Wednesday's Jenna Ortega & Luis Guzmán Eat Mexican & Puerto Rican Food | Taste Buds | Netflix 

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In this new episode of Taste Buds, 'Wednesday' star Jenna Ortega (Wednesday Addams) and her onscreen dad Luis Guzmán (Gomez Addams) share some of their favorite dishes from their respective Mexican and Puerto Rican cultures while discussing the show's intentionality to cast Latinos, why the Addams Family represents the spirit of Latino families and Jenna's favorite food to make in the kitchen.
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Wednesday's Jenna Ortega & Luis Guzmán Eat Mexican & Puerto Rican Food | Taste Buds | Netflix
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Smart, sarcastic and a little dead inside, Wednesday Addams investigates a murder spree while making new friends - and foes - at Nevermore Academy.


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Mark Vincent Cuntapay
I don't get why some people don't like this guy; he did a perfect job acting as Gomez.
Dæmana Jaire
Dæmana Jaire 10 mesi fa
Because he doesn't look mediterranean.
HammerMan 10 mesi fa
what?? people dont like him??? he is perfect for his role... they are blind..
Natalia 10 mesi fa
@Dæmana Jaire I don’t think the character is Mediterranean.
Celi Ari
Celi Ari 10 mesi fa
I thought he was hilarious in this role! 😂 He did great.
Sol Y Mar
Sol Y Mar 9 mesi fa
“My little death trap” must be one of my favorite lines from him in the show! 😂
M Rod
M Rod 9 mesi fa
"My little tormenta" is my favorite
Emmanuel Munoz
Emmanuel Munoz 8 mesi fa
@M Rod haha damn 🤣 man I was about to say that 😂 mine too
Mine is " *my little storm cloud* '"
James Irutingabo
“Wednesday always looks half dead.” 😂😂😂
A. Lee
A. Lee 8 mesi fa
Same! 🤣 I laugh out loud every time I get to that scene 😂😂
Claudia Martins
Claudia Martins 9 mesi fa
The way Jenna talks is so mature, I can't believe she's only 20, her answers are always so deep and meaningful, I love her she has a great future ahead of her 🧡
Rosalia 9 mesi fa
I love her accent too. She sounds like me 😭 latina
Nico 8 mesi fa
@Pagode, Brega e Forró bro just say you find her attractive lol.
Pagode, Brega e Forró
@Nico not exactly but ok lol. I dont find her sooo attractive but she is definitely not ugly. I like her as an actress.. gonna watch other movie with her.
Dark 8 mesi fa
Fax I love Jenna she is the best actor
Andy Molina
Andy Molina 9 mesi fa
Happy and proud to see Latinos in lead roles, I’m Mexi-Rican myself and love our food and cultures on both sides
Benito Gonzalez Jr.
Mr. Andy, is your father or mother Mexican? I'm just curious thank you.
BranchKing3 9 mesi fa
I'll admit I was a bit skeptical over Luis Guzman's casting as Gomez. But after watching the series I think he did very well. He is so right that Gomez's biggest trait is how loving he is, not just with Morticia but his entire family, and Guzman really brings that out in the series. You really buy how much he loves Wednesday and supports her. Sounds like they had a great time filming the series together and that is always a nice thing to know as a fan. Looking forward to a season 2!
Ophelia S
Ophelia S 8 mesi fa
I grew up with Raul Julia being Gomez and Angelica Huston as Morticia. It made me a bit doubtful because Raul Julia brought a lot class and sophistication to the role and Angelica Huston simply nailed Morticia. I think that Luis Guzman brings back the look of the original comic. He’s also funny so it adds to it. Jenna Ortega was perfectly cast as Wednesday. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Christina Ricci as Wednesday but Jenna Ortega makes Wednesday exactly the kind of teenager Wednesday would turn out to be. Irritable, rebellious but shows a very well hidden caring side and loyalty to those she deems worthy.
jamie miller
jamie miller 8 mesi fa
I love Luis Guzman, but I feel like him and Catherine Zeta Jones were pretty big misses in casting. To be fair to Guzman, following Raul Julia is an impossible task, but they could have found a better fit.
Led Zepper
Led Zepper 7 mesi fa
@jamie miller - 🤣 why do people liked Luis to "follow" Raúl? Lol. Raul gave it a good damn spin, but technically speaking Luis fits the role better becsuse it follows the comics portrayal. STOP competing two distinctive takes, lol
Aiden Tribbets
Aiden Tribbets 5 mesi fa
People didn’t like it because it didn’t look like 90s Gomez. Yet people don’t realize that in the original Addams family cartoon, that’s what Gomez is supposed to look like. Shorter and on the heftier side
NubbyNubbster 9 mesi fa
"Literally call me whenever." The love amongst us Latinos is real man. I can't wait for more of Luis y Jenna
chinglee100 6 mesi fa
Jenna is not latina
NubbyNubbster 6 mesi fa
@chinglee100 nice bait; I'm not biting.
