When Players Steal Their Teammates Goal 😬 

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Goal steals in football


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6 set 2023




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@hoops4k 3 mesi fa
Zidane from Ali Express😂
@Emanuel3343 2 mesi fa
Fr 😂😂
​@tafugbamit's not he never played for psg
@FootyEditz579 2 mesi fa
@tafugbamPsg kit????💀💀💀💀💀
​@tafugbamBro watches Skibidi Toilet not Football💀
@sas3000xd 2 mesi fa
@axo_of 2 mesi fa
After he stole Ronaldinho's goal he still celebrates it 💀
@Shamiq 2 mesi fa
That made me laugh so hard lmao 💀
@RH1N0______13 2 mesi fa
It was gonna hit post
@itzslorth 2 mesi fa
it wasnt a steal yet ronnie looked like he was about to pass because he kicked it and it was about to hit post
​@@itzslorthIf you look closely It wasn't a pass to his teammate and second the ball would go in.
ronaldo in the locker room Ronaldo: theres no red card here his teamate:💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Nani technically didn't steal his goal because the ball already had cleared the line, it should have been a goal.
Ronaldo isn't this type of guy.He would never do that to somebody.
@mikeykun1750 2 mesi fa
It's to try what Khabib taught me said CR7 😂
@nattgaming5168 2 mesi fa
Ronaldo in the locker room after the game 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
@ivorbogdanoff 2 mesi fa
it's gonna be nanis last moment alive 💀
@norddine9988 2 mesi fa
bruh he is the dernier march😂
theres no red card here
@atulxenpai 2 mesi fa
@lyri7244 2 mesi fa
Did you see how Pique relaxed on the pitch😂 when dribbled
@hushni Mese fa
He's avoiding hands ball.. But still funny..
The best part is that nani never touched the ball before it went inside.
Zidane with hairline 💀 Edit:now I'm famous 🗿🍷
@arman2213 2 mesi fa
He had hair bro☠️ before 2006
@@arman2213he said HAIRLINE
@muZlimGigachad 2 mesi fa
That's not even zidane it's pep
Jérôme Leroy Pep dosn't play for psg
@@florianbercher6678 It´s Pauleta, a Portuguese Striker
@Tixite 2 mesi fa
when players TRY to steal teammate’s goals*
@MrSalehovich 2 mesi fa
He did that spelling mistake on purpose to make you write a comment and you fell for it. Hold up, I felt for it too 😂
@its_hussy1105 2 mesi fa
Ronaldo literally said "Nani?!"💀
Legend 🙌🏾
Pique sleeping ☠️
Pique Just Chilling, He Knew There Was No Hope Anymore Untill Nani Did That 😂
@who-am-i-722 2 mesi fa
@@rahatsiddique3756 😂
@@rahatsiddique3756 yeah. He knew it's too late to try to stop him from scoring. Only ronaldos teammate can stop him from scoring that😂
@@acclimatized8838 Nani Was A Really Good Player Tbh. But This Thing Made Me Hate Him For Once 😂
​@@acclimatized8838Nani didn't steal his goal because the ball already had cleared the line, it should have been a goal.
@mhmdserhan9641 2 mesi fa
Bro sent Pigue sleeping bro was like : bed time my child
It always looked to me like Cr7's ball was already across the line.
I feel bad for ronaldo
@Legendofmytime 3 mesi fa
Dame i felt his anger it Realy makes me angry the player make the chans misst
@@Legendofmytime yeah that's the reason why ronaldo hate nani
@ranger-tn1813 2 mesi fa
as a messi fan i got angry if that happened to me i would quit the team
@jacker1k522 2 mesi fa
​@@ranger-tn1813 tf "quit" the team 😂 mate over just one goal plus it was a bad call it was never offside
@@jacker1k522mat learn the rules first
Ronaldihno is playing against some team 😂 meanwhile CR7 is out here playing against Prime Spain and about to score an absolute beauty but Nani doesn’t know when to stop playing hero 😂😂😂
@sjffx4136 2 mesi fa
Ronaldo celebrated for a goal of bruno as if he scored 😂
Cristiano has every right to be mad
@mehappy6499 2 mesi fa
Bro can’t spell 😂
@That_Guy_2 2 mesi fa
@tesk2323 2 mesi fa
@@mehappy6499he's not illiterate
@Essay222 2 mesi fa
@@mehappy6499 OMG soo funny😐
Ronaldinho 299 gols ☠️☠️
Ronaldo is gonna kill his teammate in the locker room💀
Ronaldinho pace ❄️🥶🥵
I am a supporter of Olympique de Marseille
@nathaniel9027 2 mesi fa
Ronaldinho passport🥶🥵
@justadoge1439 2 mesi fa
​@@nathaniel9027very funny did laugh.
