Which Bike Helmet Is The Best? (TEST)

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Which bike helmet can you trust to best protect your noggin? It's our scientific duty to find out. GMM #1404
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Commenti 2 816
Lee Diaz
Lee Diaz 6 mesi fa
I like how scientific this is
Metal Mania
Metal Mania 12 ore fa
I hope this show will someday be the new mythbusters :P And not those two after adam and jamie
Zach Lohman
Zach Lohman Mese fa
I do believe they're aware of how perfectly scientific this is. At least Rhett is. Sorry, Link.
Will Wills
Will Wills Mese fa
Did I just watch a ten minute ad?
Jael Piedra Montano
I like how inaccurate some these were.
Rustydog 25
Rustydog 25 3 mesi fa
Lee Diaz not
Sophie Grace
Sophie Grace 16 ore fa
Loving biker Rhett 😏
Admiral Aken
Admiral Aken Giorno fa
Confirmed Rhett likes killing kids
KawaiiSlimey101 KawaiiSlimey101
Rhett looks like negan from walking dead in that outfit😂😂
Stephanie Frances
Stephanie Frances 2 giorni fa
The editing adds something that makes this so funny
T H I C C B O I 2 giorni fa
Wouldn’t the ventilation cool Your head down as you go
John 6 giorni fa
That kid has got a another thing to worry about
KrutasTM 9 giorni fa
Head might be alright but your neck wont
Heyli Nisala
Heyli Nisala 12 giorni fa
Very scientific
john Doe
john Doe 16 giorni fa
Why can't we just see people crash with the helmets and then decide
Loop Hole
Loop Hole 20 giorni fa
The one with ventilation is going to be less burnt
Noah Felara
Noah Felara 20 giorni fa
This reminds me of an episode of bill nye
Evelyn Higgins
Evelyn Higgins 21 giorno fa
This is one of my favorite episodes!
Dylan’s Mini beasts
I sell soap what do u do? *I do random sh*t on youtube*
Tracy-Lynn McCoy
Tracy-Lynn McCoy 23 giorni fa
But what about Schwinn bike helmets? How would they fare in these same tests?
我慢砲 26 giorni fa
参考にならないな。 頭と鶏卵では形も大きさも違う。 いくらヘルメットが丈夫でも鶏卵同士がぶつかって割れる。 そもそもヘルメットは鶏卵を守るためのものではない
Scramalope 26 giorni fa
The outside of the studios looks just like the outside of the Mythbuster's studio!
Luke D
Luke D 28 giorni fa
Pizza helmet
Logan Johnson
Logan Johnson 29 giorni fa
2:57 unappreciated pun
alyssa white
alyssa white 29 giorni fa
rhett in the leather jacket tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
DegustoDelSol 29 giorni fa
Guys, i love you, but you cant exclude one helmet after failing one test, you have to go through all of them so you have all the data. Sorry, thumbs down.
Alex Skeleton
Great AC/DC cover!
Potato Mese fa
SNKRhead Games
Israel S
Israel S Mese fa
They should make a compilation of Link saying," WHAT THE KRAAAP!!??"
Lorde Phobos
Lorde Phobos Mese fa
*r/watch people die* why does this remind me of it 😂😢💀
hurhurhur123 Mese fa
I guess I maybe never heard it aloud before but do other people pronounce it like Poh-toh-mick? I've always thought it was Pot-o-mac.
shel bee
shel bee Mese fa
If Rhett wasn't married with children I would call dibs.
Никита Павлович
Am I the only one who's slightly concerned about a red bandana in Paul's right pocket?
jx592 Mese fa
Who would win? High Ground Sword Fight
Никита Павлович
"It's over, Link. I have the high ground"
crafty TGS
crafty TGS Mese fa
I* dont think anyone should look at such an inaccurate ""test"" to choose their bike helmet sense most of the test were either unfair towards some of the helmets or straight up had nothing to do with what a bike helmet is made for
crazy gamer
crazy gamer Mese fa
My arms are getting tired Damn too late
G-Unit Mese fa
But seriously, the holes would keep your head more cool
Sam Sammut
Sam Sammut Mese fa
In my neighborhood when I leave my home for a bike ride this family chase me with swords and I normally pedal away as fast as I can, so I bought this abus helmet and just peddled at a normal pace because of the fact it was so strong to swords, but this time they just stabbed me in the face and I needed to get 30 stitches
Hydrabyss Zephyr
I love this video but the Abus is the worse helmet because impacts when riding a bike are only going to last a moment meaning you would want your helmet to crush decreasing how fast you stop cause you head to be intact. Also that's why cars have open space in the hood and why the use light parts so that when you get into an accident the car crumples and slowed down how fast you stop reduce the Gs put on you keeping you alive. Still great video though
Amirah Al-hammadi
in the third round rhett sounded like cotton candy randy
Gatlin forestadventures
This kid has another problem that he should see someone about lol😂😂😂
Emelia Thompson
Omg I love Paul and his s-ww-orr-d lol XD
velazquez armouries
I would have got a Brodie helmet and lined it with foam
André Latournerie Lambertini
The best bike helmet is none!
