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Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)

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Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) · Alan Jackson
℗ 2002 Sony Music Entertainment
Drums: Eddie Bayers, Jr.
Violin: Carl Gorodetzky
Viola: Monisa Angell
Violin: Pamela Sixfin
Violin: Alan Umstead
Violin: Lee Larrison
Viola: Jim Grosjean
Violin: Dave Angell
Violin: David Davidson
Viola: Kristin Wilkinson
Violin: Catherine Umstead
Violin: Conni Ellisor
Electric Guitar: Brent Mason
Background Vocal: John Wesley Ryles
Viola: Gary Vanosdale
Cello: Bob Mason
Steel Guitar: Robbie Flint
Piano: Gordon J. Mote
Bass: Roger D. Wills
Fiddle: Mark McClurg
Guitar: Daniel Groah
Piano: Monty Parkey
Guitar: Tom Rutledge
Strings: Bev Crompton
Strings: Adele Armin
Strings: Carol Fujino
Strings: Marie Gelinas
Strings: Sheldon Grabke
Strings: David Hetherington
Strings: Bridget Hunt
Strings: Fujiko Imajishi
Strings: Audrey King
Strings: Dominique LaPlante
Strings: Ron Mah
Strings: David McFadden
Strings: Robert Miskey
Strings: A. Patipatanakoon
Strings: Wendy Rose
Strings: Marc-Andre Savoie
Strings: Mark Skazinetsky
Strings: Bozena Szubert
Strings: Aarne Tammisaar
Strings: Vera Tarnowsky
Strings: Elaine Thompson
Strings: Angelique Toews
Strings: Paul Widner
Strings: Worthington Kirk
Steel Guitar: Paul Franklin
Bass: Glenn Worf
Copyist: Martin Loomer
Background Vocal: Bruce Rutherford
Fiddle: Stuart Duncan
Acoustic Guitar: Bruce Watkins
Acoustic Guitar: Tony Stephens
Strings: Mi Hyon Kim
Cello: Carole Neuen-Rabinowitz
Producer: Keith Stegall
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8 nov 2014




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Commenti 259
Derick Chafton
Derick Chafton Giorno fa
One 5 minute song that was meant to invoke many deep feelings, convinced you to go invade another man's home and kill him and his family... you people deserve china's wrath. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of company in hell.
Izabella Hughes
Izabella Hughes 2 giorni fa
I make one exception for country music this man had made grown men weep with his beautiful words may everyone who got hurt or died may they have my whole heart and I am devised for there loved one it’s still 2019 and I am still so sad I never saw it I wasn’t born yet but still I was weeping when I was old enough when I understand that this happened am not religious but I will hope for there family for the best...god bless America and let’s hope this horrible horrible event will never happen again
Tammie Miles
Tammie Miles 3 giorni fa
On 9/11 is my grandma birthday
Boba Fett
Boba Fett 5 giorni fa
TarHeel Shell
TarHeel Shell 5 giorni fa
And the greatest is...LOVE😔💙
TZRplayz 83
TZRplayz 83 13 giorni fa
I was a firefighter who went in to the south tower with my brother. He later died from lung cancer because of the smoke. I still dream today about him. Im glad he went to heaven. If death has ever fell on one of your family and they werent Christian please tell me cause ill pray with you for them.
Alie Wood
Alie Wood 13 giorni fa
I was 7 years old when 9/11 happened. I have something called aspergers syndrome which is a form of autism. I remember not being able to talk until later in life. But even i knew something was up. We couldnt have the news on for weeks because i would cry and have severe panic attacks. Id love to join the military, but unfortunately, with my developmental delays i will not be accepted in to any military or police force. Id like to send care packages at least to solders over seas. It just breaks my heart that all those people, all those innocent people died.
Wile E. Coyote
Wile E. Coyote 13 giorni fa
"I watch CNN" dies laughing.
Scott Henke
Scott Henke 6 giorni fa
That's why he can't tell the difference between Iraq and Iran.
dasherpie 18 giorni fa
I was only 5 years 7 months and 2 days old and I couldn’t barely remember I was sitting in a room somewhere in my home But my mom saw everything on tv If I saw everything I would’ve been scarred for life
Alamo Bowie
Alamo Bowie 21 giorno fa
I was 12, in my math class. Announcement came over the loudspeaker to please turn the TV to the local news channel. My teacher did and we all looked up. I remember watching the second plane hit and asking, "Where is that?" My teacher said, "New York." They didn't let us out early though. I couldn't focus. Mom cried when my sister and I came home from school, thankful we were okay. I'm going to be 30 in 13 days and not a day goes by that I'm not thankful my kids weren't around then. I can't imagine the difficulty of explaining why people attacked other people.
