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Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)

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Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) · Alan Jackson
℗ 2002 Sony Music Entertainment
Drums: Eddie Bayers, Jr.
Violin: Carl Gorodetzky
Viola: Monisa Angell
Violin: Pamela Sixfin
Violin: Alan Umstead
Violin: Lee Larrison
Viola: Jim Grosjean
Violin: Dave Angell
Violin: David Davidson
Viola: Kristin Wilkinson
Violin: Catherine Umstead
Violin: Conni Ellisor
Electric Guitar: Brent Mason
Background Vocal: John Wesley Ryles
Viola: Gary Vanosdale
Cello: Bob Mason
Steel Guitar: Robbie Flint
Piano: Gordon J. Mote
Bass: Roger D. Wills
Fiddle: Mark McClurg
Guitar: Daniel Groah
Piano: Monty Parkey
Guitar: Tom Rutledge
Strings: Bev Crompton
Strings: Adele Armin
Strings: Carol Fujino
Strings: Marie Gelinas
Strings: Sheldon Grabke
Strings: David Hetherington
Strings: Bridget Hunt
Strings: Fujiko Imajishi
Strings: Audrey King
Strings: Dominique LaPlante
Strings: Ron Mah
Strings: David McFadden
Strings: Robert Miskey
Strings: A. Patipatanakoon
Strings: Wendy Rose
Strings: Marc-Andre Savoie
Strings: Mark Skazinetsky
Strings: Bozena Szubert
Strings: Aarne Tammisaar
Strings: Vera Tarnowsky
Strings: Elaine Thompson
Strings: Angelique Toews
Strings: Paul Widner
Strings: Worthington Kirk
Steel Guitar: Paul Franklin
Bass: Glenn Worf
Copyist: Martin Loomer
Background Vocal: Bruce Rutherford
Fiddle: Stuart Duncan
Acoustic Guitar: Bruce Watkins
Acoustic Guitar: Tony Stephens
Strings: Mi Hyon Kim
Cello: Carole Neuen-Rabinowitz
Producer: Keith Stegall
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8 nov 2014

Alan Jackson亞倫傑克森DriveWhere Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)




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Commenti 182
Laine 6 giorni fa
I truly believe if Alan Jackson never put pen to paper for any other song than this, he would have fulfilled one of God's purposes for his life.
Salvador Alvarez
Salvador Alvarez 8 giorni fa
I was sitting down at my livingroom i was in the u.s soil for 11 days, i didnt know what was happening, i saw the twin towers on fired at the beginning i tought it was a movie...then my uncle called me and told me about it... i was mad, i was sad, i just wanted revenge, unfortunately i couldn't joined the army. Because i was an international student., but i would fight and give my life for this country if i ever have the opportunity to join the u.s army
kyle johnston
kyle johnston 16 giorni fa
I wish I listened to music like this when I was younger. This is healing and good
Michael Buchanan
Michael Buchanan 17 giorni fa
After 20 in Navy then 14 in Rescue (medic) and fire department wreck-rolledover a firetruck on a call 7 weeks in Coma in May 2012 I walk, Talk, balance check book but they won't answer me about driving WHY can’t I retest to drive WHY
John Holcombe
John Holcombe 20 giorni fa
i was 3 when this happend me and mom and brother joined because of this
Kelly Myers
Kelly Myers 21 giorno fa
I love this song 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️
Michael Engels
Michael Engels 25 giorni fa
This is probably the only 9/11 or post 9/11 song that wasn't verbose with overtly political patriotism (jingoism) lyrics......and I appreciate this song for what it is.
CookieKitten 9000
CookieKitten 9000 25 giorni fa
I wasn't born on 9/11-but I know that this was a horrible day.
