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Tom Hiddleston, star of The Night Manager, The Avengers and Thor, talks to Josie Rourke, the Artistic Director of the Donmar Warehouse, about how he got into acting, the various roles he's played and acting as he understands it to be.
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12 nov 2018




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Commenti 80
GEMMA Didit 19 giorni fa
Removed from the playfulness of the Marvel universe, Tom's intellect and eloquence turn my crush into true love😷😆💕
Catherine Eades
Catherine Eades 22 giorni fa
I have seen Coriolanus and Much Ado and loved both. I am SO going to look for Mary Queen of Scots. Josie Rourke is sticking in my memory more and more!
Marcia Anderson
Marcia Anderson 23 giorni fa
My goodness! That was a marathon. Tom's an intellectual. ❣️
Renzo 23 giorni fa
Anna Tamparow
Anna Tamparow 29 giorni fa
Caius Marcius Coriolanus was middle-aged by the time he was created consul, at least 40 by Roman law. So no young-young vibes there if it is ‘truthful’, as they insist!
not my mom
not my mom Mese fa
The laughter is fake right?
V. BPD Mese fa
Where have I been all Hiddelson’s life? This gentleman is what my mother would describe as “beyond the beyond.” What is it about English men? Sweet Jesus! Thinking about Tom sheltering in place in London alone. Triggers one’s imagination. Loved him as F Scott in midnite in Paris-“go with?”- but had no idea who he was. Awakening now. Sorry I missed him in Betrayal back in the Other World. Love Pinter. His Nobel speech: the cudgel of the constant use of “the American people.” Someone wrote in a comment that he is the embodiment of if champagne were a man ...
K A 2 mesi fa
Would love to have coffee with him just to talk about life. I could live off that calming enlightenment for a year.
Abc Abc
Abc Abc 2 mesi fa
That is a really long interview
aaditi ash
aaditi ash 3 mesi fa
i hour od TH talking.... yess pleaseee
Margaret Romaine
A dynamic and interesting conversation, an articulate young man, able to put thoughts and. Ideas together. Thanks
Brenda Fuller
Brenda Fuller 3 mesi fa
Tom is gifted & is reaching a lot of people in positive ways & inspiring them in many ways. He's leaving behind him an amazing legacy. He's an amazing man. God will bless.him.💖
Loanword Eggcorn
Wow, I had no head he read Classics at Cambridge. Formidable mind for sure.
Oksana M
Oksana M 6 mesi fa
Dharma Ariana Gutierrez Cuellar
I need to read Shakespeare!!!
meladze meladze
meladze meladze 7 mesi fa
Only I think this man is adorable 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Josephine Dietz
Josephine Dietz 7 mesi fa
He is the New Renaissance Man Love everything about he's so prolific as an actor Josie.
Lila Wilburne
Lila Wilburne 8 mesi fa
Tom is incredible. He's so smart, and when you hear him talk it feels like you're listening to Shakespeare.
Наталья Яковлева
Голос Тома можно слушать бесконечно :)
nessa. xo
nessa. xo 9 mesi fa
As far as ambition goes...this mans got it all, and it is intensely attractive. Hold. Me. Down.
Ann Lynch
Ann Lynch 10 mesi fa
Leira Reyes
Leira Reyes 10 mesi fa
Poor Tom just wanted to be a giraffe 😂
sweethistory25 10 mesi fa
This was such a great interview to view and experience.
Margo Bce
Margo Bce 10 mesi fa
I wish I could be there one day to see a conference with Tom. He always takes his time to answer the questions and he always haves jokes like the Fortaleza ! And everyone says he's a God, every interview is a treasure. I love him and I love this conversation.
Lisa Ellis
Lisa Ellis 10 mesi fa
He, looks like,a laidback professor.
Gemini Silva
Gemini Silva 10 mesi fa
Can you imagine how relaxing a guided meditation led by him would be? Listening to his voice while slipping into a deep meditation...
Sarah Mina Ruby Cruz
50:47 finally someone talking about Jonathan and Sophie rights!!!!!!
Celina K
Celina K 10 mesi fa
So crunch culture Don't work yourselve to death and don't encourage others to
Lexi Bremont
Lexi Bremont 11 mesi fa
My two inspiring faves are Thomas William Hiddleston and Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter. I like expensive people.
