What Dinosaurs ACTUALLY Looked Like?

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The past is a vast and mysterious land that begins at the big bang and ends in the present, expanding with each passing moment. It is the home of everything that came before, the key to understanding our present. Here we find the most amazing creatures to ever roam our planet, hundreds of millions of species so diverse that our imagination cannot do them justice. Unfortunately the past carefully guards its secrets.

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
kgs.link/12022_Calendar As the year 12,021 slowly comes to an end, we present to you the 12,022 Human Era Calendar: Eons Edition. You can get the very shiny, high-quality, limited edition now until we sell out and then never again. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE.
Yuu-brawlstars 15 ore fa
Replying before this gets to the limit
O. Rood
O. Rood 4 giorni fa
Please stop with the "unknown unknowns" it sounds so stupid. 😅 Thumbs up btw. 👍
zack sinclair
zack sinclair 5 giorni fa
lol started witha big bang!!!! idiot
Noah Ivey
Noah Ivey 5 giorni fa
hey uh... can you please make sure you don't ran out of merch Intel it turns may 23 because I want to buy your merch on my birthday please 😁
DaUltiamteSunscreen Eater
les go I'm 10010 years old
Alphrite Ora fa
does anyone else feel bad for the ducks and birds that die?
Was that a chalicotherium at 0:16?
4nt0s 2 ore fa
damn, i hope i die near a river or something so i can get fossilized
Ali Alamur
Ali Alamur 2 ore fa
best channel on youtube
Aryan Rane
Aryan Rane 2 ore fa
This is sick
V 2 ore fa
u gonna make me cry bro
One egg guy
One egg guy 2 ore fa
Great video 👍
Joyful Sorrow
Joyful Sorrow 3 ore fa
Variation - random, rare mutations, etc - will have existed amongst the species back then as they do now. Melanic, albino and other variations of colourings we've discovered will probably have existed alongside those animals. Whose to say variation amongst individual populations in slightly different places will not have existed and whose to say we didn't just randomly happen on an exception to the rule, or if we didn't find those exceptions that did exist and so still don't have the full picture of the colours of the dinosaurs we think we know the colours of? Anyway, this was interesting.
Jaffa 3 ore fa
These animations are so good
Bibek Ghosh
Bibek Ghosh 3 ore fa
I thought dinosaur's design in movies were based on modern day reptiles as dinosaurs were reptiles too. Which is why they look ferocious.
Don the smoking man Adminslayer
People that devote themselves to learning history : oh so you having a good time let me change that.
GreenMeansGO 3 ore fa
The pokemon Lileep can be seen at 5:04 and a pokeball can be seen at 10:53. Reply with any other pokemon references that you may find.
Marius Chrost
Marius Chrost 3 ore fa
Ich teile meine Sachen nicht mit Lasst die Finger davon Meng
Chillo56 3 ore fa
It’s about time that feathered dinosaurs get more attention. The general public still think dinosaurs are these giant, slow, scales lizards when (more accurately) they are just birds with teeth
The Sandwitcher Wild Lunch
This is why i'm not so bothered about animals going extinct.99% of species that ever existed are extinct.but new species come all the time.the same species cannot live forever.we shouldn't try to interfere.
Cassandra Gorz
What if dragons were real and they went extinct during our time? But there were so few left it was a rare thing to see? Same with Loch Ness monster? I realize this is probably already a thought many scientists have had, but it’s really cool to think about!
Jovan Milošević
I love his animation style
Ashutosh Shukla
Awesome, you people are... ( Yoda)
gothic dance crumps
I love you for this
gamer Loran
gamer Loran 5 ore fa
do the mummy
NUTS 5 ore fa
Yeah you just proves the existence of dragons
Leplaio 6 ore fa
2:25 I'd like to imagine everyone finding a fossil to scream sheesh like that
Lilibeth Langford
I didn’t think this would be the video that made me cry. You guys are absolutely fabulous. 😭
Rex Emet
Rex Emet 7 ore fa
Imagine if dinesores had technology like us, it's just that there is no evidence.
hannah banana
hannah banana 7 ore fa
Maybe you are lying 😯
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 7 ore fa
Bruh they made a whole video of how you can trust them
hannah banana
hannah banana 7 ore fa
How are we supposed to know
Dylen Weerasekara
Beautiful Animation. Amazing Details. I love this video.