Denise Brooks
I was living on base in Texas my husband was in the Middle East .Just sent my kids to school Turned the tv off to start cleaning my brother called said plane ✈️ hit the World Trade Center , I turned the tv on as the second plane hitting. I knew that instant it was bin Ladin, we were on high alert on base for months due to that asshole! I thought for sure I would see my husband for awhile , he was due to come home that Friday ! Thank god the planes started flying everyone in each country gave seats up for our military that Friday !!!
guerriyero Mese fa
USA made this with their foreign policy, they are now in several wars intervening. If you attack a foreign country you can't get surprise if they get it back to you.. ah and this song is a try to capitalize the suffering of a country.. what a lame
LISA LEE Mese fa
Awesome song
LISA LEE Mese fa
This is an awesome some Alan nailed it
The pug overlord
Iam 14 now and I have a story to tell. my teacher showed us this song. Out of nowhere a Muslim girl in our class stands up and starts yelling all American solders are terrible people and no wars ever happened. Never saw her after that. Hope she's on the streets
the speaker
the speaker Mese fa
All of you can only see from one perspective, if you look into it the "terrorists" had reasons good reason for doing what they did, but they DIDN'T go about it the right way.
João Ninguém
South Park brought me here i love Alan Jackson
João Ninguém
Nationally Fascist
"Where were you, when they built that ladder to heaven?"
brittbr8tt Mese fa
I was in kindergarten, we had to line up in our classrooms with our head between our legs for hours. Our school went into lockdown for far past the Bell. We all started screaming when we heard a boom coming from president bush’s plane landing at the base near by. All of our parents were banging on locked doors screaming for their kids but not being allowed to come inside. I can still hear, feel and see it all.
Dixie Dipper
Dixie Dipper Mese fa
Those 509 dislikes are from Al kie da
I feel so guilty because I wasn't born :(
David Scott
David Scott Mese fa
God Bless our Military and Prayers for the Lost Lives on that Terrible day. May we as a Country come together now. God loves us all .
Raj Sihota
Raj Sihota Mese fa
OMG so dramatic,,,, the world stopped turning lol. Uhhh some buildings got hit and we ALL expected it sooner or later. Idiot Americans, I'm ashamed of our country.
capnhands Mese fa
I was watching it on tv holding my dads M1 Garand in my pajamas
Frantic Ninja
Frantic Ninja 2 mesi fa
9/11 Where have you gone.
Donny Guild
Donny Guild 2 mesi fa
At work
Benjamin De Vita
For all the Fire-brothers we lost. Your not forgotten...
Mestawet Endaylalu
I will never forget that day, I always like your songs!!!
messi 10
messi 10 2 mesi fa
People who hate this song are dumb because we gotten ATTACKED By al queda they hate this song they dont care about people who died in 9/11
Tiffanie Jennings
I remember being in the 1st grade not really understanding what was going we had just said the pledge and my teacher told us something bad happened in New York and we was to stand in slince a couple of more min to respect to new York
Cptchurch33 2 mesi fa
My mom was only 7 months pregnant with me when it happened... My dad was sent over seas for 6 months after this, leaving my mom alone with me just being born and my 5 year old brother. Mom sacrificed many things for us while dad was gone. Dad missed a lot over these 17 years. From me getting my first pet to learning to play violin and going into the school band. He has been deployed just about every other year since then and im happy to say its been 3 years since his last and longest one. We didn't know where he was or what he was doing but now that he's home for good, mom doesn't have to sacrifice so much for us. I plan on joining when i graduate to continue what my great- grandfather started. A line of men willing to fight for America across the world. God bless this country
Mykala Thomas
Mykala Thomas 2 mesi fa
I was probably four years old when this happened, but even though we lived nowhere near NY my family remembers it like it were yesterday. I've listened to enough recordings, enough ATC, and many documentaries on this incident. It still blows me away. I still can't fathom it, and I can't imagine how it must feel for those that saw it first-hand.
Turkey decoy vs coyote young
How tf does this have nearly 500 dislikes?
Dorothy Harris Moy
I was working at Moroun Nursing Home on 911, I saw the second plane it the World Trade Center tower. My cousin, Damion was born on the 3rd anniversary of 911.
God 2 mesi fa
I was in daycare
John Napalm
John Napalm 2 mesi fa
No one gives a fuck
Chris Reagan
Chris Reagan 2 mesi fa
On this 9/11 anniversary I’d just like to say.....God bless the USA and every American in the military, police, and fire/emt who’s fought and died for this country to keep us all safe. WE WILL NEVER FORGET this day or the sacrifices that have been made for our great country!!!!
Katie Scherck
Katie Scherck 2 mesi fa
what is wrong with the people who disliked this song? this is a song about 9/11 what is wrong with those people? i love this song. GREAT JOB Alan Jackson GREAT JOB Alan I love you.