@TheAnalysis2 2 mesi fa
Seems like Ronaldinho’s goal was hitting the post and not going in the goal
I can feel the anger in Ronaldo
Zidane in ohio😂😂
@rohansaha2120 2 mesi fa
bro still uses this dead joke
@spumydgr977 2 mesi fa
Its 2023💀
@Aran-_- 2 mesi fa
Bro's best moment in his career was stealing Ronaldinho's goal
You know nothing about Zidane's career then.
@Aran-_- 2 mesi fa
​@@andrewchupeau3129bruh that's ain't no zidane 🤣 maybe the wish version
@aartipareek221 2 mesi fa
Ronaldo to pique - "You wanna listen a bedtime story?.." 💀☠️
Aint no way he stole that ball and also made it offside😭 Edit:100 likes 👍 this video getting real famous Damn 480 likes 👍
Ik I hate nani
@JBLightning. 2 mesi fa
What’s off side anyways
@KJedits_ 2 mesi fa
​@@JBLightning. Google is a thing but when a player is nearer to the opponent's goal line than both the ball and the second-to-last defender at the moment the ball is played to them, it is considered offside.
@JBLightning. 2 mesi fa
@@KJedits_ that’s such a dumb rule why does that even matter
@CV-lm7pv 2 mesi fa
Probably would have been each players best goal respectively.
Have u ever seen Ronaldinho play This comment makes u sound 12
​@@OisinOSullivanfreekicksit wasn't even ronaldinhos goal. Cuz Ali express Zidane ruined it..
I feel like Ronaldinho's would have hit post.. but we'll never know. Ronaldo's goal would have been crazy
@ruizdjabel 2 mesi fa
Joder la de cristiano es de cárcel jajajaja menudo golazo 😂
I just translated this into English
Zidane + havertz = that guy
@legoc-3po845 2 mesi fa
With Ronaldinho there was a chance the ball would bounce on the pole so the Algerian Zidane finished it, with Cristiano not only he stealed his goal but denied it by being offside😭💀
that was Ronaldo's goal🤧
@AlwaysThrilled 2 mesi fa
Ronaldihno was gonna miss anyway 😊
@aikakopian1617 2 mesi fa
Zidane with hair 💀
@xfn5286 2 mesi fa
Bro the first guy to slide on ronaldo just relaxed for a sec
That was Pique 😂😂
Ronaldo’s goal was indeed real !
In the Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal, the ball was clearly already inside.
@migue2577 2 mesi fa
El gol del GOAT fue totalmemte legitimo ya que nani le pego al balon cuando este ya estaba adentro de la porteria, o sea cuando ya habia sido gol.
@OfficialAF_ 2 mesi fa
That celebration 💀
Its not about stealing the goal, its about the moment the idiots touch the ball its recognized as offside 🤦‍♂️
Bro Hired Zidane from Walmart 💀
Ronaldo be like I'll see u after the match😂
I feel bad for Ronaldo. Not only that this guy tried to steal his goal, he finished it from an offside position.
@GuestYT666 2 mesi fa
They're always against me ~a wise man
Ask yourself why they are against you but not the other person
Zidane did not play for PSG, because he is loyal to the Marseille Olympic team😅
Ronaldo 🔥 But that player 😵‍💫
@Femon67 2 mesi fa
Bro piqué took enjoy life to a ohio level
@BC-ox4yo 2 mesi fa
Ronaldo's goal was valid, since the ball crossed the line before the guy put it in with his head
He not only steal Ronaldo goal but made it offside😭😭😭
@Mrucl412 2 mesi fa
Bro called pep Guardiola fake zidane💀
@PapitochiToo 2 mesi fa
its not pep guardiola 💀💀💀
@gloutuplou 2 mesi fa
​@@PapitochiTooC est Jérôme Leroy
@Qw0485 2 mesi fa
Ronaldo wasnt angry bc Nani, he was angry bc it was goal before Nani header
@7sk369 2 mesi fa
😂😂Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t understand at all whether it’s a pass or a shot, but it happened by accident
@Harvey_Cats 2 mesi fa
Bro that first one is literally me stealing some dudes hard earned goal in rocket league 💀
@maxwaikhom8442 2 mesi fa
Ronaldo was actually angry at the refree cuz it was already a goal
@brajesh666 2 mesi fa
Ronaldo after the match:😠🤬😡 Why did you touch the ball! Ronaldo's mind: You dead
@davidnassyrov 2 mesi fa
Goalkeeper in the first video:bye, I'm in vacation
Ronaldo's looked like it was over the line anyway!!
