽
Justin Abraham
Justin Abraham 9 mesi fa
What a game. Still remember this NBA X-mas 2016 classic
iloadingg 9 mesi fa
Some of the best basketball i’ve ever seen live
Celtics4Life 9 mesi fa
“The best”
Zeke 8 giorni fa
This game had some of the greatest dunks in a Christmas day game of all time LeBrons 2 handed over draymond Richard's Dunks KD's insane sequence dunk Love that kind of basketball
Grievous 9 mesi fa
As a Warriors fan even tho we lost this is the greatest Christmas game ever played in any sport
Corolla Man
Corolla Man 9 mesi fa
Bruh Iggy and Kd both fouled at the end 🤦‍♂️
Slow Mo
Slow Mo 5 mesi fa
As sick as I was back then of seeing these two teams, I have to admit I took for granted not only the unique uniforms that were worn every Christmas, but the competitive nature and willingness of nba stars to play games and put on a show when everyone was looking forward to it. Now on Christmas it’s never Lebron KD and Steph in a game, playing hard, instead it’s just Amir Coffey and Damion Lee in a regular season game that doesn’t mean much
Flexer MC
Flexer MC 9 mesi fa
One of the best games ever
Liddledog 5 mesi fa
Jeremy Crockett
Jeremy Crockett 9 mesi fa
What a rivalry between these two teams and this is coming from someone who is a Warriors fan. To be fair though, the Cavaliers did a good job as well
I became an NBA fan around midway through last season. Diehard fan now. Watching this, which I’ve never seen before is just amazing.
Holdmyweight35 4 mesi fa
Sucks for you. You missed out on a lot of classics
Arike Joja
Arike Joja 9 mesi fa
I remember watching this live this is one of the best Christmas games ever.
Gerald Taylor
Gerald Taylor 9 mesi fa
This the best Christmas game ever
The Notorious Punk
One of the best Christmas games ever
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 9 mesi fa
This was a great game. Let's go Cavs!
Vag Creation
Vag Creation Mese fa
One of the best games still get goosebumps
Ryan Flemming
Ryan Flemming 9 mesi fa
The best game of basketball I’ve ever seen. My wife got me tickets to this for Christmas - that was the first day I told her I loved her.
That's true love ❤
You're Breaking My Balls
this was the best christmas game i've ever watched
Julians1996 9 mesi fa
This was peak basketball .. generational talents collide
Ma1q 4 mesi fa
Facts basketball nowadays is just does not have that aura
raulin 9 mesi fa
El mejor partido de Navidad de la historia para mi 👌🇩🇴🫂🏀🏆
Vernon Fakondo
Vernon Fakondo 9 mesi fa
🙏🏾🙏🏾Thank You NBA For This 💯💯
CJ P 9 mesi fa
We all knew when watching this back then it would be a classic....as always
[NS]Golden 9 mesi fa
Let’s go Cavs 🔥🏀
Atharva Shenoy
Atharva Shenoy 5 mesi fa
I get chills every time I rewatch this.
Rebecca Le Fevre
Could be my favourite game of all time. Godamm greatness under so much pressure. Craig sager about to die watching maybe the best game of his storied career adds a layer too. “Thanks a lot for entertaining me” Fucking magical stuff
Regal 9 mesi fa
best christmas game ever ! my dude Kyrie did it again the best PG
Ronald Dechosa
Ronald Dechosa 9 mesi fa
History in the making💥rivalry makes the game so much fun&bold to watch specially when techs,ejection to be called🤩🤩🤩
gor9027 8 mesi fa
This really was a great rivalry before the Warriors had the time needed to develop chemistry with KD and made it very one sided.
All Star
All Star 9 mesi fa
This was such a good game. I remember RJ dunking on KD 😌
Brian Vides Lopez
One of the Best NBA games for sure
joe b
joe b 9 mesi fa
hope you guys do this for all star games in February.
bet yt
bet yt 9 mesi fa
best Christmas game ever
Dragon Of desteny
Dragon Of desteny 15 giorni fa
I enjoy those little moments where Lebron helps up curry (example). Just some friendly actions and mutual respect. Thats good for the game
Mikolai Mooronomous
1:34:30 how does Kyrie keep up with these unique hand shakes he has with every teammate?