Akai 6 mesi fa
@chinglee100 Uhh, yes she is. She is half puerto rican half mexican.
Wallas 4 mesi fa
@Akai but she was born and raised in the US and doesn't speak spanish. Therefore, not latina lol
Akai 4 mesi fa
​@Wallas In Mexico, if one of your parents is mexican by birth, then you are mexican and your nationality is recognised by the mexican government, even if you didn't born in Mexico. So yes, she is latina.
dvs 9 mesi fa
I love how he talks to Jenna like she’s his actual daughter saying things like “when your mom and I”… So wholesome
Kristy770 9 mesi fa
Luis Guzman is the best❤
Mr. T87
Mr. T87 9 mesi fa
Ahhh that part stood out to me too. It was like remembering a fond personal memory.
MISHAAL BANO 9 mesi fa
Aggressive Kindness
It’s Hispanic culture. If you can click with someone of Hispanic descent but have a vast age range it’s easy to treat them like family and care for them as if they were. He’s probably put himself as Gomez so intently that he ACTUALLY sees Jenna as his daughter. It can happen
Gervon Robinson
Gervon Robinson 9 mesi fa
It’s called method acting lol
Becca Mason
Becca Mason 9 mesi fa
Proud to see more families that look and eat like mine online and in media. So proud to have Jenna represent us latinas. This was so wholesome. Thank you @netflix!!
gucher99 8 mesi fa
It’s a double-edged sword
Ailene Pham
Ailene Pham 9 mesi fa
I lost my dad at a young age and watching Gomez being such a loving, devoted father healed the inner child in me who wished her dad could’ve walked her into school :,,) the casting in this show was top notch all throughout 😤
Brenda C.
Brenda C. 9 mesi fa
This is beautiful! I hope that Jenna becomes the Latina role model she didn’t have growing up, to those little Latinas watching her now. It saddens me that she didn’t see herself represented on tv growing up, and she is only talking about the early 2000s 😢. I get how she feels. And Luis was absolutely perfect and totally deserves this recognition! “Felicidades a los dos! Esos tacos se ven ricos y esas chuletas, yum!” 💃🏻💃🏻🥰
Rico Suave
Rico Suave 9 mesi fa
Bible Journaling
I’m Latina. I married a white man. I love my white child.❤I love that I’m Latina.
YouTube user And chef
Also love that's she's vegetarian 🇺🇸
Taylor R.
Taylor R. 8 mesi fa
@Bible Journaling you're an odd ball
Arnold Sanchez
Arnold Sanchez 9 mesi fa
It’s cool how despite Jenna being a vegetarian, she still went ahead and tried Luis’s favorite dish. 👍🏻
NK29 9 mesi fa
ecstasy 9 mesi fa
Pretty sure she doesnt have any pork chops on her plate
viceroy322 viceroy322
she now eats fish, which is gateway drug.
Karen Castillo
Karen Castillo 9 mesi fa
@viceroy322 viceroy322 😂😂
Areli Castrejón
I bet she only ate the plantains and beans and rice! They would respect her being vegetarian.
Fer Jauv *
Fer Jauv * 9 mesi fa
Como mexicana me atrevo a decir que Luis hizo un trabajo fenomenal representando a un padre latino, se siente muy familiar su aspecto y también su forma de tratar a Merlina, muy buen trabajo de parte de ambos actores
Alex Nwel
Alex Nwel 9 mesi fa
I really love the fact that they are having an actual conversation here.. no turning to camera with fake expressions, no dramatic words.. just pure sincerity and seriousness to each other.
Maria Rivera
Maria Rivera 9 mesi fa
And the glorious food!
T S 9 mesi fa
@RepentandbelieveinJesusChrist and flush ALL sentience from your head!
Ruben Third King
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ I pray Satan.
M L 9 mesi fa
I’m Mexican but I’m loving my boricuas showing up for this movie. 🇲🇽 🇵🇷
Ian Roa
Ian Roa 9 mesi fa
We’ll be eating Pastelón Vegetariano con frijoles negros 🇵🇷 Que gran orgullo, Luis Guzmán y Jenna Ortega 🖤
Rico Suave
Rico Suave 9 mesi fa
She's 75% more Mexican 🇲🇽🇲🇽💪
lakerfn 8 mesi fa
I love Luis Guzman as an actor. He and Danny Trejo would always play bad guys and minions. Then they started getting funny one liners in newer movies and that's such a crack up, breaking out of that bad guy stereotype. I'm glad he gets a leading actor role in this show. More power to him and Jenna!
