We are sad. Next infertility steps!

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27 nov 2022




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The Wallace Fam
I’m coming from a positive place when I say this. I felt this exact way for 3 years! I blamed myself until someone told me we are not powerful enough, to control pregnancy, birth any of Gods creation. Me and my husband stopped manifesting and started praying. We covered ourselves in a good church with amazing support and move out of the city and into a small town. And I’m now 10 weeks pregnant because God created this miracle. Don’t loose sight of God being in control, verses the doctors helping. They’re only people. I love you guys, and I wish someone would have told me I wasn’t powerful enough to control pregnancy and I wouldn’t have blamed myself for years. I’m praying hard for you guys!
Selinde Decubber
Your kids are going to be so proud of you guys, when they'll see how courageous and strong their parents are!
Hayley Stoltzfus
Thank you guys for being so open and vulnerable! Really appreciate you.
Please don’t lose hope! My parents tried for years to get pregnant and tried everything, and when they finally found a medical procedure that worked, they had triplets! The were 30 when this happened, so it’s totally possible! Sending prayers and hugs💖
Stephanie Larkin
Praying for you guys. No one deserves this, but especially you two. I hope 2023 brings back hope and a baby for you ♥️♥️♥️
Brittney Nicole
As someone who has gone through years of infertility and going through various treatments I decided to go the natural way and look into myo-inositol and other natural vitamins and after a year of Mayo-insitol and different prenatals and folic acid supplements I got pregnant with my daughter after 5 almost 6 yrs of different methods for infertility. Please look into this! ❤
I have an incredible amount of respect for you two. I’ve had two miscarriages and i feel like im drowning, i can’t imagine the strength it must take to be in your position in life. You are incredible. Praying that third time’s a charm for us both..❤️
Beca Burger
Sending you guys so much love & good vibes ❤️
Haley Gates
Y’all deserve to take time and process all the treatments. It’s okay to take time away from ITvid. You both have a huge support here and we understand that you need time to heal and process. We will be here for when y’all post but take the time you need to heal together 💝
Caitlin Jean
Praying for a Christmas miracle for you guys ❤️
Alyssa Emerson
Praying for you guys! ❤
Noni Monalisa Anderson
im sending all the best vibes, currently going through my first egg retrieval on thurs after struggling w infertility for almost 4 yrs. i truly hope for all the best outcomes on yalls journey💛
Marin Whiting
Bella, I’m praying for you so much right now 🥺🤍 your feelings are so valid & you are so strong.
Jenna Rom
I am praying for you guys. I truly believe God has a plan through all of this. Sending so much love!!
Catherine Gazdecki
You guys are amazing. Stay strong and keep the Faith. Y’all are an inspiration. You will be forever in my prayers❤️
YouTube Account
don’t give up and don’t lose hope! Gods timing is always right and when the time is right you guys will receive the baby you’ve been wanting
everyones praying for you guys! we all know that its %100 gonna happen! We are all here for you! and once that beautiful della baby of yours is finally here i do have a name suggestion.. either Miracle or Hope! they are both beautiful names and "Miracle" is very unique and i think they would both go well with your guys story! And for the name "miracle" your baby will not just be a miracle, but your baby will be born for a reason, you were meant to be a momma bella! Anyways besides all the name nonsense, I dearly hope something will happen for you soon! We love you della, good luck on your adventure! :)
Kayla Smeltzer
I love you guys and want you to be happy! Keep going 💙
Our Clark Clan
Definitely follow @FabandEll British couple that struggled with fertility, we're told chances were virtually nothing. They did loads of stuff at home to heighten their chances and I think after a year they fell naturally with twin boys that they had a week or 2 ago. Lovely watching their journey, hope the same happens for you both. Have a look at fab and ells videos x x
Allison Skarbinski
Turn that room into a prayer room!! Make it your battle ground where you go when you’re at the end of yourselves and give it all to the Lord!! Having a designated prayer space can be so incredible!! Continuing to Pray for you guys!
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