Daniel Becker
Daniel Becker 29 giorni fa
I came here because of southpark...and this dude made some bucks with singing about 9/11 😂 come on capitalism, you suck 😊😊😊
Joel Pritchard the dankster
I wasn’t born to I was born almost three years later
Cayden Lamb
Cayden Lamb Mese fa
I joined the military becuse the 9/11 i wanted to kill there leader so bad but the navy seals went in and killed him :(
jamesvids123 Mese fa
I was born 54 weeks later
Jeanell Chandler
I was in school when it happened I was in middle school when it happened alone and sad 😔😢
Cayden Lamb
Cayden Lamb Mese fa
This is a really good song I love it keep loving you country America like this if you love your country
Stevi Alter
Stevi Alter Mese fa
I lived 15 miles away in NJ. This was a devastating event that I never thought I would witness in my lifetime. Sorry for all the lost souls
love fath peace
I can't believe Bush was behind it. Now that the truth is coming out. What a sad world everyone killing someone
Michelle Jackson
I have the lyrics the greatest is love on my foot for my husband who was Kia in 2008
Tie died Hair
I work with a girl who only knows 911 from a history book? Wow just seems like yesterday but it is a long time ago. Lost a buddy that day he is gone, but never forgotten.
Colt Le
Colt Le Mese fa
If only most people on here knew the real truth of 911, they would realize how propaganda works
Leroy Hall
Leroy Hall Mese fa
Mind boggling how 820 dislike this song anybody else agree must be from people who wasn’t born yet or to young to understand the significance of what happened that day?
Christina Ellison
This is how Americans needs to be is very helpful
Alan O'Leary
Alan O'Leary Mese fa
Here in your life . Please ! bee ? ok ✌ A LOT . Canada / AMARICA ✍⛑ . Can "WE" be ok 2 day/knight .
Olivia Bateman
Powerful song
Aaralyn Smith
Aaralyn Smith 2 mesi fa
every single dance i have at school i listen to this song, it’s great 💛 and i have a dance tomorrow :)
20 yrs.Navy, 14 volunteer Rescue Squad and Fire Department, Wrecked/Rollover a Fire Truck,in Coma 7 weeks Slow Starting but Steady Running Country Boy
CIA 2 mesi fa
Where were you when three boys from Colorado started building a ladder to heaven to meet their dead friend
XGermanMOnkey1X ?
Alan, this is why you’re my favorite singer ever. It makes my day when I hear one of you’re songs. It also makes me forget that the world it a giant shitshow.
BAMKSB 2 mesi fa
Why would people dislike this? People these days.
Mushroomcow Gaming
First off love the song but really CNN come on
michael whitson
michael whitson 2 mesi fa
I was in the Tenth Grade at Sam Houston High School in Moss Bluff, Louisiana.
After 20 in Navy,then 14 in volunteer rescue squad and fire department, wreck/rollover a fire truck 7 weeks in a Coma Slow Starting but Steady Running Country Boy
Robert Chadwick
Robert Chadwick 2 mesi fa
Tyson Hillcoat
Tyson Hillcoat 2 mesi fa
I have listened to this song since i was a kid and never understood the meaning of the lyrics until now. This brought tears to my eyes, not only because of the event but even just other personal events that have affected my look on life and how precious it really is
Tessa Murphy
Tessa Murphy 3 mesi fa
I remember where I was that day. I was in kindergarten on that day when 9/11 happened. I am hoping that one day that we would have superhero’s one day. To stop bad things like that from happening again.😔
Carlos Foulds
Carlos Foulds 3 mesi fa
This is so sad alexa Play desposido
Melissa Gray
Melissa Gray 3 mesi fa
Great song but idk what he meant by the Iraq and Iran part. Those countries weren’t involved in 9/11
Linda Gunter
Linda Gunter 4 mesi fa
So Alan you need to give me a chance like you did the High School Sweetheart baby.
Lisa Zimmerman
Lisa Zimmerman 4 mesi fa
I was only 2 i was at my grandmas house but as i got older i remember hearing about it.
Chase Dwyer
Chase Dwyer 4 mesi fa
All who disliked this song can go to hell and stay there
T T.
T T. 4 mesi fa
Billiejo Chavez
Billiejo Chavez 4 mesi fa
I love this. Song rip
MSDKZfan 12345
MSDKZfan 12345 4 mesi fa
Kathy Bowman
Kathy Bowman 4 mesi fa
i live in canada on that day when the planes were coming here...i was gunna get my kids at school so they were close...good thing i watched news...sure i hugged them different when they came home
Laine 5 mesi fa
I truly believe if Alan Jackson never put pen to paper for any other song than this, he would have fulfilled one of God's purposes for his life.
