Where Animals' Scientific Names Come From

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shadow network
i truly admire sam o'nella, without any build up or announcement, he returns to youtube after nearly 3 years
All Your Base
All Your Base 26 giorni fa
@Milk tea leave and please amd go back to the gay zone
Seagull man the 1st
Seagull man the 1st 27 giorni fa
bro why r u here
Dark Wolf studios
@leaked footage are you a bot or a person
TeraBox64 Mese fa
@gwho 🤓🤓🤓
Kham XVIII Mese fa
vs dream making a whole event around his face
Astrodgirl Ch.
Astrodgirl Ch. 13 ore fa
I actually don’t think I’ve heard of this channel until I saw in a comment that they came back this year and decided to look it up. Watched this and stayed. the way you teach is so interesting it actually makes me feel like I want to actually learn 😭
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Lonely Star's Library
That "cuz they bitis" is the cutest thing I've ever heard in my entire goddamn life.
saint 14 giorni fa
there’s actually a species of tardigrade named after yukako yamagishi’s stand love deluxe from jojo’s bizarre adventure - discovered in 2012 - because of its ‘hairy appearance’. the two researchers who discovered it said it was almost like the creature was being controlled by the stand which is how it got its name!
♥killer_queen♥ 2 giorni fa
common jojo W
Hasapetdog 3 giorni fa
Everything in life really is a jojo reference
saint 3 giorni fa
@Tomatse same to you 😌
Tomatse 4 giorni fa
Ah yes, a fellow Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Connesuir, a pleasure to meet you here!
AmokBR 28 giorni fa
I know of one exception to the principle of priority: Manospondylus Gigas. That’s the original name for the T-rex. It was decided that the name T-rex was too well known and would not be changed.
Wesley Ward
Wesley Ward Mese fa
1.3M views in 6 hours is an accurate representation of how much we missed this guy.
What is Islam?
What is Islam? 17 ore fa
@griffy ye 🔴 What Is Islam? 🔴 Islam is not just another religion. 🔵 It is the same message preached by Moses, Jesus and Abraham. 🔴 Islam literally means ‘submission to God’ and it teaches us to have a direct relationship with God. 🔵 It reminds us that since God created us, no one should be worshipped except God alone. 🔴 It also teaches that God is nothing like a human being or like anything that we can imagine. 🌍 The concept of God is summarized in the Quran as: 📖 { “Say, He is God, the One. God, the Absolute. He does not give birth, nor was He born, and there is nothing like Him.”} (Quran 112:1-4) 📚 🔴 Becoming a Muslim is not turning your back to Jesus. 🔵 Rather it’s going back to the original teachings of Jesus and obeying him.
T Money
T Money 7 giorni fa
How much the algorithm likes this guy*
Chas Jetty
Chas Jetty 11 giorni fa
We live for Father Sam’s word.
manuiscool10 26 giorni fa
​@griffy ye We didn't
billboard NEWS
*BLACKPINK drops ℕew song "𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐭 𝐃𝐨𝐰𝐧" with hip-hop vibes : Liste𝚗*
LoAndBehold! The Stig
Fun fact...i was reading through one of my "The Far Side" books when I read upon something that I related to, giving this video covered that people have things named after people... In March 15, 1989 Mr. Larson the publisher of the Far Side had a lice "Mallophaga" order "Anopolura" only found in a new species of owl was named : "Strigiphilus garylarsoni" after the author.... just something I saw when reading lol
E 2 giorni fa
Starz Toons
Starz Toons 10 giorni fa
How can we mention Gary Larson's contributions to scientific nomenclature and NOT say how he invented the term "thagomizer" (the term for the spikes at the end of a stegosaur's tail) as a joke for a comic strip and scientists actually adopted that as the official name for it
CA3H 17 ore fa
He came back so fast and then to disappear into the void
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HoneySulphur 26 giorni fa
There’s an ancestor of the starfish called a “basket star”. The discoverer named the two discovered ancestors “Melusinaster alissawhitegluzae” and “Melusinaster arcusinimus” both referring to the melodic metal band Arch Enemy and their current vocalist. You can probably figure which one is which. There’s also a protein that’s part of brain cell called Pikachurin. You can probably figure out the reference.
