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Army Truck + Snow Blower + Pontiac Sunfire = 😳
We're a husband and wife team who bought 20 acres of bare off-grid land in North Idaho. Follow along as we turn a pole barn into our dream shop with an upstairs apartment!
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That’s actually really smart to have used the power steering pump as a repurposed hydraulic pump for the floating ram and solenoids. I’m an engineer by day and I have to give credit where credit is due - that’s ingenious!
When he said it I was thinking - that's a great idea! No messing with the truck. I really like that.
I use my powering steering pump to run my detach instead of a PTO wet kit
I mean power steering is literally a hydraulic circuit so it makes sense lol
That's how plow trucks have been doing it since the 70's or before. You can change the pulley size to get more pressure and change pumps with larger reservoirs too.
Guess you're not familiar with hydraulic systems.
@SB-pz3xg Anno fa
The crazy part for me is this is all off grid! All the cutting, welding with solar and batteries. Awesome.
@nena4215 Anno fa
That has got to be one of the most “ambitious” off grid builds I have ever seen! Forget the off grid, who cares, that thing is a beast and I can’t believe you engineered the whole thing, Riley you’re a genius!
So awesome!! Engineer, electrical, mechanical, and fabricator all rolled into Riley. So enjoyable to see the smiles on your faces each week!
You may have some icing issues with the radiator. There is a mesh fabric for snowmobiles that may shed the snow and keep it from icing if it becomes an issue.
Definitely be a good idea to blow to the right when possible.
This is awesome to see this plan come together and work so well. If I might make a suggestion. Before next winter, put about 1 or 2 tons of gravel in the back. That will help offset some of the extra weight on the front axle and give you better traction on the rear. If you want to take it a step further, get yourself a sander unit to put in the bed. Then you can also sand the road after you blow the snow off of it. Usually in the spring ITD has a surplus equipment auction, down here in CDA.
I agree, the truck will go better in snoeblowing and you wont go stuck then you are backing with the lifted snowblower.
@McBuggs. Anno fa
Another suggestion is to lower the snowblower to a couple of inches off the ground when in use. It was much too high and it was only skimming the top surface, left too much snow under the wheels. Don't be afraid to get it down in the snow, it will handle it. Then if you have to back up, you shouldn't get stuck.
@hcurtisvr4 Anno fa
My weekend is not complete without a video from you two!
@oblioyou Anno fa
Just a suggestion, The way a snow plow blade works (which is what you have with a blower) is the hydraulic ram lifts an arm with a chain attached for floating ability, eliminating that float manifold. Also, put skid plates on the sides of the blower to prevent picking up a lot of gravel, which will also break the impeller's roller chain. Skids will slide over bumps instead of trying to shear them off breaking something. Go slow there is no spring mount. Team Ambition is doing Great, wish I was your neighbor.
@matthewb3640 11 mesi fa
I just mentioned the same mount system. And adding weight.
That machine is insane! I hope it works well and you can move some serious snow with it. Also, thanks for always saying oh my gosh. Very refreshing for this devout Christian.
Riley this is absolutely brilliant! Beautiful welds too! What i think is amazing is that both of you are equally talented. You guys are a beautiful team together.
I think that it performed Rey well. The “snow” that you were blowing was mostly ice. When you sink it into fresh soft snow it is going to rock. In my opinion you have knocked it out of the park. Bravo. Your Pal Al
The way you guys make your ideas come to life is amazing. The amount of steps that you can look ahead to make sure you cover it all just blows my mind. Great job!
@bwillan Anno fa
Good job on getting the snowblower attached and functional. Looks like you'll need to add a bunch of ballast weight in the truck bed to offset the weight of the snowblower on the front end of the truck. That should help with turning. One tip to snowblowing on gravel is to make sure the ground is good and frozen otherwise you will be peeling up your gravel and launching it through the snowblower.
Good observation. However they mentioned in the previous vid about this project they wanted to install a spreader and load a bunch of road salt in the back. Question is, would there be enough salt? Maybe make a drop in box made out of lead to hold the salt? Just thinking. Lol
Extra weight in the back will also help traction. Easiest way is one or two 1 ton water containers and fill them however much you need.