Meeoowww. 7 ore fa
"or are they" *Vsauce noices*
Lykortos 7 ore fa
As ever, this is a superb video. Thank you, L.
Real Life World
A Kurzesgast video that instead of giving me a depression lifted up my depression? What heresy is this?
Ryorrr^^ 8 ore fa
life is all good when kurzgesagt uploads a new vid
Gaming Hyena
Gaming Hyena 8 ore fa
2:06 nobody’s talking about how SAD that is?
Clement Stefanovski
can u gets straight right to the point
Clement Stefanovski
@Big Chungus ?
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 7 ore fa
OMG stop spamming and your making no sense
Clement Stefanovski
can u gets straight right to the point
Yulio AP
Yulio AP 8 ore fa
I don't know...I just cried
Monster Tokusatsu
You right, because chicken say the same thing
양고기 8 ore fa
The animation is gorgeous. Maybe it's because it is fun to animate them as you said.
Chrom0xide 10 ore fa
Sailor Mercury is hiding :)
Pharoahe R
Pharoahe R 10 ore fa
SPOILER ALERT! The velociraptor was a bird
یوسف صفری
چرا زیرنویس فارسی نداره؟؟؟؟؟
Chris W
Chris W 10 ore fa
I really do love these videos so much
Crystallized Destruction
The sheesh from the Archaeologist was impeccablé
Tom Ato
Tom Ato 11 ore fa
Pretty sure the newest research shows geez wasn’t covered in feathers, they might have had some but not much if they did like just a bit on the back.
Supriya S
Supriya S 11 ore fa
I loved that dancing dinosaur 😍
LegitScoper 12 ore fa
The Soundtrack is so underrated.
Allan Galesco
Allan Galesco 12 ore fa
If they could know all animals alive and record all patterns, they could see better how they could be... Sadly the focus is on propaganda and not in true knowledge
LegitScoper 12 ore fa
I just want to believe that there were giant land snails... like... car sized.
Lilia Sinchetru
Lilia Sinchetru 12 ore fa
Shiiiiieeet it's realy cool do more vids like this even 1 video in 1 year
Shifan Jefrin
Shifan Jefrin 12 ore fa
Your a legend
Abdul Khaleq Hawwas
I’m crying because i love animals past or present I want all to be found
Aidan Salt
Aidan Salt 14 ore fa
I really hope the developers of Jurassic World Evolution 2 are watching this (❁´◡`❁)
Prithviraj madhavan
Anyone knows the music used in the background
Opie Teller
Opie Teller 15 ore fa
4:32 "besides some insects…" *shows a Centipede* >:(
Yuu-brawlstars 15 ore fa
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 7 ore fa
Nameless King
Nameless King 15 ore fa
Watching Kurzgesagt videos always makes me realize how beautiful and awe-inspiring the world and existence is outside of the shitty society humans made.
L Ron Cupboard
L Ron Cupboard 11 ore fa
so true
Omar Janab
Omar Janab 15 ore fa
That was beautiful!
Lochness 16 ore fa
6:05 I understood that reference
bidictus 16 ore fa
The skull: 💀 How alien would reconstruct it: 🦖 The animal: 🧒
Jarod 1999
Jarod 1999 17 ore fa
I love dinosaurs so when this video made me happy as a Trex in a butcher’s shop
Jarod 1999
Jarod 1999 17 ore fa
Wished I click the notification as soon as a saw it but I’m glad I watched it anyway I love Thai channel.
Pau OwO
Pau OwO 17 ore fa
Can we just talk about how GORGEOUS all the dinosaurs in this video look I was just GASPING at most of the video of how beautiful it looks
Musab Mtostob
Musab Mtostob 17 ore fa
This video was amazing
范振唐 17 ore fa
Please make a video about Taiwan-China relation.
Valet297 18 ore fa
5:05 Lileep 😂😂❤️
Girl Buu
Girl Buu 18 ore fa
Kurzgesagt: Lions are cuddly. Tsavo Maneaters: Yes, we are. Please come closer silly hairless ape.
Epic vid sir thanks its for our lesson
Big Porker
Big Porker 18 ore fa
Ive never before had a video inspire me, awe me, and make me have an existential crisis at the same time. Beautifully done.