Last Drop Falls
He wrote a song about a tragedy so he could profit off said tragedy. This song should be free on itunes and should have come out on its own disc for free
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith 2 mesi fa
This song is very special and I hope everyone knows it. I just heard it today, my music teacher showed it to my class and i started crying.
Ed McGowan
Ed McGowan 2 mesi fa
Pulled over today when this came on the AM radio in my truck. I called my Ma, and reported in to my regiment. I just watched an interview you did, and I agree, there are a thousand more good Folks out there.
Current it is 2018 Steptember 11th ( back in 2001 9/11 when it happened) I was 13/14 years old, Living in New York in my 8th grade history class when it happened. WE WILL NEVER FORGET THAT DAY. 17 YEARS later it is still fresh as if it just happened. NEVER FORGOTTEN ! I am now 30/31 yrs old. still remembering it like it was yesterday.
Gresham Smith
Gresham Smith 2 mesi fa
Who here's on 9/11?
Stephen R
Stephen R 2 mesi fa
This song really brings a tear to my eye. I was 12 and in 7th grade when the principal had to break the news just after 9 AM, right after we began Math. All these years later, it's hitting me more and more. Especially seeing how some of those helpless trapped victims had to accept their inevitable fate.
JROTC color guard
Never forget never surrender semper fi all military personnel and CA 20066 Corps of cadets
FaithSpires 21
FaithSpires 21 2 mesi fa
Times of impact: 8:46 a.m. and 9:02 a.m. Time the burning towers stood: 56 minutes and 102 minutes. Time they took to fall: 12 seconds. 2819 dead from 115 different nations. 343 Fireman/paramedics, 23 NYPD, 37 Port Authority officers...9/11/18 💔 🇺🇸
Briana Taylor
Briana Taylor 2 mesi fa
I play this song every year
Missy Squirrel
Missy Squirrel 2 mesi fa
God bless
Kevin Hassenpflug
September 11th, 2001 - where were you? I was Active Duty US Air Force stationed at Aviano Air Base Italy. We were 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, so around 2pm Local (Italy time)/8am Eastern Standard Time it was “time” for the afternoon cappuccino to get me/us through the rest of the day - I decided to go buy a bunch for the folks I supervised. So after I got back we were outside drinking a few (it was a gorgeous fall afternoon), our peace was shattered when a younger Airman came running outside and said those tragic words “OMG A plane just crashed into the World Trade Center!” So every rushed in to see to what was going on, watching on live TV we saw the 2nd plane crash into the South Tower, I remember looking to my friend and saying “We are under attack”……… about 30 minutes a plane crashed into the Pentagon and my greatest fears were realized - we are under attack and we are going to war. Every 9/11 - I shed a tear, for those lost, for innocent lives gone, for Husbands without Wives, for Wives without Husbands - children who lost their parents and parents who lost their children. To the Men and Women of our US Armed Forces, even though I passed the torch years ago - thank you for all eternity for the sacrifice you make every day to ensure and call on me ever again if needed.
God 2 mesi fa
I was in daycare
Francesca Christinaa
kosjeyr 2 mesi fa
17 years...
Golden Panther
Golden Panther 2 mesi fa
I was elementary school when it happened. When got out early, and I didn't know what was going on until that evening when we watched the news. I remember that headline (it was on CNN): America in Terror, in yellow letters. I couldn't really believe what was going on. About five minutes earlier, I was just happy because my birthday was the next day, but all I remember doing after I saw that headline was praying, hugging my parents. The next day I cried almost all day, all I could think about was those people and if any of them had a birthday too. So I sang happy birthday to them instead.
Orathai Freby
Orathai Freby 2 mesi fa
Joseph Lampo
Joseph Lampo 2 mesi fa
I was in school when 9/11 happened. I remember i could see the New York skyline from my classroom window. One of the teachers came into our room frantically and said a plane had just crashed into one of the Twin Towers. I turned my head and saw the smoke coming out of the Tower. A girl in my class; her father was one of the first responders into the Towers. He never came home. It was that day that the world changed forever.
Stephen R
Stephen R 2 mesi fa
That must have been so upsetting, having to see your classmate learn that her father never made it. When I walked home from school that day, my neighbor that walked with us told us the same thing, that our world was never going to be the same.