Use snow. It unloads it's self.
@einarmiger Anno fa
Right. You must at least place the same weight over the rear axle as the weight of the entire blower-extension. Then you will definitely no longer have traction problems and the steerability of the truck will definitely improve in use. Good job, you can be proud of it!
Awesome job, I’ve been working for municipality for a number of winters and the only time our trucks don’t have good traction is when there empty so I’d encourage you to add some dirt in the back of the truck, oh and before I forget congratulations you two on the news of your first baby.
You guys are amazing. This is a genius idea. There's nothing that you can't do. I'm so impressed. Congratulations on the coming birth of your baby Courtney. I pray that all goes well. God bless you both, and stay safe. 🤩🤗
I’m totally amazed in your ability to create and put this together. I also noticed that you do an absolutely amazing welding job.
@DCHOY1 Anno fa
The best part of your videos is your attitude. Very positive. Mature. Sensible. Keep making stuff! Excellent work!
Outstanding! Just make sure to keep the dogs inside when you are using it. Small and large kids too. The snow blowers we had in the Air Force took no prisoners. Cheers Terry
That snowblower is awesome! Nice to see all your hard work and ingenuity paid off! That should really be handy for those massive snow storms! Thanks for the video!
@HighTechLab Anno fa
You made the massive amount of work attaching this to the truck look really easy. That is impressive.
Thanks Dexter! There's a reason this video took an extra week! Ha. All the little things are so time consuming.
@HighTechLab Anno fa
@@AmbitionStrikes keep it up!!!
@fuhrermk92 Anno fa
@@AmbitionStrikes 1:38 i think u need another snow blower here too 🙈 but we need full episode just for plasma cutter please 🙏🙏🙏🫶
What cad! Application are you using to make parts?? 😊
@chaz337 Anno fa
That was soooo fun to watch! Riley is an engineering and fabricator master! Loved every minute! 👍
@jscanlan22 Anno fa
Awesome project! A couple of thoughts 1) protect the radiator, it looks vulnerable. 2) extra weight on the back of the truck. -- that will help with traction and balance. 3) provisions for when the hydraulics break -- attachment points for wheels to support the front of the blower. -- physical lock for the up position. -- redundant/parallel hydraulic lift system.
@o2boutdoors Anno fa
HUGE admiration for the skills involved in visualizing, designing, and building something like this!
Great build! I love this channel! You both are so genuine, fearless and your ability to fabricate anything is amazing. Your creations are never backyard either. Welding is impeccable. You could have built the entire blower if you wanted to. I'll be disappointed if you buy the sander to go in the back next winter 🙈lol. Have a great week!
Wow Just awsome as you drove out of the shop for the first time! Not surprised but greatly impressed that it works. You seem to have the thought processes worked out so well. I cannot wait to see how you finish it off, and wish you a lot of snow so you can celebrate Congrats
THAT will be so much fun after a heavy powder snowfall!! possibly add a skid plate with small steel wheels on the back of the snowblower frame so if you are backing up over a hump / unlevel section the sharp angles wont dig in ? In any case you are an awesome Enginner coming up with these things and then DOING them yourselves!
@eranhoj Anno fa
skid plate with up curved tips at each side would work, easier to fabricate. and you can make some counterweight to put in the back of the truck at the tailgate, which should give you better traction,
@evil17 Anno fa
Excellent job guy’s, love ur content & genius. ​The skid steer with snow blower in the back would make a good counterweight, for extra traction and have a backup redundancy machine on board for some smaller areas, or in case of a breakdown, you could still finish a job &/or get home for parts, etc.
Great job, some others have pointed out some tips to improve your project. Add 8,000lbs in the back and winches front and rear. The weight should keep from getting stuck. The winches if you do. The front winch could be used to lift it rather then the hyd cyl. And give you float. Great job over all.
@roberta4989 Anno fa
There was nothing "reckless" about this idea and build by Riley. So many examples of top level skills!
Riley, what a great fun project. Years of experience, creativity, and education is really paying off. Cal Poly and you guys rock!rocks
@IkeNewton98 Anno fa
We do the same box fan trick for pollen and smoke in the summer A thicker filter, 3 or 4 inch will flow WAY better.