I was so happy to see Luis Guzman as Gomez. I think he absolutely killed it. Love that dude, he is so sweet and funny.
Meadmaker 452
Meadmaker 452 9 mesi fa
I really miss seeing Raul Julia. He was the Gomez Adams I grew up with, but whatever part he played, he seemed to give 110%. He really brought those stories to life for me. Having said that, I think the casting for "Wednesday" was perfect and the show was, obviously, fantastically done. Congrats to all involved. I hope Netflix takes the mountains of positive praise the show has received as a sign to do more seasons. I'd love to see a lot more of these kinds of stories.
Jessyca Gomez
Jessyca Gomez 9 mesi fa
Yes of course he was he was my most favorite Gomez but Luis did a BEAUTIFUL job playing Gomez as well
nia 9 mesi fa
As a Pacific Islander, Luis’s portrayal of Gomez was a warm reminder of how most of our fathers were. Full of love and support.
It's Me
It's Me 9 mesi fa
@Nia New Zealand Maori here, 100% this. Also his comment about the family talking sh!t to each other and if anyone else starts up 'What did you say' (with a pukana too hahaha). But yeah family and food ❤
gabe pagan
gabe pagan 9 mesi fa
Pacific Islanders and Latinos are so much alike that many don’t see it
mOMAH emak campervan
J 9 mesi fa
@gabe pagan How so specifically? And how are others not alike them?
I'm CrazyGnomie
I'm CrazyGnomie 9 mesi fa
I like the direction Wednesday the character is going when it comes to her emotions. She is still that cold and calculated being on the surface, but she is growing and expanding her emotional repertoire. Becoming a character that doesn't openly wear their feelings on their sleeve, but deep down it is clear that they do care in their own way. I like character development like that - like she is capable of growing into a fantastic villain... or an interesting detective that uses questionable methods to solve crimes, and I'm here for it.
Alysia Williams
Alysia Williams 7 mesi fa
Same here!! It really shows the range of her complexity as a character!
autumn leaves
autumn leaves 7 mesi fa
I absolutely love how Gomez addresses Wednesday! "my little death trap", "my thunderstorm" 😂😂
Mimispring 9 mesi fa
I never get tired of the Addams Family. One of my favorite characters was Wednesday and now seeing she's Latina in the series is even cooler. I also want to say Raul Julia (may he RIP 🙏) and Guzman both did a fantastic job as Gomez. Much love to Ortega and Guzmán from this Mexican 🇲🇽
Cesar Sanchez
Cesar Sanchez 9 mesi fa
I love Guzman, this guy is awesome, reminds you to your father and uncles, he made Gomez a truly Latino guy and he is a great actor. I just loved him and I want to see more of his work now. And well, we all love Jenna, she has been consistently amazing lately.
Oreo 9 mesi fa
I absolutely love watching Jenna play Wednesday. I grew up with few role models in my life and am really proud of Jenna, a Latina woman, take ownership of her character and bring new life in the new series of the Addams Family. Parvo Jenna.
X 9 mesi fa
He’s such a great actor and there’s something wholesome about him. He was still on character saying “your mum and I” 😂 I love him.
SMVGA 9 mesi fa
Believe it or not, Mom is more common in American English, while mum is more common or the real word in British English.
Danger Cat
Danger Cat 9 mesi fa
@SMVGA maybe this person is British lol.
SMVGA 9 mesi fa
@Danger Cat 😂 yeah I don’t think he realizes it either.
Tiktok Is Gay
Tiktok Is Gay 9 mesi fa
Real normal fans know him from narcos
Jasmin Blaa
Jasmin Blaa 9 mesi fa
@SMVGA but what's the point of pointing it out when nobody asked? It's not grammatically wrong and we all understand
Amber Updike
Amber Updike 3 mesi fa
I love how Luis and Jenna each shared their favorite dish with one another and had a genuine conversation, and oh how he said he was so proud of her for saying it's really special to play Wednesday as a latina because a lot of girls can relate to, because that is really important
Ervhin Mariscal
Ervhin Mariscal 9 mesi fa
I was eating some tamales and drinking some beers while watching this. I love this series. Saludos desde Chihuahua Capital México.🇲🇽
Julio Gomes
Julio Gomes 9 mesi fa
Série maravilhosa! Luis está perfeito para o papel, assim como a Jenna!