Salvador Alvarez
I was sitting down at my livingroom i was in the u.s soil for 11 days, i didnt know what was happening, i saw the twin towers on fired at the beginning i tought it was a movie...then my uncle called me and told me about it... i was mad, i was sad, i just wanted revenge, unfortunately i couldn't joined the army. Because i was an international student., but i would fight and give my life for this country if i ever have the opportunity to join the u.s army
Kyle J
Kyle J 5 mesi fa
I wish I listened to music like this when I was younger. This is healing and good
John Holcombe
John Holcombe 5 mesi fa
i was 3 when this happend me and mom and brother joined because of this
Kelly Myers
Kelly Myers 5 mesi fa
I love this song 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️
Michael Engels
Michael Engels 5 mesi fa
This is probably the only 9/11 or post 9/11 song that wasn't verbose with overtly political patriotism (jingoism) lyrics......and I appreciate this song for what it is.
CookieKitten 9000
I wasn't born on 9/11-but I know that this was a horrible day.
Denise Brooks
Denise Brooks 6 mesi fa
I was living on base in Texas my husband was in the Middle East .Just sent my kids to school Turned the tv off to start cleaning my brother called said plane ✈️ hit the World Trade Center , I turned the tv on as the second plane hitting. I knew that instant it was bin Ladin, we were on high alert on base for months due to that asshole! I thought for sure I would see my husband for awhile , he was due to come home that Friday ! Thank god the planes started flying everyone in each country gave seats up for our military that Friday !!!
guerriyero 6 mesi fa
USA made this with their foreign policy, they are now in several wars intervening. If you attack a foreign country you can't get surprise if they get it back to you.. ah and this song is a try to capitalize the suffering of a country.. what a lame
LISA LEE 6 mesi fa
Awesome song
LISA LEE 6 mesi fa
This is an awesome some Alan nailed it
The pug overlord
Iam 14 now and I have a story to tell. my teacher showed us this song. Out of nowhere a Muslim girl in our class stands up and starts yelling all American solders are terrible people and no wars ever happened. Never saw her after that. Hope she's on the streets
the speaker
the speaker 6 mesi fa
All of you can only see from one perspective, if you look into it the "terrorists" had reasons good reason for doing what they did, but they DIDN'T go about it the right way.
João Ninguém
João Ninguém 6 mesi fa
South Park brought me here i love Alan Jackson
João Ninguém
João Ninguém 6 mesi fa
brittbr8tt 6 mesi fa
I was in kindergarten, we had to line up in our classrooms with our head between our legs for hours. Our school went into lockdown for far past the Bell. We all started screaming when we heard a boom coming from president bush’s plane landing at the base near by. All of our parents were banging on locked doors screaming for their kids but not being allowed to come inside. I can still hear, feel and see it all.
Dixie Dipper
Dixie Dipper 6 mesi fa
Those 509 dislikes are from Al kie da
AvaRobloxRh 6 mesi fa
I feel so guilty because I wasn't born :(
David Scott
David Scott 7 mesi fa
God Bless our Military and Prayers for the Lost Lives on that Terrible day. May we as a Country come together now. God loves us all .
Raj Sihota
Raj Sihota 7 mesi fa
OMG so dramatic,,,, the world stopped turning lol. Uhhh some buildings got hit and we ALL expected it sooner or later. Idiot Americans, I'm ashamed of our country.
capnhands 7 mesi fa
I was watching it on tv holding my dads M1 Garand in my pajamas
XavierAce 7 mesi fa
9/11 Where have you gone.
Donny Guild
Donny Guild 7 mesi fa
At work
Benjamin De Vita
For all the Fire-brothers we lost. Your not forgotten...
Mestawet Endaylalu
I will never forget that day, I always like your songs!!!
