When Famous Players Lose Control.. 

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Emiliano Perez
jajajaja pensar que el fútbol de antes no era solo fútbol era fútbol y artes marciales mixtas
Sam_tattoo_lounge 21 giorno fa
I Love when Dijk is mad 😂
Fool of a Took
Bro that push from Van Dijk after argentina kicked the ball in bench
Labid Hasan
Labid Hasan 2 mesi fa
Thiago Silva is the best Polite Defender 💖
Suleyman Bkrl
Suleyman Bkrl 26 giorni fa
No no no SergioRamos😂😂
Voydee Velasco
Voydee Velasco 2 mesi fa
Van Dijk always involve🤣
Shrey sharma
Shrey sharma 2 mesi fa
ramos too
Aniket Rajput
Aniket Rajput 2 mesi fa
Its kinda funny that almost every includes the Argentine players 😂
Thomas Good
Thomas Good 2 mesi fa
I'm not taken aback. Underdeveloped country.
Oscar Dickson
Oscar Dickson 2 mesi fa
Bit harsh, it’s mostly just Parades
Soulgenix 2 mesi fa
Ye true argentine has a lot off angry players and sometimes its not really fair
Thomas Good
Thomas Good 2 mesi fa
@Soulgenix They're Neanderthals.
Francis Khupchawng
Fabinho: Oh nooo...i make a big mistake oh no...enough enough 😂😂😂
mikael 22 giorni fa
Thats why we love football
Jaco Sattamini
Jaco Sattamini 2 mesi fa
if you get shoved hard you can't just give a light shove back. you have to go straight to a knuckle sandwich. Take the red and call it a day
Sebas Van der Stee
0:52 shaw saved his life here
SOSUL 2 mesi fa
Best one is still Jaap Stam, little old though.
Md Jihad
Md Jihad 2 mesi fa
Romero on fire💪💪
jin 2 mesi fa
0:21 VVD Physical should been higher on Fifa 😂
DioMeD22 2 mesi fa
He already has 93 strength in game
jin Mese fa
@DioMeD22 not high enough lol
Vipin Singh
Vipin Singh 2 mesi fa
Love to see these kids against RM Pepe/Ramos. Throw Zlatan in the mix too.
Farsa Rubin
Farsa Rubin 2 mesi fa
They are hilarious , I wish some MMA fighter explain what's fight to them
Josip 2 mesi fa
Music makes it a million time better!
Shanu Singh
Shanu Singh 2 mesi fa
I always thought that the atletico is the boss of mischef but they are the victim.
Raymond Bonington
Think you can throw mitro of fulham in there now .
danish putera
danish putera 2 mesi fa
3:02 lord nunez miss chances 🤣
Brian Manso
Brian Manso 2 mesi fa
A vinicius lo tiran al piso y se pone a llorar, pero cuando el tira a otro jugrdor al piso le dice que se levante
Jorrit van der Kooi
Brazilian players in a nutshell
David Rawls
David Rawls 2 mesi fa
I keep watching these videos thinking that I will see a proper squabble,but it's always a little push or something.
Benji Lillie
Benji Lillie 2 mesi fa
there are not many big fights in football these days with new rules and stuff
alex.j 7 ore fa
I miss Ibra, Stam and Pepe
yogoyolo_898 2 mesi fa
who else has never seen haaland mad ?
Ray Graham
Ray Graham 2 mesi fa
10:03 we should have had big boy vergil helping Bobby firbhinio ❤❤❤❤❤ love you Liverpool!!!!!!
Ť Đ Ä  ꫟ Š H Į M Ü Ŕ Ą
Lisandro vs mount was my favourite
Richie G
Richie G 2 mesi fa
cool music sets the mind up.
Colcocon 60
Colcocon 60 2 mesi fa
Not one of any of them would last 5 seconds in the average Saturday night street fight, no matter who they were up against. And that includes my mum!
Model Win
Model Win Mese fa
Have you seen the size of Haaland????? Much less Van Dijk??????? They're both huge and could take out anybody
Aditya Tari
Aditya Tari Mese fa
Fashion got sent by gundogan to get some bread and milk 🤣🤣
Arme 💜🖇️ binktin 💜📎
Los jugadores argentinos no son muy educados y respetuosos, deberían respetar a los indígenas de la tierra en la que juegan. 👍
David holgate
This makes me laugh most of them couldn’t fight sleep
Forest Ranger
Forest Ranger 2 mesi fa
What a scared little boy Xhaka was, terrified of the Liverpool hard men.
John Rock
John Rock 2 mesi fa
Hard men 🤣🤣🤣🤣
AshyGoatdd #roadto50
u should’ve showed casemiro choking will hughes
Thomas Good
Thomas Good 2 mesi fa
Football used to be so much better 40 years ago.
Jiro Yayuin
Jiro Yayuin 2 mesi fa
foden is like the kid who is getiing bullied lol
Jason Munday
Jason Munday 2 mesi fa
😂😂😂 when Man City players lose their cool is like a bunch of children on a play ground 😂😂 Nunez or VVD would have any of them 😂😂 Grealish is a sad excuse for a footballer 😂😂😂😂
DroughtFX 2 mesi fa
Lmao Rodri and Haaland have both Nunez and VVD🤝🏼🤣good try
cb5 2 mesi fa
Khal 2 mesi fa
Didn't you see the push to fabhino
Jason Munday
Jason Munday 2 mesi fa
@DroughtFX rodri and haaland 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 made my day 😂😂
AL3XWD 2 mesi fa
@Jason Munday bro how much did city beat you?