Annus_6 11 mesi fa
Judy Woodruff
Oh god.
Crina Cristea
Great video!
Megan Jones
Megan Jones Anno fa
I know this is really random but I kinda want to do the pacer test with Tom and most likely lose to him since I rarely run when he does it almost every day. I would just wanna see how far he gets and also have fun competing against him while dying inside. (I have disliked the pacer test ever since I first started doing it in school and running in general because my throat starts to close up a lot and I kinda get scared but I push myself and it gets worse, then when I stop running, it’s super hard for me to breath and calm down.)
Manou Sémoi
Manou Sémoi Anno fa
J'ai été émue de l'entendre parler du rôle de Loki et l'impact sur lui. Car oui mille fois oui, il ne peut ozs nier à quel point ce rôle a unr plzce toute particulière dans sa carrière. Je lui souhaite encore de belles réussites.
Malak Anno fa
I've always thought about acting the same way as his . You put yourself in the character's situation , then you feel that feeling and you know what you should do .
Natalia sV
Natalia sV Anno fa
There is something in him, that makes my heart to want to explode from exciment and passion and happines. But at the same time, it gives me peace and calm. I feel like the heart opens and tríes to capture all he is saying. Remember it, live it as he says. This kind of speech holds so deep and estimulates the exercise of thinking. He is not only handsome, he is a beautiful human being.
Saher Sarang
Saher Sarang Anno fa
I watched this 1 hour and 24 minutes interview of Tom and I didn’t understand anything they talked about but just watching him talk is so fascinating
Tina Starkin
Tina Starkin Anno fa
Gees tom has it all charm, looks, intelligence, talent and that great voice modern day Cary grant love him
Jessy Dela Cruz
His intelligence is charming.
Alison Smith
Alison Smith Anno fa
As the mother of an 8-year-old boy, Tom Hiddleston makes me reflect on what I must do to continue raising a well-educated, gentleman such as himself. (Not that my husband is a slouch in that area but Tom just doubles the motivation lol :D)
TheDudeAbides 26 giorni fa
I think for education it is about explaining the importance of an education and when it comes to gentleman i think it is mostly about being a good example. Children usually get the same level of education as their parents and they usually pick up the vocabulary from their mother.
Anna Tamparow
Anna Tamparow 29 giorni fa
Well, like Jeremy Brett, Hugh Laurie and other luminaries, he was a boarder at Eton. Sir Peter Ustinov was at Winchester and Benedict Cumberbatch was at Harrow. So, basically, having enough money to send your son to one of the older public schools still counts towards creating gentlemen in real life!
foreveryoung Anno fa
I prefer him with short hair and no glasses...anyway, always a pleasure listening to him ... it was just for his kind of pronounciation that I fell in love with the English language since my early years ... and now I earn my living teaching it :-) :-) :-)
Zana Chambers
I hope someday soon I will get to see him in a play.💝
His hair tho *It's way nicer when it's like this*
Mowji Sukisyo
Very interesting conversation. Lots of indepth information. I love that. They both complement each other so well in this interview. Great questions from the audience. I wish I could give this more likes. I believe I've read somewhere that in Northern Mythology Loki was ginger.
Yazhini Anno fa
I have so much respect for this man
May04bwu Anno fa
I keep coming back to this interview and I absolutely love it. It's so interesting and it really sort of makes you a richer person intelectually.
Agus Anno fa
He has to do Much Ado About Nothing NOW. He would be great as Benedick.
m29422 Anno fa
He has a god's look and a god's voice!
m29422 Anno fa
This man is a light in this world, he has a joy and freshness to his soul that just makes you want to watch him and listen to him all day!
Giulia S.
Giulia S. Anno fa
The power of articulating about, really, anything of our humanness goes really deep: it really fullfill a very deep need of us! And anyone able to do it, is, by us, deeply loved. ..for me. Thank you all for sharing.
14:05 favourite moment!!
Yasna V.
Yasna V. Anno fa
Tom always reveals his feelings talking to the people,being an interwiev,or just few words..But the secret of his acting is this,he knows,that an actor must hide its feelings,thus able to express the feeling of character he plays..