DaveStyleLP 2 mesi fa
Haha that was a nice episode :D Kenny is inside cartman btw.....
Brandon Gray
Brandon Gray 2 mesi fa
Who ever dislikes this is a one of them towel heads that go to hell
Raymond Poe
Raymond Poe 3 mesi fa
I was only 6 months old in my fathers arms
Lauren Griggs
Lauren Griggs 3 mesi fa
i remember seeing alan in concert last November. there wasnt a dry eye anywhere when this song came on. a room full of strangers came together.
christa letcher
christa letcher 3 mesi fa
This song gives me goose bumps and brings tears to my eyes absoulutly heartbreakingly beautiful
James Ellis
James Ellis 3 mesi fa
I was in 1sr grade, when the principal came on the intercom and said there had just been an attack on the world trade center, and then they dismissed all the schools and sent us all home early, and i remember watching gma and all the footage
Rhonda Boncutter
I was a teacher, giving a make up test out in the hallway! One of the saddest days of my life! God gained a lot of Angels that day!
Mary Woody
Mary Woody 3 mesi fa
The guy that putting up the I love you is a player he played me over 2 years and he put up video I miss you so I really now he a player he want come to see you he want call you he want text you either
HÔI CHÓ MI 4 mesi fa
Ask Trần Thị Hô
Siraceman 13420/9
I was 3 at preschool, I don’t remember 9/11.
Bridgette Thomas 2K16
i was little when it happened so i don't remember what happened on that day
jasondonh 4 mesi fa
One of the worst but also one of the most patriotic. I can’t remember a day when this country was more unified.
Donald McCall
Donald McCall 5 mesi fa
I will never forget this day! I was so mad! I wanted instant revenge! The world changed this day to never to be the same again!
DeadPool Pearson
To whoever disliked this song. . . You must be a terrorist
Andre1901 Mese fa
I like the song, but I think the reason some people don't is because they feel that the singer was trying to profit from tragedy(at least that's the reason a friend of mine gave for not liking it).
Last Drop Falls
Dumb thing to say. Some people just think country sucks.
David Dooley
David Dooley 5 mesi fa
I remember watching the news coverage that morning and workers atop the pentagon draped a huge American flag over the side, best image I saw that day.
Julie Verma
Julie Verma 5 mesi fa
I called my family members
Julie Verma
Julie Verma 5 mesi fa
I sat down and crying
Julie Verma
Julie Verma 5 mesi fa
Fighting for my life
Robert Lytle
Robert Lytle 5 mesi fa
I was working as a programmer for a CRS. When we first hear of the attack everyone rushed to a TV and many of us saw the second plane hit. Shortly after that we were told to save anything we were working on as within the hour our computers all went dead. Only those people in coverage with the highest clearance were able to use their computers for the next few days.
Maxwell Stetson
Maxwell Stetson 5 mesi fa
Where’s the songs for the dead iraqui children or Palestinians? Ignorant and tasteless this is. Unbelievable people can make money off of this.
Helen Martinez
Helen Martinez 2 mesi fa
Your the ignorant ass!
Chad Pense
Chad Pense 3 mesi fa
If you want a song for them, write one instead of asking where one is.
Phycogsmith Omniscience
ony cause he outed cnn, do i dislike this now
Jesse Campbell
Jesse Campbell 2 mesi fa
Phycogsmith Omniscience CNN was better back then, but even so the song reaches into the depths of our reality as we felt it that day, and that’s what’s most important.
Tommy Moon
Tommy Moon 5 mesi fa
I miss you little brother
Star Log05
Star Log05 2 giorni fa
God bless your soul and I hope your brother is happy in the afterlife
Cynthia Hugo
Cynthia Hugo 2 mesi fa
Leo Wells
Leo Wells 6 mesi fa
Im only here cuz of south park
Tony Payne
Tony Payne 6 mesi fa
Just went to the 9/11 Museum in New York City. A great tribute to those who lost their lives from those terrible events. I had to give this song another listen after I got back to my computer. A fantastic song, by a fantastic artist - very deserving of the Grammy it won!