Alrick Kumar
Alrick Kumar 9 mesi fa
Kyrie and Bron great chemistry. Miss Jr Smith in the NBA.
T 12 giorni fa
I don’t think this world appreciates Kyrie Irving enough. He is magnificent.
Matt in Daegu
Matt in Daegu 4 giorni fa
lol he ruined the greatest rivalry of the 2010's and is an anti-semite. I think we're good.
Mel Jay
Mel Jay 9 mesi fa
When I'm old this rivalry will always get mentioned from me in hoops talk lol
Quinton Logan
Quinton Logan 9 mesi fa
Best Christmas game…. EVER!!
YC99 Official
YC99 Official 9 mesi fa
14:07 was an insane sequence
Josh Miller
Josh Miller 4 mesi fa
The best reg season game Of all time
nick jones
nick jones 6 giorni fa
I gotta say… I think the game was called fairly even. Both these guys are tough asf tho. In a 5v5.. bino is probably nuts in a fast paced setting. Mikes bag is so deep I bet he excels in the half court.
Nbl Mese fa
Irving heroic moment 🔛🔝
Vitaliy 777
Vitaliy 777 9 mesi fa
Strange, at first they pushed Green and did not give a foul, then they knocked down Durant and did not give a foul ..... the impression that they simply gave an unfair victory to Cleveland.
GloBoyClips2k 2 mesi fa
Amazing game!!! Legendary
Christian Roy Lammawin
Untucked Kyrie is unstoppable and a killer
Cʜᴇʟʟᴏ 9 mesi fa
The best NBA year ever
dono suarez
dono suarez 8 mesi fa
Kyrie was a menace dude was straight wicked and RJ was a good as hell for a old dude haha
joel williams
joel williams 9 mesi fa
That Richard Jefferson dunk on Klay was filthy
Dane Ibsen
Dane Ibsen 26 giorni fa
Incredible basketball
ゆうき🤍 23 giorni fa
This is the best basketball game☺️ Very existing❤
Fleazo 9 mesi fa
Christmas Day Kyrie is somethin else. Real 1s know remember the philly game #Clutch
Messiah Small
Messiah Small 5 mesi fa
Boston Kyrie was a mf.
Hassel Tellez
Hassel Tellez 22 giorni fa
Un buen partido
Esaú Santana
Esaú Santana 9 mesi fa
NBA vocês poderiam mostrar a final entre heat vs spurs em 2013 todos 7 jogos
Raheem Williams
Raheem Williams 9 mesi fa
My favorite Christmas day game
Cory Stuart
Cory Stuart 8 mesi fa
Please add the full version of the Chris Paul shimmy game. That game was definitely classic.
Валиев Богдан
super legendary match
Good MBiy
Good MBiy 9 mesi fa
I still remember how worried I was about the refa calling a technical foul on 1:28:27. Today’s refs wouldve called it and ruined the game
ENVY GOATED 8 giorni fa
I’m happy to say I was there this game
BY ANNA 5 giorni fa
Legend ❤🎉
Smiley Smiley
Smiley Smiley 20 giorni fa
Go Cleveland Cleveland. This is for you.
Dex 9 mesi fa
The good days
Archibald Lee
Archibald Lee 9 mesi fa
That is one of the rivalry of NBA Christmas Special and NBA FINALS. Most appearance rivalry battle between 4-time MVP LeBron James (#23) against 2-time MVP Stephen Curry (#30).
conch .
conch . 9 mesi fa
I love how they illegally subbed out Steph and Kyrie still hit the game-winner 😂
RGB Gaming Child
I remember when basketball was fun to watch
NPI 7 mesi fa
The Best team ever those Warriors!!
u h
u h 5 mesi fa
What a game!
Netsfan24 3 mesi fa
Top 10 regular season game of all time!
