Which Bike Helmet Is The Best? (TEST)

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Which bike helmet can you trust to best protect your noggin? It's our scientific duty to find out. GMM #1404
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19 ott 2018

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Commenti 2 573
Lee Diaz
Lee Diaz Mese fa
I like how scientific this is
MaraDraw 2
MaraDraw 2 19 giorni fa
+Will Castillo Joke
T0xic 22 giorni fa
Jetraychamp55 27 giorni fa
not to mention Rhett did lines while Link went in circles
DrewskiTheLegend 28 giorni fa
Lee Diaz sarcasm I assume.
Mike Travels - Digital Consultant
Lee Diaz let’s do science together 😂
Elijah Harris
Elijah Harris 4 ore fa
For some reason I can’t stand wigs
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. 9 ore fa
Sooo can the character Paul make another appearance on the show because he was absolutely hilarious 😂😂👍
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. 9 ore fa
"Looks like a vulture got in there." 😂😂
Kane O'Connor
Kane O'Connor 3 giorni fa
Omg Paul was amazing! That slow mo opera music scene was beautiful
Marina Panatti
Marina Panatti 3 giorni fa
Well.. i love you guys, but i don't really get the video, don't know about helmets, but i'm pretty sure that's not the way to test them. They are designed for a type of impact, and they are meant to breake so the helmet absorbs all and not your head. i don't thing that are designed for resist a sword lol. And the way that you use those heaters it's not how the radiation of sun works, and not even talking about the different techniques of doing it.
ScoobyDumm 4 giorni fa
The fj cruiser was a great addition to crush those helmets
Feather Cat
Feather Cat 4 giorni fa
Lol 7:36
mr19zee 5 giorni fa
These adds are getting smarter
Halle Short
Halle Short 5 giorni fa
What kind of Toyota is that??
TheIkaika777 5 giorni fa
If it was a real test the Kali and Bern wins every time.
Picture Frames
Picture Frames 6 giorni fa
Pineapple Pizza
Pineapple Pizza 6 giorni fa
Paul : whacks the kid in the head “This kid has a problem he should see somebody about that “
Max McGee
Max McGee 6 giorni fa
I live maybe a minute from where that guy was biking
Natalie Swanson
Natalie Swanson 7 giorni fa
U guys should’ve tried the $20 kids helmets
pod casts with Ernest
I saw your Atlantic City show
Kayla Stevens
Kayla Stevens 11 giorni fa
Was is cooked from its crebal cortex to its gluteus?😂
George Boyd
George Boyd 12 giorni fa
From a scientific standpoint and as an avid cyclist the heat challenge is incorrect. The slits do not let heat in, they allow heat to leave. Without the slits the helmet acts as an insulator and is far worse than no helmet. They also do not factor in wind blowing through the helmet while at speed. A helmet without ventilation would be especially bad at speed since it would basically cook your head with no place for the that coming off of your scalp to go I hope Rhett and Link read this and know for next time.
Carlo Tan
Carlo Tan 12 giorni fa
I think the helmets were not tested realistically. A helmet with more and biggeractually desipate more heat as suppose to the Bell helmet. Unlike the Abus it has a hardshell which has smaller and lesser vents. If it was used in the real world the Abus will trap the heat on your head a unlike the Bell helmet exhausts out the heat on your head.
cheekoli 13 giorni fa
Clearly paid for by big abus hyban
Shabez Morrison
Shabez Morrison 13 giorni fa
Good mythical morning was on epic rap battles of history that was awesome
Albany Rodriguez
Albany Rodriguez 13 giorni fa
Rhett, the newest Yakuza member
yorgee smorgee
yorgee smorgee 13 giorni fa
2:00 thats a lot of damage
MrMcoolFace 14 giorni fa
the watermelon test was so bad the watermelons were gonna explode either way because the helmets were raised above the ground on the watermelons so the force of the car is going to crush them either way
Cole Hall
Cole Hall 14 giorni fa
8:38 Asmr
ELLA CLAYTON 14 giorni fa
jimbobbyrnes 14 giorni fa
do you even science?
Aterhallsam 15 giorni fa
I am so tired of these parents that buy cheap helmets for their children. It’s almost like they want them to get a sword through their heads.
Bubblitea 16 giorni fa
I was taught that bike helmets were designed to protect mostly the front half of your head only one time if you get into a bad accident and skateboard helmets are the helmets designed to take a beating over and over again plus protect the back of your head. The winning helmet had a design closer to a skateboard helmet so it makes sense that it did so well.