Yasna V.
Yasna V. Anno fa
Alex,I totally agreed with you...
Chris Airrtov
When Loki was adopted by Einstein.
luna a
luna a Anno fa
it’s very obvious that he’s been given a lot of opportunities in his life - his family wealthy enough to put him through eton - but it’s not lost on me that hes worked hard, is very very intelligent and used these opportunities to gain him a wealth of knowledge that’s extremely intriguing. He hasn’t blown away his ‘silver spoon’ in some way, no, sure he’s probably got connections which got him here but at least he’s not bullshitting and throwing it away to live off his family. Maybe I’m giving him too much credit I dunno
Virginia Morris
Virginia Morris 5 mesi fa
He's taken full advantage of a classical and expensive education but in an entirely non-toxic way by the looks of it. And for the most part, he seems aware of his privilege.
Carolina Morales-Alicea
He is so deep, I love him ♥️
Scrumptious Red Beans
Did he get hair implants? Looks good
Red Lyle
Red Lyle Anno fa
I think I know now why my patronus is what it is.
Ellen Mayfield
I always love that I learn something from Tom. He's so eloquent when he speaks, and makes sure you understand where he's coming from. I like that he likes to make a connection with his audiences whenever he is in front of one.
HimeNoKuri Anno fa
I love so much how he generously gives extra time to ppl who ask the questions! :)
Karen G
Karen G Anno fa
Great interview. Love Tom. Josie is fascinating!
May04bwu Anno fa
I'm afraid not every actor sees it this way.
Ksenia Kolyadina
Не Верю!
The Marauder
The Marauder Anno fa
Omg, I just calculated, that when I was born, Hiddleston Tom was already 22. So whats going on: is he very old, or I am very young?
orchardlea 3 mesi fa
Erm as someone his age I can say that no, he is not very old. At all. 👀
AzeriHound Anno fa
Ordinarily, I'd make a comment on this man's eloquence and intelligence, however, I am intensely distracted by how fuzzy he is! 😍
Personified Anno fa
i miss English lit from high school, my teacher was awesome and we read some of the best
Sepideh Rezaei
Are those vodkas on the table?!!
Thalyta Gonzalez
A perfect man 😍
He's so modest about his own abilities and complements others so much. Lovely person.
Jasminka VUJOVIC
Tom is absolutely right considering Coriolanus true nature and feelings,to the core....bravo...
Ellicia O'Dell
I love this man so much. I have never heard of a human being so Kind, generous, intelligent, articulate and devouted. He is so amazing and talented. I appreciate all his work and effort. Its really interesting to watch him in interviews and to see him talk about all theae fascinating things. I really hope that I can meet him someday; What an Honour it would be.
Amira Ferjani
I love this man with my whole heart. I would die for him.
Mary N
Mary N Anno fa
Great interview! Tom is so articulate and well-spoken. I love how he gives a plug for Josie’s movie Mary Queen of Scots and how excited he gets for it. Such a genuine human being.
Qwerty123 Anno fa
Hopefully he'll do more Shakespearean roles either on stage or in films.
Katie K
Katie K Anno fa
I found this discussion extremely informative and motivational. Lots of weirdos in the comment section...
Fure Anno fa
His voice has this calming and soothing effect on me. I always listen to his long interviews whenever I'm panicked or stressed and it calms me down a lot.
Yvonne Roberts
Yvonne Roberts 21 giorno fa
I’m feeling the same, that’s why I’m listening to this interview whilst working on an artwork... hahaha
I listen to Cumberbatch to sleep 😂 I have sleeping problems and it helps a lot. If I had enough money I’d pay him to read me bed time stories.
HimeNoKuri Anno fa
Fure same here!!
marcie rudolph
Me too! I could listen to him read my prescription inserts. My co-workers know to start one of his audiobooks for me when I get overwhelmed and panicky.
Lucifer Morningstar
I'm so proud of tom.
Dann Estellè
i kind of feel like hes a little sad and i dont know why. his other interviews hes more smiley and upbeat. probably just me 🙄
alisa Anno fa
I think he is just serious, I personally don't see sadness...
Heather Contois
Sweetie, Dionysus was a drunk.
Heather Contois
He is so animated when he tells a story.
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