E 2 giorni fa
Kaleb Boren
Kaleb Boren 4 giorni fa
@HoneySulphur not to be that guy but notice the read more button and the fact the comment isn't edited, and notice I knew that already as it was in the video as well Sorry if my deliberate hiding of the "punchline" for dramatic effect misleading.
HoneySulphur 4 giorni fa
@Kaleb Boren that would make sense, except _Osmosis Jones_ came out in 2001 produced by Warner Bros and Pikachurin was discovered in 2008 out of Japan. Likely, Piet Kroon and Tom Sito (the animation directors) or some animator threw in Pikachu as an Easter egg, nothing more. This theory is an attempt of retrograde lore, except A needs to be before B. B before A is simply impossible.
Kaleb Boren
Kaleb Boren 4 giorni fa
I saw a video where they were wondering why Pikachu was in Osmosis Jones and they figured out there was a protein named after him. But!.... IT WAS NAMED AFTER THE MOVIE CAME OUT WTF
Starz Toons
Starz Toons 10 giorni fa
@1224ChrisNg Its also responsible for development of facial features and an excess of sonic hedgehog protein can lead to freaky mutations like polycephaly. Imagine having to be the doctor to explain to a parent that their kid has two faces because it has too much Sonic the Hedgehog
Bradimus1 18 minuti fa
"in our innumerable trespasses against God..." 😂😂
*When the world needed him the most, he came back*
Top Shelf
Top Shelf Mese fa
Needed him for what? The world desperately needed a 10m vid in animal names?
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman Mese fa
And Saul Goodman in Walter White AKA Heisenberg
Tom H
Tom H Mese fa
He left us during such a dark time because we were no longer worthy
Stan S
Stan S Mese fa
Echo Mese fa
unofficial af
Mega Sparkle Goomba
Mega Sparkle Goomba 11 giorni fa
I love how he represents taxonomists as just a group of guys who go “fuck it, let’s just name it this”
Dev 6 giorni fa
Comes back after years, talks about animal names, and is gone like the wind once again
Belph 11 giorni fa
I just used this video as a bibliographic reference for a collage paper on taxonomy. I really wish the professors of the subject check this and confront me so I can fact check them
Clint 13 ore fa
He totally missed the domestic ferret Mustela putorius furo “stinky weasel thief"
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Larva Heroes
Larva Heroes Mese fa
This man really returned after nearly 3 years to talk about Latin and Greek prefixes & suffixes. What an absolute legend.
Paper Mese fa
He copied someone else’s comment
linkbirds Mese fa
npc response
BlackTeishin Mese fa
stolen comment lmao
The King of Banbury
@Rusty Megowan he was hybernating
chicken in pocket
i thought he died
Peaceful Scrimp
Peaceful Scrimp 28 giorni fa
It's to bad you overlooked a few animals (I'm sure a video like these could run on for hours). There was a great spot to bring up "Sherman's fox squirrel" and at the end you missed a huge opportunity to bring up the "Dik dik" . Great video 👌
a random supra
a random supra 14 giorni fa
Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts 27 giorni fa
So, first of all, this is an excellent example of what I tell my students, "Never let scientists name anything." Second, the reason there's a fly named after Beyoncé is that it has a a large abdomen, which apparently reminded the entomologist who named it of Beyoncé's butt.
Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts 27 giorni fa
To share some fun animal names, I have a couple examples. There is a pachycephalosaur dinosaur called Dracorex hogwartius, or literally "Dragon King of Hogwarts." There's an entire genus of beetles called Kissimi, pronounced "Kiss me," with species names inspired by the discoverer's lovers. Finally, we have Bulbasaurus phylloxyron, or "Bulbous reptile leaf-razor," a dicynodont from the Late Permian period. Now officially, this name comes from the bulb-shaped bones on its snout and the sharp beak it used to cut through plant material. Unofficially, however, when asked if the name had anything to do with the Pokemon Bulbasaur and its signature move "razor leaf," the paleontologists who discovered and named it said that any similarities between the two may not be a coincidence.
