Warriors vs Cavaliers: Game 6 NBA Finals - 06.16.16 Full Highlights

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15 giu 2016




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Flying V
Flying V 3 anni fa
This quite literally is the pinnacle of LeBron’s career. He defeated the greatest regular season NBA team of all time, was on the first team to win a finals after being down 3-1, broke the Cleveland Sports Curse, and won Finals MVP, all in one season. As sports analysts have said everything after this is gravy.
Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis 6 anni fa
Sadly, this was his last finals interview. RIP Craig Sager.
TrevianVision Productions
Ppl forget how well JR Smith played this series. His 2018 finals brainfart moment overshadows his greatest moments and that's not right
Noir 4 anni fa
Game 5, LeBron drops 41
Startled Turkey
RIP Mr. Craig Sager. His first and only Finals interview was on the teetering moment of history
doctordrizzay 3 anni fa
Lebron lead BOTH teams in points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. Came back from 1-3 to a 73 win team. Lebron is THE GOAT.
Justin Whitmore
Justin Whitmore 6 anni fa
This is definitely my favorite series ever. I could watch the Warriors lose over and over again. Kyrie being a video game player. Lebron blocking everybody and especially Steph. Might as well not watch anymore NBA because no season will make me as happy as this one.
wardisan10 4 anni fa
The cavs would’ve won in 2015 if kyrie and love didn’t get injured
DwadeFL4SHMV3 3 anni fa
Bron really went for 18 straight points to keep golden state down when they were heating up. “But he’s not clutch”
Riley 4 anni fa
Man I miss this NBA it was so much fun. Kevin Durant ruined everything 🤨
Chris 6 anni fa
The interview with Craig and Lebron gets me every time 😢
lilyusi 3 anni fa
this could have been such a great rivalry. KD had to ruin it.
clutchmamba 6 anni fa
LeBron bringing a championship home against a record-breaking team to win the first franchise title....that would be a perfect fairytale ending right there
RV Salonga
RV Salonga 4 anni fa
I relive this series every now and then. The warriors may now have become a dynasty but i feel calm and at peace whenever i watch this series. It just makes me happy.
Fight Fan
Fight Fan 3 anni fa
The atmosphere in this game was unreal, can’t lie the whole world was rooting for the Cavs
A lot of people love Game 7, but this is personal favorite of the series. The way Lebron just cooked the Warriors even with Draymond, whom the haters described as the difference-maker, was just magnificent.
Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato
pretty hard not to get choked up during the interview at the end w/ Sager & LeBron...R.I.P CS
in its simplest form
Still watching in 2019, reminiscing the slaughter of the 73-9 team in a finals series.
Michael Woodward
Who just comes here every week to get happy like me
Arthur 5 anni fa
This has to be LeBron's best game ever. He looked so dominant on both ends of the floor, came up clutch, he just wanted that Game 7 more than anybody.
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