Grace Carpenter
Grace Carpenter 9 mesi fa
So, things I have in common with Jenna- also Latina, also wanted to dye my hair blond when I was a kid (and for the same reasons) and also make the best guac in my family (and my secret is using Meyer lemon juice, so yes, it's definitely the citrus). So happy to see representation!!
Carlos colon
Carlos colon 6 mesi fa
As a Boricua my mom always would say “ always look up at people never look down on them”. Through the years I have learned every person in your life has something to teach you … so never look down on people because they have , at some moment for good or worst been a lesson and made you who you are …
BrokeredHeart 10 mesi fa
I loved Jenna's portrayal of Wednesday, but I'm glad they've given Luis Guzman his moment too, because he was very considerate of how he played Gomez. Raul Julia made him more bold, charismatic, with panache and bravado, while John Astin in the 1960s show made him more like the typical sitcom patriarch that smoked cigars and read the paper while offering good advice and support. To emulate or copy that would have been dated, and he needed to show that Wednesday's start at Nevermore was not her exile or punishment, but their desire to see their daughter succeed. Luiz made him more amorous, but also more of a softie, as he adores his children and obviously this is the first time they'll be separated as a family with Wednesday not under their roof anymore. It shows that Wednesday, despite her cold demeanor and flat affect, was still raised in a loving household by two concerned parents, which made sure that the series still is tethered to the primary concept of the cartoons - that they are a family like any other, just with a very dark and macabre outlook on life. It's also very sweet how supportive he is of Jenna, and keeps saying that she makes him "proud". Also, now I'm hungry for tostadas with guac and refried beans.
Matimus 9 mesi fa
Very spot on analysis of all the Gomez iterations and Luis's take on the character. In the prison scene, there were subtle hints of Gomez's dark side underneath that warm exterior, which reminded me a bit of 'Kingpin' (from Daredevil). Luis absolutely nailed the acting here!
Twenty One Tortas
@Matimus is the dark side based on him lying and not being completely honest about Morticia killing Garett?
pfft xoxo
pfft xoxo 9 mesi fa
I would not say the 1960’s iteration of Gomez was a typical patriarch lmao
A N 9 mesi fa
omfg his character is one i wish had more screen time. i mean, he had enough considering it was Wednesday's show.. but i really enjoyed all his scenes. he waas just such a cool member of a dark family since he showed a lot of love too and was really funny. a show called Gomez would be dope actually
lurkerrekrul 9 mesi fa
I didn't really care for his portrayal of Gomez. I'll admit that my view of the character was influenced by both Aston and Julia, but his version of the character didn't really appeal to me. Both Aston and Julia played the character as confident, mostly easy going, and fun loving. The kind of person you'd like to be friends with because you know he'd be fun to be around. Guzman's Gomez seemed insecure and like he was playing second fiddle to his wife. He's supposed to be the head of a rich, successful family, and I just didn't get that from him.
TattedCat 4 mesi fa
I love how he keeps saying "Your Mom and I". He truly adores Jenna as a daughter and I love it!
Abraham Sanchez
Abraham Sanchez 9 mesi fa
I new she was Mexican so proud of her keep making us Latinos proud Jenna we love u u amazing
Unknown 8 mesi fa
Ochoa X
Ochoa X 8 mesi fa
She is not Mexican, her grand-mother is... this girl doesn't speak any Spanish.
esteban phdz
esteban phdz 8 mesi fa
@Ochoa X tiene un padre/madre mexicano eso la ase mexicana
esteban phdz
esteban phdz 8 mesi fa
@Ochoa X eso si se me ase mal tiene que aprender español
Andrea Santoro
Andrea Santoro 9 mesi fa
Luis and Jenna are my favorite Gomez and Wednesday ever (and I love all iterations of the Addams family). They’re both such tremendous actors and really brought something special to their roles. Seeing them sit down and talk like this while sharing special dishes with each other is soooo cool; the way he says “I’m proud to hear you say that” and when she said “shooting with you” was her favorite.. you can really feel the mutual care and respect they have for one another. So wholesome and amazing. I love them both! 🥹❤️
Pewling 9 mesi fa
So happy to see Luis in a role like this, always hypes me up to see him on the screen. Jenna is definitely a star we get to see grow up in Hollywood now! I hope she stays levelheaded and manages to avoid all the oddballs in there.