Jonathan Hodges
Jonathan Hodges 19 giorni fa
There's a species of mushroom endemic to the southeastern US that has a very..*suggestive* shape to it. It was discovered by a man named Ravenelli, and wouldn't you know it, he named it Phallus ravenellii. Bet you can't get what he named it after
Boryslav W
Boryslav W Mese fa
Is he coming back for good, I only learned about his channel when I saw all the memes about his return and now I'm addicted 😅
Lonely Sandwich
When the world needed him most, he returned. Without fanfare or explanation. He simply returned to do his duty.
Lucas Pan
Lucas Pan Mese fa
He then sprinted out of the room and jumped out a window
Kimmie K3
Kimmie K3 Mese fa
@RE I KNOW. THIS MEME HAS INFECTED MY COMMS. itvid.net/video/video-oLrRYXTRfyE.html
the mani(a)cs
🤯 itvid.net/video/video-0LGjJkNdGRI.html
RE Mese fa
@Kimmie K3 amogus aint funny any more
dr jack bright
Sandwuch, your reply section is mvm wave 2 help kill these robota
Klein 11 giorni fa
Hey, Sam! Greetings from Russia! I've been watching you for a long time, you're a cool guy) I wanted to share something. Recently I watched the movie Diva (2016) about Florence Foster Jenkins, I would like you to get acquainted with her too and make a video about her if you wish. A very shocking person, as a person who works in the field of opera and operetta music, she has sunk into my soul. With love
Ashley P
Ashley P 28 giorni fa
Welcome back. I was a little worried for a while when I hadn’t seen you for quite a while . I hope everything is ok and that Covid wasnt so hard on you. Love the content and I hope you continue to stay on YT for a while ❤️❤️
Kidtwenty 10 ore fa
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LoAndBehold! The Stig
The man we all know and love is back.... how the hell did i miss this video??? bruh Welcome back!!!!
Polar Mese fa
I truly admire sam o'nella's dedication and dependable work ethic to commit to a robust and regular upload schedule
pappi Mese fa
@The Cheesy Nachos He confirmed it at the end of the video
chillout Mese fa
He was getting his PHD
AgentOfWrath gaming
Yes fuckkkkkkkking goooooooooooo!!!!
dana dana
dana dana Mese fa
dana dana
dana dana Mese fa
@Macayla Cayton that's the joke!
What about Bob
What about Bob 27 giorni fa
Glad to see my favorite channel is back, seriously no content competes
NostalgicDouchebag 22 giorni fa
I'm so glad his drawing skills haven't improved in two years
Anjali Ferguson
Anjali Ferguson 19 giorni fa
MISSED YOU SO MUCH OMG love going through my monthly binge of all of your videos and being surprised by a new one 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹
Biggus Dickus
Biggus Dickus 14 giorni fa
Hey Sam I know the next video is probably already in the works but I would like to see a video that talks about upton sinclair’s “The Jungle” it would be hilarious to hear you talk about a book outlining the horrible conditions of immigrants and food in the late 1800s in general.
Hanna Zachacz
He's so humble that he didn't tell us about a whole bacteria genus named after him. What a legend.
Zach Dugan
Zach Dugan 17 ore fa
Salmonella are members of the Kingdom "Monera", not the Animal Kingdom.
lapple dopper
lapple dopper 6 giorni fa
Zachary Wellman
Zachary Wellman 10 giorni fa
@RR I don’t give a fuck about potato wedges
Mr Hyde
Mr Hyde 14 giorni fa
Mark Kithinji
Mark Kithinji 16 giorni fa
Michael A.
Michael A. 18 giorni fa
We missed you Sam!! Hope you're doing alright.
ZteR 20 giorni fa
U know how much of a legend this man would be if he actually doesn't come back until 2025 ?
theCrpldOrphnPrjct 28 giorni fa
you missed one of the coolest celebrity named bugs! I'm no Bowie fan but they named a huntsman spider after him; it's beautiful. you may mention it, like, im partway in and lit
StrategyStuff 6 giorni fa
1:05, I don't laugh out loud at a lot of jokes, but my god that was so good I am crying X)
Teapoid Mese fa
This man really returned after nearly 3 years to talk about Latin and Greek prefixes & suffixes. Legend.