messi 10
messi 10 7 mesi fa
People who hate this song are dumb because we gotten ATTACKED By al queda they hate this song they dont care about people who died in 9/11
Tiffanie Jennings
I remember being in the 1st grade not really understanding what was going we had just said the pledge and my teacher told us something bad happened in New York and we was to stand in slince a couple of more min to respect to new York
Cptchurch33 7 mesi fa
My mom was only 7 months pregnant with me when it happened... My dad was sent over seas for 6 months after this, leaving my mom alone with me just being born and my 5 year old brother. Mom sacrificed many things for us while dad was gone. Dad missed a lot over these 17 years. From me getting my first pet to learning to play violin and going into the school band. He has been deployed just about every other year since then and im happy to say its been 3 years since his last and longest one. We didn't know where he was or what he was doing but now that he's home for good, mom doesn't have to sacrifice so much for us. I plan on joining when i graduate to continue what my great- grandfather started. A line of men willing to fight for America across the world. God bless this country
Mykala Thomas
Mykala Thomas 7 mesi fa
I was probably four years old when this happened, but even though we lived nowhere near NY my family remembers it like it were yesterday. I've listened to enough recordings, enough ATC, and many documentaries on this incident. It still blows me away. I still can't fathom it, and I can't imagine how it must feel for those that saw it first-hand.
Turkey decoy vs coyote young
How tf does this have nearly 500 dislikes?
Dorothy Harris Moy
I was working at Moroun Nursing Home on 911, I saw the second plane it the World Trade Center tower. My cousin, Damion was born on the 3rd anniversary of 911.
God 7 mesi fa
I was in daycare
John Napalm
John Napalm 7 mesi fa
No one gives a fuck
Chris Reagan
Chris Reagan 7 mesi fa
On this 9/11 anniversary I’d just like to say.....God bless the USA and every American in the military, police, and fire/emt who’s fought and died for this country to keep us all safe. WE WILL NEVER FORGET this day or the sacrifices that have been made for our great country!!!!
Katie Scherck
Katie Scherck 7 mesi fa
what is wrong with the people who disliked this song? this is a song about 9/11 what is wrong with those people? i love this song. GREAT JOB Alan Jackson GREAT JOB Alan I love you.
Katherine Ramos
Old Country music is the best, idk what’s wrong with people. It’s better than any music these days
XGermanMOnkey1X ?
Some people don’t know that these are ideas and not just songs to make a quick buck, he experienced it and people like you guys just think that he doesn’t care? Fucking humanity🤔
Matthew Williams
Katie Scherck I hate country music but this song is just so touching you have to love it
James Trepus
James Trepus 4 mesi fa
+Last Drop Falls He still has to make a living dude, besides who can't afford forty or twenty dollars, but maybe people are just looking to get something for free.
Last Drop Falls
Last Drop Falls 6 mesi fa
He wrote a song about a tragedy so he could profit off said tragedy. This song should be free on itunes and should have come out on its own disc for free
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith 7 mesi fa
This song is very special and I hope everyone knows it. I just heard it today, my music teacher showed it to my class and i started crying.
Ed McGowan
Ed McGowan 7 mesi fa
Pulled over today when this came on the AM radio in my truck. I called my Ma, and reported in to my regiment. I just watched an interview you did, and I agree, there are a thousand more good Folks out there.
Current it is 2018 Steptember 11th ( back in 2001 9/11 when it happened) I was 13/14 years old, Living in New York in my 8th grade history class when it happened. WE WILL NEVER FORGET THAT DAY. 17 YEARS later it is still fresh as if it just happened. NEVER FORGOTTEN ! I am now 30/31 yrs old. still remembering it like it was yesterday.
Kayla Pounds
Kayla Pounds Mese fa
AMBIENT SOUND EFFECTS FOR SLEEP I was 13 too and in homeroom or English (I had the same teacher for both.)
Gresham Smith
Gresham Smith 7 mesi fa
Who here's on 9/11?
Stephen R
Stephen R 7 mesi fa
This song really brings a tear to my eye. I was 12 and in 7th grade when the principal had to break the news just after 9 AM, right after we began Math. All these years later, it's hitting me more and more. Especially seeing how some of those helpless trapped victims had to accept their inevitable fate.