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson 9 mesi fa
Watching the whole series and following that up with watching these clips of the cast just makes the entire experience that much greater! Well done, to the whole cast!
lira 9 mesi fa
I really appreciate the way they represent them as latinos in the show. They make clear allusions to it without making it their defining characteristic. They allow them to be multidimensional without generalizing or stereotyping them. And the press junket hasn’t been only about them representing latinos on screen but has been more focused on their process as actors. I appreciate this type of representation of my people so much ❤️🇲🇽
S R 9 mesi fa
Brown washed the Addams family. Haha
Jurico Noes
Jurico Noes 9 mesi fa
@S R Addams family are Castellano I believe go read book my friend you need it* if anything they are Hispanic lol you thought the Addams family were anglos? Do you even know what that means 😂
KG Ty 9 mesi fa
@S Ronly Gomez was brown the rest were white so what are you talking about
Artemis Sophia
Artemis Sophia 3 mesi fa
Wise words from Luis about staying humble. Jenna is a great role model not just for Latino girls but also for any western young person x
PRISGPE 9 mesi fa
Estoy de acuerdo con Jenna, un buen guacamole depende de la cantidad de limón que se le ponga, y sí, debe ser mucho jugo de limón con la cantidad de sal correcta 😍
François Caron
François Caron 9 mesi fa
Luis Guzman did a fantastic job portraying Gomez Addams! He was the most faithful reproduction of the comic strip's character!
John Siran
John Siran 9 mesi fa
Both did a great job! Jenna was absolutely perfect for Wednesday! So happy for her! Nice interview very humble!
Israel Quiles
Israel Quiles 9 mesi fa
This was the total surprise of binging for me. I had no idea my culture would shine through so subtly but powerfully, and it was just a little easter egg beneath an INCREDIBLE story mystery! Everyone nailed their roles.
Alexia Colette
Alexia Colette 10 mesi fa
I love him. Luis brings out the more fatherly aspect of Gomez. Julia brought out the more eccentric aspect.
Anthony Campos
Anthony Campos 9 mesi fa
He talks like Mike Tyson.
Ben Kraze
Ben Kraze 9 mesi fa
@Anthony Campos which make him a badass
Anthony Campos
Anthony Campos 9 mesi fa
@Ben Kraze yeah. I mean that as a compliment.
Monotrematic Studios
@Anthony Campos I just heard Ricardo Diaz’s voice from Vice City. He voiced him 20 years ago.
Clinton Nixon
Clinton Nixon 9 mesi fa
I love their interactions with each other. I loved this series I hope there will be a second season.
Toñito Cruz
Toñito Cruz 8 mesi fa
As a PuertoRican I'm so proud of this 2 beautiful and honest human beings ❤🇵🇷
Rich Parker
Rich Parker 8 mesi fa
She’s essentially Mexican since she is 75% Mexican and grew up with that culture
Benito Gonzalez Jr.
@Rich Parker Mr. Parker, are you part Mexican too or from what other nationality are you from? I'm just curious. Thank you.
JAG 12
JAG 12 6 mesi fa
​@Rich Parker how did you came up with those stupid numbers? She's Mexican, Puerto Rican and American period, just be proud of her work
OLVBAN 7 mesi fa
Para los que no entienden inglés. Dijo que era uno orgullo ser mexicana 🇲🇽 y que gracias a ello a conseguido todo, que le gustan más los tacos que la abichuela, que su canción preferida es el muchacho alegre y que las gringas siempre se la han pelado y se la seguirán pelando y que próximamente se va tatuar el escudo de Mexico en toda la espalda. 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Gracias Luis, for being sooo professional. And to Jenna, gracias por ser un ejemplo para otros latinos. Luis, siempre he admirado todas tus actuaciones. Jenna ¡ADELANTE! y lo que te dijo Luis, be humble! ¡Humildad! La biblia dice: el que se humilla, Dios lo engrandece. Gracias a los dos por su arte.
Tony, The Stark
Tony, The Stark 9 mesi fa
Luis is doing an amazing homage to Raul. I first thought when i saw the cast choices that the change in the character would be _too much_ but I'm loving this Gomez
Hola! Hello There!
As a 40 year old Latino and Addams Family Fan from SoCal I think I speak for all Latinos in that you make us PROUD Jenna! My 11 year old Daughter Loves You!
Bahamut 9 mesi fa
@RichyJAdventures🏆 no u
Hola! Hello There!
@RichyJAdventures🏆 When I was typing my comment about Jenna my mouth was shut already. My mouth is shut right now so you really have nothing on me.
takemewithyou 9 mesi fa
for real! i’m latina also and she’s the same age as me, i found it so wild plus i’m an addams family fan too and jenna’s wednesday is so amazing.
SMVGA 9 mesi fa
Arroz con gandules, pasteles, pernil, aguacate y lechuguilla/tomates. Loved ❤ you both! Great job.