Chuwak Chuwachniu
I thought he was russian youtuber
7bup 2 giorni fa
Scoob I'd a goated movie tho.
elmer1n_3d 6 giorni fa
i suppose
Keefe 7 giorni fa
PDocDanny 11 giorni fa
This man really returned to make a youtube video about a topic
Great Expectations
Great Expectations 18 giorni fa
I have missed you so so much, Professor O’nella. Don’t you ever leave us again.
Oliver Ranere
Oliver Ranere 20 giorni fa
ladies and gentlemen, it is to my pleasure to announce that sam o'nella academy has reached 4 million subscribers.
Roos Ter
Roos Ter 20 giorni fa
Holy shit They made a movie called Scoob.
Edlar89 24 giorni fa
You want to check out the genus called Mini. There’s 3 species and all have great names
Arthur Pressnall
Arthur Pressnall 15 giorni fa
Thank you very much sam for coming back we all really appreciate it and are looking forward to your returning reign on ITvid.
11Floppa Mese fa
He taught us the most valuable lesson of all: Patience
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Mese fa
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
Maybe the real lesson was the friends we made along the way.
George Walker
@Huy Nguyễn bro, how did you woosh him when clearly you got wooshed by him? Make that make sense, my man.
Happy Boy
Happy Boy Mese fa
@Spycy how much have you paid in tuition?
What a wise individual father Sam is
Joslyn Hayes
Joslyn Hayes 11 ore fa
We missed you!!!
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Alma Moser
Alma Moser 16 giorni fa
The German name "Spitzmaus" (Shrew) loosely translated to "spiky mouse" should not hide the fact that these animals are not closely related to mice. A decided renaming by the German Society for Mammalogy at its general meeting in 1942 into the zoologically more sensible, older designation Spitzer was immediately cancelled by Adolf Hitler after he became aware of it through the Berliner Morgenpost of March 3, 1942 under threat of longer stays "in construction battalions at the Russian front".
Cole Jackz
Cole Jackz 2 giorni fa
7:00 when he said “you guessed it…” I literally couldn’t stop laughing!!
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Charles Bradshaw
Charles Bradshaw 7 giorni fa
Now that this man is back, how often expect him to upload? I’m just curious.
D. Man
D. Man Mese fa
Didn’t miss a beat, this genuinely feels exactly the same as the others like he never disappeared.
Lardo Yek
Lardo Yek Mese fa
Honestly I think the jokes in this video were the most on point they’ve ever been. I don’t know if it’s just because I haven’t seen a video of his in a while, though.
do oby
do oby Mese fa
@Amelia Bee Your mom is a whore
Minurvaaa Mese fa
He’s coming back 2025
Pyro Mese fa
Ninz Mese fa
@Amelia Bee "it seriously sounds like he's deep throating the mic." knowing sam he probably is
Malte 16 giorni fa
So glad to see you posted a video! Missed you so much, one of the best ITvids for sure ❤
Alex Ratnakar
Alex Ratnakar 29 giorni fa
Missed you Sam. Thanks for coming back
RetroGaming Time
RetroGaming Time 15 giorni fa
I love how the only explanation we got for the long pause was “A Nap” I love this guy XD
Wendy Flood
Wendy Flood 19 giorni fa
sir you are a legend that lives rent free in my head and I missed you, the internet missed you 🥰🥳
Sebastian T.
Sebastian T. Mese fa
Honestly the fact that he just comes back unannounced and making as if nothing happened feels so true to Sam that I can't think of any other way of coming back for him.
evvy!! Mese fa
EzraThing Mese fa
Holy shit, his name is also Sebastian.
RL Mese fa
-Leaves for almost 3 years -Comes back like nothing happened -Says hey kids -Just as funny and knowledgeable as ever -Makes joke about leaving again The only way this glorious return could’ve been more Sam like is if he told us about Skillshare at the end.