Dominatrix SaraGold
Rudiger and greizzman😂
Wingamer 2 mesi fa
Van Dijk is F carzy
Ajulo Victor
Ajulo Victor 3 mesi fa
That look from rashford and martinez like who the Fuck are you 😅😂
Meenal💐 24 giorni fa
😧😰Saka👶🏽🏃🏾to help Xhaka💪😭Oh goodness!!!! Now I've seen it all😭
gabe laz
gabe laz Mese fa
tonali is the more annoying gatusso🤣🤣🤣🤣
DLS 23 KING Mese fa
Oh that rodri and fabinho!!!
QWERTYUIOP 2 mesi fa
0:20 🤣🤣
RüzgarBerk5131 2 mesi fa
Burda bir Belhanda kavgası olmalı
almeidaa hemma
almeidaa hemma 2 mesi fa
Fulll granit xhaka❤
T.K. 2 mesi fa
Rüdiger VS PINK Griezmann(Woman) Berlin Dynamit 🧨 !!!! Love it ! 😂😂😂
khireddine nazim
van dijk look like a train hit paredes
Spirit PBR
Spirit PBR 3 mesi fa
lmao bernardo and his bald spot trying to choke salah
Galatasaray Manyağı
Bunlarda bizden asagi degil lan😂
Gyomei himejima
Gyomei himejima 3 mesi fa
Lol fabinho🤣
Resham FF
Resham FF 2 mesi fa
Everyone thinks they are gangsters on football untill Zaltan arrive🥸🥸
gaming with siam siam
Now you have to add vini and frenkie fight
P. DEMON 2 mesi fa
why does literally most of them have chelsea in it
Lightning PL7
How the HECK is Zlatan not in this video?
Cause he never lost control
The Only One
The Only One Mese fa
0:21 tHe TiTaNiC hit ThE iCeBeRG
Mark Diamond
Mark Diamond Mese fa
A bunch of the fights include Atletico and Real madrid
nino 23 giorni fa
vini caçado o jogo inteiro😈
All About Football⚽⚽
This Paredes and fight 😂😏
rishsann 2 mesi fa
rodri 🔥
namirembe victor
Gabriel was gonna be kicked
Just music
Just music 20 giorni fa
Ivan Cuturic
Ivan Cuturic Mese fa
Grejts moment forca guners topnicks
guest guest2
guest guest2 3 mesi fa
van dijk, tsimikas, nunez and henderson all three of them couldn't deal with granit Xhaka😂
LENCE Limbu 3 mesi fa
Ramos will deal with him
guest guest2
guest guest2 3 mesi fa
@LENCE Limbu nah xhakas got albanian blood in him, aggression wise u cant compete with that
Fergus 3 mesi fa
@guest guest2Mitrovic already dealt with him at the world cup
Decor Fashion
Decor Fashion 3 mesi fa
@Fergus because it was worldcup swiss people are nice
Juan Muñoz
Juan Muñoz 3 mesi fa
Do you even know how to count????
Labeel U ahammed
Bellingam, foden english mates🤭
dudkashan 2 mesi fa
Fabiana Lima
Fabiana Lima 2 mesi fa
Van gijk melhor entendeu?
Melhores Momentos do Futebol
tem que aliviar pessoal
Fabihno 🤣
zlozano embraZa
zlozano embraZa 2 mesi fa
De 10 brigas 8 tem brasileiros
Raman Moirangthem
No one come close to sergio ramos!
vaibhav raut
vaibhav raut 2 mesi fa
which song is this please can anyone tell?
SaveNazer Mrface
Music: Loony-infraction
Monil Mese fa
Men can be possessive of their balls
Roy Lacy
Roy Lacy 2 mesi fa
Ref Chester City paying ref's again
AL3XWD 2 mesi fa
Baronel Grímla
Baronel Grímla 2 mesi fa
damn, what's this track's name?
Baronel Grímla
Baronel Grímla 2 mesi fa
@StuchFlex perfect thxx
PROHODILKIN _ 2 mesi fa
что за песня?
pro typer
pro typer 2 mesi fa
name of soundtrack ?
Cevat Uygur
Cevat Uygur Mese fa
Omar Tartir
Omar Tartir 2 mesi fa
Paredes when kicking Tonali's leg👿👿
Ramzi Smiri
Ramzi Smiri 2 mesi fa
Le silence une aussi est une re'pence
Dybala plays
Dybala plays Mese fa
Van dijk killed him in the world cup
عليᬊ 3 mesi fa
Van 🇳🇱🤍
Sengkeruaq 2 mesi fa
Van dijk + paredes
одинокая жизнь
1:12this is not OG ramos🤨😶
Rizzle Nizzle
Rizzle Nizzle 2 mesi fa
Mount is such a victim 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Barbara Pellegrini
Barbara Pellegrini 28 giorni fa
Billy Trotter
I reckon Haaland is a Viking
Mario 2 mesi fa
what is the song name
Football Woman
christian primig
song name???
XTEN 3 mesi fa
tinkoasd 2 mesi fa
What's the music?
frank luis
frank luis 2 mesi fa
the refs should let them slug it out , like hockey
Premier league and Bundersliga soon hot
StuchFlex 2 mesi fa
Ali Ahmed Rabbi
Ali Ahmed Rabbi 2 mesi fa
Music name?
Muhammad Hanzala
I’m man 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🤌🏼🤌🏼😒
Nicki Iren
Nicki Iren 2 giorni fa
01:53 como te cagaste kimmichele
Yassin Youcef
Yassin Youcef 2 mesi fa
Luciano 3 mesi fa
Fatih Gök
Fatih Gök 2 mesi fa
music ?
Football Number 1
Where lukaku and ibra ????
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