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Wham! - Where Did Your Heart Go? (Official Music Video)

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Wham! - Where Did Your Heart Go (Official Music Video)
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I spend my nights down on the wharf
In unlit alleyways
By the church downtown
Where Sally prays
Come down sometime
We'll share a rusty can of corn...
And listen to the radio
I love you, I love you, it says...
Where did your heart go
Did you put it on a train
Did you leave it in the rain
Or down in Mexico


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9 nov 2011




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Commenti 2 633
platini diego
platini diego 8 ore fa
George Michael icône des années 80 .je ne suit pas homo mais ce mec étais vraiment beau, la classe. Rip.
Ζέφη Κωνσταντίν
Perfect Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rom mex
Rom mex Giorno fa
This sax is amanzing
Arminka Poghosian
Arminka Poghosian 3 giorni fa
George is so handsome and mannish here ! Like a Roman Emperor or Greek God
Jeffrey Kam
Jeffrey Kam 3 giorni fa
The Perfect Song ain't exi-
Connie Abel
Connie Abel 5 giorni fa
I just love the song "Where Did Your Heart Go" By Wham! George Michael & Andrew Ridgeley 🤩💙 🤩💙 🤩💙 🤩💙 🤩💙 🤩💙 🤩💙 🤩💙 🤩💙 🤩💙 🤩💙 🤩💙 🤩💙 🤩💙 🤩💙 🤩💙 🤩💙 🤩💙 🤩
jorge luis garcia guia
I love George Michael
moonmist9 6 giorni fa
Thanks for the great audio!
moonmist9 6 giorni fa
The incomparable George Michael.
Jean Monaca
Jean Monaca 7 giorni fa
Mario Vdm
Mario Vdm 8 giorni fa
Forgot about this song and now I am addicted to it :-)
claudina guerrero
claudina guerrero 10 giorni fa
Un ídolo para la eternidad, 😍😍😍🖖
lexxx lexxx
lexxx lexxx 10 giorni fa
Космос. Люблю
Erdem Coskun
Erdem Coskun 15 giorni fa
Muziyin allahi nur icinde yat george michael
Phúc Phúc
Phúc Phúc 18 giorni fa
love this song so much
Elena Gómez
Elena Gómez 19 giorni fa
Extraño tu voz,tu presencia,que tan rápido pasa el tiempo y tú ya no estás😪😪😪
Prime Judicator
Prime Judicator 21 giorno fa
I remember staying up late and watching VH1 -- insomnia. This video came on and I felt like for once the universe knew what it was doing. I'd barter my sleep for a timeless song any day.
Maria Rodio
Maria Rodio 22 giorni fa
Il re della musica xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sempre❤ forever❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Tina C.
Tina C. 13 giorni fa
Sottoscrivo ..L ho sempre amato da quando avevo 10 anni LA PIÙ BELLA VOCE DEL MONDO 😍💙💚💛💛🧡🧡
Pramod P
Pramod P 23 giorni fa
The best gem of George Michael and Wham!
Maria Rodio
Maria Rodio 23 giorni fa
I love you l love you ❤❤❤ george fantastic forever
Shades Mars
Shades Mars 23 giorni fa
Close your eyes and think of your most fondest memory 2:43 then open your eyes at 3:35
Taneeka smith
Taneeka smith 25 giorni fa
João Valente
João Valente 25 giorni fa
This is........perfect......its The 80°s songs....best decade machine music.....was The best time Ever......
Maiscia G.
Maiscia G. 26 giorni fa
Henry Chavarria
Henry Chavarria 27 giorni fa
I miss you GEORGE. I MISS YOUR SONGS 😭😭😭❤❤❤❤
Chris Simpson
Chris Simpson 27 giorni fa
I miss him everyday of my life!