Rylie Mese fa
I thought I was tripping when I saw he uploaded
Mointpan Mese fa
Holy shit his name is also sebastian
Jp and friends
Jp and friends 12 ore fa
Please post again I don't want another dry spot for three years. Please 🥺
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Jonathan Conklin
Jonathan Conklin 11 giorni fa
My mom thought I dropped out of the academy. She wouldnt believe me when I told her the professor was not showing up.
frootloops 10 giorni fa
Lmao 😭
Roshni Nagendra
This is such goood content! I thoroughly enjoy your videos!
Артем Зарипов
Glad you have returned! Genuinely the funniest stuff I've ever watched
Shrek Smith
Shrek Smith Mese fa
When the world needed him most, he came back I'm actually getting teary eyed. Holy shit I've missed you Sam
Shrek Smith
Shrek Smith Mese fa
@ItsKIDDMare seems like there was a man missing when you were growing up 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ItsKIDDMare Mese fa
@G G kinda gay
G G Mese fa
@ItsKIDDMare yes, i cry for a king's return, i would do the same to every man i respect
ItsKIDDMare Mese fa
@G G crying over another man??
Shrek Smith
Shrek Smith Mese fa
@ItsKIDDMare U acting like your father never came back with the milk
Emmett Gardner
Emmett Gardner 20 giorni fa
As a fan of geek culture, I can confirm that we do shit out d20's whenever we're reminded of Tolkien's, in fact it's a big problem. I myself have been blacklisted from comic-con and when I tried to watch that rings of power TV show, it was like 20 people had each eaten a cake made of laxatives, the seer sound of my ass ripping, deafened my entire block, when the police investigated the seer smell made them have a seizure, my room had looked like I had a dung beetle for a roommates, just mountains of the stuff, you can be sure that my parents kicked me out of their basement after that. TL: DR rings of power:7/10
saxboi 5 giorni fa
One of my favorites is a species of wasp that was discovered in Kenya in 2015. The guy who discovered it named it after the then-goalie for the Boston Bruins, Tuukka Rask, because it moved similar to how he used to make glove saves. Thus, it was named Thaumatodryinus tuukkaraski.
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Daven Jones
Daven Jones 21 giorno fa
can you do a video of the history of the periodic table and the names of the elements?
Khepri Fitzpatrick
Istg if he actually goes away until 2025 I'm gonna cry
Ballpoint Mese fa
I can't believe sam spent 3 years making this video. Truly inspiring stuff.
the mani(a)cs
🤯🤯🤯🥀🥀🥀 itvid.net/video/video-0LGjJkNdGRI.html
CJ Boehm
CJ Boehm Mese fa
@Enel whatever you say
Enel Mese fa
@CJ Boehm I really wasn’t complaining
ayam paleto
ayam paleto Mese fa
Best Sam O'nella moments itvid.net/video/video-lJHd5bn_k60.html
Li Nana
Li Nana Mese fa
Here is most cute video. itvid.net/u-shortsV08MtLqzwbQ?feature=share
biuor su
biuor su 23 giorni fa
i truly admire sam o'nella, without any build up or announcement, he returns to youtube after nearly 3 years
Nicholas Strausbaugh
I was in an AP biology class and when describing the origin of life the teacher said "a long time ago..." and the entire class said "in a galaxy far, far away"
Friedrich II der Große
AnotherLibtard 19 giorni fa
And then everyone clapped
Brooke Marie
Brooke Marie 14 giorni fa
Y’all I missed him so much 😭❤️
Mercian archives
I truly hope he will upload again because he was gone for so long and him saying "I'll see you in 2025." is truly unnerving.
Silver Steele
After three years...the man...the myth...the legend has come back to give us lessons on animal names, glad to have you with us once again Sam O'Nella
Baker Boat
Baker Boat Mese fa
@johnson andrew A great many people are misled, unfortunately.
Loading Mese fa
truly an honor to have lived through this :')
johnson andrew
Why the fuck is dream trending when we have sam o nella returning?!