johnboy 89
johnboy 89 28 giorni fa
I was in 7th grade to and about to turn 12 in 2 weeks I'm guessing you where born in 1989 like me and I was in 1st period English class
JROTC color guard
Never forget never surrender semper fi all military personnel and CA 20066 Corps of cadets
Times of impact: 8:46 a.m. and 9:02 a.m. Time the burning towers stood: 56 minutes and 102 minutes. Time they took to fall: 12 seconds. 2819 dead from 115 different nations. 343 Fireman/paramedics, 23 NYPD, 37 Port Authority officers...9/11/18 💔 🇺🇸
Charlie Taulbee
RSFIREFIGHTER 8717 and afterwords them assholes got a boot up there ass
Briana Taylor
Briana Taylor 7 mesi fa
I play this song every year
Missy Squirrel
Missy Squirrel 7 mesi fa
God bless
Kevin Hassenpflug
September 11th, 2001 - where were you? I was Active Duty US Air Force stationed at Aviano Air Base Italy. We were 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, so around 2pm Local (Italy time)/8am Eastern Standard Time it was “time” for the afternoon cappuccino to get me/us through the rest of the day - I decided to go buy a bunch for the folks I supervised. So after I got back we were outside drinking a few (it was a gorgeous fall afternoon), our peace was shattered when a younger Airman came running outside and said those tragic words “OMG A plane just crashed into the World Trade Center!” So every rushed in to see to what was going on, watching on live TV we saw the 2nd plane crash into the South Tower, I remember looking to my friend and saying “We are under attack”……… about 30 minutes a plane crashed into the Pentagon and my greatest fears were realized - we are under attack and we are going to war. Every 9/11 - I shed a tear, for those lost, for innocent lives gone, for Husbands without Wives, for Wives without Husbands - children who lost their parents and parents who lost their children. To the Men and Women of our US Armed Forces, even though I passed the torch years ago - thank you for all eternity for the sacrifice you make every day to ensure and call on me ever again if needed.
הלילה הקדוש
I wish I was alive and older at that time I'm 14 and I probably won't get a chance to fight in Afghanistan or the middle East
Kayla Pounds
Kayla Pounds Mese fa
Kevin Hassenpflug I was 13 and in 8th grade. I was in either homeroom or English (I had the same teacher for both.) I remember the teacher telling us about it and turning on the tv and seeing the first tower burning. I remember my mother telling me after school that we had been under lockdown and her and my grandmother panicked because they saw a plane circling a few times before leaving (they think they saw the doomed Flight 93.) We lived in Wooster, Ohio at that time. To me, at 13, I understood but didn't fully understand. As I got older I came to realize the impact that day had and to empathize with the victims and those affected. One of the most horrifying things I remember learning years later was that a number of people in the floors above the plane impact area tried to climb down the side of the building and fell, and others chose to jump. I started thinking what I would do in that situation. Obviously they didn't know the building would collapse but I imagine they thought they'd suffocate from the smoke or burn to death and thought did they want to wait to die or control how they died and end it quickly? I still don't know what I'd do and I hope I never have to be in that situation. I respect most people who serve the country, my ex joined in 2004 and I know a few others in the army and navy.
GaryDaGooner 2 mesi fa
Hooah, and from an American who tried to serve but couldn't, thank you
The tree man 123
I was in God's mind. ( I wasn't born yet )
God 7 mesi fa
I was in daycare
Francesca Christinaa
kosjeyr 7 mesi fa
17 years...
Golden Panther
Golden Panther 7 mesi fa
I was elementary school when it happened. When got out early, and I didn't know what was going on until that evening when we watched the news. I remember that headline (it was on CNN): America in Terror, in yellow letters. I couldn't really believe what was going on. About five minutes earlier, I was just happy because my birthday was the next day, but all I remember doing after I saw that headline was praying, hugging my parents. The next day I cried almost all day, all I could think about was those people and if any of them had a birthday too. So I sang happy birthday to them instead.
Orathai Freby
Orathai Freby 7 mesi fa
cody harper
cody harper 7 mesi fa
Joseph Lampo
Joseph Lampo 7 mesi fa
I was in school when 9/11 happened. I remember i could see the New York skyline from my classroom window. One of the teachers came into our room frantically and said a plane had just crashed into one of the Twin Towers. I turned my head and saw the smoke coming out of the Tower. A girl in my class; her father was one of the first responders into the Towers. He never came home. It was that day that the world changed forever.
Stephen R
Stephen R 7 mesi fa
That must have been so upsetting, having to see your classmate learn that her father never made it. When I walked home from school that day, my neighbor that walked with us told us the same thing, that our world was never going to be the same.
Brandon Gray
Brandon Gray 7 mesi fa
Who ever dislikes this is a one of them towel heads that go to hell
Raymond Poe
Raymond Poe 8 mesi fa
I was only 6 months old in my fathers arms
Lauren Griggs
Lauren Griggs 8 mesi fa
i remember seeing alan in concert last November. there wasnt a dry eye anywhere when this song came on. a room full of strangers came together.
christa letcher
christa letcher 8 mesi fa
This song gives me goose bumps and brings tears to my eyes absoulutly heartbreakingly beautiful
James Ellis
James Ellis 8 mesi fa
I was in 1sr grade, when the principal came on the intercom and said there had just been an attack on the world trade center, and then they dismissed all the schools and sent us all home early, and i remember watching gma and all the footage
Rhonda Boncutter
I was a teacher, giving a make up test out in the hallway! One of the saddest days of my life! God gained a lot of Angels that day!
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