Peter Sutherland
Peter Sutherland 27 giorni fa
Guy could sing the alphabet
Olga Papadopoulou
Olga Papadopoulou 27 giorni fa
Εκανα καριερα με την αξια μου και το ταλεντο μου!!!! Δεν εφτασα τυχαία ως εδω!!! Οι παρτουζες και τα τσιμπουκια δεν πιανουν φαινεται ως προυπηρεσια???? Η χαρα της παρτουζας!!!😂😂😂✌👌👌
PEPE Mendoza
PEPE Mendoza 27 giorni fa
Down in Monterrey Mexico
thegentlemanjay 28 giorni fa
Like fuck Andrew was singing on this track lol he couldn’t even play the guitar lol 😂
aramanth 28 giorni fa
This is a nice *smooth cover* of a Was (Not Was) song. 🎷 My only qualm with the song is the _share a rusty can of corn_ lyric. 🌽 Other that this is a really *beautiful sad song* of loneliness. I don't like the stretched head effect that George would use later in videos for "I Want Your Sex" & "Faith". Still, he was unique, miss you! 💙💙
David Martínez
David Martínez 29 giorni fa
Me too. I listen to him everyday
David Martínez
David Martínez 29 giorni fa
I feel the same.He is my favourite singer. Now I feel sadness when I listen to him.
kai xian luo
kai xian luo 29 giorni fa
Best male vocalist, period!
Brividi nel riascoltare questa canzone...eravate i miei preferiti.
waladnajd143 Mese fa
من أروع اغاني الزمن الجميل والفن الراقي والصوت المميز والجيل الذهبي جورج مايكل زمن الحب الحقيقي
Maria Rodio
Maria Rodio Mese fa
Beautiful voice l love you george ❤❤❤
Maria Rodio
Maria Rodio Mese fa
Fantastic voice george namber 1❤❤❤❤❤
Yonny Garzon
Yonny Garzon Mese fa
Olga Papadopoulou
Δεσποινα Κωνσταντινιδη
2019 ! ! !❤❤❤❤❤❤
Jorge Rios
Jorge Rios Mese fa
zabyjak zabyjak
It just doesn't look 1986 song more like 2006 :) timeless. I miss George the beautiful human and soul. The world was a better place with you walking on it. RIP.
Mariza Neves
Mariza Neves Mese fa
Jesus can he get any hotter?????? And that range!
Elizabeth Gardener
Virginia SAMSON jimmink
Great song! Touching and most of all very very FUNKY !!!
Dorota Karas-bryszkowska
Gladys Catalan
Bellísima canción pero me gustaría subtitulada en español
enzyme 2000
enzyme 2000 Mese fa
Such an uderrated song! Love this the instruments the Voice it's perfect!
Papa Djam
Papa Djam Mese fa
What??? I've never heard this song or see this video-clip... How is it possible???
Nadin Al-Shaker
I spend my nights down on the wharf In unlit alleyways By the church downtown Where Sally prays Come down sometime We'll share a rusty can of corn And listen to the radio I love you, I love you, it says Where did your heart go Did you put it on a train Did you leave it in the rain Or down in Mexico You cry, but I don't know I've heard it all before There it goes again, the slamming of the door Sometimes the river calls me And at night it calls my name Says "put your troubles down beside me" Things have always been the same And rock 'n' roll won't teach me What the river said that night I jumped into this beauty And drifted out of sight Where did your heart go Did you put it on a train Did you leave it in the rain Or down in Mexico
Magda 13
Magda 13 Mese fa
murat ugurlu
murat ugurlu Mese fa
One of the best singer and song
utub Mese fa
Is that Andrew playing guitar in the beginning?
Fabio Parpanesi
utub yes he is
Sebastian Chirinos
불벼락 Mese fa
아깝다 너무 일찍 가셨어 ㅠㅠ
Christina Beasley
Great song!💖
marianne36 Mese fa
You are truly missed RIP
zso21 Mese fa
qweenofSab Mese fa
He must be one of Greeks goods!