Nobody Important
I thought he would never return, but now he's back with knowledge
average joe
average joe Mese fa
My question is if you’re a female chihuahua how would you survive a pounding from a Great Dane
Keziah Neisz
Keziah Neisz 14 giorni fa
Glad your back Sam! Missed seeing your videos!
gearspecRBX 4 ore fa
Please be back forever and never leave us.
E EE 4 giorni fa
To me the tin can fleet would be a entertaining and historically accurate topic for you to make a video on.
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Alkotol 4 giorni fa
I swear that if i ever get to name a species, i'm definitely using "Onellensis"
Gucci Gengis Khan
It took him several years to wrap his head around these absurd names and he taught us in 9 minutes What a LEGEND.
Shaymin Mese fa
@Send help same
Send help
Send help Mese fa
6 bots and 9 humans (including me), i can’t wait until it’s 6000 bots and 90 humans with youtubes garbage system!
GrimPig6969 Mese fa
@Shaymin It's pretty based ngl
Shaymin Mese fa
@GrimPig6969 what do YOU think about honosexuality?
Seabass Mese fa
​@GrimPig6969 basically don't participate in any sex with a man, every homosexual deserves love but not via marriage to man. Same goes for women (if anyone needs clarification)
What bro I can have 50 characters in a name? Why??
I don't know why but even after watching this video atleast 3 times now, the short bit with a big red line literally titled "the line" and him goin "oop" as he notices he's toeing it still makes me full on belly laugh, tears in my eyes and the whole nine for a good minute or two. Genocide isn't funny but that joke and the quick visual gag directly after certainly was.
John Segieda
John Segieda Giorno fa
Ok I’m starting to think he wasn’t joking when he said he would be back in 4 years.
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ciara 25 giorni fa
I get separation anxiety whenever he’s been gone for too long now. I feel like a battered housewife
MrGiorgiSs 18 giorni fa
Mr. O'Nella sir, I discovered your channel while you were away napping and, to my unmeasurable disappointment found out you were gone from ITvid most likely for good. All that, until now that you made your sudden reappearance in my YT sub feed! Thank you for bringing Christmas so early for 2022! Please drink an extra cup of coffee and don't get back to sleeping. The countless internet culture references, the concoction of mockery with facts, the satirical approach to scientific analysis, the minimalistic comedy design of your sketches... this internet era desperately needs your content. Again, thank you so much for coming back; looking forward to many more of your videos!
Squid Playz Gamez
Sam is like a dad that went out for milk and he actually came back
the mani(a)cs
🤯 itvid.net/video/video-0LGjJkNdGRI.html
ayam paleto
ayam paleto Mese fa
Best Sam O'nella moments itvid.net/video/video-lJHd5bn_k60.html
Bear Mese fa
yup and now he is gone again
Harsh Manohar
Only after 3 years and getting AIDS
Carnage Mese fa
And he actually brought the milk back
Tee Hub
Tee Hub 27 giorni fa
Sam, I love the video, but I've got one critique: Next time, can you please complete the twelve-bar blues pattern if you start a song following the pattern? I love the video, but the fact that you cut the 12-bar blues pattern naming feet off at 8 measures instead of going to the full twelve is very triggering. I WANT THE V CHORD, DANG IT SAM!
ElloBoppit 18 giorni fa
Where was this when I was doing my undergrad!?! Can't forgot about the world of genes and proteins as well. Nerdy and absurd naming conventions also are used to name random crap like the "sonic the hedgehog" proteins and related genes.
Nova 17 giorni fa
Imagine he comes back after 3 years to drop one video and then ghosts again lol. Good thing that won't happen :)
Nova 17 giorni fa
I am in denial
Harley Appropriate
Sam come back!!!
The Red Hex
The Red Hex Mese fa
Please don't leave for another 2 years my life isn't the same without your amazing artistic skills
Disco Panzer Gaming
It really isn't
Mr. Chicken
Mr. Chicken Mese fa
He didn't leave he just spent a long time making this video
@Deadpool. You make it too obvious. Change the text a little
griffy ye
griffy ye Mese fa
@Deadpool. thx
Deadpool. Mese fa
Here is the full clip : when i met sam itvid.net/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html
Pepper C.
