Which Bike Helmet Is The Best? (TEST)

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Which bike helmet can you trust to best protect your noggin? It's our scientific duty to find out. GMM #1404
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19 ott 2018

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Commenti 2 670
Lee Diaz
Lee Diaz 3 mesi fa
I like how scientific this is
Rustydog 25
Rustydog 25 4 ore fa
Lee Diaz not
Ian Worth
Ian Worth 4 giorni fa
Me too
+Cam r/whooooooooosh
Squidwards Sister
+Will Castillo Joke
Rustydog 25
Rustydog 25 4 ore fa
NO YOUR WRONG!!!!!!!!!
asbobriggs 1
asbobriggs 1 11 ore fa
crush job?
R Alexandra
R Alexandra 4 giorni fa
Thanks for looking out for our Arizona brains~
Lance Pickett
Lance Pickett 4 giorni fa
I disagree with the heat test
Ian Worth
Ian Worth 4 giorni fa
Timothy Karabet
Timothy Karabet 4 giorni fa
I subscribed
sballcoach256 4 giorni fa
Please incorporate the character Paul into other shows you guys host along with the sword or other weapons.
Donnie Jefferson
Donnie Jefferson 5 giorni fa
You have no idea how close I was to writing a comment about ventilation
Sandra Tadros
Sandra Tadros 5 giorni fa
You guys always make my day no matter what. Thank you 🙏 God Bless You All
Laura Osborn
Laura Osborn 5 giorni fa
Llama Ahmed
Llama Ahmed 6 giorni fa
We walk wid swooods
The Unique Gamers
The Unique Gamers 6 giorni fa
What about movement you for got that the air comes in the vents
Lincoln Burkholder
Lincoln Burkholder 6 giorni fa
the heat wasn’t even links were further away
J Bish
J Bish 6 giorni fa
I was just thinking the other week if y’all still had the FJ 👍👍
Emily Kolenda
Emily Kolenda 7 giorni fa
Quick Question! I want to know the a cappella track used at 1:47. Anyone help me out?!
Emily Kolenda
Emily Kolenda 7 giorni fa
Aaand 6:36
Fredrik M
Fredrik M 7 giorni fa
Plot twist: The helmets are designed to break so they take most of the energy out of the impact. If they didn't your head would do that and crack. Funny though!
Molly M Stanton
Molly M Stanton 9 giorni fa
Giro helmets are w pretty good, at least for mountain biking, I'm pretty Sure they're not meant to be cooked, dropped, rolled over,and sliced, 😂
Rebecca Shepherd
Rebecca Shepherd 9 giorni fa
WhAt ThE cRaP pAuL!?!?!?
Dale Withers
Dale Withers 9 giorni fa
CuteAdorableCatLover 3334
*Rhett and Link get into the car* me: this is peaceful...nothing bad happened......yet *Rhett and Link run over the helmets* me: there it is always a little peace than destruction😊
CuteAdorableCatLover 3334
Rhett...err i mean Paul thats an amazingly hilarious outfit.... what an odd back story of your sword... me and my brother love it!!
CuteAdorableCatLover 3334
I love how they called eggs "brains" its hilarious XD
Creamy'puffs 10 giorni fa
Rhett murdering children
Monkey Tractor
Monkey Tractor 10 giorni fa
all of the helmets are for different purposes
Mac Meinig
Mac Meinig 11 giorni fa
links side of head hair is too short
Mac Meinig
Mac Meinig 11 giorni fa
Send me the link to the sword truck 😂🤤🤔⚔️🚚
Mac Meinig
Mac Meinig 11 giorni fa
Rhett must like his steaks rare 😂
Mac Meinig
Mac Meinig 11 giorni fa
dont waste eggs
Mac Meinig
Mac Meinig 11 giorni fa
0:35 best its time for ever 😂
the meli monster
the meli monster 11 giorni fa
It would of been cool if they used those paper helmets you get for a dollar from a machine. They say it's pretty strong. Would of liked to see them test it.
Milan Green
Milan Green 12 giorni fa
Yeah let eat some eggs and some almost cooked steak
Jonathan Casper
Jonathan Casper 12 giorni fa
Seems legit
VerdantBow 74408
VerdantBow 74408 13 giorni fa
9:16 but you should watch the rest of the video
Emma H.
Emma H. 13 giorni fa
My friends decided I looked cute with this guy so they pushed us into each other and I skinned part of my hand and apparently the guy told the meanest teacher in the school what happened and now I have to talk to her and discuss it. Help. I would like to die more than anything right now. Thanks for reading because I have no one to talk to
Kitty 13 giorni fa
I love Rhett's character with a sword a lot! He's so funny!
EnzoTheDogg 14 giorni fa
Rhett Sounds like cotton candy randy when he had the swords
Yo420 Pro
Yo420 Pro 14 giorni fa
Poochie Craft
Poochie Craft 14 giorni fa
Now I Know How To Live When My Cousin Wants Me To Ride A Bike 😉✨✨
Soupcan studios
Soupcan studios 15 giorni fa
1:36 you calling me an egg head?
Luke Nicholas
Luke Nicholas 15 giorni fa
The first test is extremely inaccurate because your neck would break before your head cracked and you would likely die if you landed headfirst off a building in any helmet
the invisible me
the invisible me 16 giorni fa
I'm living for link's hair in this episode
Abe M
Abe M 17 giorni fa
The ventilated should be... Oh crap
Dylan McBrien
Dylan McBrien 17 giorni fa
You aren’t moveimg the helmet to let cool air in
monal Pattanaik
monal Pattanaik 17 giorni fa
I am watching two grown men slice children's heads open
monal Pattanaik
monal Pattanaik 17 giorni fa
*_we be carryin' swords for years - Rhett 2018_*
Digletthethird Coursey
What about protec
Jessica Gish
Jessica Gish 17 giorni fa
*Gets chased on my bike by a man with a katana*
Generic gaming Channel
Gmm is awesome and it always has been
Dark Inferno
Dark Inferno 19 giorni fa
I chose the right won
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