FOXYMASTERZ 16 giorni fa
Cameron Norris
Cameron Norris 16 giorni fa
7:00 You mean you've done this before??
Bicycle sunday
Bicycle sunday 16 giorni fa
For real helmet needs good wentilation and mips system.
Someone You May Know
Highway, to the, Safety Zone...
LoonAnimeLover1 18 giorni fa
goku son
goku son 18 giorni fa
I actually like this. You guys are having fun and learning new things!
BUXOM BLUE 18 giorni fa
They pronounced gyro like 4 different ways, and all of them were incorrect. 😂😂 It’s ‘YEE-roh’ guys...lol.
JaceLightning 18 giorni fa
This is stupid. In the event of a crash, helmets are designed to break and crush to absorb the energy from impact and not transmit to your head.
c013s14w 19 giorni fa
Not sure you two understand how helmets protect your noggin. You want it to ABSORB impact (they are supposed to give a little)
_SuicidalBoi _
_SuicidalBoi _ 19 giorni fa
Or just do what I do and skateboard with no helmet
Leech based cure for the plauge
Why not just wear a crusader helmet?
Bigpickle 27
Bigpickle 27 20 giorni fa
When they get legs ?
Shanaia Gomez
Shanaia Gomez 20 giorni fa
Can you guys do a test about which is the best and like long lasting deodorant 😂 Ik it’s weird but u guys do weird things all the time.
Nopsajalka 20 giorni fa
2:34 "Intaact".. THE GAME WAS RIGGED!!
Tyler Giroux
Tyler Giroux 20 giorni fa
I love you guys but your execution of these experiments was simply awful
Conner Firkins
Conner Firkins 21 giorno fa
1:50 so BASICALLY, you're brains are explode either way? I'm never going to ride my bike on a building ever again.
Elliot Gates
Elliot Gates 21 giorno fa
what specific toyota is that
Toby Timberwolf
Toby Timberwolf 21 giorno fa
It's like mythbusters but for ITvid!
1298 Tomcat
1298 Tomcat 21 giorno fa
This is a weel bawd neihbawhood
Trinity Boyd
Trinity Boyd 21 giorno fa
My arms are getting tired. I AM commenting about that
TG gaming
TG gaming 21 giorno fa
There is no more thots in there
Eggo Waffle
Eggo Waffle 21 giorno fa
Rhett and Link. did u just traumatize watermelons all across the globe? 😂
MiyaweDaPlayer 21 giorno fa
Pause video at 1:24 mins
Leo Williams
Leo Williams 21 giorno fa
The egg test wasn’t any way to really tell
Meg Elmont
Meg Elmont 21 giorno fa
i watched the igtv behind the scenes and you used a teleprompter 😂
Katya Bogd
Katya Bogd 21 giorno fa
paul reminds me of lillian from unbreakable kimmy schmidt
Lucien Salinas
Lucien Salinas 21 giorno fa
I wanted 80$ Gyro to win rip
Oj productions
Oj productions 21 giorno fa
Roy van Swam
Roy van Swam 21 giorno fa
We dutch people never use helmets when cycling... stay safe everyone ;D
AliceDarkside 21 giorno fa
T0xic 22 giorni fa
I kinda wanna see it with balistic dummies but they are expensive it's still good tho
T0xic 22 giorni fa
I can't stop watching your videos
Triple Threat MotorSports
THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL RECOMMENDATION ::::: A GOOD HELMET SHOULD COST ON AVERAGE 125 DOLLARS :::: However, both Bell and Kali make good helmets, yet you should get something (from Bell) With MIPS in it (slip plane protection system) and from Kali the helmets around 100+ dollars are safer than the cheap ones. This is coming from a motorcycle racer and avid mountain bike rider. Edit: I know this is not meant to be a serious test, but there are always those people who wouldn't realise that.
Jarhead _4824
Jarhead _4824 22 giorni fa
Yep the sun is super close to ur helmet at 300 degrees
Bdasloth 21
Bdasloth 21 22 giorni fa
So Paul from Tekken!! :D
teagoodsir 22 giorni fa
So if you where doing this properly you whould replace the helmets for each test. Becuse helmets are a one use thing, so if you crash in it you need to replace it as the shell and foam inside will be damaged. Meaning that the helmet is less effective, rendering it completely useless but an interesting video none the less.