@tsant6591 Anno fa
That is sick! Great job guys! Can't wait to see it dig into some fresh deep snow, and do its job! 🌨
@CP-mj8wd Anno fa
It not only works well, but it looks good, and like it was meant to be. Great job you two, thanks for sharing.
@ScottJ5860 Anno fa
There needs to be an awards ceremony for ITvid content creators. This would definitely take the "Most Inventive project done from an off grid channel" award.
I watch farming and excavating channels that are as good if not better
Obviously you have never seen Donny dyi he built his own atv a log splitter a trailer with a grapple to pick up logs now he's building a sawmill.
I think their many years of experience with vehicle fabrication and the fact they own a $20000 plasma table disqualified them from contention. Their experience is OP.
Awesome Job guys, you are a very talented . Love seeing your guys videos.
You HAVE seen the guy that slapped 3 RC jet fans to his Tesla, then drove it on the freeway in Chicago, with flames coming out, right? That guy and Riley are cut from the same cloth. :) Here's the video: itvid.net/video/video-6SYT0upjNac.html
You guys are great! This is the best video yet, the music really added a ton of depth! Great editing overall. I love your positivity and willingness to acknowledge your mistakes and keep moving forward. A great outlook these days. Good Luck getting the Army truck unstuck!
awesome this blower. And, in summer, you can make a lot of big cotton candy ! HI from France
Your building skills are off the chart. I love watching you two. You guys are like a well oiled machine. Also congrats on the great news you guys shared. Based on your building skills both of you are going to be great parents. Peace
Congratulations Riley. Love your problem-solving skills. A truly engineering phenomenon.
@ballardchad Anno fa
Riley! You are a machine! I was watching this and It just struck me how amazing this is. You took an idea and hit it out of the park. I have been watching this channel for a while now and I am constantly amazed at the content that you and Courtney create! Thank you for making my morning!
Next is a super supremely strong winch to winch out the stuck truck? That was such a cool video!!! But can the next one be longer than 1 minute?? This one flew by...Amazing! Looking forward to seeing it clear the snow from your new road...What an incredible achievement. Seriously, Riley needs a skin tight lycra suit with a cape and a mask. He's a super hero.
There's no doubt in my mind that this snow blower project of yours will work. Keep grinding guys!
@Wiscotac Anno fa
When that bad boy came out of the shop door all I could think of was the movie 'Maximum Overdrive' plus a really recent green comet in the skies. Excellent work!
wow !!! you amaze me, good job. it works. I've been waiting a whole week for this . Your build videos are so entertaining. thanks for all your effort and hard work.
The snow blower is mind blowing! Well done! And look at all that storage now 😍 So neat seeing everything coming together
@catgynt9148 Anno fa
Have you named this Frankenstein blower yet? Truly impressed with your tenacity and engineering skills. Congratulations. Wishing you both another blessed week, gentle seasonally appropriate weather and restful evenings. Peace
@HaroldReece Anno fa
What an achievement. Very few would have even thought about building this snow blower, even fewer would have the ability to engineer such a project. You two are truly amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Congratulations on the coming next generation little engineer.
Riley, I'm very impressed with your skill and tenacity
You stole my thunder M@. LOL A floater position on the hydraulics is critical. It allows the blower to freely move up and down depending on the terrain. I'm a heavy equipment operator and front end loaders allow you to float the bucket to smooth out surfaces as you drive backwards. Thomas Dutkiewicz
Awesome! You may want a 3rd hydraulic cylinder for the spout deflector.
Great job Riley
@om617yota8 Anno fa
Really appreciate that you two actually wear safety gear when doing fab work. So many channels, safety glasses and seatbelts are an afterthought, if they're used at all.
I can assure how satisfying is to get functional things made by our own hands. This could explain why your channel is growing fast all around the world. You know, even we who didn't do anything but watching you, can also get some serotonin shots, it means, you guys are addictive, all FIVE of you! 😁 Greetings from Poland
Cortneys look was priceless
You guys are doing a great job editing these videos. Getting better all the time.