Dognutts 6 mesi fa
I miss this cavs team😢
Taviyonn Cross
Taviyonn Cross 8 mesi fa
Miss these daysssss & it was in my city 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Ma1q 4 mesi fa
Man Lebron used to be so explosive 😢
A Google User
A Google User 9 mesi fa
Even though the warriors probably should have won it was still a great game
Boss 2 mesi fa
I'm still bitter KD joined Golden State and Kyrie left Cleveland. This should still be a rivalry to this day
Ricardo 9 mesi fa
Still waiting for a Celtics classic one ☘️👏
Sergio A. Serrano
Best x-mas game ever 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Joeystaxx 9 mesi fa
This dude kd really went to golden state dawg😭 I’m still baffled
_iceeeee 9 mesi fa
I remember after this game people was saying oh it’s the same thing cavs gonna beat the warriors in the finals Kevin Durant doesn’t make a difference, now to present day people saying it was unfair the warriors had Kevin Durant😂😂😂
lllightskindude 9 mesi fa
People say that because In 2018 kyrie left it felt like 2015 all over again it was just lebron out there
lllightskindude 9 mesi fa
The only time kyrie and lebron we're both healthy was 2016 & 2017
sarsvfx 9 mesi fa
True Cavs fans were saying Chokers don’t win championships I guess they do
DEZZ 9 mesi fa
That may have only been becuz it was the very time they played each other. After the January rematch it was clear that the Cavs were outmatched.
Marco Panattoni
Marco Panattoni 8 mesi fa
best christmas game i've ever seen
Algebra Calculus
Best christmas game everr
Gerald Taylor
Gerald Taylor 9 mesi fa
Justin Torregosaqt
Fr fr
Evan Villaflor
Evan Villaflor 9 mesi fa
After this loss Jordan Poole was born out of the ashes, like a pheonix egg of revenge.
Ardulino Lopes
Ardulino Lopes 9 mesi fa
Lembro de ter asistido ao vivo e ganhei uma nota apostando com meus amigos
Zay 9 mesi fa
easily the best nba game of all time
Kevin Cucumber
Kevin Cucumber 9 mesi fa
I mean, it’s up there, but, Yea no ur prob right
iger w
iger w 9 mesi fa
best nba game? no. best christmas game? yes.
Zay 9 mesi fa
@iger w actually i’m trippen the best game is game 7 of the 2016 finals
Vishal Verma
Vishal Verma 2 mesi fa
That 3rd last 5 second were showing lebron greatness full court 4 seconds 😮
Kevin Cucumber
Kevin Cucumber 9 mesi fa
I was like this is a weird video and then I realized the NBA ITvid streams live games like NBAtv. Pretty awesome.
Ace the Fish God
That was DEFINITELY a foul at the end lmfaoooo
Pink Panther
Pink Panther 24 giorni fa
Ga nyesel nonton dua game fiba ❤
Onix Carmona
Onix Carmona 9 mesi fa
JustwannaWin2 9 mesi fa
I wanted highlights and y’all gave me the full game ? Nice make me happy make me smile
DaevonTheSavage 9 mesi fa
For me, it was all the "Even With KD yall can't beat us" comments after this game. Just to see them same people back track and down play the MLK day massacre the following month as "Just a regular season game" 🤣🤣🤣🤣☠️☠️☠️☠️
Goldie The Mack
Goldie The Mack 9 mesi fa
Remember it like it was yesterday lololol! Cavs got their cheeks clapped and bronsexuals were huffing copium hard asf 😂😂😂😂
Brian Goins
Brian Goins 9 mesi fa
I remember saying when y’all got kd it was over. And we had no chance. I couldn’t believe they were even able to win this game.
TIM ADE 8 mesi fa
Don’t forget the NBA Finals 😭😭😭😭😭😭
DaevonTheSavage 8 mesi fa
@KING TIM bruh I never seen a fanbase be so pissed off after finals series. 🤣🤣🤣☠️☠️☠️☠️ LeBron whole fanbase wanted smoke with him ☠️☠️☠️☠️
Liddledog 5 mesi fa
bro how did draymond get a damn foul like bro it was a horrible call. STILL GOIN FOR CLEVELAND THO
travis coates
travis coates 9 mesi fa
Back when Kyrie played the game with passion...
Swaggy 9 mesi fa
Madferit 9 mesi fa
The Livingston-Klay-Iguodala-Draymond-West lineup was so unfair lmao you had to deal with that meanwhile Steph and KD resting on the bench
Kendrick Woods
Kendrick Woods 7 giorni fa
Kyrie is insane
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