Roshizzle89 9 mesi fa
Told my husband that he is the perfect Gomez.. I just love how he owns that character and look how humble he is and sweet and still talking to Jenna like his own daughter. That ‘your Mom and I’ was the sweetest thing!💕
Rico Suave
Rico Suave 9 mesi fa
Gomez is actually a white character being brown washed
Hyna Spit
Hyna Spit 9 mesi fa
I absolutely love Luis Guzman and he did great as Gomez, romantic husband, caring loving father 👏🏽👏🏽🪦
Tito Cano
Tito Cano 9 mesi fa
Amazing!!! I LOVED these two, the representation on screen with an ICONIC family such as the Adam's Family. But MOST of all..Son Latinos! Loving,kind, the on screen chemistry. Just give them the Emmy already!!!!!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Carmen Otero
Carmen Otero 9 mesi fa
Loved it !!! I’m sure I’ll be watching it a few more times it’s very entertaining.❤ N this only makes me prouder of being Boricua 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷❤️
Jumpman23 9 mesi fa
I am so proud of Netflix and Tim Burton for giving Latinos recognition . The whole cast has is awesome the show is wonderful and me and my family hope their is more seasons to come !!!🎉🎉😊❤
megiddo 9 mesi fa
Elephant In The Room Sahib
As a fellow latino. I love that Netflix involving us makes me feel like nothing else in my life would have matter
Tyler Galvez
Tyler Galvez 9 mesi fa
Viva la Raza and Imperious Rex to Namor!
Luiz and Jenna are great actors, I love them❤️
Elisa Carrera
Elisa Carrera 9 mesi fa
I’m puertorican😆and I’m in love with you guys and Wednesday,Jenna keep the good work you’re excellent and brilliant actress, you’re going to get very far, such a young age and very mature ❤❤❤
Sinjin Adams
Sinjin Adams 6 mesi fa
Fantastic show and Jenna is absolutely amazing in it! I'm watching it for the second time.
Gloria Pak
Gloria Pak 8 mesi fa
Love the show.♥️ They were all great!🌴
jbf16falcon 9 mesi fa
Love the meal Luis brought to the table! I thought he did a great job as Gomez! All the characters were a little different to the original but really since I saw the original series first hand and in reruns it was nice to see these characters take the original and put their spin on them. Without that I might as well have just watched re-reruns….
Chase Hedges67
Chase Hedges67 10 mesi fa
Luis Guzman and Jenna Ortega are fantastic actors.
JonelKingas 10 mesi fa
yeah. i might as well even say they are the best actors in addams there was, looks and acting wise.
Marlon DaSilva
Marlon DaSilva 10 mesi fa
The rest of the kids at school had bad acting tho
R𖤐bbie the Rabbit
@Marlon DaSilva eh not really
Bailey 10 mesi fa
@Marlon DaSilvano they didn’t
Bailey 10 mesi fa
K Saulnier
K Saulnier 9 mesi fa
I love this, and I love the show! I grew up watching the original Addams Family in reruns on TV. You are all crushing it! ❤️
TheScarecrow78 8 mesi fa
Just finished Wednesday last night and loved it! Of course I was already familiar with Luis but this was the first time i had seen Jenna. She was a revelation!
GokuVegeta 316
GokuVegeta 316 9 mesi fa
Puerto Rican food, if prepared correctly and authentically, is soooo delicious 😋. There's a PR restaurant in my town that makes the most delicious foods, I eat there at least 3x a month. 😋 Yummy.
Shadow 85
Shadow 85 9 mesi fa
Love this show!! I have never watched an entire series on Netflix until this came out! Wanting more!!!!
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker 6 mesi fa
I enjoyed watching this. These characters feel so genuine because the actors are genuine.
Jazmeen Rayne
Jazmeen Rayne 9 mesi fa
I really love when Jenna answers her questions she isn’t just a one or a few word answer she really goes in depth and I love it she is an amazing actor and person obviously❤️
Cherry Berry
Cherry Berry 9 mesi fa
I love it too. I feel like she really cares about her answers and she’s very articulate too
Celestino Cantu
Celestino Cantu 9 mesi fa
She's very intelligent 🧠.
Sai 9 mesi fa
Tiktok Is Gay
Tiktok Is Gay 9 mesi fa
Tf how else should she be speaking?
Cpl. Dmitri Titov
@Tiktok Is Gay These are potatoes Comrade Commissar why are we using potatoes instead of real grenades??