@ftkinsella Anno fa
I love the fact that you have the brains to engineer a project and then grab the tools to drill, Tap, weld and completely put it all together. Love an engineer who gets his or her hands dirty. Cheers guys!!! 😀🍺🍻🥂😛
Awesome work guys. The only thing I might add is some counterweight in the bed of the truck, maybe one or two 55 gallon drums full of cement with a lift point?
You folks are fantastic planners, engineers and fabricators. Your smiles are a signal that your efforts have paid great dividends. Blessings to both of you.
Load the truck with some of the stone around the house' it's free and the only expense then is the fuel; and you'll have better traction, yes I realize this was practice and the old road, but as a navy vet the term "CYA" come to mind. Good luck and thankyou all for shareing!!!
Dang Skippy seems like it's working marvelous very good job excellent hopefully you'll get a lot of use out of it
@sharpshorts Anno fa
A really well done project...Completely self contained is a great feature. Here's a couple of possibilities I've come up with (yeah right, just what you need - more projects) : 1) How about a removable counter weight for the back of the truck to improve traction and balance? 2) I know you'd have no problem fabricating a quick-attach plate/mount so that you could also use the blower with your tracked loader (or perhaps a tractor?)
@ddt677 2 mesi fa
This series of videos recording this project is exceptional viewing. Congratulations on this successful.project it is very very impressive. You are two very clever people.
You are an amazing individual. Absolute brilliance.
I'm totally impressed by this project. This is so cool! You're a DIY inspiration Casey.
The snowblower is awesome. PLEASE do one more thing to it. an EMERGENCY kill switch you can activate from the cab and outside. This would be a huge safety feature. You are a great fabricator.
I am in awe of your video production work. You make it look effortless but I know better. Cool project (as always) thanks for sharing your life with us!
Speechless. Just speechless. BTW: you both have a new glow about yourselves. Congrats, again!
Terrific engineering and build. I had a 6' blower with a 301 cubic inch, 59 horsepower engine. When the snow would be deeper than the first auger, the engine was lacking in power to blow the snow. Going to make a video on getting the truck out?
Riley, I have come to expect really professional design and fabrication skills from you. WOW!!
You are one smart creative guy. Always fun watching your videos. Thanks!
@seanogs Anno fa
Can't wait to see it blow super deep fresh snow. Awesome stuff
THAT WAT FRIGGIN AWESOME!!! I don't know what kind of mind or education you have but you make everything look so easy. Job well done sir!
Putting 1-2 tons of rock or sand in the bed will not only help with traction for the rear drives but will also help keep the truck level and help keep the blower farther off the ground while traveling. Awesome build
I built a large garden tractor many years ago and had trouble keeping engine speed constant. I used a Cruze control , that used a magnet to trigger the control. I mounted the magnet to the flywheel. It worked great!
Consider a flow control valve (slowdown) for the “down” function of the blower so you can fine tune how slow/fast it drops (if you haven’t already).
Don’t they make an orifice to control the maximum speed for dump boxes and tilt trailers?
Great video ya'll!! Congratulations on gettin the blower workin! Reilly you are a wizard when it comes to fabrication just fixin buildin whatever! Great job. Thanks for sharing be safe have fun enjoy ya'lls homestead and that little one on the way
@mezanian Anno fa
Although mechanics and snow are never going to be an issue for me, I so admire Riley's ease with any hurdle. Fatherhood should be a breeze.🤣💖
You guys are the first video I watch every Sunday morning. Most of the time I don’t have a clue what you’re doing (I’m a senior citizen and totally un-mechanical) but it sure is fun to watch your genius at work!😊
@matthewb3640 11 mesi fa
It's really great you have everything you need to do this build in your shop. I'm glad to see you chained up. Some extra weight in the back would help but at the end where you got stuck you didn't clean your path ! All that weight on the front lightens the rear. Also if you ever noticed snow plows and blowers lift by a cylinder lifting a chain so you get a float action with it. That way it will seek its own level within a few inches on dips and rises. I want to see it in some deep snow since I'm not sure where you're at in guessing you got some heavy recent snow. Also we run transmission fluid in our hydraulic because it remains fluid in extreme cold and doesn't foam up.