Sv4zer Mese fa
Mythi *Kali* ty
daniel pardo
daniel pardo Mese fa
Rhet, a former engineering student, can tell you about the function of the cerebral cortex but not thermodynamics? Gold
J W Mese fa
rip links arms
Autistikhan Jeff
Daah thats hot thats hot
Hazard Fist
Hazard Fist Mese fa
Love 💕 the FJ cruiser 😍😍😍😍
Bryce Fox
Bryce Fox Mese fa
This is soo wierd ..............I like it!!!
Em Ebury
Em Ebury Mese fa
did u get new helmets for every round but the same brands?
Joe Chappell
Joe Chappell Mese fa
i would not use any of those they did terrible
FIZZZ Mese fa
WuT tHe CrAp PaUl
This is just stupid!
Jade's Place
Jade's Place Mese fa
HEY paul!!
Dorelle T
Dorelle T Mese fa
Paul is pretty hott. Lol
Anan1294 Steme
Im pretty sure rhett is heavier than link which is why the giro went flat in the end
Kiwi Birb
Kiwi Birb Mese fa
ok, ok, ok, i love these guys but this test was actually quite wrong because helmets shouldn't be too durable otherwise when you take a fall or say get into a fight if the helmet is too hard then it will damage your head so in reality if you get hit hard enough the helmet should break so it absorbs the shock of the impact, protecting the head. sorry. love you. dont hate me.pls
Kelli Fleming
i love your vidows
Zach Lohman
Zach Lohman Mese fa
You guys need a scientist.
jdzmama08 Mese fa
Shrapnel ball 6:15
Kerbal Chris
Kerbal Chris Mese fa
When you realize the brain is in water
Maddymaehey Animations
I have that first helmet ⛑
Speck Mese fa
I never thought I'd be watching a video of "Gang-Rhett" actively trying to kill a group of children with a katana. Just about sums up father -hood.
Eleanor Waters
but the holes will keep it coo- dang it
Lauren DiBardino
because its literally identical to a horse back riding helmet haha
X Region
X Region Mese fa
This is a great video!!!
Alicia Wylie
Alicia Wylie Mese fa
Let’s be real they gave Rhett the sword bc they don’t trust link with it
Nikita Khrushchev
all you need is a British ww2 Brodie helmet if it was good enough for the troops its good enough for a bike .don't quote me on this
Books-and-aliens Owo
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. Mese fa
"This kid has another problem he should to see someone about." 😂😂 Paul was hilarious!!
Levi Tucker
Levi Tucker Mese fa
"My arms are getting tired. I'm not commenting about that." he commented.
Calinm8 Mese fa
*eggs are more fragile then craniums link*
Noreen Hussain
Noreen Hussain 2 mesi fa
Baltimore Z-Wad
Baltimore Z-Wad 2 mesi fa
You can't be a tough guy if u are wearing skinny jeans. Sorry Paul
Howie Feltersnatch
4:45 abis kadabel is my birth name
Nowadays kids don’t wear helmets
lorena gracia
lorena gracia 2 mesi fa
I wonder why peta is not here yet....🤔
Kgumblr. 2 mesi fa
"and you don't want yur human head cooked" lmao
BarbaricAvatar 2 mesi fa
Is that a silver Maserati in the parking lot? Whose is it?!
Cear Rose
Cear Rose 2 mesi fa
Paul noo!!! Please they are children!
Colton Wilkinson
Guys I'm sorry for what the idead
KAMY D. 2 mesi fa
*Oo, dats hot*
Hailey Briannaa
Hailey Briannaa 2 mesi fa
rhett’s persona reminds me of lillian from unbreakable kimmy smchit
Fusion Blade
Fusion Blade 2 mesi fa
I too take naps in the road thanks for the helmet test!
Hack a Snack
Hack a Snack 2 mesi fa
Abus almost got eliminated on the first round.
Kim Tran
Kim Tran 2 mesi fa
You should test out nutcase brand helmets
S. Haus
S. Haus 2 mesi fa
*that kid has a tough helmet *lauges
Off the funny side. Read the use and wear of bike helmets. After an impact hit to the helmet in a crash. They should be replaced and not used, again and expect protection. I would expect more from recycled coffee cup products.
Nathan McCormack
its bad if a helmet is just tough like concrete, its supposed to crumple
Nathan McCormack
once a helmet takes a large impact you need a new one, its made to be crumpled/destroyed and take all the impact so your head doesnt, you cant use it again, also, massive amounts of heat will destroy a helmet and you need a new one
stone sherrill
stone sherrill 13 giorni fa
Thats how modern cars are designed too. Much better for a car to crumple instead of a person to crumple
This totally shows the best helmet
spinny boi101
spinny boi101 2 mesi fa
He says the burn is getting burnt but it's not in the next test
xKaliber 2 mesi fa
Oh shit- That's my name
Junior KM
Junior KM 2 mesi fa
Rhett’s greaser impression sounds like hedwig from split
John Jones
John Jones 2 mesi fa
you have to also think about the impact of the items hitting the head and not just thinking about the damage of the helmet to get better accurate results. I'm not trying to be a smart a$$ I'm just saying.
Malak ABBAOUI 2 mesi fa
2019 anyone ?
Aydan Hardesty
Aydan Hardesty 2 mesi fa
Teach these kids a lesson
Basic Minor
Basic Minor 2 mesi fa
Rhett is basically fearless
Jenna Derby
Jenna Derby 2 mesi fa
i have a bell and i ride my bike when its hot and my head is not hot maybe because i have one of the really nice ones and mine has no holes in it...
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