Joey 420
Joey 420 9 mesi fa
Ok, Ok I absolutely loved both of you in Wednesday! I really hope that Wednesday was not just a one season show. Will there be a season two of Wednesday? I really hope so because I binged watched the whole first season of Wednesday in one weekend.... Please let there be another season 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Sofia Karimah
Sofia Karimah 6 mesi fa
Love these 2 🖤🖤 He really is like a father to Jenna too, so sweet 🥺🥺 They both did an amazing job in Wednesday ✨✨
Edward Peak
Edward Peak 6 mesi fa
Both talented and funny af!! Jenna is so driven to her craft she does it effortlessly it seems, Luis will always be a favorited celeb for me lol
Phoenixgal 22
Phoenixgal 22 9 mesi fa
You guys are great together as TV father and daughter and, also you are great together eating that delicious Spanish food....yum! Love the video!😇💜
jose flores
jose flores 9 mesi fa
Perfect!! ❤❤❤❤ 😂 I love it 💀”Stay Humble” 🙏🏻 Congrats Jenna Ortega and Luis Guzman, and to all the cast and team. Great job Netflix!!!
AtreidesHeir 9 mesi fa
Recently overheard people just losing it over Wednesday Addams being Latina. It's always been that way. It is known. And I love it. Luiz and Jenna did amazing jobs.
Charlie TMZ
Charlie TMZ 9 mesi fa
people are cluless these days... ironically they have internet and still they are so lazy to dig into things...
xxlCortez 9 mesi fa
Well, half-latina at least if we going by the fact that her father is called Gomez.
Genesis Ferreira
Yep, gotta love that good old ✨racism✨
Genesis Ferreira
I agree with you though, I felt very happy to see Latino representation in a way that isn’t stereotyping. It’s just a show about mystery, drama, and family and some of the cast happens to be Latino. Love it 🥰
Luke Lim
Luke Lim 9 mesi fa
@Genesis Ferreira I am shocked beyond shocked as a Asian in Asian watching this. Like even watching as a kid in 90s I knew Gomez is Spanish or Mexican. Wouldn't that make sense that wednesday is mixed? Why is this a problem
Both of you were my favorite in the series YALL cool infact I love everyone in the family…🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😁😁 Overall everyone in this series did very well this show is now one of my favorites of all times.🇲🇽🇺🇸🇵🇷🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😊💚
Ali Vasquez
Ali Vasquez 9 mesi fa
I’m 10 days late but I watched the show on thanksgiving day and I knew once I seen Tim Burton’s name I paused it and made me a plate thanksgiving leftovers cause I ate again after the family left my house and then ate the crap out of pecan pie 😂😂 I didn’t sleep till I finished the whole season lmao! I loved it!
Dee M
Dee M 9 mesi fa
Luis is such a lovable legend & Jenna is going to be around for a long time I can tell. this was so enjoyable 🥰
Bao’s Studio
Bao’s Studio 7 mesi fa
"The simple term for him is Germ, and uh, he is Puerto Rican as well." I am screaming that is so cute...
Jackie Blood's : Spooky Hardcore
I have watched ALL of WEDNESDAY on NEFLIX. LOVE IT! Love how well they hang out together off screen to do this special segment together.
lock heart
lock heart 9 mesi fa
I love how they were bonding over Mexican and Puerto Rican food. It just warms my heart 🤧
Menthasis 9 mesi fa
they barely ate
Rico Suave
Rico Suave 9 mesi fa
She's more Mexican blooded 🇲🇽🔥💪
lucidity 9 mesi fa
It's all Hispanic, let's not be divided by nationalism
Wylje 8 mesi fa
@Rico Suavewho cares she calls herself Mexican and Puerto Rican so she obviously wants to be identified as both. She’s Latina and that’s the most important part, giving us some representation
Gotham Knight 🦇
¡Excelente! ¡Gracias, Jenna y Luis!
Rey Mar
Rey Mar 7 mesi fa
1:39 well said Jenna! I totally agree, representation is super important
Helen Maldonado
Helen Maldonado 5 mesi fa
Bravo👏👏👏👏👏!Que orgullo ver tanto talento junto..." stay humble " You guys are amazing! I'll be eating pupusas❤️
Ramiro Belmares Jr.
All of the nicknames he had for her made me laugh everytime, he shows how much he loves her all the time but he softens it up calling her "my little death trap" which she appreciates 🤣❤
SCRAPPY DOO 9 mesi fa
This segment left me impressed with them as individuals. And the segment is a very good piece of contect.