CREAMED BEEF 19 ore fa
Um, the Earth is only 5000 years old and is flat, and hollow. Dinosaurs aren't real, their fossils were put here by Satan to trick people into thinking they're real so that you'll go to hell and die forever. Wake up sheeple.
tiny99990 19 ore fa
okay... I think I heard "scythe Lizards" and I seriously just want to give whoever named that a giant hug, because it sounds badass... lol
sinagelh17 19 ore fa
"Maybe the t-rex was a cuddly fellow " Me : 🥺🥺🥺 Please tell me you guys will come out with a t-shirt that says that!!!
Isaac Adams
Isaac Adams 19 ore fa
All my ancestors live inside me
Sonic exe
Sonic exe 20 ore fa
And there is one dinosaur in 7:26 it has chrismas decorations
8:31 this lil bird dance is adorable
This is misinformation, paleontologists are professionals and they dont miss a reconstruction, if we reconstruct modern animals, we dont get monsters, but the normal animal, guys dont believe this
Sonic exe
Sonic exe 20 ore fa
One of the dinosaurs in the video on 6:25 are beutifal
Sonic exe
Sonic exe 20 ore fa
And its the same in 6:10
Don't Worryaboutit
So what you're saying is that dragon's existed and that they were cuddly dogs?
Edward Gonzalez
Edward Gonzalez 21 ora fa
I almost cry with this video. The realization I will never see a real life dinosaur hit me hard 🥺🥺
Clement Stefanovski
@Big Chungus lmao cringe
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 6 ore fa
@Clement Stefanovski can you like Let me us the speaking ability that God has given us?
Clement Stefanovski
@Big Chungus can u like shut up?
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 7 ore fa
Well....there is *1* alive but its a bird
Roא 22 ore fa
What if dinosaurs were just distorted humans????
Rich Another
Rich Another 22 ore fa
Please, type in Greta Thunberg connects climate, ecological, and health crisis.
Oplars 22 ore fa
The small mammoth :(
Jester Tagz
Jester Tagz 23 ore fa
Boink aparatus
Davi Ian Moravio Souza
I instantly unsubscribed after this video, please know that paleontologists are professionals and they know what they are doing, and no, if you reconstruct sea lions based off their skeletons you won't get a monster, and it's not just based on their skeleton that paleontologists reconstruct the dinosaurs
Sode Giorno fa
I love the production quality you should make a movie
Astro27 Giorno fa
I bet that 20-50 years from now those calendars will become museum pieces
Lost Giorno fa
This is so sad ;-;
Karolien Giorno fa
2:07 Saddest thing I've seen all week 😢
Androides Paul
Androides Paul Giorno fa
Es gibt hunderte Info CDs über universe in a nutshell, die sind nicht sio einseitig angehaucht.
megawutt Giorno fa
This video warms my heart. Thank you!
Pavel Machytka
Pavel Machytka Giorno fa
so. Jurassic park was mostly a LIE.
Tentagoose Giorno fa
9:37 Boink Apparatus
Valentin Adx
Valentin Adx Giorno fa
Please french sub
Matthew Kopp
Matthew Kopp Giorno fa
The earth is not a sphere. It is a flat spiral moving through time.
Bad content
Bad content Giorno fa
Yeah definitely
Thanan5k Giorno fa
Ok bud whatever you say
Charlaell Zxaell
Thank you for reinforcing my love of the wonders of the natural world, and for reminding me of the depressing reality of just how much of it I will never get to know or experience.
The.Dragonfruit Giorno fa
i call it the know not paradox. you know you dont know that you dont know things but then how do you know?
pirate missouri
pirate missouri Giorno fa
"Toxic is very toxic" -Kergedaut in a nutshell 2021
Peaches life  place 😑❤️
So dinosaurs looked like big lizards
Peaches life  place 😑❤️
Dinosaurio are actually lizards because scientists looked at there scal and lizards and dinosaurs have the same skin lol why am I writing this?😀
- Hyena -
- Hyena - 6 ore fa
@Peaches life place 😑❤️ They literally are, evolved from theropods specifically
- Hyena -
- Hyena - 10 ore fa
Nah dinosaurs are the ancestors of birds
Marshall Yelkin
Marshall Yelkin Giorno fa
I’m convinced you’re just god teasing us with the truth
Busta Nut
Busta Nut Giorno fa
This video basically nailed the reason I went into Zoology instead of Paleontology despite my passion for both. There's just such a diversity of life around today that it feels tragic to ignore that in favour of yearning for a past we'll never fully understand.
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