Rob Mese fa
I wonder ……….miss you a lot
Olive Nys
Olive Nys Mese fa
Nathalie Vargas
one of my favourite songs...👌💙
Ainan Rahim
Ainan Rahim Mese fa
The most underrated pop ballad
Maria Rodio
Maria Rodio Mese fa
❤❤❤❤❤❤george ❤❤❤❤
Maria Rodio
Maria Rodio Mese fa
X sempre George ti amo
garyw1971 Mese fa
Such an under rated song. The production is crisp and the voice/lyrics are purely angelic 👌
Cathy Janati
Cathy Janati Mese fa
I spend my life down on the wharf... In unlit alleyways... By the church downtown Where Sally pays... Come down sometime We'll share a rusty can of corn... And listen to the radio I love, I love you, it SAYS 💕
Irma Uran
Irma Uran Mese fa
gracias george michael descansa en paz
Wilmar g
Wilmar g Mese fa
excelente duo, incomparable la voz de george michael, de lo mejor de los 80, el recuerdo de aquel amor que ya no esta.
Maria Rodio
Maria Rodio Mese fa
Grande grande George fantastic
Rodney Benbow
Rodney Benbow 2 mesi fa
George Michael is greatly missed as an artist. The dance in this video is funny to me. The world lost a great talent.
Nathália Nogueira
How I love the bass line in the intro. This is my favorite Wham song by far, pure gold. Rip GM, one of the greatest voices of history 😭❤
johnny blaime
johnny blaime 2 mesi fa
RIP George ..Excellent track The bass line is amazing..Thanks.
khalid Al Attita
I like your song baby
Many Melodies
Many Melodies 2 mesi fa
Very beautiful song
Yuyuk Poncowati
Yuyuk Poncowati 2 mesi fa
love this song sooooooooo much !!
Judie5 Horzelski
I love his songs so much. There will never be any one like him. One of a kind. I miss him, his voice, and that beautiful face. I am so glad that I got to see him in concert.
Fabio Parpanesi
Fabio Parpanesi 2 mesi fa
I know already somebody wants to make his biopic on theater But please, if somebody has to make it like for that one about freddie, please, don t do it. Ciao george, maybe u and Freddie are together now
Fabio Parpanesi
Fabio Parpanesi 2 mesi fa
Ciao george...
martysa8 2 mesi fa
Kocham ten utwór, kocham Georga , gdzie jest twoje serce ????
Paula Alicia Jasso Valdez
Talento y capacidad tenía George Michael gracias a él disfrutamos sus canciones hermosas descanse en paz
Maria Cecilia Bittencourt
My father George Michael beautiful
chnm lin
chnm lin 2 mesi fa
Today is another Valentine Day, but nothing to do with me yet. 2019!
Agente 007
Agente 007 2 mesi fa
RIP George.... 😭
Nicola Campanale
solo uno come te poteva cantare questa canzone eri un grande
Yolanda Camacho
Yolanda Camacho 2 mesi fa
Eres el mejor. Te kiero George Michael
Prabath Kaushalya
George you r voice is very chanting voice we never thought that you would left this world so early you always in our life
Corinne Bosquier
Alfred Brown
Alfred Brown 2 mesi fa
Awesome song 👌
Fevzi Cakmak
Fevzi Cakmak 2 mesi fa
You will live until forever with your songs George
Jason Skitteral
Jason Skitteral 2 mesi fa
vikhtaurja 2 mesi fa
2019 here again
Julie Hall
Julie Hall 2 mesi fa
Just miss you george micheal my heart is with you .and your heart is with your mum .your voice just makes me cry it's so clear just like you were here .why george why ..just miss you but you are here within my heart xx
Pierrette Locatelli
j'adore cette chanson. pourquoi es tu parti si tôt ? tu nous manques!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaise Barboza Barboza
Vou amar george eternamente
George Mastrokostas
God dammit this guy was good !
Sameer Alsamara
Sameer Alsamara 2 mesi fa
When George went my heart went with him
Pat Smith
Pat Smith 2 mesi fa
george micheal you showed wht real music was and feeling from ur heart. RIP beautifl man i left flowers u are missed here tiamo intiyit
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