We Stayed At The Taco Bell Hotel!

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya? On today's adventure, Nathan and I are off to the city of Palm Springs to stay at the new TACO BELL HOTEL!! 🌮 Come on our crazy journey of staying on opening night of THE BELL! We try secret food items that are exclusive to the hotel and meet the iconic chef who invented the Nacho Fries!
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Commenti 29 283
J Lin
J Lin 8 ore fa
Jeffree Star: "We didn't pack much" Also Jeffree **Packs 3 bags.** 😅
Nate had a foodgasm multiple times😂 I reconized the face its me at mc donalds
Siobhan Fiona
Siobhan Fiona 9 ore fa
I love him
jenn lemmelin
jenn lemmelin 12 ore fa
"We got pencils" "We got notepads" Bahahahahahahah Obviously being paid by taco bell
She's A Natural Move Maker
If Jeffree promotes ! It’s gonna sell tf out! That was awesome 👏🏽
Isabel Gonzalez
Isabel Gonzalez 13 ore fa
The way she said Nate find the robe.
Bxby Ny
Bxby Ny 13 ore fa
This is how much money jeefree has 👇🏽
Brin Berg
Brin Berg 14 ore fa
Did anyone see Sebastian and Lauren
miranda holguin
miranda holguin 14 ore fa
I’m hungryyyyyyyy
G Knights
G Knights 14 ore fa
My mouth was watering the whole time
Essence Grant
Essence Grant 15 ore fa
2:32 thats the same outfit when the dolan twins switched to jeffree star sry if i spelled ur name wrong.
Kay t
Kay t 15 ore fa
I started watching diet videos and ended up here.
My Beautiful Smile
Jefree you have a beautiful smile! I’m sure you have heard that before. 💕❤️
Teah Forte
Teah Forte 15 ore fa
There needs to be a Jeffree Star hotel
Karen TookTheKids
Ok but why is Jeffrey so beautiful
Gavin Rice
Gavin Rice 16 ore fa
Hey Christians lets take OUR rainbow back
Astrid Renny
Astrid Renny 17 ore fa
nate looks like a fucken jack o lantern BAHAHAHAHA here for it
17 ore fa
I don’t think jefferee saw Lauren godwin
Tara Gachaverse
Tara Gachaverse 19 ore fa
I went to taco bell cause ya know girls hungry and it's closed till further notice😭😭😭😩😩
GraceXOX X
GraceXOX X 19 ore fa
Vica Marie
Vica Marie 20 ore fa
Not judging but you where literally using a plastic straw in the pool(17:48) lmao lol
Areli Molina
Areli Molina 20 ore fa
the other dude in the Lambo was asian too 🤧👀
Its amlect
Its amlect 20 ore fa
Baja blast is my favorite
Jayla Anela
Jayla Anela 21 ora fa
Okay but like peep the licences plate
Sabrina Stamford
Omg who is that vegetarian guy ?????? So hottt
Taylor Clarke
Taylor Clarke 22 ore fa
Taco Bell makeup pallet - collaborate with Jeffrey
Taylor Clarke
Taylor Clarke 23 ore fa
“I need to not go crazy” Me: *contemplating how he already put 37 items in his bag*
chickalata a game
He said he would put on some light make up.... He put on a full face 😂 🤣 😂
i am the best
i am the best 23 ore fa
why is jefrey so close to Maddie are they related?
alarmed corgi
alarmed corgi Giorno fa
My one wish is to eat Taco Bell with jeffree
Midgley Howe
Midgley Howe Giorno fa
Jeffree is so good on camera
Jiminie's jam
Jiminie's jam Giorno fa
For anyone outside of America: 107° Fahrenheit = about 41°C
ali naqvi
ali naqvi Giorno fa
Is he transgender or gay?
Rachel DeMattia
Rachel DeMattia 19 ore fa
manisha kadam
manisha kadam Giorno fa
Sometimes I think that Nathan is in it for just the money and publicity or was he pre-rich...
Jaime Ellen
Jaime Ellen Giorno fa
I swear Nate and Zac were blessed by genetics
Teguh Jumena
Teguh Jumena Giorno fa
what's the name of nate's glases frame while he was at the pool?
Ifie x.x
Ifie x.x Giorno fa
That same cloth and bag that dolan twins wore omg 😂
kylez bro
kylez bro Giorno fa
zack can like....get it ...
Andrea Martinez
Andrea Martinez Giorno fa
god bless you
Somebody Anonymous
You should've asked them to bring back the breakfast crunch wrap :P That was like my favorite thing
Libby Molloy
Libby Molloy Giorno fa
Jeffere? In San Bernardino? Am I alive?
jv Giorno fa
God, id suck the soul out of Nate
Max Norris
Max Norris Giorno fa
I love how excited Jeffree gets about food 😂😂 because girl SAME
Daisy Gutierrez
Daisy Gutierrez Giorno fa
when you showed San Bernardino i was ahhh bc i used to live there
Sad Potato
Sad Potato Giorno fa
Nate looks like a carrot 🥕 (no hate!)
Libby Miller
Libby Miller Giorno fa
What lip color/gloss did you use? It's gorgeous!
Libby Miller
Libby Miller Giorno fa
You and Nate are couple goals! 🥰
Crissy H
Crissy H Giorno fa
If we were paid for the number of times he said OMGod, we would all be rich! lol
Kari Prendergast
We were 5 to 10 minutes away
Graycen Brandt
Graycen Brandt Giorno fa
were going to the bell hotel today you guys are awesome
Kari Prendergast
We’re about to go soon who I heard it’s awesome like you show who who you guys are really cool love you 👋🤙🏼
Kari Prendergast
Sorry I messed up we’re about to go soon I heard it’s awesome like you guys do you have a cool channel
irma sanchez
irma sanchez Giorno fa
i dont judge
irma sanchez
irma sanchez Giorno fa
are you gay your kising a boy and your a boy
Sariko Giorno fa
Nathan is Jeffrey's boyfriend
Makenzie’s Life
Why does Nate look like an opmpa lopa (0:14)
GrimReefer Giorno fa
He’s on drugs or it’s on drugs look at the face
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright Giorno fa
I am LIVING for Jeff's mirrored sunglasses
alexandrawy 2 giorni fa
i’m definitely gonna buy this artistry palette omg
alle bellane
alle bellane 2 giorni fa
500 bergin bags in a billion dollar vult jeffrey; NATE GO GET THE TOCO BELL ROBE im dieing
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We Stayed At The Taco Bell Hotel!