80's Baby
80's Baby 6 mesi fa
Titanic I watched with armament burt I cried when I saw 9/11. I thought of a little girl who had a dream of her Dad dying at age 5 like my dad did and waking up and realizing that her dream was true. Just think of all the little kids who grew up without parents because of terrorists.👏✌
Rhonda Boncutter
The most horrific day in our United States! I was giving a reading test to a student at the scholl I taught at! One teacher came running through the floor of the second floor of our school, screaming, turn on your TV's, we have been attacked! A school of over 300 was silent! We cried, and listened to the TV! We were all so scared! Such horribly memories! That day will never be forgotten!
Michael Kozer
Michael Kozer 3 mesi fa
I was at the VA.,..it was awful....
Mary Riddle
Mary Riddle 4 mesi fa
Rhonda Boncutter I was in my home scared to death for my family! I called my daughter to tell her to turn the TV on, I so scared! God bless the United States!
Goose in The Caboose Productions
"The only thing necessary for evil to prosper is that good men should do nothing" - Edmund Burk THIS is why we stand up for freedom.
Ruth Parker
Ruth Parker 7 mesi fa
I watched in stunned silence as tears rolled.
Depp99ful 7 mesi fa
This song still makes me cry
Charles Greathouse
Never forget.
RIP To All Of The 2,996 People Who Perished On 9/11. Thank The Heroes On United 93 Who Sacrificed Themselves To Try & Save The People Onboard. Also A Special Thanks To Our Service Men And Women In Our US Military & Our First Responders In NYC & DC Who Responded To Aid The People That Needed Help. In Another Vote Of Thanks To PAPD Sergeant John Mcloughlin & Officer William Jimeno For Taking Immediate Action To Save People Trapped In The Trade Center Towers.
Donald McCall
Donald McCall 8 mesi fa
I was so angry and sad at the same time. I'm sure I felt like my dad did after Pearl Harbor....I wanted payback but I was too old to enlist.
Ian Knau
Ian Knau 8 mesi fa
September 11th, the day America died.
IMToxickills 3 mesi fa
Ian Knau what the fuck
Robert Schwartz
Robert Schwartz 5 mesi fa
Ian Knau America never died. It made us stronger.
Depp99ful 8 mesi fa
This song is so old, CNN was still honest and this song still makes me teary all these years later
Rhonda Boncutter
God gave us Love!
Marty Hall
Marty Hall 9 mesi fa
The difference in the stock market demise in the late 20's and the twin towers demise only God knows there is much correlation. If you ever make my men jump out of a window to kill themselves for any reason you are no friend of mine. JESUS!
Marty Hall
Marty Hall 9 mesi fa
It took me back to the great depression. I can not handle this alone.
Marty Hall
Marty Hall 9 mesi fa
I was happily with my kids home schooling. Yet someone felt compelled to inform me of the situation. I AM pissed. I want no memories of it.
jen a
jen a 9 mesi fa
Rhonda Boncutter
This was one of the worst day of my life! I was teaching a child reading, in a school and everyont just went crazy! OMG, I cried so hard! God loves us, just never forget that!
Rhonda Boncutter
The kids at my school were afraid something was gonna happen to them during that night! It touched and scared all of us, old and young and those in between!
Aldric Racette
Aldric Racette 9 mesi fa
I was ony way from lapeer MI and headed to Howell michigan 2 of my 6 pick ups in Michigan to ft.wayne in. and I sent my company a message and said that we were under attack i will never ever forget that day as long as I live now I have a 8 yr old born on that day
Daniel Burns
Daniel Burns 9 mesi fa
this song went to #28 on the pop charts in 2002!!!
Lisa Perry
Lisa Perry 10 mesi fa
I remember exactly everything about that day, I was 22 pregnant and had just left the doctors office after getting my first ultrasound done and I was so happy to learn my hubby and I were going to have a girl, the drive home we had no clue what was going on because the radio didn't work in our car we had at the time, I didn't learn about the attack until I got to work, all the teachers and the kids were gathered around the TV we had up at the daycare and when I walked in I asked my boss what was going on and she told me the news. A day that brought much joy to me was filled with sadness and fear then anger.
Rhonda Boncutter
I was scared and angry at the same time! Could not believe it!