Pepper C. 27 giorni fa
I genuinely don't know how many times I've rematch old videos and I just saw this now and I am so happy
KOrgan0414 17 giorni fa
Sam really came back after over 2 years, posted a single video, then dipped
San Peschke
San Peschke Giorno fa
I think he's not even post a new video until after Christmas
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That Guy
That Guy 9 giorni fa
After years of not being able to memorize the taxonomic ranks, I saw someone on Reddit use the mnemonic, "Dear Kevin, Please Come Over For Gay Sex." And ever since that day, I have been unable to forget the taxonomic ranks.
Madzilla Mese fa
This man really went MIA for 3 years and walked in like he never left. A true legend
the mani(a)cs
🤯🤯🤯🥀🥀🥀 itvid.net/video/video-0LGjJkNdGRI.html
Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness
@Zomble 2 years and 10 months. don't be pedantic.
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy Mese fa
Let's face it these people spamming legend/ classic are just (pre)millenials who depserate need to be part of something
Engineer gaming
@卐-LAKEHUNTIST-卐🇷🇺[Z] Ur just a lowly A.I that can be controlled easily. Not even sentient.
Zomble Mese fa
2 years actually, not 3 years
GhostMoth Mese fa
and when the world needed him most, he didn't return But he's back now!
Luca Hasel
Luca Hasel 3 giorni fa
- Make some of the best videos on ITvid - Leave for three years - Come back - Explain animal taxonomy - Refuse to elaborate further Absolute chad
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Hammburger Man
Hammburger Man 25 giorni fa
he mentioned things having several names-- chickens (one of the most well known animals on earth) are called Gallus Gallus Domesticus.
Jc giftson razonable
Sam since I've heard of you like 2 days ago I've been watching your content and it's funny and awesome for me to watch and it tells me random shit in history oh and also I have a question why do you bring up the phillipines many times and a picture of Duterte in one of your videos you could of just picked another politic related person.Why??
Nefeli Malfoy
I truly don't remember ever being happier for a youtuber return. I recall occasionally checking twitter/reddit for any updates and I genuinely hoped that you were okay and living your best life. So happy that you've come back Sam, now i can go back to annoying all my friends by making them watch your videos:') Missed you, you legend, hope you're well!
Nefeli Malfoy
@Eitan R. oof, you're right, close second
accurate account of the last minute of my life
Nefeli Malfoy
@Clinton Schroeder I hope he was? xD Although pretty sure we'd all be back on 2025 equally as excited for another return lmao, but i really missed having more content, one can only rewatch the previous videos so many times xD
Retard Gaming
@Clinton Schroeder same
Blue Terminator
I clicked when i saw hitler on the thumbnail
Dude Mcguy
Dude Mcguy Giorno fa
Aw shucks sam, I'll miss you for the next 3 years.
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Beau Williams
Beau Williams 27 giorni fa
The punch line for coming up with a mnemonic for the classification system made laugh so hard I wet my pants. ("Shamus Urinecus").
Korelev 2 giorni fa
I am kinda scared that he wasnt joking about waiting another 3 years
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bLaCk Lod
bLaCk Lod 24 giorni fa
They called Bitis because they're bitis. You just made my day. Love you Sam See you next time
Saggee Mese fa
Doesn't even address why he left for two years, just pops back into existence. What a legend.
Saggee Mese fa
Y'all I know he left for college, however he did not say anything about it in this specific video lmao
Wolf Smith
Wolf Smith Mese fa
@Mong my statement stands.
Mong Mese fa
@Wolf Smith he went to college
DanQZ Mese fa
I heard he was just focusing on college for a bit
Wolf Smith
Wolf Smith Mese fa
Lesbian_Chaos 18 giorni fa
The man, the myth, the legend
Rory Devlin
Rory Devlin 23 giorni fa
not even a minute into the video and he has me laughing smmm 😂😂😂😂😂
Mr Tortoise
Mr Tortoise 7 giorni fa
I like to imagine his voice did not change at all and this was a completely different person who sounds vaguely like the sam we know
Phillip Dornellas
Phillip Dornellas 12 giorni fa
the amount of tears I had to wipe from my face from laughing.
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