Armstrong Lopez
Armstrong Lopez 9 mesi fa
Loving the Mexican Representation we’ve been getting lately in shows and movies respect to Netflix 🇲🇽🇲🇽 🇲🇽 viva mexico and all of our Latino brothers and sisters
Ria Bautista
Ria Bautista 9 mesi fa
@Carla Martinez wow so much love
Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith 9 mesi fa
As a black women .. I'm DEFINITELY here to see the Latina community shine .. it's overdue ❤️
Enrique Munguía
Yes this year was great for Mexican and Latino representation, Oscar Isaac in Moonknight, Diego Luna in Andor , Gael Garcia in Werewolf by night, Tenoch Huerta in Black Panther Wakanda Forever and now Jenna Ortega and Luis Guzman in Wednesday! 💪🏾🇲🇽🔥🇵🇷🇨🇺🇬🇹!!
Jesse Richards
Jesse Richards 9 mesi fa
They did a amazing job, hoping to see more in the near future
SuperFoxy11 9 mesi fa
I love how Germ (her stuffed animal thing on the table) is always there after she filmed Wednesday. It gives me Thing vibes😊
Amber Updike
Amber Updike 3 mesi fa
Oh yes germ is a good sidekick too😊 "you do what the man says"
John Doe
John Doe 6 mesi fa
Love both these humans. Luiz is underrated and Jenna is such a wonderful young woman
Joseph Dionigi
Joseph Dionigi 9 mesi fa
Amazing talents! Both of them! Much deserved success!
Laura Giacobbe
Laura Giacobbe 9 mesi fa
I totally fell in love with this series. Finally someone stood up and defined The Addams Family as a Latino Family!
Jackie S
Jackie S 10 mesi fa
As a Latina who was born in the US, I related so much to her stories especially the one about Cinderella. The only star I had growing up to look up to was Selena Gomez who I love. So happy to see more of our community being represented especially in such iconic roles 🖤 Edit: Wanted to add a note since comments have been insane- some of you are very thorough in this argument. I obviously know there’s other Latinos/ Hispanics in Hollywood, my point was that in MY pov growing up (I’m in my mid 20s) we didn’t have actresses or princesses playing roles I could look up to. They all either did not look or have any connection to me culturally. Many actors mentioned are true and their work was great but it was never as a main role/ iconic of a role as Jenna has played in my perspective. I obviously know she’s a “light” Latina (again, for arguments sake) but the fact that her work has put in her in such high regard while she does not ignore her roots will do wonders for little girls now. Also, please don’t argue about language either- that’s a part of culture (and of colonialism) not a defining factor of which race/ethnicity you are from. And saying that anyone who was born in America is “less than” others of their country who weren’t is disrespectful to their parents, grandparents, etc. who had to move to this country for one reason or another. Let’s all be kind and respect that everyone lives their life differently with differing degrees of connection to their roots 🤍
Akira05 10 mesi fa
Same I’m happy seeing our people get these incredible roles!
Duck Lord
Duck Lord 9 mesi fa
@Amparo B. that is unfortunate, great thing is, if she’s passionate enough; she can learn
Grim 9 mesi fa
To be fair Latinos are blonde too. Her problem was brunette problem, not a Latino representation problem
allan bolor
allan bolor 9 mesi fa
I loved the series. I couldn’t let go. I too grew up watching the Adams Family. Even watched the classics too! So yeah, I’m thankful for this series to be such a delightful and exciting show! Big ups for sure! Can’t wait for a season 2!
Chris Leal
Chris Leal 9 mesi fa
Way to represent latino actors! I will be eating tamales! Cant wait for this to become a series!!!!
Mina 9 mesi fa
I ate some homemade birria tacos and binge watched this series and I loved it so much!!
As a Puerto Rican, I am so happy that I share heritage with one of the most famous actresses right now 🥰
Mystik Rebel
Mystik Rebel 9 mesi fa
It's nice to see other people from Mexican & Puerto Rican cultures to learn about them
Bruno Lapointe
Bruno Lapointe 10 mesi fa
"We were pretty dreadful singing the song, but it was so much love between your mom and I..." Final proof I needed to confirm : Luis Guzman actually is Jenna Ortega's new Dad.
Teryn B
Teryn B 10 mesi fa
I love when he talks about his character cause you can tell he really sees himself in Gomez
Asian Raisin
Asian Raisin 8 mesi fa
And it shows! I loved scenes of Gomez with Wednesday! And seeing them here off-set still with similar chemistry made my day!
María Montalvo
María Montalvo 8 mesi fa
Yo soy veracruzana y me siento orgullosa de que tengamos esas comidas
Como chilena me siento orgullosa de ver esta representación de mi familia televisiva favorita
The Latest
The Latest 6 mesi fa
They might not be blood related, but they will forever be related by love they have for each other🖤🖤
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