Outstanding! I mean what else can I say and apart from anything else its good to see you both enjoying yourselves. My favorite team on You Tube!
@TerenceD63 Anno fa
Phenomenal build ! Getting that blower to float on skids mounted on each side will keep it above the road at a consistent height so you won't get stuck again....
@NailHead86 Anno fa
Not really. They are missing the arms of three point system here. It can not oscillate with that mounting system without the whole truck doing so.
That thing is AWESOME ! 👍👍 A little tip though. On the snowblower I drove, there was no stop for the angle of the snow throw, which resulted in a broken windshield and the cab full of snow... Stops were installed on both sides after that..😂
Yes! I knew the blower would work. I trust in you.
Awesome showcase of skills. Very cool. Great job!! 👍👍
Awesome job you two. I just came in from snow blowing with my Van Snow blower and now I get to see yours in action. For a first time out I'd say you guys did very well. I had to laugh, as I to managed to get stuck my first time out and the neighbor had to come over and pull me out. I now have off road knobby tires and chains and what a difference that made. I noticed your blower is a bit high off the ground judging from the snow under the truck as you are moving along. If the ground is frozen, get that cutting edge down to the ground, unless you have loose gravel then keep it up a bit. I hope you guys make another video of this, we need to see more of it. Congrats on the Blower Project....I think it's going to work great.
Those kits from AuxBeam are so nice. I used the 8 switch kit on my Kubota and the 6 switch for my quad. It makes the wiring job so much quicker, simpler and cleaner. Well done with the fab work!
Amazing! I love the old jeep grill hanging on the post, I have the same garage art!
@Truthvector Anno fa
Totally awesome dude. You da man Master Kacey. You are a credit to your school. Somebody needs to nominate you for your school's outstanding alumni award.
When creativity and engineering come together in Riley's head it makes great ITvid entertainment, keep up the great work 👍
I use a box fan also to clear the air too a carbon filter works even better will reduce smells and since you live up stairs you wont be sleeping with the smells
@PDIF2007 Anno fa
I just love watching your videos, you make life look so much fun. What a perfect couple doing exactly what they want to do.
Riley: I have to give you major Kudos, I have watched your engineer & fab projects in the past, but this snow blower is your best. From mounting an car engine to the snow blower, the mounting frame & hydraulics, your engineering, fabbing and welding skills are top notch!
Looks great. I can't wait to see it working in 4 feet of snow.
Riley is just amazing..genius at work..❤❤
Great job. One experience comment. We had a 7 foot blower on a three point tractor. One day was blowing snow, it picked up apart brick and threw it through a barn wall. Not a good idea to stand anywhere near or in front of a snow blower. Be safe
@212035720 Anno fa
I have been checking every day for the update on the snow blower project. I was elated when I saw this video uploaded today. This is one of my favorite videos that you have produced. Keep up the great work and can't wait for the next one.
I'm really enjoying this project and that plasma cutter is awesome.
@simms196 Anno fa
Excellent work! Absolutely amazing what Riley can do. I'm wondering if a counter weight on rear of truck will offset the blower weight resulting in more rear tire traction?
Also, as someone who drives a 1078 in the military a bunch, highly Recine you deflate the tires to either the cross country or sand settings in your deflator if you still have it installed. If not I would deflate until there’s about Reiger inches of bulge on either side of the sidewall. That’s about the psi level that cross country would give you in the tire system.
Riley, Video this or maybe Courtney could show how easy she could get her truck up the hill with less air so much easier.
Wow I'm impressed! Throw something heavy in the back of that truck and get the rear tires more bite. Front axle is trying to do all the work by itself.
Awesome build. And you guys know every inch of it when it comes time to work on it. So resourceful.
@jeromed685 Anno fa
Another great accomplishment, you guys are AWESOME. It is definitely an enjoyable time watching your videos, great job filming and editing, thanks a lot!
@chuckj349 Anno fa
Awesome job! Riley is one handy fabricator! Can’t wait to see it on a fresh heavy snowfall.
I put this video in FULL screen mode because I wanted to see it up close and personal. Great job guys. I'm always in awe of your skills.
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