Cap'n D.G.
Cap'n D.G. 22 giorni fa
There are a couple of flaws in your testing there boys. For one when you were heating the helmets Link was moving his around where as Rhett was holding his still and you're not sure if they were held at the same hight. Also when you ran the helmets over you hadn't replaced them so Gyro(not entirely sure if I spelled it correctly) had retained the damage from the previous test. Though you were slightly flawed in your testing all in all it's a good video and I laughed anyways. Keep up the good work.
PhoenixTrooper 22 giorni fa
good mythacle morning y'all !
Jie Zhang
Jie Zhang 23 giorni fa
That kid in the "Abus" helmet is going places.
Marina Voigt
Marina Voigt 23 giorni fa
"LeTs TaLk AbOuT tHaT"
Kyle Sebring
Kyle Sebring 23 giorni fa
I live in Arizona, and leaving my helmet out for 1 day left it completely warped. WORSE THAN THESE HELMETS!!!
Alexis HI
Alexis HI 23 giorni fa
Should have had all them go on to all the test
Alexis HI
Alexis HI 23 giorni fa
Mm I disagree the one egg flew out of the bern helmet which looked intact sooo
TacticalSerpent 23 giorni fa
Rhett sound just like cotton candy randy
Griff 23 giorni fa
I love this channel however this video was dumb.
Wilsen DeGarmo
Wilsen DeGarmo 23 giorni fa
That man better be wearing an abus helmet!😃😂
Counting Sheep 123
Counting Sheep 123 23 giorni fa
Bring back gangster Rhett! Somewhere, PLS
Mari 23 giorni fa
Ok but I need to know where Link got his shirt
Darkninja282 23 giorni fa
When swinging a sword don’t chop with it either do a pulling or pushing cut to slice. To drag the blade across the target cutting into it
Darkninja282 23 giorni fa
Gyro the y is pronounced not the g. Pronounced Yero
Robbie Crusader
Robbie Crusader 23 giorni fa
But they all dead
RetroStation 1989
RetroStation 1989 24 giorni fa
Best head/brain analog is cantaloupe or honeydew melon wrapped in packing tape. Not eggs.
Sumner Bob
Sumner Bob 24 giorni fa
As a mountain biker i felt bad for the poor poor helmets
Flyingpapaya 24 giorni fa
I'm sitting here typing this comment because a higher speced Bern Lennox styled helmet saved my life. I used to own a Onewheel and it pitched me from the board at 20mph into concrete. Broke the visor off the helmet. Walked away with two chipped teeth.
Flyingpapaya 24 giorni fa
"Abus Hyban Urban Helmet" is like a tongue twister.
Alex Andriessen
Alex Andriessen 24 giorni fa
Wait, who uses these?
Tate Pedersen
Tate Pedersen 24 giorni fa
I feel like these aren’t very effective test, but it’s pretty funny
First Last
First Last 24 giorni fa
why no BMX helmets?
J B 24 giorni fa
Rhett should embrace the rocker style, that looked goood.
Jack Felder
Jack Felder 24 giorni fa
“My arms are getting tired. I’m not commenting about that,” he commented
Jon Menth
Jon Menth 24 giorni fa
Forgot skateboard helmets
Abby Liu
Abby Liu 25 giorni fa
sWOrd is how I used to say it
kittycitte 25 giorni fa
i think the giro would be better for low speed crashes like on a bicycle and the abus would be better for dirtbike/electric bike crashes. also your testing means are perfect and scientific
Martin marty
Martin marty 25 giorni fa
Samoa Writhe
Samoa Writhe 25 giorni fa
or just ya know, invest in a motor helmet lol might look dumb but you still gota a head!
HurpsGaming 1
HurpsGaming 1 25 giorni fa
This is not accurate because you should have got all new helmets before each test because you have to get a new helmet after you crash and you used the already “crashed” helmets
Crusader Rick
Crusader Rick 25 giorni fa
I don't like how this one was filmed seems off, but will keep tuning in.
6:35 D e m o n i t i z e d
OreoDatDoge Happy
OreoDatDoge Happy 25 giorni fa
I think you forgot that people have skulls...
AlDelVex 25 giorni fa
I don’t even wear a bike helmet when I’m biking unless my mom is around
SOIY SOIY 25 giorni fa
Yahh YAY yah woah aww no what
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