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24 nov 2022




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just taking a second to appreciate that most of the facial acting in this was in her eyes. she brought so much life to wednesday and this dance with just her eyes. what angle she was looking at, whether she seemed interested or disinterested in what she was looking at, how wide open her eyes were, where they were looking in relation to the camera..
@sarahmarie5906 21 giorno fa
What I love so much about this dance is it's incredibly weird, but doesn't look awkward with Wednesday. She somehow makes it work. And it's also awesome because she's being herself and having fun and not caring if others think her dance is bizarre.
@foodreacts837 21 giorno fa
The Death stare face is so awesome, I love it and Jenna was so talented to consistently do it
@zaynkaynok 14 giorni fa
Jenna embodied the absolute essence of Tim Burton much like Johnny Depp. She was perfect for this role.
@zaynkaynok 14 giorni fa
I'm so impressed by Ortega's ability to be so expressive without smiling, yelling, etc. She absolutely nailed this role.
@Dparish24 19 ore fa
RIP to Lisa Loring, the original Wednesday. Jenna Ortega’s subtle tribute to Loring’s iconic Wednesday dance at
Despite her stoic nature it actually made a lot of sense to add this dance number in. I think this scene alone was truly illustrative of her character - the free minded individualism expressed in the social setting of conformity.
@manuelramos1714 21 giorno fa
Honestly when I started watching the show I didn’t know what to expect but I just finished the show and all I can say is she brought the character to life
@philleotardo8923 14 giorni fa
Jenna Ortega is so talented. The dark humor expressed throughout this series is unbeatable. I love her so much.
@irishgirl379 14 giorni fa
She probably didn't realize how iconic this will eventually become 😍
cannot stop watching this lol the dance seems so awkward and funny love it i love the facial expression of principal Weems in this scene she's looking at Wednesday like it's her own daughter and you can see how much proud she is
@vice.nor.virtue 21 giorno fa
I can't believe she choreographed the whole thing. This dance feel very iconically sixties to the point where I thought her (apparently non existent) dance instructor was referencing the original show. Go Jenna!!!
@charitylaroche6738 21 giorno fa
I'm surprised to see Jenna not smiling or laugh while she's doing her Wednesday dance, she's born to be Wednesday 😂
@maryamsarwar5556 14 giorni fa
Man I just finished watching the whole show and wow im impressed by Jenna Ortega performance as Wednesday and the dance was 10/10 for sure she deserves a Oscar Emmy for this
@vanessavan1884 12 ore fa
Assistindo adoidado várias vezes aqui para ver se Netflix disponibiliza logo a 2 temporada !🤪😍🖤
I love how her dance moves are so random and chaotic that he has no idea how to dance with her and just stands there speechless.
@Patcheepoo1 28 giorni fa
She did the dance on a whim, however she stated in an interview that she stayed up 2 days straight, with no sleep, watching ITvid videos of inspired dancing. No matter, she's amazing & so was this dance. Made me smile the whole time. Koodos to her❣️
@scalz420 21 giorno fa
@TheIttyBittyk1 14 giorni fa
Her dance scene was awesome. The Death Stare was amazing I love it she pulls it off so well throughout the season. Also, it was very subtle, but I bet you also noticed a handful of times when she spoke in a way that even sounded eerily similar or identical to how the little girl spoke in Matilda!
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