Chase M
Chase M 10 mesi fa
This is the biggest reason why I joined the Army. I was just 5 years old when this happened. I remember my mom crying and freaking out and my dad came home early from work. My mom pulled me out of school early because she didn’t know where they were going to attack next....This is when the United States came together and we were ALL Americans no matter your color. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.
Last Drop Falls
Everyone in the world remembers where they were that day, not just Americans. I am Canadian and I can tell ya I was in grade 10 and I was sleeping on the couch at home. My mom had the TV on and they were talking about the plane that hit the Pentagon and at this point I was half asleep and half awake and I thought I was dreaming it. Eventually I woke up and thought it was all pretty crazy. I wasn't scared and I don't know any Canadian who was scared but Im sure there were some out there. I got to school and told my friend about it as soon as I got to class but he didn't believe me. Then the teacher came in and verified what I was saying and he brought the TV in and we just watched American news for the next 80 minutes which was the whole class. Again no one was scared but it was pretty darn insane.
The Tomahawk Mike DeLucia
Thank you for serving our country
Brenda  Harper
Brenda Harper 2 mesi fa
+Rhonda Boncutter From your lips to the Nation's ears, Lady! We've gone so FAR away from that feeling, women are marching in the streets with vagina hats on their heads, in one stroke undoing the work of Women's Rights pioneers and once more reducing ALL women to the sum of their genitalia with THEIR stupidity; suddenly ONLY the lives of a particular race "Matter"; an athlete takes a knee, not in protest of ALL discrimination, but only that which impacts HIS skin color; instead of caring for our OWN homeless ones, OUR elderly, we import human parasites from all over the World, including the nations and religion which bred those 9/11 mass murderers, and empty local Assistance Programs, and national funds to care for them, when the average income of a lifelong American person on Social Security is $754 A MONTH!! We have gone so far astray from that unified USA that lowlifes who are 2nd and 3rd generation welfare recipients can badmouth our country with impunity...all approved by the Politically Correct among us. God SAVE America.....from Her OWN PEOPLE! We won't have to wait for "foreign agents" to destroy America...we're doing a FINE job all on our own!
Katie Rodgers
Katie Rodgers 2 mesi fa
I am also going into the service though my dad doesn't want me to and I thank God for those who have served before me.
Paul Lands
Paul Lands 2 mesi fa
Me too, bro. It really touches your heart because you feel the pain inside and it just makes you want to burst in tears.
Jim rosson
Jim rosson 10 mesi fa
I tried to realist in the marine corps but to old
Daniel Letner
Daniel Letner 10 mesi fa
So did my dad, same problem, so he signed on as a civilian contractor and went over there as an electrician. Couldn't have been more proud of him.
Marty Hall
Marty Hall 10 mesi fa
Alain Lee in Washington D.C. my heart is breaking You have better understanding of why people went in to war than me. The only one I know that was ever correct was Israel having the rights to their land and ordained to take it freely with courage and to fear not.
Marty Hall
Marty Hall 10 mesi fa
Amen the greatest is Love. Thank you Alan Jackson.
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter 10 mesi fa
Screw Muslims. They can't even have peace among their own people. Not trying to be divisive, but they still have more coming to them.
OZzz 0113
OZzz 0113 Mese fa
Look I understand that Muslims are thought to have done it but not all of them would do what them people did that day and you can't blame a entire nationality or religion for that of which a small portion of them did. Now yes the group of people that did it and was part of making it happen should be punished in inhumane ways but you can't blame the whole religion for what a very very small percentage did.
I Was In School When 9/11 Happened & Watched It All Go Down On TV In A Kindergarten Classroom. I Remember Watching CNN With All My Classmates Around 9:02AM & All The Rohoic Elementary School Faculty & Staff Watch In Horror When United Airlines Flight 175 Crash Into The South Tower. I Am 22 Now Talked To A 1st Responder Who Was A Firefighter Who Responded To The Trade Center On That Day Days Before My 22nd Birthday At Buggy Bathe.
Marty Hall
Marty Hall 10 mesi fa
The world never stopped turning We in Jesus just taking authority to stomp all evil like He did at the Cross. His Father getting Angry.
Marty Hall
Marty Hall 10 mesi fa
If you continue to want people to remember that you do not belong to My Father Abba (Israel) It broke my heart and can not handle it. 00000000000000le it. I hate news of bad news.
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