@ArKu47 2 mesi fa
Ronaldinho goal would've been the greatest
Zidane da deep weeb
@lazarom9998 Mese fa
Ronaldinho's shot would have bounced back in the post and not go in...
@Harrier20153 2 mesi fa
And after the match CR7 slammed his boots in the dressing room 😂
That Nani one was criminal
@ebock302 2 mesi fa
To be honest Ronaldo’s was already in the goal before Nani touched it
That fake Zidane is Pep Guardiola
@nyakstar 2 mesi fa
What was Nani thinking? Smh
@pjlaraujo 2 mesi fa
Ronaldo goal should have been validated. The ball had already crossed the line before Nani touched it.
@sorretgarcia25 2 mesi fa
Nani earned the whole world's hate after that headbutt offside goal. Total shit he did to Ronaldo that game and maybe Spain wouldn't have their one and only star thus far
the fake zidane assicured the goal, it was gonna hit the post
But I would come in later
no it wouldve hit the post and gone in
@bbbgg23-pm5fm 2 mesi fa
"assicured" is not a word.
Zidane 😂😂😂😂 bro has zero knowledge of early 2000s football 😅
That guy stole Ronaldo's goal to make it seem like it was offside, what a stealer The guy didn't mean it to be offside he just stole the goal
@Bozhectvo 2 mesi fa
My teammates in game be like💀:
@ChienPhanTV 2 mesi fa
Strong enemies are not afraid of stupid teammates like crawling.
Jealous Teamate shows desperation
@pro-Artist-_- 2 mesi fa
The first one hurts most at school football😅
The second guy just wanted to get the goal bro it was so clear that Ronaldo was going to score it
Technically that Ronaldo's goal had already crossed the goal line before being headed by his teammate...so the linesman flag should have stayed down.
Pique randomly decided to sleep in the mid of the match But i think that was ronaldo reaction after he didnt get a penalty when ge got fouled by The CB later in the game
That reaction was squarely for Nani...he should have punched him instead
Ronaldinho one was pretty close, it can even hit the post. But Cr7 goal being taken by Nani was cruel
@EdnaMillion. 2 mesi fa
It looks like Ronaldo’s shot may have already crossed the line.
@eslamonthevlog 2 mesi fa
When you refer someone, you refer a referee
Ronaldos goal should have stood. The Portuguese striker headed the ball after it had crossed the goal line. Therefore , technically the game had stopped for a goal when he touched the ball.
@jorteron 2 mesi fa
Ronaldo reaction was genuine. 😂
That cr7 goal was in 2010 world cup Pov: Nani did not touch the ball cr7 in world cup final
@muZlimGigachad 2 mesi fa
No it was as actually a friendly
@rereiw8418 2 mesi fa
Ronaldo's teammate made Ronaldo angry.
Ronaldo was mad because the team didn't get the goal
That was truly selfish from that Nigerian. 😂
@vector6077 2 mesi fa
Actually, that referee is prob from AliExpress... Ronaldo's ball was already behind the goal line when his teammate head-butted it.
@FUTINFINITY 2 mesi fa
Ronaldo: Yes we’re in the lead! Teammate: *sees dream opportunity to score a goal for his country* Referee: That was Ronaldo’s, so offside
@Absolutepower7 2 mesi fa
I always wondered why Nani went missing after this game.
I don't know which year was this very played though but he played till 2016 when they won the euro championship. He was only missing at 2018 World Cup in Russia tilm now.
Everyone’s an idiot once in awhile. There were two here and neither’s name starts with RONALD…😂
Yep R.I.P pique in the locker room
Zidane from Argentina
@kokopuffs5789 2 mesi fa
Nani messed up one of the best goals ever
They didn't steal... They didn't allow them to score..
Ronaldinho es tan mago que le vale perder un gol así. Hasta se rió.
I feel bad for Nani. He thought he had a defender behind him. He clearly acted on pure instinct
One player showed professionalism while the other showed arrogance 😂
@NoahHarriger 2 mesi fa
I hate when people do that especially when they’re offsides because the goal doesn’t count
@rnf-octane 2 mesi fa
Zidane was down bad for a goal
Zidane from ohio😂
@Tulox568 2 mesi fa
It's all the fault of those who wanted a stolen goal, if you look at the two shots, they were going to go in, it's just that the others went in to score a goal.
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